Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Basketball Spotlight Looking For Big Apple Best Kept Secret!

Jordan McAllister (Bronx, NY)

Jordan McAllister appeared in Basketball Spotlight with the Gauchos and a little while ago. The wing guard showed good promise with his creative skills and size for his position. I really think he has a chance to be a good prospect, that's why we ranked him 41 in our Class of 2018 Top 70. We haven't seen him in a while and hopefully we will get another look at him this season. I believe his future is bright and this kid can go.

Basketball Spotlight Season Preview: 7th Grade Predictions and All Region Teams

Is Team RIO Really Ready? 

The Basketball Spotlight season is here and we decided to begin with our previews. In our final look at the 7th Grade Division we decided to give our predictions and present our preseason All-Region teams. 

Grand Finale Favorite: Team RIO National 
This squad was assembled to win titles therefore I think they have enough fire power to bring it all home. They will have their first crack at the banners during the Tip Off Classic where they will face some stiff competition. But in June we believe they will be carrying home the big banner. 

Darkhorses: Metro Flyers, Team Nelson and Team Takeover 

Player Of The Year Favorite: Scottie Lewis (Team RIO National) 
This is the first time a player has been the POY favorite before playing in any Spotlight tournament but this kid might be the exception. At the Super Skillcase he seemed to raise his game when the lights got brighter. Hopefully he will be ready for these bright lights. 

Coach Of The Year Favorite: Dermon Player (Metro Flyers) 
Player had a strong argument last year with the job he did with the Flyers. Now he will bolster his point while snatching a few of the banners. He has some good talent and can be thought of as one of the best motivators in the game. 

Preseason 1st Team All Region 
Mikeal Jones (Team Philly) 
Scottie Lewis (Team RIO) 
Jordan McKoy (Team RIO) 
Dajuan Piper (Metro Flyers) 
Cole Anthony (Rens) 

2nd Team All Region 
Danny Rodriquez (Metro Flyers) 
Jalen Brooks (?) 
Tay Allen (6th Man Warriors) 
Terrence Williams (Team Takeover) 
Tyler Brelsford (Team Takeover) 

3rd Team All Region 
Mark Bradshaw (Team Nelson) 
Dontae Scott (Team Nelson) 
AJ Hoggard (Team RIO National) 
Dejourno Cook (Playaz) 
Shamar Florence (MJ Mavericks)

Basketball Spotlight Tip Off Classic Is Sold Out!

The Basketball Spotlight Tip Off Classic is locked and loaded. The registration has been closed. We have some important information below in which each team should take notice to. Once again we would like to thank you guys for showing interest in our event. 

The schedule for the Tip Off Classic will be released the Tuesday before the event. In terms of schedule request we are not at able to grant any request due to the amount of teams entering this event. We will keep in mind of the travel distance for some teams. 

As usual teams will be placed in divisions according to their level and history at Spotlight events. These divisions are designed to incorporate the best sportsmanship possible. Teams feeling like they need to be in a higher division will have a chance to prove it at the event.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Basketball Spotlight Season Preview: 7th Grade POY Candidates

Mikeal Jones (Team Philly)

The Basketball Spotlight season is here and we would like to begin with our previews. Here is a look at the players we feel will make a run at the 7th Grade Player Of The Year Award. 

Basketball Spotlight 7th Grade POY Candidates 

Mikeal Jones Forward (Team Philly)- The reigning Player Of The Year has switched teams and now will have to carry a heavier load. He has some serious talent and when focused can really lead a team to victory. If he can make this Team Philly squad relevant he might have a chance to take home back to back POY awards.

Scottie Lewis Guard (Team RIO National)- Lewis came to NJ with a national rep and after watching him during the Super Skillcase I can say it’s well deserved. Since this kid has a chance to be special, winning Player of the Year is definitely a good possibility. Now we must see how he reacts when the heat is on while playing on the Celtics court.

Cole Anthony Guard (Rens)- After a few good showings on our circuit and a breakout performance at the AAU Nationals Anthony name has to be mentioned. He’s one of a few players that are capable of dominating a game from the outset. When his outside shot if falling he can appear un-guardable. Hopefully the Rens retooled a little so he doesn’t wear down early.

