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Basketball Spotlight 7th Grade Top 10 Teams Presented By AGame Team Apparel

The Basketball Spotlight 7th Grade Top 10 is listed below. The AC Showcase brought us some in our polls and shook things up a little. Remember these rankings are just our opinion and should be taken as such. 

Basketball Spotlight 7th Grade Top 10 Teams Presented By AGame Team Apparel

1. Terror Squad: TTO rebounded from a mercy rule loss to George Hill Rising Stars to winning the championship. Right now they are in the driver’s seat of winning running the table and winning the Grand Finale National Championship. 

2. George Hill Rising Stars: Yes they deserve this spot by defeating many of the top teams including #1 Terror Squad by 20 the first time around. If they decide to attend the Grand Finale National Championship things could get interesting. 

3. King Street Kings: A quarterfinal loss in the AC Showcase was not what this team expected. But their Winter Warz championship has them still in the Top 3. 

4. DC Premier: A final four finish moved this team up for few spots. They always seem to be in the race to win it all. They have a good chance to win the Grand Finale National Championship.  

5. PSA Cardinals: The Cardinals had an off showing at the AC Showcase. This uncharacteristic showing had them drop a few places in our rankings. They will probably use the MDC as a tune for the Grand Finale National Championship. 

6. Team IZOD: IZOD made it to the quarterfinals of the AC Showcase before losing to a talented RIP City program. The NJ squad already booked their ticket for the Grand Finale National Championship. 

7. RIP City: RC made their Spotlight debut and made it to the final four in AC. They have the fire power to run the table and win the Grand Finale National Championship if they enter. 

8. Gauchos: The Choz fell short in the quarterfinals of the AC Showcase. We might have seen the last of this group unless they take the trip to the Grand Finale National Championship. 

9. Team Charlotte: This group was a pleasant surprise during the AC Showcase. They brought the intensity and had some good pieces. Hopefully we see them again before the season ends. 

10. Brooklyn Rens: BK Rens lost their first game of the AC Showcase then turned around and ran the table. They will be at the MDC and possibly show up for the Grand Finale National Championship.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Basketball Spotlight Top 10 6th Grade Teams Presented By AGame Team Apparel

The Basketball Spotlight Top 10 6th Grade Teams are listed below. The AC Showcase produced us a new #1 team and had some movement in our poll. Remember these team rankings are just our opinion and should be taken as such. 

Basketball Spotlight Top 10 6th Grade Teams Presented By AGame Team Apparel 

1. Team IZOD: Yes Team IZOD has taken over the #1 spot. They won the loaded AC Showcase and possess two of the Top 3 players in America. They are shaping up to be considered the best team in the country. 

2. New World Unlimited: NWU lost to Team IZOD in the semifinals and are licking their chops at another chance against the Jersey squad. They have a real chance of meeting up at the Grand Finale National Championship. 

3. Philly Triple Threat: PTT didn’t have a great showing during the AC Showcase but their Winter Warz title is carrying a lot of weight. They will be making a trip to the MDC before going to the Grand Finale National Championship. 

4. Team Takeover: TTO proved to be one of the best teams in the region after advancing to the championship at the AC Showcase. They have a great chance to show up at the Grand Finale National Championship and win it all. 

5. B’More Finest: A final four finish at the AC Showcase has this team still among the Top 5. They are setting themselves up to become party crashers at the Grand Finale National Championship. 

6. Gauchos: They Gauchos advanced to the quarterfinals in AC and continues to be one of the most dangerous teams around. We will be also looking for them to enter the Grand Finale National Championships in June. 

7. Hilltopper Heat: HH also made a quarterfinal run during the AC Showcase. They will return to action during the MDC. They have a great chance to win it all. 

8. Team Durant: I’m up in the air with this team. Once we figure out there new name and personal we will move them accordingly. 

9. NY Rens: I think this group has some good pieces and we look forward to watching them at the MDC. 

10. Riverside Hawks: RH jumps into the Top 10 after winning the AC Showcase Blue Division championship. They will get a chance to collect more metal at the MDC.

Jalen Newhouse Still Getting Buckets!

Jalen Newhouse Can Stroke It!

Jalen Newhouse made a national splash last summer when he came to the Basketball Spotlight Future Phenom Camp and put in work. Newhouse proved to be a fluid scorer and possessed one of the best jumpers in the country. He has a serious work ethic and should become better down the road. Check out some of his highlights from this season. We can’t wait to see him back at the Future Phenom Camp.

Introducing: Sonny Johnson Jr. AKA Magic!

Sonny Johnson Putting In Work!

Sonny Johnson Jr earned the nickname "Magic" after his performance at the 2015 NEO Youth Elite Camp. Sonny Johnson found open teammates with precise passes and creative dimes that left the defense standing still. The Class of 2022 basketball prospect is a big point guard who runs his team with precision. Basketball Spotlight will be reaching out to Sonny to get him down to the Future Phenom Camp In August.

Basketball Spotlight Top 10 5th Grade Presented By AGame Team Apparel

The Basketball Spotlight Top 10 5th Grade Teams are listed below. The AC Showcase added a couple of new teams to our list and shook a few things up. Remember this list is just our opinion and should be taken as such. 

Basketball Spotlight Top 10 5th Grade Presented By AGame Team Apparel 

1. Havoc City: HC was absent from the loaded AC Showcase but have been so dominant early on they still hold down the #1 Spot. They won’t be around for the MDC but should be a lock for the Grand Finale National Championship. 

2. Maryland Finest: The National Champs came down to the hardest tournament in the country and took home the title. I think they have enough in the tank to take home the Grand Finale championship. 

3. NY Rens: The Winter Warz champs didn’t have a great performance at the AC Showcase which means a lot at this stage of the game. 

4. Riverside Hawks: RH once again came up short of getting that elusive championship. This should make them even hungrier for the MDC. 

