Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Jamar "Boogie" Watson Brings His Game To J.E.M. All Star Classic

Jamar "Boogie" Watson (Brandywine, MD)

Jamar “Boogie" Watson of Brandywine, MD has been selected to attend the 3rd Annual J.E.M. All Star Classic. Watson starred with DC Assault on the Spotlight circuit this season. He made All Tournament Team for the Tip Off Classic and Clash For The Cup. Watson was happy with his selection, “It’s an awesome feeling just to be amongst the group of talented players selected for this special event. I will cherish participating in this event to honor Mrs. Melton. May her legacy continue through God and Basketball Spotlight" he finished.

The 3rd Annual J.E.M. All Star Classic will take place August 18th in Trenton, NJ. Stay tuned as we bring you more top players selected to this exclusive event.

Wolfgang Novogratz J.E.M All Star Classic Bound

Wolfgang Novogratz (New York, NY)

Wolfgang Novogratz of New York, NY has been selected to play in the 3rd Annual J.E.M. All Star Classic. Wolfie starred for years for The City and most recently for KSK on the Spotlight circuit. He made the All Tournament Team several times during his Spotlight tenure.

The 3rd Annual J.E.M. All Star Classic will take place August 18th in Trenton, NJ. Stay tuned as we bring you more top players selected to this exclusive event.

Lamar Stevens Selected For J.E.M. All Star Classic

Lamar Stevens (Philadelphia, PA)

Lamar Stevens of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania has been selected to participate in the 3rd Annual J.E.M. All Star Classic. Stevens played with Team Final on the Spotlight circuit and has loads of potential.

The 3rd Annual J.E.M. All Star Classic will take place August 18th in Trenton, NJ. Stay tuned as Basketball Spotlight brings your more players selected for this exclusive event.

Summer Showcases Cancelled in Preparation For 2012 Super Skillcase

The Basketball Spotlight Super Showcase and Baby Baller Super Showcase will not take place this summer in preparation for the 2012 Super Skillcase in October. Participants that have registered online can request a refund or use their payment for credit towards the Super Skillcase scheduled for October 27th and 28th in Atlantic City, NJ. We apologize for any problems this may have caused.

6th Grade AAU Nationals Update: New Rens Finishes Top 10 In The Country

New Rens Finishes In Top 10

New Renaissance of New York finished #10 in the country at the 6th Grade AAU National Tournament. Basketball Spotlight would like to congratulate New Rens coaches, staff and players for this major accomplishment.

Jayson Robinson
Judah McIntyre
Jack Frankel
Jared West
Antione Hernton
Sahdique Watkins
Jalen Carey
Gary Harvey
Nayshon Hamlet-Kane
Joe Norton
Daniel Klosk
Coach: Billy Council
Asst Coach: Everette McIntyre

Monday, July 30, 2012

6th Grade AAU Nationals Update: DC Assault Wins It All!

DC Assault Wins AAU National Title

DC Assault 12U team won the AAU 6th Grade National Championship. DC Assault played the Spotlight circuit this season winning the AC Showcase Championship. Congrats to DC Assault, their staff and players for winning the ultimate prize.

0 Anwar Gill
1 DMarco Baucom
2 Marquise Brown
3 Jared Bynum
4 Kenneth Tyree
5 Prentiss Hubb
10 Frevado Morse
15 Qwanzi Samuels
22 Keon Johnson
24 Sydney Person
33 Ryane Ashley
35 Shariff Kenney
44 Tyriq MacAdoo
Renard Phillips head coach
Prentiss Hubb assistant
Kenny Tyree assistant

Sunday, July 29, 2012

6th Grade AAU Nationals Top Performers Final Day: Champions Are Crowned!

Jared Bynum (DC Assault)

The final day of the 6th Grade AAU Nationals took place and DC Assault won the title. We really got a chance to watch some of the top talent that the Class of 2018 had to offer. Here’s a breakdown of who impressed us on our last day in Hampton.

6th Grade Nationals Top Performers

Jared Bynum Guard (DC Assault)- Bynum played big in DCA semifinal victory over We All Can Go. He plays the point guard position but hurt the defending champs with his outside shooting. He’s not afraid to take the big shots and shoots the trey ball with good accuracy. He nailed multiple outside shots that sent WACG home. He also came up big as DCA cruised in the finals.

Shariff Kenny Forward (DC Assault)- The bruising forward was a scoring machine in the biggest game of his young career. He established good low post position and scored easily at the tin. DCA need toughness to get to the finals and Kenny provided the brute.

Prentiss Hubb Guard (DC Assault)- Every team needs a big shot taker and Prentiss provides this service for DCA. He showed his all around skill during the semifinals but nailed a big trey to tie the game and gave DCA the momentum they needed to outlast WACG.

D’Marco Baucey Forward (DC Assault)- After cruising the first half Baucey woke up in the second stanza against WACG. He hit the jumper from the free throw line area and made his presence felt inside. His potential is throw the roof but he does need to play with a little more urgency at times. Hopefully that will come with age.