Dajuan Piper Guard (Metro Flyers)- Piper will be counted on to be a lot of things done. He expanded his game last season and really had a breakout campaign. Now he will be looked at as one of the top performers on this loaded team and must be ready to deliver. If he has big year and can help Metro Flyers capture a few Spotlight banners he could win the Player of The Year crown.

Basketball Spotlight Season Preview: 7th Grade Best Stock Options

Jordan "The Real" McKoy (Team RIO National)

The Basketball Spotlight season is here and we decided to begin with our preview. Below we have a group of players that we feel have a got chance to increase their stock during this season. 

Basketball Spotlight 7th Grade Stock Risers 

Jordan McKoy Guard (Team RIO National)- After missing half of last season with an injury McKoy will be hungry to show that he’s still one of the top guards in the country. He stretched out a few inches and has regained his explosives when attacking. His perimeter scoring will be vital in helping Team RIO win it all.

Mark Bradshaw Guard (Team Nelson)- Bradshaw had a roller coaster season last year. Now with the departure of Mikeal Jones he will be counted on to bring more production to the table. If he can get things going it would help Team Nelson and move him up the ladder. We look for some huge scoring nights from this youngster. 

Daniel Rodriquez Forward (Metro Flyers)- When Rodriquez was able to convert inside he was one of the most dominate forces in the region. He’s always a problem defensively and plays with that Metro Flyers style of toughness. Some improved touch could definitely have his stock on the rise.
AJ Hoggard Guard (Team Rio National)- A true point guard such as Hoggard loves to have big time weapons around him. So AJ must be in heaven because he will have several thoroughbreds to feed. This help will allow him to really show off his point guard skills and raise that stock a few spots. The table is set. 

Dyondre Dominguez Forward (Expressions Elite)- I loved his game and potential at the 6th Grade Nationals in Hampton. Now I think you guys will feel the same way once you see him at the Tip Off Classic. The lanky forward can even step out past the 3 point line and nail the trey ball. A few good performances can definitely have him moving up.

Germir Robinson Guard (Playaz)- Robinson is a Playaz kid I think can make a splash in our Spring rankings. I like his size right now and his knack to score against his counterparts. I think this class could have their hands full with this kid. 

 Dejournal Cook Forward (Playaz)- Cook made his Spotlight debut last year during the MDC but at the Tip Off Classic he will be on the big stage. The big forward is nimble on his feet and very talented he didn’t make our Top 50 because I we didn’t see him at the MDC but he should have a good shot in April.
Terrence Williams Forward (Team Takeover)- Williams is a good stock option because He seems to be playing with more fire. His crisp post moves and footwork has always been good attributes but now he’s delivering with a purpose. If he can help carry Team Takeover to a Spotlight banner and stock should be going into the right direction. 

John McGriff Guard (DC Assault)- McGriff is a slick southpaw point guard with the chance to move onto our list in the spring. He isn’t afraid to attack the defense whenever he has the chance. I also like his court vision and superb ball handling. We will get a close up look at him with DCA at the Tip Off Classic. 

 Stay tuned as we bring you more previews from our 7th Grade Division.

Diary Of A Baller: Myles Dread (Burtonsville, MD) Final Entry!

MLK Monument 
Dear Basketball World, 

This is my last article. I just want to thank Mike Melton for the opportunity to do the "Diary of a Baller" series this year. I am very grateful because out of all the kids that play in the bballspotlight circuit he chose me. 

This week was a fun one at the Dread household. On Monday, I went on field trip to Washington, D.C... I got to see the WWII monument, the Martin Luther King Monument, the Lincoln Memorial, and I also got to see the hope diamond, the biggest diamond in the world,. It was interesting to see how big the Lincoln Memorial was in person. I was also amazed at how many people were at the MLK monument on a Monday morning. I think it was special to see the monuments for the first time and really learning the history of our country. 

I just wanted to thank Mike Melton for affording me the chance to do this series. I am looking forward to playing against the best players on the east coast on the circuit. Until then I will be in the gym working on my game. Will you? 

