Thursday, May 29, 2008

MDC 14 and Under Recap: Dynamic Duo Leads New Heights

Thaddeus Hall scored a game high 27 points and Dennis Green added 23 markers as New Heights Red defeated CJ Hornets 68-57 to win the MDC 14 and Under crown. Joe Ricks and Ron Paden combine for 31 points for the Hornets in the loss.

Spotlight Players

Co - Mr. Memorial Day- Thaddeus Hall Guard (New Heights)- Hall was virtually unstoppable in the games I saw. The southpaw had his entire arsenal on display including big finishes at the cup. Once be broke past the perimeter defenders the interior big men were at his mercy.

Co- Mr. Memorial Day- Dennis Green Guard (New Heights)- Green had another strong showing at the point for New Heights. In the finals he shook off a slow start to take control of the game in the second half. He hit one step back trey that showed the maturity and high levelness of his game.

Ron Paden Guard (CJ Hornets)- Paden used the MDC as his coming out party. The two-guard has grown a few inches and added some drive to his game. Right now his game is truly elevating and he should turn into a true Div. 1 prospect.

Joe Ricks Forward (CJ Hornets)- Ricks is a strong inside presence and knows how to score once he touches the rock. He’s a lefty so he knows how to keep defenders at bay until he can get the right angle to release his shot.

Darious Nixon Forward (CJ Hornets)- Nixon is a bit undersized at the forward spot but is trying to make strides to the perimeter. He has powerful moves and knows how to protect the rock while in traffic. Nixon might mingle on the perimeter but when it’s money time he goes down to the blocks to earn his living.

MDC 14U All Tournament Team

Thaddeus Hall (New Heights Red)- CO Mr. Memorial Day
Dennis Green (New Heights Red) - CO Mr. Memorial Day
Ron Paden (CJ Hornets)
Joe Ricks (CJ Hornets)
Darius Nixon (CJ Hornets)
Orlando Rodriquez (CJ Hornets)
Mike Campo (Team NJ Select)
Khyree Wooten (Philly Panthers)
Jahmal Lane (MSU Skyliners)
Dion Rogers (MSU Skyliners)
Diijon Jordan-Allen (MSU Skyliners)
Trey Dickerson (New Heights Blue)
George Davis (New Heights Blue)
Stewart Warren (New Heights Blue)

Coming Friday- Inside The MDC: 14 and Under

MDC 13 and Under Recap: Trenton Hurricanes Crash The Party!

Nate King scored 16 points and Joe Feinberg added 12 markers including 4 treys as the Trenton Hurricanes defeated the NY Panthers 66-57 to win the MDC 13 and Under Championship. Maynard Grant paced NY Panthers with 14 points in the loss.

Spotlight Players

Mr. Memorial Day- Nate King Guard (Trenton Hurricanes)- Like I wrote in the preview King is a scorer that on any given night can carry his squad. At the MDC it was no different. He got to the basket at will by using his strength and quickness off the dribble. When the Canes needed a bucket he tightened up the chin strap and got it done.

Nazier Chew Guard (Trenton Hurricanes)- Chew played some serious minutes at the point in the MDC. He handled the pill when it counted and had good showings during the semifinal and championship.

Joe Feinberg Guard (Trenton Hurricanes)- When Joe’s jumper is falling he’s such a dangerous guard. In the finals he nailed four treys and his stroked looked very fluid. His outside shooting loosens up the defense and allows King and others room to drive.

Charles Cooke Guard (Trenton Hurricanes)- Cooke plays the tough guy role for the Canes. When the team needs a spark and someone to stand up to the bullies he’s the man. Charles also has become very aggressive on the offensive end lately.

Daquan Chew Forward (Trenton Hurricanes)- Chew hit the glass hard for the Canes and controlled the paint on defense. He seems to play better against the top competition.

Maynard Grant Forward (NY Panthers)- Grant got busy in the scoring column on the baseline and inside. He had things going for the Panthers early but his play couldn’t hold off the Canes.

