Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Basketball Spotlight Top 30 Power Forwards Of All Time!

Marvin Bagley (WACG)

The Top 30 Power Forwards to ever come through Basketball Spotlight Events are listed below. The list was comprised based on the dominance and impact of the player during that event or events. If we forget a prospect that is too glaring then they will be added. This was a fun experience and should be looked at as such. The players are listed by AAU Team, College and NBA team which drafted them or who they are currently affiliated with. 

Basketball Spotlight Top 30 Power Forwards Of All Time 

1. Marvin Bagley- (WACG), (Duke), (Sacramento Kings)- Bagley just proved to be on another level at the AC Showcase. His athleticism, scoring prowess and defensive dominance separated him from his peers. Anyone that saw his performance at America’s Playground would agree with this selection for #1.