Thanks for all of your support, 
 Myles Dread

Basketball Spotlight would like to thank Myles Dread for giving us a look into his life these last 12 weeks. Stay tuned next week as we begin our three month journey with Atiba Taylor of Team IZOD. That should be very interesting. 

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Basketball Spotlight Season Preview: 7th Graders Ready To Breakout!

Jon Jon Wilson (Gauchos) 

The Basketball Spotlight season has arrived and we are beginning with our previews. Check out a few 7th Graders that we expect to have breakout seasons. 

7th Grade Breakout Players 

Jon Jon Wilson Guard (Gauchos)- Wilson took off half the season last year and hit the gym. The decision paid off dividends. During the Super Skillcase he showed more explosiveness to his game and seems to have a different swagger. I really expect him to raise his stock this season.

Marc Bruce Forward (Metro Flyers)- I think Bruce is ready to step in and become one of the main options for his squad. He’s showing more toughness on the post and even creating a little off the bounce. We will be paying close attention to his progress. 

Dontae Scott Forward (Team Nelson)- Scott is now ready to step out of the Mikeal Jones shadow. He showed more ability last year and if he can keep his head in the game I see him emerging as a serious problem.
Bryant Antione Guard (Team RIO)- Antione should be ready to burst through the door. He has all the tools but needs a little push to get to the next level. I think this is the year he can make that turn into a beast. 

Trevon Alderman Guard (We R 1)- Mark my words this kid is going to take it to another level this year. Right now he has to be one of the most underrated guards in the country. His style of play reminds me of current Brooklyn Net Tyshawn Taylor. 

Brian Hall Forward (New Rens)- Hall showed us some flashes at the AAU Nationals but was a little shy. Now I think he’s ready to come out of his shell. If so we might see a new budding star on the horizon.

Shamar Florence Forward (Mid Jersey Mavs)- By the end of last season I realized Florence could go. Now I think he’s ready for the next step. Don’t be surprised if he’s ready to take over a few games this year. 

Barry Evans Forward (Metro Flyers)- At times Evans played like one of the best players on the floor but needed to be a little more consistent. This year we look for him to turn the corner and have his breakout year.

Friday, November 22, 2013

8th Grade Season Preview: Predictions and All Region Teams

Can The Playaz Handle The Pressure? 

The Basketball Spotlight season is here and we decided to begin with our previews. In our final look at the 8th Grade Division we decided to give our predictions and present our preseason All-Region teams. 

Grand Finale Favorite: Playaz Basketball Club 
After recent developments I think the Playaz have the best shot of taking home the Grand Finale banner. They have some serious talent with a mixture of tough guards and long forwards. If they can handle the close games I think they will be hanging the banner in one of the Paterson gyms. 

Darkhorses: Team Scan, Team Takeover 

Player Of The Year Favorite: Nazi Reid (Team Scan)
Reid comes in as the early favorite and should be able to get it done when the smokes clear. When he plays to his ability there are few players in the country that can contain him. 

Coach Of The Year Favorite: Terrence “Munch” Williams (Team Scan) 
Williams has brought Scan back to the forefront of middle school basketball. Now he will be trying to take another group of youngsters to the next level. He has some of the top players in the region in his stable. The task will be tough but no one believed that he would take a start up organization like Scan and build them into a powerful Nike program. Don’t bet against him. 

Preseason 1st Team All Region 
Nazi Reid (Team Scan) 
Atiba Taylor (Team IZOD) 
Armoni Sexton (Playaz) 
Jahvon Quinerly (Playaz) 
Myles Dread (Team Takeover) 

2nd Team 
Luther Muhammad (Team IZOD) 
Cameron Reddish (Team Final) 
Justin Winston (Playaz) 
Aaron Clarke (Team Scan) 
Brandon Slater (Team Takeover) 

3rd Team 
Tyrek Chambers (Team IZOD) 
Nayshon Hamlet (New Rens) 
Walter Talley (Team Scan) 
Donovan Toatley (Team Takeover) 
Chris Cropper (We R 1)

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Word On The Street: Too Much Too Soon!

The Basketball season is right around the corner and things are heating up. There is a lot of player movement and news going on and here are few hot items straight from the press in this edition of Word On The Street.