Mariga Clarke Guard (NY Panthers)- I like this kids skill set and potential. You can look at him and see he has a chance to be very special. He’s multidimensional and will be a match up problem for people for a while.

Dalique Mingo Guard (NY Panthers)- He’s one of the Panthers sharp shooters from the perimeter. He can catch and shoot or put the rock on the floor.

Brian Kruger Guard (NY Panthers)- Kruger is the other sharp shooter. Once he sets his feet its money in the bank. He was knocking down treys all weekend.

MDC 13 and Under All Tournament Team

Nate King (Trenton Hurricanes)- Mr. Memorial Day
Joe Feinberg (Trenton Hurricanes)
Nazier Chew (Trenton Hurricanes)
Charles Cooke (Trenton Hurricanes)
Daquan Chew (Trenton Hurricanes)
Maynard Grant (NY Panthers)
Mariga Clarke (NY Panthers)
Dalique Mingo (NY Panthers)
Brian Kruger (NY Panthers)
Jason Boswell (LI Lightning)
Dave Henry (LI Lightning)
Donovan Johnson (LI Lightning)
Matt Johnson (Playaz)
Kavon Stewart (Playaz)
Nyie Johnson (Playaz)

Coming Thursday- Inside The MDC: 13 and Under

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

MDC 11 and Under Recap: Harvest Knights Too Much!

Malik Ellison pumped a game high 28 points and Trevaughn Wilkerson scored 9 markers as the Harvest Knights ran away from King Street Kings 44-22 to win the MDC 11 and Under Championship. Bryce Aiken scored 7 points for KSK in the loss.

Spotlight Players

Mr. Memorial Day – Malik Ellison Guard (Harvest Knights)- The championship game was a reflection of how he dominated the tournament. Ellison has the speed, skills and court savvy that separated him from his peers. It’s kind of strange to see a kid this young with a game that’s so polished. He has a few moves that would make a high school player jealous.

Trevaughn Wilkerson Forward (Harvest Knights)- Wilkerson court presence alone causes numerous problems for the opposition. His length inside makes opponents have to alter shots and get them blocked. He’s developing offensively and showed have a bright future.

Ray Lawry Guard (Harvest Knights)- Lawry used his powerful drives throughout the tourney to be a force. He’s a very strong guard especially on this level. His confidence continues to grow every time out. He averaged 13 pts a game.

Isiah Baylor Forward (Harvest Knights)- Baylor hit the glass hard for Knights. He does all the dirty work inside that leads to easy buckets for their guards. He grabbed about 10 boards a game.

Temple Gibbs Guard (KSK)- Gibbs fought hard but the Knights had a buzz saw going in this one. The poised guard still had a good showing at the MDC especially in the semifinal during a hard fought victory over stubborn Hollis Biddies.

Bryce Aiken Guard (KSK)- This kid must have a radar under his jersey because he strokes it very accurately from deep. He also played big in the semifinal which propelled KSK to a championship appearance.

MDC 11 and Under All Tournament

Malik Ellison (Harvest Knights)- Mr. Memorial Day
Trevaughn Wilkerson (Harvest Knights)
Ray Lawry (Harvest Knights)
Isiah Baylor (Harvest Knights)
Austin Goodluck (FACES)
Brian Brown (FACES)
Josh Wallace (Hollis Biddies)
Elijah McNeely-Davy (Hollis Biddies)
Justin Roberts (LI Lightning)
Gianni Ford (LI Lightning)
Cheyenne Nettleton (LI Lightning)
Jaquan McKennon (NYC Gauchos)
Desure Buie (NYC Gauchos)
Trey Lowe (Team MVP)
James Wright (Team MVP)
Steven Jordan (Philly Aztecs)
Jahmil Harris (Philly Aztecs)
Nyrique Smith (Asbury Park Rec.)
Nyquese Joshua (JSL Hoops)
Jimmy Pazini (JSL Hoops)
JJ Corbitt (Linden Ballers)
Dante Julius (Linden Ballers)

Please Note KSK Prefers Not To Have All Tournament Players Listed!