5. Gauchos: The Choz made a big championship run at the AC Showcase. Another strong event like that could shot them at least into the Top 5.

6. 60 Elite: A tough loss in the final four made things really for this group. They have the fire power to defeat any top team in the country. 

7. Banneker Kings: Banneker Kings have been out of the Spotlight since Clash For The Cup. We will probably see them at the Grand Finale National Championships. 

8. George Hill Rising Stars: GH made their yearly trip to America’s Playground and came away with a final four finish. 

9. B’More Finest: This hungry bunch will be itching to get back into action after coming up short at the AC Showcase. After taking off the MDC we will likely see them at the Grand Finale National Championship. 

10. Hilltoppers Heat: HH is an interesting bunch that we will be keeping our eye on. We should see them again at the MDC.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Basketball Spotlight Top 10 4th Grade Presented By AGame Team Apparel

The Basketball Spotlight Top 10 4th Grade Teams are listed below. The Atlantic City Showcase gave us a chance to extend our list to 10 teams. Remember this list is just our opinion and should be taken as such. 

Basketball Spotlight Top 10 4th Grade Presented By AGame Team Apparel 

1. Riverside Hawks: They are undefeated on the Spotlight circuit after winning the loaded AC Showcase. It’s hard to imagine a better 4th Grade squad around than these boys. They have to be the favorite for the MDC and Grand Finale. 

2. MADE Signature: The Maryland group was absent from the AC Showcase and we might not see them again until the Grand Finale. No worries they have stacked up a lot of points. 

3. Team Takeover: TTO made it to another championship round and this time came up short against Riverside Hawks. 

4. Havoc City: This talented bunch was absent from the AC Showcase but I think we should see them again around Grand Finale time. 

5. Gauchos: The Choz made a final four run at the loaded AC Showcase. They have the prices to be around for a while. 

6. NY Rens: This stubborn group has a lot of young talent. Hopefully they will let us see what they have when if they enter the MDC. 

7. B’More Finest: The scrappy bunch came to play at the AC Showcase. They came up short of winning the title but they will still have a shot at the Grand Finale crown. 

8. King Street Kings: KSK made their Spotlight debut and advanced to the quarterfinals of the AC Showcase. 

9. Hilltopper Heat: This group gas been hanging around and might be prepared to make a late run for the Grand Finale Championship. 

10. New Heights: NH has a decent showing at the AC Showcase. We will be looking out for them if they decide to enter the MDC or Grand Finale.

Scottie "The Show" Lewis Drops New Mixtape

“The Show” Shining Bright! 

Scottie Lewis has put together a spectacular 8th Grade year thus far. His dominated the middle school scene with Ranney School and has been outstanding thus far playing with Team RIO National. His exciting play has caused him to be followed and displayed by many of the top video companies in the country. Check out his latest mix-tape highlighting his middle school exploits and play at the Basketball Spotlight AC Showcase.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Diary Of A Baller: James "Buckets" Bishop (Baltimore, MD) Entry #2

Bishop Getting Ready To Rock

Monday was back to school for me after a long weekend. I got up at 6:00 am did my morning workout and got ready for school! After school I went to St Benedict’s gym and worked out and got some shots up on the gun. After that I went home did my usual physical routine, ate, showered and tuned in to my favorite point guard Stephen Curry. 

Tuesday, I got up ate breakfast and got ready for school after a long day of school I went to Western Tech High School and worked out after that I chilled at the house until my brother got home that's when we went down to the gym. I ran two miles and did my physical workout after that we went and worked on ball handling. For about 45 minutes. That took us until about 10:30 by then it was time for me to shower and get to bed. 

Wednesday was pretty much same as Tuesday I went to Western Tech worked out then after got my two miles, physical workout and ball handling workout. Then I got some homework done and went straight to bed. 

Thursday was pretty much last time I would be able to get in the gym to prepare for NYBL. I went to school in the morning then after school I got in the gym from 6-8. Later I went home to a little surprise, my brother brought home the Xbox one and 2k15. So after I did my physical workout and instead of ball handling I did some film study on some good PGs like Marquise Teague, Tyler Ulis , Isaiah Briscoe , I played 2k15 for rest night! 

Friday was no school for me I’m just packing getting ready to leave to Virginia for second session of NYBL! But my brother wanted me to be sharp when I left so we got up and did some ball handling for about 45 minutes. Then I packed the rest of my things and waited on my ride. 

This was a big weekend for me and my B’More Finest. We had a lot of big games and went 4-1 this weekend. We pulled off big wins against West Coast All Stars and I scored a game high 32 and New Heights where I had 24 and 5! I played pretty well this weekend I tried to work on getting my teammates involved while also looking for my shots. I’m really exhausted and ready to get home and relax and get ready for school.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Memorial Contribution Site and Basketball Classic Set Up For Memory Of Armoni Sexton!

The basketball community was struck a hard blow with the tragic death of rising star Armoni Sexton. The alleged person responsible for Sexton’s death has been arrested but his family still needs the help of the basketball community. The Sexton family has developed a Go Fund Me Account to help with the ceremony and other aspects concerning his unfortunate death. Please find it in your heart to help this family during this tough time. Below is the link for you guys to send your donation. I’m sure any amount will be greatly appreciated. 

The Armoni Sexton Classic is set for May 2nd at East Side High School in Paterson, NJ. The City League Game is slated for 12:00 PM and the High School is set for 1:30 PM. Any high school players interested in participating please contact Sam White at 973-460-5780. 

Armoni Sexton Memorial Link

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Walker And Campbell Best Backcourt In America?

Tyger Campbell and Marquise Walker

Marquise Walker and Tyger Campbell are two of the top guards in the country, and now they both play for We All Can Go. Together they are possibly the best backcourt in the country. Both players have national reps and have put on a show at Spotlight events. Are they currently the best backcourt in the country? I guess we will find out at the Grand Finale in June!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Spotlight Exclusive: Coach Francis Speaks Out About AC Showcase!