Taylor Headed Back To IZOD? 
That’s right, a source close to the situation has confirmed that point guard Atiba Taylor will be leaving Team Scan and heading back to play with Team IZOD. This move may surprise many because Team Scan was recently ranked #1 in the region in our Top 10 and defeated rival Playaz at New York’s Funsport. Taylor will be looking to rejoin longtime homies Luther Muhammad and Tyrek Chambers. Could this move inspire a Supreme Team reunion?

Brooks Down To 3 
After the Supreme team breakup Jalen Brooks reclassified and now appears to be a wanted man. Brooks enters the season as one of the top 7th Grade guards in the region but he hasn’t chosen a team yet. My source has him entertaining the likes of Team RIO National, Metro Flyers and Team IZOD. If he joins either RIO or Metro Flyers he would probably bump that team up to the #1 spot in the region. I guess we will know soon with the Tip Off Classic around the corner.

Battle Is All In! 
The Playaz Basketball Club new motto is “I’m All In! So I guess Khalif Battle has brought into the concept because he has joined their squad. Battle gives this talented group a quality wing player for the next few years. We will get a glimpse of him with his new team at the Tip Off Classic. 

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Basketball Spotlight Exclusive: One On One Feat. Scottie "The Show" Lewis

Micah and Scottie Lewis 

Basketball Spotlight loves letting you guys get to know the new prospects on the horizon. During the Super Skillcase Scottie Lewis made his Basketball Spotlight debut and left as the talk of the event. We got a chance to sit down and talk to the youngster and here’s what he had to say. 

One on One Feat. Scottie Lewis  

BS: How has the transition been for you moving from Georgia to New Jersey? 
SL: It was a bit of a long journey. I started off in Ohio and the Bronx before moving to New Jersey. My family and I very excited to be in NJ. 

Nike Pre Draft Camp Returns To Pennsylvania

Nike Predraft camp is coming back to the Middle Atlantic region on Dec 1, 2013 to develop the next generation of elite youth basketball players by providing them with the position specific training, game situation strategies and skill development techniques used by the best Nike basketball players in the world. Go to www.nikepredraftcamp.com and look for the Boothwyn Pa signup. The camp will be held at the Upper Chichester Recreation Center. Grades 5th-12th.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Basketball Spotlight Season Preview: Chasing The Big Trophy!

Can Reid Snag Another POY Award?

Winning the 8th Grade Player of The Year has turned into a huge event for Basketball Spotlight players. This year we have a few top players that have an early chance of taking home the big trophy next August.

Basketball Spotlight 8th Grade Player Of The Year Candidates

Nazi Reid (Team Scan): If the reigning Player of the Year plays to his full potential he could be adding the big trophy to his shelf. He has proven to be a dominate force each time he steps on the floor. Now he must show he can help Team Scan raise another banner in their Bronx gym.

Jahvon Quinerly (Playaz): Early last season Quinerly had a shot to win the POY and I think he will have another chance this time around. He’s an explosive scorer and will be counted on to get buckets for the Playaz. If his scoring and play making can help them hold a few banners than he will be able to take the big trophy home to Englewood, NJ. 

Atiba Taylor (Team Scan): Taylor did a good job keeping all that talent happy on the “Supreme Team” now if he can guide another squad to the Grand Finale Championship he might have a shot at the big trophy. Everything starts with the point guard.

Armoni Sexton (Playaz): The “Live Wire” name has to be thrown in this hat. He’s capable of blacking out and getting things done quickly. His energy level can expand to the other teammates and ignite some championships. He seems to love the Spotlight atmosphere.

Brandon Slater (Team Takeover)- Last season’s Most Outstanding Player scores like we breathe. He will be suiting up for Takeover this year but we still expect him to get buckets. He might come through the back door and grab the big trophy. Stay tuned as we bring you more previews for the upcoming season.

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Basketball Spotlight Season Preview: Five Guys Ready To Breakout! (Class of 2018)

Is "Prince Reddish" Ready To Breakout?

The Basketball Spotlight season is upon us and we like to get things started with our previews. Every year there are players that are ready to take their game to another level. We call them our breakout players. Here are five guys that we feel might use this season to make a splash.

