Friday, November 26, 2010

Showtime All Stars Headed North With Purpose!

Can Ronshad Allen Shabazz Lead Showtime All Stars To A Grand Finale Crown?

The Showtime All-stars of Raleigh, North Carolina return to Pennsylvania to defend their title at the Turkey Tipoff, November 26th - 28th and the Basketball Spotlight Grand Finale Dec. 4th and 5th. And with returning Coach James Black and players like Jared Joyner (Class of 2015), Ronshad Allen-Shabazz (Class of 2015), and Don Singletary (Class of 2015), Showtime Allstars are well on their way of being victorious. Returning off an injury, point guard Jared Joyner commands the floor like a general. Also a part of the Showtime Allstar arsenal is guards Ronshad Allen-Shabazz(10) and Don Singletary(22). Shabazz an eighth grader at Princeton Day Academy plays both JV and varsity. This lethal trio and their supporting cast which also includes newcomer Timarcus Simpson whose versatility compliments this fiery squads is sure to be a competitive match up for any team. Showtime is ready for the Grand Finale are you?