Coach Francis (Terror Squad)

Many people including myself wondered how the Terror Squad would respond at the AC Showcase. They were coming off a stunning loss during the semifinals of Winter Warz and word spread about players exploring other options. Things looked bleak after a lopsided loss to George Hill Rising Stars and a belief that they were eliminated from the tournament. They returned to action Sunday and rebounded to win the championship. Basketball Spotlight sat down with Coach Francis and here’s what he had to say about the AC Showcase. 

Basketball Spotlight MDC Reduces Rate Because Of EBC Situation!

Due to the Elevate Basketball Circuit situation Basketball Spotlight has decided to discount the entry fee for the Basketball Spotlight Memorial Day Classic. We understand that the circumstances has caused several teams to lose money therefore we have reduced our entry fees for a single team entry from $400 to $325 and our multi-team discount has been reduced from $350 to $300. The new registration links are below and we hope that this helps out some of the teams that were affected by the closing of the EBC. Any teams that registered under the original rate will be given a refund of their balance at the event. 

MDC Registration (Single Team) 

MDC Registration (Multi Team Discount)

Diary Of A Baller: James "Buckets" Bishop (Baltimore, MD) Entry #1

James "Buckets" Bishop (B'More Finest)

Hello everyone my name is James Bishop IV and I would like to start off by saying thanks to Bball Spotlight for giving me the opportunity to tell you guys a little bit about me. I’m in the 8th Grade from Baltimore and play AAU for B’More Finest. We are sponsored by Under Armor. I feel as though this year is a huge year of basketball for me because next year I would be entering high school at Mount Saint Joseph’s. My brother Jevaun (mentor and trainer) and I have been working very hard. We do a 3 a day workout schedule, so I wake up at 6:00 AM and work on my ball handling for about an hour. I then attend school (I’m Homeschooled), after that I find a local gym to work out at for two hours. My final workout consists of cardio and exercise. I run two miles, do pushups, sit ups, calf raises and lunges. I’m finally ready to go home, eat, study, shower and get some sleep. 

This Saturday was a long day for me. I had my usual 6:00 AM workout and then about 8:00 I went to get my haircut. After leaving the barbershop I went straight to workouts at the Y with Troy Parker, he’s another trainer I work on my game with. We went hard from 10-12 then I took a little break and got back at it from 12:30-2. After that I went to visit my grandmother for a couple of hours and then hung out at the movies for the rest of the evening. 

Sunday was a real laid back day. I just went to the Banneker Community Center and worked out. Thanks again for entering my world. I will see you guys next week with more details. 

James “Buckets” Bishop IV

Monday, April 20, 2015


Today is a sad day for the basketball community as we are mourning the death of Armoni Sexton of Paterson, NJ. Armoni first appeared on the Basketball Spotlight scene as a 7th Grader for the Playtime Panthers. After a couple of good outings he moved over to the national power Playaz Basketball Club. Once he arrived at the Playaz his name and game reached new levels. His coming out party was the Memorial Day Classic in which he dominated and received the Mr. Memorial Day Award (Main Picture Up Top). Sexton also took his game on the road and became a name to know on the camp circuit. His electric play on the court earned him the nickname “Live Wire”. During his 8th grade season his play flourished even more on the Spotlight circuit as he made All Tournament for every event they entered and had a dominating performance in the J.E.M. All Star Classic. 

In a recent article his AAU and high school coach Tommie Patterson expressed his grief. “I’m at loss for words,” said Patterson. “I don’t even know what to think.” The coach said his mother too doesn’t is in disbelief and what to make of her son’s untimely death. He said his mother is coping with the pain by imagining he went to basketball camp and would return to her. 

Basketball Spotlight would like to send our condolences to the Sexton family, Playaz Basketball Club especially Tommie Patterson, Kiela Brevard and Jimmy Salmon. The basketball community is here to support you guys through this tough time. This is my experience of writing one of these stories and I hope it is the last. Rest In Peace Armoni “Live Wire” Sexton.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Road To The Grand Finale Point System Update!

The AC Showcase was the 4th stop on the Basketball Spotlight Road To The Grand Finale. We would like to congratulate all the teams the picked up points towards the Grand Prize. The Grand Finale will take place June 20th and 21th. The Top 8 teams in each division will be invited with the discount rate of $250. We also will be having open bids for top teams that want to go for the crown at the cost of $375. Our last stop before the Grand Finale will be the Memorial Day Classic in Neptune, NJ. 

8th Grade Teams 
Harlem Jets (15 Points) 
Team RIO National (12 Points) 
NY Rens (8 Points) 
DC Premier (8 Points) 
Play Hard (8 Points) 
Philly Triple Threat (7 Points) 
New Heights (7 Points) 
CP3 All Stars (6 Points) 
Team Final (5 Points) 
Team Takeover (5 Points) 
CTA Turbo (5 Points) 
Hilltopper Heat (5 Points) 

7th Grade Teams 
Team Durant (18 Points) 
Team IZOD (9 Points) 
DC Premier (7 Points) 
PSA Cardinals (7 Points) 
King Street Kings (7 Points) 
Hilltoppers Heat (7 Points) 
Brooklyn Rens (7 Points) 
Gauchos (5 Points) 
NY Rens (4 Points) 
Dream Chasers (3 Points) 
RIP City (3 Points) 
Wiz Kids (3 Points) 

6th Grade Teams 
Team IZOD (12 Points) 
Team Durant (10 Points) 
New World Unlimited (8 Points) 
Hilltoppers Heat (8 Points) 
B’More Finest (7 Points) 
Philly Triple Threat (7 Points) 
Team Takeover (7 Points) 
Gauchos (6 Points) 

5th Grade 
Riverside Hawks (11 Points) 
Havoc City (10 Points) 
NY Rens (10 Points) 
Team Durant (6 points) 
60 Elite (6 Points) 
New Heights (6 Points) 
Maryland Finest (5 Points) 
Gauchos (4 Points) 
National Select (3 Points) 

4th Grade Teams 
Riverside Hawks (15 Points) 
Made Signature (8 Points) 
Team Takeover (8 Points) 
NY Rens (8 Points) 
Havoc City (7 Points) 
Gauchos (3 Points) 
B’More Finest (3 Points) 
Hilltoppers Heat (3 Points) 
National Select (3 Points) 
SJ Domination (3 Points)

Thursday, April 16, 2015

What Did We Learn At The AC Showcase?