Basketball Spotlight 8th Grade Breakout Performers

Cameron Reddish Guard (Team Final)- If the Super Skillcase was any indication Reddish will be turning the corner this year. In the past he showed flashes but now I think he is ready to go all out. He’s more aggressive and now is beginning to understand the talent his possesses. We’re looking for “The Prince” to turn it on.

Justin Winston Forward (Playaz)- Justin was poised to have a big year last season before a hip injury sidelined him. Now he’s back with some bounce in his step and ready to return among the elite players in the country. He has the physical attributes and skills to make this happen. 

Aaron Clarke Guard (Team Scan)- Clarke might have a chance to explode this season. He played high level 8th Grade last season so no one is entering this campaign with more experience. If he can put together some big scoring nights it could be big for Scan and raise his stock in the process. 

Will Yarborough Guard (Team IZOD)- After spending last season as a reserve, Will looks to return to his form he had during his KSK days. He had the determined look in his eyes at the Super Skillcase and if he brings that into the season he could explode. 

Louis King Forward (Team IZOD)- It’s been a long time coming for King and now he should have his shot. He’s definitely an intriguing prospect and it should be very interesting how he goes about these new duties. 

Stay tuned as we bring you more previews for the upcoming season.

Diary Of A Baller: Myles Dread (Burtonsville, MD) Entry #11

Myles and Crew At Under Armor Grind Session

Dear Basketball World, 

There is a long line of athletes in my family. My uncle played along with Dan Majerle at Central Michigan. My great uncle played with Spencer Haywood in high school. Then he followed his legendary high school coach Will Robinson Sr. to Illinois State, where he played with Doug Collins. My dad was and still is the all-time leading scorer at his high school. He played Division II basketball at Millersville University. My grandfather was a Golden Gloves boxing champion. Even my grandmother was a two-sport athlete at Millersville University, playing both basketball and lacrosse. My basketball career started in Detroit, MI. I would go to St. Cecilia Rec Center "The Saint", where I would see pros like Derrick Coleman, Steve Smith, Chris Webber, and Jalen Rose. Watching all of these great players made me want to play more. My first AAU team was Detroit Elite. In my first year at 8U we won the National Championship in Memphis, TN. I thought that Detroit was the best place for basketball, and then we moved to the DMV. I found that the competition and coaching here in the DMV is the best. 

Monday, November 18, 2013

Basketball Spotlight Preseason 8th Grade Top 10

The Basketball Spotlight circuit is set to begin once again and we are excited. We would like to start off with our preseason Top 10 for each grade level. We definitely understand that it is still early so some player movement can change things a little. 

Basketball Spotlight Preseason 8th Grade Top 10 

1. Team Scan: Scan checks in at the #1 spot. They currently have the best point guard in the land, top prospect and perhaps the top scorer in the region. Teams will be on their heels trying to take over the top spot. They are one of the current favorites to win the Grand Finale title. 

2. Playaz Basketball Club: The Playaz will have a lot to say about who wins the Grand Finale crown. They are very explosive on offense and love to press. They will be ready to tangle at the Tip Off Classic. 

3. Team Takeover: Team Takeover has brought in some of the top players from Metro Sixers which should make them a super solid team. If they get everything together they have a chance of taking home banner. 

4. NC Runnin Rebels: The Rebels bring National final four experience into the mix. They will be looking to capture their first Spotlight banner. I will see if they’re up to the task at Tip Off Classic.  
5. New Rens: The Rens round out our Top 5. I think we will see Coach Council return to his style of two years ago, when he used more of a team concept. I expect them to be in the thick of things when it all matters. 

6. Team IZOD: They are no longer the Supreme Team but I believe this group is not to be slept on. They have a solid core and will be coached by one of the best. 

7. We R 1: The Mid Atlantic Champs return for their last hurrah at the Spotlight. It would be a great story if they could end their Spotlight careers with the Grand Finale banner. 

8. Team Final: TF has added some new pieces that have familiar names. Hopefully they will have the toughness to return to the Grand Finale Final Four. 

9. Wall 2 Wall: I want to see how they look during the Tip Off Classic. I’m hearing about some player movement but I will see first-hand in December. I’ve heard those rumors before. 