Coming Tuesday- Inside The MDC: 11 and Under!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

MDC 10 and Under Recap: Team Battle Takes Crown

Tyus Battle scored 16 points and Jamir Harris added 10 markers as Team Battle defeated FACES 62-47 to win the 10U MDC Championship. RJ Cole scored 14 and Adam Frank finished with 9 for FACES in the loss.

Spotlight Players

Mr. Memorial Day- Tyus Battle Guard (Team Battle)- Battle proved to be the top 10 and Under performer in the region. He led his troops through one of the toughest tournaments on the East Coast and played like a stud in the finals. At times he just overwhelms the competition.

Joey Krempa Guard (Team Battle)- Krempa once again played a poised game and hit the big trey when called upon. He took advantage of some key opportunities.

Edriese Patterson Forward (Team Battle)- Patterson was huge inside for Team Battle on the boards and scoring. He took up a lot of space and FACES didn’t have the size to match up.

RJ Cole Guard (FACES)- Cole was on his game again. He controls the tempo and attacks when needed. His range is unbelievable for a third grader and he pushes it to the final whistle.

Adam Frank Guard (FACES)- Frank came over from Riverside and this was a big pickup for the Jersey squad. Frank has deep range and also isn’t afraid to pull from anywhere or anytime.

MDC 10 and Under All Tournament

Tyus Battle (Team Battle)- Mr. Memorial Day
Jamir Harris (Team Battle)
Sa’eed Nelson (Team Battle)
Joey Krempa (Team Battle)
Edriese Patterson (Team Battle)
Adam Frank (FACES)
Tylynn Johnson (Playtime)
MJ Richardson (Playtime)
Terrell Bonner (Playtime)
Kenny Pickett (KBR)
Keri Kirkwood (KBR)
Cami Calderon (KBR)
Christian Ford (KBR)
Ramel Powell (LI Lightning)
Billy Bell (LI Lightning)

Coming Monday: Inside The MDC: 10 and Under!

Last Call For MDC T-Shirts

Many teams and parents expressed interest in the Basketball Spotlight MDC T-Shirts. We have decided to make one last order of the shirts. The order will be placed on June 8th. Any team wishing to order shirts please contact Mike Melton at or at 609-532-5122. The shirts will be ordered on a team basis and will cost $12 each because of shipping. All orders must be completed and paid for by the team before June 8th. The sizes range from adult small to 4XL. An order form will be emailed to the team rep and should be sent in with the payment.

Front: The Front of the Shirt has the colorful MDC 08 Logo.

Back: The Back will feature the name of every team involved in the MDC 08 and a special message.

Deadline: June 8th
Price: $12
Sizes: Adult Sm, M, L, XXL, 3XL and 4XL

Diary Of A Baller: Kyle Anderson Entry #17

What's going on everyone, its Kyle Anderson on my weekly report to fill everyone in on how my week was.

My week went well. My weekend was terrible but my Memorial Day fixed everything. Let me say no more and just get into my week. Last Monday was A game in the Mens league. Which was really cool because some of my family (my cousin Omar and Kyla) have been hearing how good I am in basketball and they got to see. I had 12 points and they saw the point guard side of me. Tuesday was A workout with Kent Culuko. I really want to shout him out and thank him a lot because he really helps me on my game and my shooting. So I really want to thank him. If you want to take your game to the next level then you need to contact Kent at Wednesday was nothing which was really bad because I didn't workout. I wanted to take no days off before Bob Gibbons. But I couldn't get A ride anywhere so I had too. The next day was another day with Kent Culuko, which helped my shooting.