The Basketball Spotlight AC Showcase once again went down as they event of the year. It also had a lot of interesting happening and aspects to go along with the weekend. Here are some of the things we learned in America’s Playground. 

 What Did We Learn At The AC Showcase?

AC Showcase #1 Event In America! 

The AC Showcase went to the next level this year with 3 reigning national champions, over 40 nationally ranked teams, over 100 nationally ranked players and combined all three sneakers companies. The atmosphere was epic and the games were very entertaining. It would be hard for any single weekend event to bring together this type of luster. We owe all this success to you guys and greatly appreciate it.

Patterson True #1 In The Country! 

After watching Trey Patterson this weekend and factoring in his apparent enormous potential it’s safe to say he will be our Class of 2021 #1 player in the country when we update our rankings soon. Patterson was very dominant at times and has improved his motor while under the tutelage of Reggie Carter. He has the ability to play any position on the floor. The scary part is this kid still has a ways to go. We are going to enjoy this journey.
Terror Squad Controversy! 

The craziest things always seem to occur at the AC Showcase. In this year’s episode the Terror Squad was informed that they were eliminated from the tournament because of the point system. This information was a fault of mine and I take full responsibility. A phone call at 10:00 am from their team manager alerted me of the error I then had to hold up their 10:20 quarterfinal game for their arrival. I stepped in because I was at fault and would have done the same for any other squad in the event. The Terror Squad ended up winning the championship and the saga continues.

CP3 All Stars Hit The Road! 

After defeating Team Ennis, Team Rio National and Team Takeover, CP3 All Stars felt their work at the AC Showcase was done and hit the road for Greensboro, NC. They cited travel time and the fact that they played everyone they wanted to play and the championship would have been just a possible rematch against Team RIO. The Team Rio crew wanted another shot at the national champs after coming up short by 3 points in their pool play meeting. Was CP3 bored and ready to hit the road or were they trying to leave America’s Playground without a loss. I guess no one will really know and this would add to the allure and irony of the AC Showcase.

The Spotlight Team! 

The Spotlight team epidemic begun with Team Battle, then was followed by Team Final, Supreme Team, Team RIO National and now apparently the Terror Squad. The Spotlight team is the squad the others feel get unwarranted website attention and preferential treatment during our events. But if you really look at these teams you will notice that they all have one thing in common, they win. Basketball Spotlight just as ESPN or any other media outlet promotes winning teams. Therefore if you feel like these types of teams are getting too much attention knock them off the pedestal and I will gladly be in your corner when your hand is raised. I’m like Don King, (Champion Chasers.)

In The Spotlight: Moore Delivers In The Clutch!

Name: Jason Moore  

AAU Team: Maryland Finest 

Grade: 5th 

Position: Forward 

Breakdown: In the finals of the AC Showcase the defending National Champions Maryland Finest we seeking their first Spotlight title against the hungry Gauchos. Jason Moore looked at this as his opportunity to step up and get them over the hump. The polished forward responded with a solid 19 point effort to help them secure the win. He has edged his name in one of the big moments in the AC Showcase history.

In The Spotlight: Dynamic Duo Helps Riverside Hawks Fly!

Caleb Crawford and Christian Bliss

The Riverside Hawks continued their dominance on the Spotlight circuit by winning the AC Showcase 4th Grade Championship. Part of the Hawks success came from the play of Caleb Crawford and Christian Bliss. In their semifinal showdown against crosstown rival Gauchos the pair exploded while combining for over 40 points. Caleb controlled the perimeter with 16 points and Bliss did the all-around damage finishing with a game high 26 points. They two are just a small part of a talented bunch trying to run the table at the Spotlight circuit.


AC Showcase 6th Grade Best Of The Best & Super 15 Player Performance Rankings

The Basketball Spotlight AC Showcase 6th Grade Division was exciting all the way through. Here’s a look at the Best Of The Best and the Super 15 Player Performance Rankings. 

AC Showcase 6th Grade Best Of The Best 

Best Performer: Trey Patterson (Team IZOD)- Patterson made his return to the Spotlight and had a great weekend. The versatile forward showed off some of his guard skills and scoring prowess. He’s really making a claim at being #1 in the country. Stay tune on this matter. 

Best Playmaker: Darius Johnson (Team Takeover)- Johnson has the rock on a string therefore he gets anywhere he wants on the floor. Once he got through the first line of defense he has the option of either scoring or dishing to teammates. He’s one tough guard to defend. Best Scorer: 

Jaylen Hall (New World Unlimited)- Hall had another weekend where he got buckets with ease. He’s too skill and strong for these defenders on this level. He breaks through the defense like a running back and finishes with the best of them. 

Best Interior Force: Donnell Harris (Team IZOD)- Harris is also making a move for #1 and his play this weekend backed that up. His motor and size allowed him to dominate the paint while scoring with ease. Teaming with Patterson make them perhaps the best duo in America. 

Best Shooter: Christian Moore (B’More Finest)- Moore has a fluid and natural motion on his shot. When he gets an open look and sets his feet you can usually put it in the books. He came up big for the Baltimore squad over the weekend. 