10. Mass Shooting Stars: MSS brings up the rear and we are anxious to see how they will look at the Tip Off Classic.

Basketball Spotlight Preseason 7th Grade Top 10

The Basketball Spotlight circuit is set to begin once again and we are excited. We would like to start off with our preseason Top 10 for each grade level. We definitely understand that it is still early so some player movement can change things a little. 

Basketball Spotlight Preseason 7th Grade Top 10 

1. Team Nelson: The Grand Finale Champs return looking to win another banner. As usual they will skip the Tip Off Classic but will be ready to rock for the MLK Classic. Right now we have to say it’s their title to lose. 

2. Metro Flyers: MF made a great run at the AAU Nationals finishing #6. They have the team concept together and are one of the best defensively. They are still in search of their first Spotlight banner which could happen at the Tip Off Classic. 

3. Team RIO National: This newly formed squad has 6 players rated in our Top 50 and the roster still isn’t complete. They plan to play a true national schedule and have a good chance of winning the Grand Finale crown. They are loaded with talent. 

4. Team Takeover: TT has brought in ETU Select therefore they should be a force. They also haven’t had a chance to hold a Spotlight banner which should make the Spotlight circuit that more exciting. 

5. CIA Bounce: Bounce will be returning to Spotlight after an impressive showing during last year’s Clash For The Cup. They will have a chance to move up after December. 

6. New Rens: NR returns with one of the best backcourts around. We expect them to be in the heat all season and make a run for the Grand Finale final four. 

7. 6th Man Warriors: They made a name for themselves last year and they won’t be a surprise team this time around. They are geared to appear at the Tip Off Classic. 

8. MJ Mavericks: The Mavs have an Orange Division season under their belts. Now they will be ready to bang out with the big boys again. I will see them December 7th. 

9. RJS: RJS made it to the Grand Finale final four and will be looking for another run. They have an aggressive style and will be looking to run and gun from the outset. 

10. Playaz Basketball Club: The Playaz check in at #10 but I don’t think that will be for long. They have some good pieces and really might have an outside chance of bringing home the banner.

Basketball Spotlight Preseason 6th Grade Top 10

The Basketball Spotlight circuit is set to begin once again and we are excited. We would like to start off with our preseason Top 10 for each grade level. We definitely understand that it is still early so some player movement can change things a little. 

Basketball Spotlight Preseason 6th Grade Top 10 

1. KSK: Yes KSK checks in at our #1 spot. They have made some serious off season acquisitions which should make them an elite team in the region. They have a great chance of chasing down back to back banners. We will get our first look at them during the Tip Off Classic. 

2. Gauchos: The Choz were one of the most feared teams in the region last year. They always have some good talent especially in the back court. I’m definitely anxious to watch them perform. 

3. Team Glory: TG came up short at the Grand Finale last year and will be looking to make a return. They have some of the top talent on the East Coast so they should be ready. 

4. Leesburg Academy: After some Spotlight experience Leesburg finished #7 in the country and should have some more noise to make this year. Hopefully we will get a look at them early. 

5. Nations Basketball Academy: These boys made a run to the Grand Finale finals last year and return some of the best talent in the region. This year they won’t be able to sneak up on any squads. Everyone will be geared to come after them. 

6. Team Takeover: TT found their groove during the spring last year. They are still in search of their first Spotlight banner. Maybe it will happen this season. 

7. RIP City: RC will be looking to return their program back to that national rep they had a couple years back. They definitely have the talent to get it done. 

8. Team DEMI: The boys from Massachusetts have a chance to make a dent in this wide open field. We will see them at the Tip Off Classic. 

9. Team Phenom: This group started off with a spark last season and then sort of faded down the stretch. Now we will be looking to see if they can return to form. 

10. Team Final: I’m hearing this group is putting together some good talent. It will be their job to keep the legacy going.

Basketball Spotlight Tip Off Classic Registration Update!

The Basketball Spotlight Tip Off Classic deadline was Saturday Nov. 15th. The teams that weren’t fully registered have been deleted from the list. We had to enforce the deadline to make sure we have a quality event. This process has opened a few more spots but those spots will only stay open until we begin working on our schedule. Registration is below. 