Finally Friday came and was the day to leave for Bob Gibbons. We left Thursday night and I slept the whole ride. We got their Friday morning and we practiced at Duke right away. My shot was falling so I was confident. So our first game was on Saturday morning. On the first play of the game I get yelled at. Come to find out I'm not playing on the wing I got to run the 1. Oh man,LOL for all the times this week I worked out from the wing I'm not even playing the wing. SMH! But I played PG really well. We won all our games on Saturday. Sunday came and we had an early morning game. The team walked in all late and did not look ready. But boy was I wrong. We played M33M and they came out firing. They beat us by A couple points but they were not better than us. But you lose and win some. I was really mad. We watched our 17s lose after that to Team Breakdown, who has Kenny Boyton who is the REAL DEAL! They lost by 1 and we went back up to 'Jerz. I got home around 2 and went straight to sleep. Later that evening was my 5th state championship with the Long Island Lightning (the 14U team I have played with the last 4 years). We played the Gauchos and I had A triple-double but most importantly we won. 5 time defending state champions. It was beautiful,LOL. My week was OK. My weekend was bad but my Memorial Monday was excellent so it was even. I'm gone everyone I'll be back next week, PEACE.

PS: Coach Chris is reading this like 'Man he aint even shout me out'. Shouts to Coach Chris. I put it at the bottom to make you sweat A lil,LOL. I Got You.


Monday, May 26, 2008

Basketball Spotlight MDC A Success!

The Basketball Spotlight MDC went over successfully this weekend. We had a few bumps in the road but I think we tried everything in the world to make things better. First of all I would like to thank all the team volunteers that helped us by operating the score boards and books. You guys helped us run things smoothly. Next we like to thank all the coaches that showed patience when things didn’t go right. Finally we will be at work trying to improve the mistakes we made this weekend to make your Basketball Spotlight experience great. Below is a list of our MDC Champs. Full recaps for every age group will come shortly.

15U Division
Champions: Philly USA
Runner Up: Team NJ Elite

14U Division
Champions: New Heights (Red)
Runner Up: CJ Hornets

13U Division
Champions: Trenton Hurricanes
Runner Up: NY Panthers

12U Division
Champions: Team Underrated
Runner up: King Street Kings

11U Division
Champions: Harvest Knights
Runner up: King Street Kings

10U Division
Champions: Team Battle
Runner up: FACES

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Game Time DVD Clip

The Game Time DVD will be on sale at the MDC for a discount rate of $2. The DVD has some of the top players in the country and will be a great gift for coaches, parents and players. Check out a clip from the DVD featuring Jordan Theodore.
DVD Clip

Here's a complete list of the players on the DVD

MDC 14 and Under Preview

The 14 and Under Division at the MDC should be a good one. Team Philly moved up to the 15U brackets, thus leaving this division open for the taken. A few teams come in with MDC experience while others make their first trip into the battle grounds. Here’s a look at some of the top squads and players that will be suiting up this weekend.

MDC 14 and Under Preview

MSU Skyliners: The reigning MDC Champs return with a tooled up squad. Last year they won the crown in thrilling fashion and will ready to showcase up coming phenom Jahmal Lane and last year’s Mr. Memorial Day Herbie Donerson.

CJ Hornets: The Hornets return ready to sting a few teams for revenge. They fell to MSU in the finals as the game slipped away late. Big time guard Ron Paden will be ready for action and their size should be a serious factor.

New Heights Red- New Heights Red comes in with the awesome 1-2 punch of Thaddeus Hall and Dennis Green. Their new to the organization and this is their first trip to the MDC. They have been through many battles this year and should have the toughness to succeed.

NY Panthers: The Panthers keep a good squad on the floor. Jordan Washington will most likely play in this age division also. Hopefully, that serious 13 and Under Bracket won’t wear him out

NY Pythons: The MDC has always had some good prospects and this year Rashard Andrews might be one of the best. The pure wing forward has some silky moves and the size to be a constant mismatch. Let’s see how far he can carry the Pythons.

CJ Jammers: The Jammers finished 4th in the D2 tourney and are ready to make a push into the limelight. Their date with Linden Ballers should be interesting since they knocked Linden out of the state tourney

Team NJ Select: The Select Stars have competed in just about every top tourney in the region. The trio of DJ Walker, Rodney Sanders and sharp shooter Mike Campo give them a chance to knock off any opponent.

New Heights Blue: The NY bunch has been through some tough battles this season. Winston McCloud is still on the scene and should provide some leadership. Their experience should be very vital.