Best Fresh Face: Jeremiah White (Boo Williams Marvels)- What else needs to said this kid came to the biggest stage in the country and put up numbers. No one really knew him before but now he might have created national name. 

Best Defender: Raayan Lane (B’More Finest)- Lane is a ball handlers worse nightmare. He pressures the rock and makes the opposing guard have to make quick decisions. You need to have a tight handle trying to get past this kid. 

Best Versatile: Trevor Keels (Team Takeover)- Keels can play multiple positions in the TTO backcourt. He’s also big enough to sneak inside and grab rebounds. He gets it done anyway necessary for his team to win. 

Super 15 Player Performance Rankings 
1. Trey Patterson (Team IZOD) 
2. Donnell Harris (Team IZOD) 
3. Jaylen Hall (New Unlimited) 
4. Christian Moore (B’More Finest) 
5. Trevor Keels (Team Takeover) 
6. Trey Thomas (Team Takeover) 
7. Bray Freeman (New World Unlimited) 
8. Darius Johnson (Team Takeover) 
9. Kennedy Chandler (Team IZOD) 
10. Jeremiah White (Boo Williams Marvels) 
11. Raayan Lane (B’More Finest) 
12. Kino Lilly (Team Takeover) 
13. Jalen Warley (Philly Triple Threat) 
14. Maurice Doby (Riverside Hawks) 
15. Jaquan Harris (NJ Bulldogs)


Wednesday, April 15, 2015

AC Showcase 7th Grade Best Of The Best & Super 20 Player Performance Rankings

The AC Showcase 7th Grade gave us a look at some of the top talent on the horizon. Here’s our look at the Best Of The Best from the event and the Super 20 Player Performance Rankings. 

AC Showcase 7th Grade Best Of The Best 

Best Performer: Jordan Toles (Team Durant)- Wire to wire Toles played the game with great intensity. He could be seen attacking the rim in transition and in the half court set. When he is own it’s very difficult to slow this team down. 

Best Playmaker: AJ Hoggard (Team Durant)- Whether he was dropping dimes or scoring Hoggard knows how to make plays especially in big moments. In the finals he stepped up big to help the Terror Squad avenge a pool play lost to George Hill Rising Stars. 

Best Floor General: CJ Robinson (Gauchos)- When this kid is clicking he looks like the best point guard in the country. His strength combined with great dribbling skills and penetrating ability makes him a special player to watch. 

Best Scorer: Kieves Turner (RIP City)- This kid is so natural at scoring that it’s kind of scary. He’s very fluid going to the hole and if you try to back off he will nail the trey ball. He gave Team Durant fits in their semi-final matchup. 

Best Shooter: Mike Saunders Jr. (George Hill Rising Stars)- Saunders Jr. had a radar under his jersey as he nailed treys from everywhere. His seven treys in the finals almost single-handily snatch the championship away from the Terror Squad. 

Best Defender: Isaiah Todd (Team Durant)- He has been known to block or alter shots but the play he made in the semi-finals saved the life of the Terror Squad. He raced the length of the floor to block a Kieves Turner lay-up. 

Best Fresh Face: Josh Rubio (Team CLT)- The big fella was very nimble on his feet and impressed us with his soft hands inside. The more I watched him the more I wanted him to get the rock. I look forward seeing him at the Future Phenom Camp. 

Super 20 Player Performance Rankings 
1. Jordan Toles (Team Durant) 
2. Kieves Turner (RIP City) 
3. AJ Hoggard (Team Durant) 
4. Mike Saunders Jr. (George Hill Rising Stars) 
5. CJ Robinson (Gauchos) 
6. Hunter Jackson (George Hill Rising Stars) 
7. Andrew King (RIP City) 
8. RJ Davis (Gauchos) 
9. Delonie Hunt (DC Premier) 
10. Tristan Maxwell (Team CLT) 
11. Josh Rubio (Team CLT) 
12. Tyler Brelsford (Team Durant) 
13. Kareem May (Brooklyn Rens) 
14. Xavier Pina (Team Final) 
15. Micah Johnson (NJ Bulldogs) 
16. Zion Bethea (KSK) 
17. Dee Givens (Team CLT) 
18. Juilan Thomas (ESYC Elite) 
19. Brevin Jefferson (George Hill Rising Stars) 
20. Isaiah Todd (Team Durant)


AC Showcase 8th Grade Best Of The Best & Super 25 Player Performance Rankings

The Basketball Spotlight AC Showcase featured some of the players in the country especially in the 8th Grade Division. Here’s a look at our Best Of The Best and Top 25 Player Performance Rankings. 

AC Showcase 8th Grade Best Of The Best 

Best Performer: Bryant Antoine (Team RIO National)- Once again Antoine proved to be a step above the rest in this event. His take over the game ability was very apparent. He has one best total packages in the country. 

Best Prospect: Balsa Koprivca (Team Florida)- When you are 6’11, can put it on the floor and step back to hit the trey it’s hard to find a better prospect in the building. Balsa not only passed the look test he also showed and proved on the floor that he’s one of the best in the country. 

Best Versatility: Scottie Lewis (Team RIO National)- Lewis not only showed prowess on the offensive end but is turning into one of the best defenders in the country. The unique aspect of his game is that he doesn’t think he’s above doing the little things to succeed. 

Best Surprise: Khyree Temple (Team Final)- Temple appeared to be a good prospect last season but this year he leaped to the next level. The tools and athleticism he showed in America’s Playground might have shot into the Top 20 I the country. 

Best Playmaker: Kobe Langley (CP3 All Stars)- Langley saved his best game for the big stage against RIO. In that contest he stepped up and either scored or delivered the rock to teammates. He got anywhere he wanted on the floor. 

Best Scorer: James “Buckets” Bishop (B’More Finest)- Yes Bishop has earned a nickname and none is more fitting. He once again torched the competition at a Spotlight event. The lefty is capable of blacking out at any moment. 