Marquise Brown Guard (DC Assault)- When Brown is playing under control he impacts the game well. He’s an explosive guard that plays both ends of the floor. He has floor general potential and that toughness to be a good one.

Brandt Lawless Forward (WACG)- Lawless was a banger inside for the defending champs. He hurt DCA early but powering up for buckets but what really caught my eye was his overall feel for the game and passing ability. He loves kicking the rock out to the perimeter for their guards to knock down jumpers.

Darius Garland Guard (WACG)- Garland outside shot is soft and wet. He drained jumpers all week and shot it with a high level of confidence. He has NBA 3 point range and will let it go with a hand in his face.

Alex Jones Guard (WAGC)- Jones has the keys to this high powered offense. He has the basketball IQ and swagger that would make any coach smile. This week he demonstrated penetration skills and scoring in transition. He will be one to watch.

Gavin Schoenwald Forward (WAGC)- The heart and soul of this squad gave his all to help his team finish #3 in the country. He has a Mike Kidd-Gilchrist type motor which allows him to make plays that others can’t make on this level. He definitely goes hard all game long.

Marvin Bagley Jr. Forward (916 Select)- I always look for a serious prospect and Bagley fits the bill. The 6’6 forward passes the look test and looked overly impressive on the floor. He can post up and also looks very comfortable on the wing. He was a one man army for the California squad and helped them make a deep run.

Rechon Black Guard (CB Spiders)- Black stepped his game up to help his troops take home the 9th Place title. We talked about his smoothness before and when he exerts himself like he did today he looks like one of the top guards in the country.

Patrick Conner Forward (CB Spiders)- Conner is undersized for his position but his footwork and toughness helps him produce. He never stops attacking the glass on both ends of the floor for rebounds. He also knows how to get his shot off around potential shot blockers.

Qon Murphy Guard (CB Spiders)- Murphy stock rose at this event. He has the size for the position and gets busy when requested. He’s versatile and stuffs the stat sheet in several categories. He will be a problem in this class for years to come.

Dawson Crosby Guard (ATR Explosion)- Crosby might be one of the best pure shooters in this class. He’s crafty enough to shoot off the dribble but will really kill you when spotting up.

Nayson Kane Forward (New Rens)- Kane made game winning baskets against Team IZOD and Maryland Scholars. He made huge plays when it counted while pushing his team to a Top 10 finish.

8th Grade AAU National Division 2 Update: Mass Shooting Stars Are National Champs

Mass Shooting Stars 14U Wins Title

The Massachusetts Shooting Stars 14U won the 8th Grade AAU Division 2 Championship by defeating Brevard Elite 47-42. Congratulations to Coach Leip, staff and players for their success.

Justin Leip
Matt Hanna
Joe Wallace
Kalo Menezes
Adham Floyd
Mike Nelson
Nino Leone
Hans Gabriel
Matt Locke
Dylan Mahoney
Dimitri Rosa
Head Coach: Scott Leip
Asst. Coach: Sam Hanna
Asst. Coach: Ernie Floyd

Saturday, July 28, 2012

6th Grade AAU Nationals Update: Final Four Decided!

DC Assault Punches Final Four Ticket

The 6th Grade Nationals wrap up tomorrow and the Final Four been decided. The defending Nationals Champs We All Can Go All Stars will lock up with PV studs DC Assault. Georgia United will square off with Spiece Gators of Kentucky in the other semifinal. Both games tip at 9:20 am at the Boo Williams Sports Complex. Basketball Spotlight will provide coverage.

Spotlight Tested Teams Race For Top 10 Finish

Four Spotlight Tested Teams will lock horns tomorrow for the right to finish #10 in the country. Team IZOD matches up with New Rens, while King Street Kings will try to knock off Maryland Scholars. The two winners will meet for the #10 spot while the loser will be crowned #13 in the country.

8th Grade AAU Nationals Update: "The MOBB" Finishes #4 in America

DC Assault Finishes #4

DC Assault AKA “The MOBB” made it to the AAU 8th Grade Final Four and finished #4 in the country. DCA traveled the Spotlight circuit for years and even won the Clash For The Cup Championship. We would first like to thank DC Assault for their support all through the years and congratulate them on their success this season.

Jamar Watson
Jamir Moultrie
Mickey Bell
Anthony Cowan
Blake Francis
Sam Green
Ako Adams
Reggie Gardner Jr.
Alani Moore
Joe Hampton
Coach: Zach Suber
Asst. Coach: Aaron Ratliff
Asst. Coach: Reggie Gardner Sr.

Friday, July 27, 2012

6th Grade AAU Nationals Top Performers Day 4: Championship Bracket Play Begins

Oluwasimisola Shittu (REDA)

Bracket play opened today at the 6th Grade AAU Nationals in Hampton, Virginia. Basketball Spotlight once again was on hand for the reporting. Here’s a breakdown of the players that performed on a high level.