Playaz: Dallas Anglin, Zaire Williams and Montana Mayfield make up one of the top backcourts at the MDC. The Playaz came in the season with high expectations and a MDC crown will helped them reach that goal.

Other Teams In The Field: Trenton One Express, Philly Panthers, NJ Trailblazers, Linden Ballers, MSU Skyliners and Team Underrated.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

MDC 12 and Under Preview

The 12 and Under Division will give Basketball Spotlight a chance to watch some new and upcoming talent. This is a wide open division and it will be our first time checking out most of the squads. This bracket should have the building rocking. Here’s a breakdown of the teams and players to look out for this weekend.

MDC 12 and Under Preview

King Street Kings: KSK comes into the MDC as the reigning NJ State Champs. They have all the swagger and some got coaching to go along with it. Right now they should be looked at like one of the favorites.

Team Underrated: I haven’t seen this squad but early reports indicate that they are heavily loaded. My sources say they have some serious size and made a lot of noise during Div. 2 Nationals.

Trenton Boys and Girls Club: The hungry bunch from the Capital City look to smack around a bunch of foes. They have a excellent backcourt in Isiah Powell an Davonte Coles. They are on a collision course with KSK.

JSL Hoops: JSL 12 and Under group are ready to get over the hump. Kyle Carrington is a serious force and will be ready for a coming out party

CJ Jammers: Jake Dadika and Amir Bell should help make things interesting for the Jammers. Dadika is an outside threat and Bell can do just about everything.

God’s Property: Formerly Delaware’s Finest, God’s Property made to the final four in their region and looks to bring some Delaware flavor to the MDC.

NJ Pirates: The squad from the Brick City brings a lot of flash and substance to the field. Nassir Barrino is a high scoring guard and might be capable of putting the squad on his back. Also keep an eye on point guard Al Jahaad Bradford.

Youth Interlock: YI represents the Chester area well. They have a Mid Atlantic Region Final Four date in two weeks but first want to take care of business at the MDC.

New Heights: New Heights NYC has joined up with Harlem Kings and has point guard Jerron Love. This should be an interesting to watch. They always pack a punch.

LI Lightning: This squad made it to the MDC finals last year and should be back for some revenge. They keep some capable guards and love applying pressure.

Team Boss: Tarin Smith is one of the top guards in this bracket. He will be counted on heavy if Team Boss is to make a serious run.

Other Teams Include: Playaz, Mid Jersey Heat, LI Trotters, New Heights and SJ Blitz.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

MDC 13 and Under Preview

The 13 and Under Division at the MDC rivals the 11’s as the best bracket. Some of the top teams in the region are in the building which means the weekend should be outstanding. Here’s preview of some of the top teams and players that will be present.

MDC 13 and Under Preview

Educated Athletes: Can anyone dethrone the boys from Chester. They are looking for their 3rd straight MDC crown. They bring toughness and experience to the party. They also have last MDC’s Mr. Memorial Day Darius Robinson.

Shooting Stars: The North Jersey team plays with a lot of spunk and fire. They are scrappy, talented and won the NJ Div. 2 crown. Beware!

NY Panthers: The NYC boys have been known for a while on the AAU scene. This group has some stud players including bruiser Jordan Washington.

New Heights Red- Formerly the Harlem Kings they made quick noise on the scene winning numerous tournaments including the Rebounds Super Regional. They have good guard play and quality bigs.

Playaz: The Yankees won the NJ State Crown and have the confidence to run through the field. The backcourt of Matthew Johnson and Kavon Stewart will give any opposing coach nightmares.

Linden Ballers: Dennis Mayes boys made it to the finals in the state tourney. They possess that Linden toughness and will be a tough out for any club. Look out for guard Mykhal Corbit.

Trenton Hurricanes: Trenton made a deep run in the MDC last season and finished 4th in the state. Nate King can score a lot of points quickly and if Dwayne Foreman is on they are tough to beat.

Camp Pocono Blazers: Don’t sleep on Camp Pocono because they are capable of knocking anyone off. Check for the trio of Travis Rocida, Gary Whritenhour and Conner Cuccinelli.