Best Fresh Face: Jaden Campbell (Team Ennis)- This was my first look at this lad. His team didn’t have that much success but each opponent remembers this kid. He scored the ball on all three levels and put together was good moves. He represented Canada to the fullest. 

Best Shooter: Avan Nava (Team Ennis)- Campbell teammate made a living catching and shooting this weekend. He showed range and accuracy against some of the best 8th Grade defenses in America. The kid can let it fly. 

Super 25 Player Performance Rankings 
1. Bryant Antoine (Team RIO National) 
2. Balsa Koprivca (Team Florida) 
3. Scottie Lewis (Team RIO National) 
4. Kobe Langley (CP3 All Stars) 
5. Justin Moore (Team Takeover) 
6. Khyree Temple (Team Final) 
7. Wendell Moore (CP3 All Stars) 
8. Jaden Campbell (Team Ennis) 
9. Marvin Price (DC Premier) 
10. Jalen Gaffney (Team RIO National) 
11. Elijah Wynn (Harlem Jets) 
12. James Bishop (B’More Finest) 
13. Tariq Ingraham (Team RIO National) 
14. Mike Green (CP3 All Stars) 
15. Xavien Flowers (Team Florida) 
16. Adeleye Oyekanium (Harlem Jets) 
17. Terrence Williams (Team Takeover)- 7th Grader 
18. Chris Hinton (CP3 All Stars) 
19. Fahmir Ali (Team Final) 
20. Fatayn Wesley (Play Hard) 
21. Anthony Harris (Team Takeover) 
22. Keyshawn Langley (CP3 All Stars) 
23. Avan Nava (Team Ennis) 
24. Papie Roberts (Newark Pharoah) 
25. Matthew Morsell (DC Premier)


Basketball Spotlight MDC Is Sold Out!

The Basketball Spotlight Memorial Day Classic is sold out. We would like to thank everyone for their support and we look forward to a great event. The schedule will be released shortly. 

8th Grade Teams 
1. Rens 
2. Brooklyn Rens 
3. CIA Bounce 
4. NY Lightning 
5. We R 1 
6. Jersey Force 
7. MSU Skyliners 
8. Rock Elite 
9. Hoop Heaven (White) 
10. NJ Shore Shots 
11. Northeast Finest 
12. NJ Connection
13. LIPD
14. Bos Basketball 
15. Boston Spartans
16. GPU Steelrivers 
17. Team RIO National 
18. Philly Triple Threat
19. Team ESPM
20. CMEK
21. Team Twelve 
22. NJ Wolfpack
23. Metro Celtics
24. Hoop Heaven (Blue)

7th Grade Teams 
1. Rens 
2. Brooklyn Rens 
3. NJ Shore Shots 
4. NY Lightning 
5. We R 1 
6. Jersey Force 
7. MSU Skyliners 
8. Gym Rats (Syracuse) 
9. Hilltoppers Heat
10. Metro Celtics 
11. PSA Cardinals 
12. Boston Spartans
13. Team Twelve 
14. CIA Bounce
15. Team Nation
16. New Heights 

6th Grade 
1. Riverside Hawks 
2. Rens 
3. Rock Elite
4. Jersey Force 
5. MSU Skyliners 
6. Philly Triple Threat
7. Hilltoppers Heat 
8. King Street Kings 
9. WE R 1
10. Boston Spartans
11. New Heights
12. Bay State Hoyas 
13. SJ Blitz 
14. PSA Cardinals
15. Rens (Harris)
16. Sprinfield Migs

5th Grade 
1. Riverside Hawks 
2. NJ Shore Shots 
3. Jersey Force 
4. MSU Skyliners
5. Sprinfield Migs
6. Hilltoppers Heat 
7. Team Future 
8. Boston Spartans
9. New Heights
10. Rock Elite
11. BYAA Bulldogs
12. Rens

4th Grade 
1. Riverside Hawks 
2.  Boston Spartans 
3. Jersey Force 
4. MSU Skyliners 
5. Hilltoppers Heat 
6. Team Nation 
7. King Street Kings 
8. Rens

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Elevate Basketball Circuit Scandal Goes Viral!

The Elevate Basketball Circuit scandal has taken over the news wire of the youth basketball world. The allege situation we feel is horrible for the sport of youth basketball. We at Basketball Spotlight feels sorry for those that got affected by this situation. This news has hit every big news outlet in the country. We have listed numerous news outlet links that have released articles and videos on this matter. Once again we regret to report this type of news about a sport we love. 

Sports Illustrated Article 

USA Today Article 

Courier Post Louisville Article 

Washington Post Article 

Hampton Road News Video 

Charlotte Observer

AC Showcase 6th Grade Top Performers Part 2

Jaylen Hall (New World Unlimited)

The 6th Grade Division of the AC Showcase gave us a look at some of the top players in the country. Here’s a look at some of the youngsters they made their way to America’s Playground.  

AC Showcase 6th Grade Top Performers Part 2 

Jaylen Hall Guard (New World Unlimited)- Hall is perhaps one of the best scoring guards in the country and he got it done at the AC Showcase. He rocked Team Philly for 20 points and slayed the NY Gauchos for a game high 25 markers. Once he gets going full speed to the cup it’s not many that can slow him down. He’s compact and very strong which is tough to contain on the 6th Grade level. He was the high scorer for the 6th Grade in this event.