Updated Committed Teams

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Super Skillcase Top Performers Player Profile: Armoni Sexton (Paterson, NJ)

Name: Armoni Sexton 

Hometown: Paterson, NJ 

Position: Forward 

Class: 2018 

Super Skillcase Analysis: The “Live Wire” put on a show down in AC. He saved his best outing for his encounter with Nazi Reid. Sexton raced the floor like a track star for lay ups but he really got the crowd buzzing when he drained three treys balls in a row in transition. His motor was extremely high and really balled up on both ends of the floor. He would get my vote as top performer overall in this grade level.

Super Skillcase Top Performers Player Profile: Nazi Reid (Asbury Park, NJ)

Name: Nazi Reid 

Hometown: Asbury Park, NJ 

Position: Forward 

Class: 2018 

Super Skillcase Analysis: Reid is definitely the most dominate force in the region and he showed it at times. Then other times he seemed to be just going through the motions. He has all the tools to be a big time player one day but he must understand that he now has a target on his back and every prospect will be bringing their best game versus him. Therefore he has to bring the energy every time he touches the floor. Don't be mistaken though he's a real problem for anyone. 

Super Skillcase Top Performers Player Profile: Cameron Reddish (Norristown, PA)

Name: Cameron Reddish 

Hometown: Norristown, PA 

Position: Point Guard 

Class: 2018 

Super Skillcase Analysis: I was anxious to see what Reddish was bringing to the table in AC and I must say he really represented. He was very aggressive with the pill and displayed the smoothness and guard skills that will make scouts salivate. He was scoring with the drive and from the perimeter. If he continues to play with this type of energy the sky is the limit for “The Prince”.

Super Skillcase Top Performers Player Profile: Atiba Taylor (Hackensack, NJ)

Name: Atiba Taylor 

Hometown: Hackensack, NJ 

Position: Point Guard 

Class: 2018 

Super Skillcase Analysis: Taylor represented as the #1 pg in the country. He was able to get through the defense at will and dish the pill to cutting teammates including Nazi Reid. Taylor also was a monster on the glass and got into the scoring column when needed. He continues to show his dominance time and time again.

Super Skillcase Top Performers Player Profile: Aaron Clarke (Parsippany, NJ)

Name: Aaron Clarke 

Hometown: Parsippany, NJ 

Position: Combo Guard 

Class: 2018 

Super Skillcase Analysis: Clarke is similar to Quinerly in his ability to get buckets quickly. The lefty was all business in AC. He not only killed the competition with step back jumpers and 3 point bombs but also made sure his assist total was high. I also need the number to his nutritionist because this kid looks slimmer each time out.

Super Skillcase Top Performers Player Profile: Jahvon Quinerly (Englewood, NJ)

Name: Jahvon Quinerly 

Hometown: Englewood, NJ 

Position: Combo Guard 

Class: 2018 

Super Skillcase Analysis: This kid just has a pretty game. He loves using the pull up jumper when he can’t get all the way to the tin. But when he does reach the rim he stretches out for strong finishes including a finger roll. He one of the few pure scorers in the region, he can reel off 10 straight points very quickly.

Super Skillcase Top Performers Player Profile: Will Yarborough (Summit, NJ)

Name: Will Yarborugh 

Hometown: Summit, NJ 

Position: Shooting Guard 

Class: 2018 

Super Skillcase Analysis: Will played with the confidence he had in his KSK days. He was known as a spot up shooter but in AC he displayed some other aspects. I saw him pushing the pill and making decisions. I was impressed with his poise and determination he had when attacking. He seems to have something to prove. I can't wait to see him on the Spotlight circuit.

Super Skillcase Top Performers Player Profile: Robert Miller (Plainfield, NJ)

Name: Robert Miller 

Hometown: Plainfield, NJ 

Position: Shooting Guard 

Class: 2018 

Super Skillcase Analysis: Miller is instant offense from the two guard spot. He's a slasher that shows explosiveness when traveling through the lane. Once he has the pill his scoring instincts set in and he begins to attack. This up and down setting allowed him to show off his attributes.