Long Island Lightning: The Lightning have some serious names on their roster and they are ready to show them off at the MDC. Jason Boswell joins a talented bunch including Ethan Telfair, Isiah Lewis and Dave “The Kangaroo” Henry.

Garden State Knights: The Knights have improved throughout the season and should be ready to hang at the MDC. They are very steady and should be able to scare a few teams.

Delaware Hawks: The squad from the First State are coming off a finals loss at the prestigous Kingwood Classic. This is their first trip to the MDC and they are poised to make an immediate impact. Dean Wilson is one to watch.

Other Teams Include: New Heights (White), New Heights (Blue), CJ All Stars, Asbury Park and Team Underrated.

Basketball Spotlight MDC Info Page

To help make sure everything is clear for the players, coaches and fans. We at Basketball Spotlight decided to give you a page with all the necessary information needed for the tournament. That includes schedules, rules, directions and any other special items. We hope that this will make your weekend more comfortable.

Important Notes:



10 and Under Division

11 and Under Division

12 and Under Division

13 and Under Division

14 and Under Division

Rules and Regulations



Academy Charter

Ocean Sports Academy

Basketball Spotlight Memorabilia



Diary Of A Baller: Kyle Anderson Entry #16

Wassup everybody this is Kyle Anderson signing in on my weekly diary to tell everyone how my week went. This week was OK but next week I know is going to be good. But let me get started on the week.

A lot of workouts this week except for Monday. Monday was A rainy day, so not much to do. Tuesday I had two workouts. First one was with North Bergen High School at 5 o'clock. I worked out with them for an hour than went over to Paterson and worked out with Kent Culuco. Long day that night. The next two days were straight days at the park. I went two days out there without losing. LOL! Friday, after A long day of school I took the day off and hung out with my friends at the movies.

The weekend finally came and I played in the GBOA tournament out in Brooklyn. I played with the Playaz 17s and on Saturday we had 3 games. First game we played Conneticut Select and we won. I had 4 assist and 2 block shots,1 TO but I didn't score. The 2nd game I played alright, only 2 assists. We played Gauchos 16S...(Duron Lamb and Co.) In between games we went over to iS8 to watch our seniors (Mike Rosario and Crew). They smacked the Panthers in the Semis. As for GBOA our day was over! Our whole weekend at that! So the next day Sunday was the iS8 chip. Our seniors played the Shooting Stars who consisted of Samardo Samuels, Tahshawn Taylor, Devin Ebanks, Erv Walker, Mookie Jones, and a few others. Man they were unstoppable! They went their first 7 Possessions with all buckets. We lost bye I don't know how much but we got smacked. Shouts to my man Jio who held it down with 41! Shout to my mans Sterling for getting iS8 Freshman of the year too. I ended the day at my cousins graduation party. He just graduated from Law School. CONGRATS AHMAD, I'M VERY PROUD OF YOU!!! Saw all my family and had A good week.

Next weekend is Bob Gibbons in North Carolina, CAN'T WAIT! I'll let all know how it goes.

Payce!!!!!!!!! =)


MDC 15 U Schedule and Pools

Basketball Spotlight MDC 15U Pools and Schedules

Pool T
1. Lakewood Piners
2. Team MVP
3. CJ Devils
4. MSU Skyliners

Pool U
1. Jersey Suns
2. Team NJ Elite
3. Philly Ballhawks
4. Pennsbury Falcons

Pool V
1. Mid Jersey Heat
2. Coast to Coast
3. Team Philly
4. All Out Ballers

Pool W
1. NJ Wolf Pack
2. Philly USA
3. Fairfield County Stars
4. New Heights Red

Schedule 5/24

10:15 AM T1-T2 LWD 1
10:15 AM T3-T4 LWD 2
11:30 AM U1-U2 LWD 1
11:30 AM U3-U4 LWD 2
12:45 PM T1-T3 LWD 1
12:45 PM T2-T4 LWD 2
2:00 PM U1-U3 LWD 1
2:00 PM U2-U4 LWD 2
3:15 PM V1-V2 LWD 1
3:15 PM V3-V4 LWD 2
4:30 PM W1-W2 LWD 1
4:30 PM W3-W4 LWD 2
5:45 PM V1-V3 LWD 1
5:45 PM V2-V4 LWD 2
7:00 PM W1-W3 LWD 1
7:00 PM W2-W4 LWD 2