Bray Freeman Guard (New World Unlimited)- Freeman ran the show as usual for this talented punch. He knows how to pick his spots to score like when he erupted for 25 points against Philly Triple Threat. He has the speed and ball handling to get out into the open floor and make things happen. He knows how to drive this car well.
Christian Moore Guard (B’More Finest)- During the Clash For The Cup I talked about Moore’s upside and potential even though he didn’t have a great showing. Well in Atlantic City he had it clicking. He hit three treys against DMV Elite and had a good showing against IZOD where he finished with 15 points. He ran out of bullets in their semifinal lost to Team Takeover where he hit two treys and finished with 13 points.
Raayan Lane Guard (B’More Finest)- You know B’More Finest didn’t make it to the final four without Lane being involved. The defensive hawk pressured the rock and made things difficult for opposing guards trying to get into their offense. He got his offense going in their final four loss to Team Takeover with a 10 point outing.
Jeremiah White Forward (Boo Williams Marvels)- The forward was new to the Spotlight and had a great weekend introduction. He dominated in his division including a 30 point performance against the Legendary Ballers. According to my site scout this kid has the tools to be someone special down the road. His play earned him an invite to the Basketball Spotlight Future Phenom Camp in August. 

 Jaylen Warley Guard (Philly Triple Threat)- Warley had the most consistent weekend of all the PTT players. He was able to hit the outside shot and create plays for others. He averaged close to 11 points a contest.


AC Showcase 6th Grade Top Performers Part 1

Trey Patterson (Team IZOD)

The 6th Grade Division of the AC Showcase gave us a look at some of the top players in the country. Here’s a look at some of the youngsters they made their way to America’s Playground.  

AC Showcase 6th Grade Top Performers Part 1 

Trey Patterson Forward (Team IZOD)- Patterson returned to the Spotlight after missing much time due to a back injury. He showed his scoring prowess in the championship as he tallied 18 points in their win over Team Takeover. During the rest of the weekend he overly impressed me with his improved handle and play making ability. He was pushing the rock coast to coast and even diming teammates. He made a strong push for the #1 player in the country after his performance this weekend.

Donnell Harris Forward (Team IZOD)- The Miami product also made a move toward that #1 spot after dominating the competition this past weekend. His size and motor inside made it very difficult to slow him down. He scored 19 points against both B’More Finest and DMV Elite. When he and Patterson are clicking at the same time Team IZOD turns into one of the toughest teams in the country to beat. 

 Kennedy Chandler Guard (Team IZOD)- Chandler was a great addition to this already loaded IZOD roster. He can play either guard position but gives them a solid floor general at the point. I like how he understands change of pace and demonstrates good court vision. His presence and play takes this squad to another level.

Trey Thomas Guard (Team Takeover)- Thomas is a part of TTO quartet of attacking guards. He can score from the perimeter or finish at the rim. He has the ability to get past defenders and possess one of the best floaters around. He has to be considered a combo guard but could make the move to full time point as he gets older.
Trevor Keels Guard (Team Takeover)- Keels usually handles most of the scoring load but this weekend got some help from his teammates. The big guard average close to 10 points a game and continues to keep his name among the elite guards in the region. He has put together a solid campaign.
Kino Lilly Guard (Team Takeover)- Another guard that has emerged from the shadows has been Lilly. The pure shooter is putting the rock on the floor better and can be penciled in for at least 10 markers a contest. His confidence seems to grow as each event he enters. He’s quietly turning himself into a household name.
Darius Johnson Guard (Team Takeover)- The final piece of the guard quartet is the tough nose point guard that has the keys to this engine. Johnson drove past defenders with ease and flair. He has a low dribble and strength to break through most defenders on this level. He also chip in with close to 10 points an outing.


Monday, April 13, 2015

P2 Bball Reports From The AC Showcase!

The Basketball Spotlight AC Showcase was rated once again at the “Event Of The Year”. We had several media outlets including video in the building. P2 BBall was once again in the building and has added some exclusive features from the event. Check out the articles below.

AC Showcase Is The Place To Be! 

CP3 All Stars Dominates The Competition! 

Trey Patterson Is A Growing Problem In The Garden State! 

George Hill Plays The Game The Right Way In AC!

AC Showcase 7th Grade Top Performers Part 3

Xavier Pina (Team Final)

The 7th Grade Division of the AC Showcase brought together some of the top teams in the country. It was truly a wealth of talent down there and here’s Part 3 of our Top Performers. 

AC Showcase 7th Grade Top Performers Part 3 

Xavier Pina Guard (Team Final)- Pina burst on our scene last year during the AC Showcase as he shot the lights out for We R 1. He has now moved over to Team Final but still seems to love this event as he for 23 points and 4 treys against eventual champion Brooklyn Rens and also hit up Expressions for 18 points including 3 treys.

Tristan Maxell Forward (Team CLT)- Maxwell came into this event with an emerging name after his performance at the Spotlight Future Phenom Camp. He started out getting his feet with against Miami City Ballers by nailing two treys and finishing with 12 points. In his second gams versus Team IZOD he came out more aggressive scoring 18 points including 7 from the charity stripe. He continues to move up our ladder in terms of rankings and potential. 

Josh Rubio Forward (Team CLT)- Since Jahlil Okafor is a red hot name right now many people compared this youngsters game to his over the weekend. Rubio has size, soft hands and surprising good footwork for a player so young. He punished the Miami squad for 18 points and another 11 in their loss. He definitely came to play this weekend. 

Dee Givens Forward (Team CLT)- Givens played alongside and put up good numbers. The lanky forward passes the look test and plays the game with good passion. He collected 15 points against MCB and scored 14 in their loss to Team IZOD. If he stays with Maxwell and Rubio they will form a good trio for years to come. 

Brock Williams Guard (Team CLT)- Williams is a tough as nails point guard who job is to get everyone involved and he handled the duty in Atlantic City. He made sure they had balanced scoring and also showed some range when needed. 

Jamari Foy Guard (Expressions)- Speaking of range Foy caught fire versus Team Final in their loss as he drilled home five treys on his way to 19 points in their loss. He also let Brooklyn Rens feel his wrath when 3 bombs from behind the arc. 

Kareem May Guard (Brooklyn Rens)- Brooklyn Rens won the Hollis-Jefferson title and once again May was leading the way. His game is unique because he doesn’t have to put up big numbers to control the game. He’s one of those NY guards that you love to see with the rock because his feel for the game and occasional flair keeps you on edge. 

Julian Thomas Guard (ESYC)- Like Pina Thomas is also a player that seems to shine bright when he plays in Atlantic City. He came out gunning against the NJ Bulldogs and dropped a game high 25 points. Some players simply possess the knack to score and he seems like one. 

Mikah Johnson Jr. Forward (NJ Bulldogs)- My scout tells me that Johnson was a force to reckoned with over the weekend. He led the Bulldogs in scoring and to the semifinals. He has good touch around the basket and is a very active player. We look forward to watching him in the near future.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Basketball Spotlight Memorial Day Classic Registration Ready To Go!

The Basketball Spotlight Memorial Day Classic has begun registration. This event should bring together some of the top teams in the region on different playing levels. Registration will be tight so please make sure you register fully very quickly. 

Event: Basketball Spotlight Memorial Day Classic 
Date: May 23rd and 24th 
Place: Neptune, NJ 
Age: 4th Grade Thru 8th Grade 
Cost:$400 Per Team (Mulit-Team Discount Available) 


Saturday, April 11, 2015

AC Showcase 7th Grade Top Performers Part 2

Kieves Turner (RIP City)

The 7th Grade Division of the AC Showcase brought together some of the top teams in the country. It was truly a wealth of talent down there and here’s Part 2 of our Top Performers. 

AC Showcase 7th Grade Top Performers Part 2 

Kieves Turner Guard (RIP City)- “Deuce” can know change his name to trey, because he showed deep range at the AC Showcase. This youngster lit up eventual champion Team Durant in the semifinals for 27 points including 7 three pointers. He also operated off the bounce and finished well in transition. He has to be considered one of the top wing guards in America hands down. The only down side is that we usually only see him at the AC Showcase. Hopefully he will make his way down to the Spotlight Future Phenom Camp.

CJ Robinson Guard (Gauchos)- Their matchup against Team Durant was on the big stage and Robinson played like the best guard on the floor. His dime dropping was tremendous and his knifed through the defense at will. His arsenal is packed with power, skills, court vision and scoring ability. Some of the top coaches on the AU circuit were screaming his praises while they are watching him get down.
RJ Davis Guard (Gauchos)- Robinson’s backcourt partner also caught fire during the weekend. The pure shooter drilled KSK for 16 points and gave Team Durant a tough 15 markers. He’s been known to step and knock down a jumper in very hostile environments. His poise helps him excel against the top competition. 

Andrew King Forward (RIP City)- King has grown a few more but more impressive was his improved footwork and touch around the basket. He was able to gain good low post position, seal defenders and court in the paint. He’s a big target and possess the soft hands needed to catch and finish. He’s turning out to be an intriguing prospect.

Delonie Hunt Guard (DC Premier)- Hunt helped DCP reach the final four before running into a tough Rising Stars squad. The speedy guard came to play against the Indiana group by tickling the twine from the perimeter with 5 treys and finishing with 21 points. It seems like he performs well when he enters the Spotlight events. 

Zion Bethea Guard (KSK)- King Street reached the quarterfinals and Bethea showed good over the weekend. His big scoring game came in their loss to the Gauchos. The strong guard dropped a team high 15 points in the loss.


AC Showcase 7th Grade Top Performers Part 1

AJ Hoggard (Team Durant)

The 7th Grade Division of the AC Showcase brought together some of the top teams in the country. It was truly a wealth of talent down there and here’s Part 1 of our Top Performers. 

AC Showcase 7th Grade Top Performers Part 1 

AJ Hoggard Guard (Team Durant)- In the finals Hoggard came off the bench and put the team on his back. His physical style was stuff for the smaller George Hill squad to contain. His ability to look over the defense allowed him to knockdown the trey ball and take many stripes to the charity stripe. He nailed two treys and hit seven free throws in their championship win.

Jordan Toles Guard (Team Durant)- Toles once again displayed himself as one of the team’s top performers over the weekend. He averaged close to 13 points again including an 18 point outing in their first double-digit pool loss to George Hill. Toles stays in attack mode which usually yields great results especially in transition.

Tyler Brelsford Guard (Team Durant)- Brelsford came to play in Atlantic City. He seemed to let the game come to him and he stroked the ball well from behind the arc. His basketball IQ allows him to be at the right place on the floor. He scored 14 points in their quarterfinal victory over the Gauchos including nine free throws.
Isaiah Todd Forward (Team Durant)- Back at the Clash for The Cup Todd had a game winning steal and layup to give the Terror Squad the title. This time it was a huge defensive play in the semifinals that helped propel them to the finals. RIP City had a breakaway layup late in the game and Todd came from out of nowhere to block the shot to the glass. His block led to Terror Squad bucket and helped them seal the deal.

Mike Saunders Jr. Guard (Rising Stars)- Saunders almost single handily took the title home for the Rising Stars. In the semifinals he nailed six treys and dropped 22 points in their victory over DC Premier then exploded for seven treys and 26 markers in their championship loss to the Terror Squad. Mike ball handling and ability to create space and picked up this year. He easily has to be considered one of the best guards in the country.

Hunter Jackson Guard (Rising Stars)- Speaking of top guards in the country, Jackson name has to be included. He went to work throughout the weekend and really shined in his teams pool play blow out of the Terror squad. Jackson scored a few buckets but played more of a facilitator role as they spread Team Durant defense out. Jackson was able to penetrate the gaps and either kick it to teammates or get buckets on his own. He showed well on the top stage.

Brevin Jefferson Guard (Rising Stars)- Jefferson’s offensive help in the semifinals helped them reach the championship. He scored the ball well against DC Premier, finishing with 12 points. He a great complimentary player to Jackson and Saunders. He also has the ability to stretch the defense.