10:15 AM T1-T4 LWD 1
10:15 AM U1-U4 LWD 2
11:30 AM T2-T3 LWD 1
11:30 AM U2-U3 LWD 2
12:45 AM V1-V4 LWD 1
12:45 AM V2-V3 LWD 2
2:00 PM W1-W4 LWD 1
2:00 PM W2-W3 LWD 2
4:00 PM 1ST T-1ST U LWD 1
4:00 PM 1ST V- 1ST W
5:45 PM 15U FINAL

All Games at Lakewood High School


Monday, May 19, 2008

MDC 15 and Under Division Complete

The Basketball Spotlight MDC has added a 15 and Under Division. This Bracket will consist of 12 to 16 teams. The location will be at Lakewood, High School. This bracket will have some heavy hitters thus far including NJ State Champs and MDC Runner Ups Camp Pocono Trailblazers and PA Powerhouse Team Philly.

1. Team Philly
2. Lakewood Piners
3. CJ Devils
4. Harlem Kings
5. Mid Jersey Heat
6. Coast To Coast Basketball
7. Pennsbury Falcons
8. Team MVP
9. Philly USA
10. NJ Wolfpack
11. Jersey Suns
12. Philly Ballhawks
13. Team NJ Elite
14. MSU Skyliners
15. All Out Ballers
16. Fairfield County Stars

MDC 11 and Under Preview!

The 11 and Under Bracket is stacked with teams and players. This might be the most intense division in the MDC. Numerous area champs are in the mix and this one should go down to the wire. Here’s a breakdown of the teams and players to keep an eye out on.

Basketball Spotlight MDC 11 and Under Preview

Long Island Lightning- The reigning MDC Champs come in with a loaded roster and are thirsty to repeat. Jianni Ford and Justin Roberts make up a serious backcourt. You know the Lightning will have some other gunners as well.

SJ Blitz- The MDC runner ups will be hungry to take a run for the crown again. They keep some quick and creative guards while always giving a 100% effort on the floor.

Gauchos- The Choz jumped in late but came to crash the party. They have some excellent guard play and Coach Science pushes them to the limit. They are a realistic contender for the crown. Watch out for Jaquan McKennon.

FACES- FACES had a tough defeat during the state tournament and feel some scores need to be settled. They have some capable scorers and can run up the score board quickly.

Team MVP- The boys from Trenton made it to the finals of the state tourney. They have that championship taste in their mouths and will be looking to munch on somebody. Trey Lowe and Herb Ellis are a tough backcourt to deal with.

JSL Hoops- JSL have took some lumps this season and look to make a serious impact once the games begin. They too have some good guard play and probably are a big man away from changing their fortunes.

Linden Ballers: If you see Linden on your schedule it’s time to put up your dukes. Tha Ballers love to grind it out and give their best effort. Keep an eye on Kyle Phipps.

King Street Kings- The Kings are one of the hottest teams in the region. This crew has won the state crown for 11 and under Div. 1 and 12 under Div. 2. They apply a lot of pressure on both ends of the floor.

Harvest Knights- The Knights might possess one of the most talented players in the bracket in Malik Ellison. He’s capable of changing a game on his own.

Other Teams: New Heights, Asbury Park Rec., Chester Pride, Team Underrated, Philly Aztecs, CJ Hawks and Hollis Biddies (ILOY).

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Game Time DVD Hits MDC

The best amateur basketball DVD ever asembled will be on sale at the Basketball Spotlight MDC. This DVD is 90 minutes featuring the best players in the country during their high school years. The present and future is on display. Check out the hottest players (exclusive high school footage) doing their thing on top of the hottest hip hop music. Check out this serious lineup for only $2. That’s right the MDC rate of $2. This is the ultimate gift for players, coaches and parents. This DVD was created by Basketball Spotlight and HSSMTV. Check this site for the hottest exclusive video's.

DVD Clip

Game Time DVD Featuring:

• OJ Mayo (USC)
• Wayne Ellington (North Carolina)
• Corey Fisher (Villanova)
• Jeff Robinson (Memphis)
• Donte Green (Syracuse)
• Scoop Jardine (Syracuse)
• Tyreke Evans (American Christian)
• Brandon Jennings (Oak Hill)
• Samardo Samuels (St. Benedicts)
• Sylvan Landerberg (Holy Cross)
• Dexter Strickland (St. Patrick’s)
• Lance Stephenson (Lincoln)
• Mike Gilchrist (St. Patrick’s)
• Tony Chenault (Neumann Goretti)
• Jordan Theodore (Paterson Catholic)
• Malik Wayns (Roman Catholic)
• Highlights From 2007 MDC
• Highlights From Clash For The Cup
• Much More………………

Friday, May 16, 2008

Basketball Spotlight Tour: June Events

After the MDC Basketball Spotlight will hit the road for June we have some serious stops and much coverage to bring you. Listed below is the MUST TO BE AT EVENTS. Basketball Spotlight will be in the building!

June Events

June 6th and 7th -Playaz Basketball Club Presents: The Blow Up

June 13th thru 15th – Jr. All American Camp

June 20th thru 21st – Game Over Classic

June 27th thru 29th Jersey Shore Summer Invitational

Basketball Spotlight MDC Specialized T-Shirts On Sale!

Front: The Front of the Shirt has the colorful MDC 08 Logo.

Back: The Back will feature the name of every team involved in the MDC 08 and a special message.

Price: $10
Sizes: Adult Sm, M, L, XXL and 3XL

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Basketball Spotlight MDC Poll: Which Age Bracket In The MDC Is The Best?

This years Basketball Spotlight MDC has some hot teams in each age bracket. In the spirit of competition leading to the event we decided to let you guys vote on which age bracket will be the best to watch. This category is strictly for fun and should be taken as such. The voting will occur in the usual section on the right on the page.

The Age Brackets Are:

10U Division
11U Division
12U Division
13U Division
14U Division
15U Division

Basketball Spotlight MDC: 14U Division Pools and Schedule

Basketball Spotlight 14U Division MDC will feature some of the top upcoming talent in the region. Some of the top 8th Graders are scheduled to appear and should make this the Best MDC thus far. A preview is coming shortly but here’s their pools and schedule for the two day event.

Pool S
1. Playaz
2. CJ Jammers
3. MSU Skyliners (Hass)
4. Linden Ballers

Pool P
1. Team Battle
2. Philly Panthers
3. New Heights Red
4. NY Pythons

Pool Q
1. CJ Hornets
2. Trenton One Express
3. MSU Skyliners
4. NJ Trailblazers

Pool R
1. NY Panthers
2. New Heights (Blue)
3. Team NJ Select
4. Team Underrated

Saturday Schedule 5/24

9:00AM Q1-Q2 REBS 1
9:00AM Q3-Q4 REBS 2
9:00AM S1-S2 AC
10:15AM S3-S4 AC
11:30AM P1-P2 AC
12:45PM P3-P4 AC
2:00PM S1-S3 AC
3:15PM R1-R2 REBS 3
3:15PM R3-R4 REBS 4
3:15PM S2-S4 AC
4:30PM Q1-Q3 AC
5:45PM Q2-Q4 AC
7:00PM P1-P3 AC
8:15PM P2-P4 AC

Sunday Schedule 5/25

9:00AM Q1-Q4 REBS 1
9:00AM Q2-Q3 REBS 2
9:00AM S1-S4 AC
10:15AM R1-R3 AC
11:30AM R2-R4 AC
12:45PM S2-S3 AC
2:00PM P1-P4 REBS 3
2:00PM P2-P3 REBS 4
2:00PM R2-R3 AC
3:15PM R1-R4 AC
4:30PM 1ST S – 1ST P REBS 3
5:45PM 1ST R- 1ST Q REBS 4

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