6th Grade AAU Nationals Top Performers Day 4

Oluwasimisola Shittu Forward (REDA)- The Canadian native is one of the top prospects I’ve seen during my time here in Hampton. He stands about 6’4, shoots and handles the rock like a guard while running the floor like a gazelle. Team United tried different matchups to slow him down but couldn’t get it done. He might be next in the recent explosion of Canadian basketball studs.

Keshaun Saunders Forward (REDA)- Saunders teams with Shittu to help form a long front line. He shows his versatility when handling the pill and breaking down defenders. He loves using the crossover dribble to set up his pull up jumper. He size allow him to get a clean look most of the time.

Pablo Villa Guard (REDA)- Villa has the honor of setting up both Saunders and Shittu. He doesn’t blind you with his speed but his craftiness and court awareness stands out. He delivered a few passes that wowed the crowd.

Darius Beane Guard (Brian Cook Elite)- Beane made things hard for Mass. Shooting Stars in their early morning contest. He was relentless when attacking the defense and was strong enough to finish off his plays. He’s definitely the go to guy for this squad.

Jordan Simmons Guard (King James SS)- Simmons once again turned in a good performance in his team’s loss to NC Runnin Rebels. He has good balance and a true feel for the point guard position. He put together a strong of baskets that made things interesting at the end of the game.

Qon Murphy Guard (CB Spiders)- The big guard helped his team make short work of Ring City. He played the passing lane well while intercepting about five passes. He passed the rock well and scored in traffic. When you throw in his double digit rebounds you see how productive he was.

Devon Dotson Guard (CB Spiders)- Dotson was spectacular once again. It’s tough for defenders to stay in front of him on this level. He led the Spiders in scoring with 16 points. He’s a sparkplug guard with a scorer’s mentality.

Rechon Black Guard (CB Spiders)- Leaky controlled the tempo while letting his teammates eat. He’s long enough to make the correct pass and show his total game. He’s a point guard with a bright future.

Nayson Kane Forward (New Rens)- Kane was a monster for New Rens today. Not only did he do damage inside he also showed us he could push the pill up the floor and make plays. He was definitely a pleasant surprise today.

Judah McIntyre Guard (New Rens)- Judah had a ball putting on a show during their blow out win. He finished off a few tough lay ups but really looked good dishing to teammates. He definitely rewards his big men for running the floor.

Daniel Klosk Guard (New Rens)- This kid’s swagger seems to grow each time I see him rock. He has proven to be more than just a knock down shooter; he now shows the ability to put it on the floor and some athleticism. We are watching him grow up right before our eyes.

Battle Stays Loyal To Gill St. Bernard

Tyus Battle Stays At Gill

Tyus Battle made it official by saying he will attend Gill St. Bernard. Speculation swirled about him going to St. Joseph Metuchen with Karl Towns but Battle decided to stay with his first choice. Check out the article in Star Ledger.

Battle Article

Thursday, July 26, 2012

6th Grade AAU Nationals Top Performers Day 3: Last Day Of Pool Play

Gavin Schoewald (We All Can Go)

Day 3 was the final day of pool play and Basketball Spotlight was once again in the building. Here’s a breakdown of the players that impressed us today.

6th Grade AAU Nationals Top Performers Day 3

Gavin Schoenwald Forward (We All Can Go)- We got a our first look at Gavin and can say he is as good as advertised. He is very skilled but I was more impressed with his passion for the game. He never takes plays off and demonstrates an all around game. Since the game was a blow out I didn’t get to see him stroke the pill.

Courtney Ramey Guard (Team Ramey)- Ramey faced a box and one defense today and still managed to help his team pull out the victory. He hit some big shots down the stretch but once again blew my mind with his court vision. He drove baseline on several plays while dropping off the rock like UPS. He’s a special point guard.

Mckyan James Guard (Team Ramey)- While the defense focused on Ramey, James made them pay. He nailed 5 treys and handled the rock when Team Ramey got into to trouble. He’s small in size but huge in stature. He plays with a big heart.

Anthony Johnson Guard (Caveman Camody)- Johnson went head to head with Courtney Ramey and held his own. The strong guard bullied his way to the bucket and finished after absorbing contact. He left everything on the floor after their two point loss.

Torian Leak Guard (Caveman Carmody)- Leak did a good job of making Ramey work for every shot. The gritty guard also attacked the lane like a running back and used the floater to convert.

Justin Gardy Forward (Central Florida Magic)- Gardy is long and athletic which helps him dominate of this level. He tossed shots, scored and hit the glass. He will need to work on his skill set in years to come. Keep an eye on this kid.

Nick Honor Guard (Central Florida Magic)- Honor used his poise to help the Magic escape an upset minded Mass. Shooting Stars. He takes care of the basketball and distributes it well. He hit some clutch free throws down the stretch to help them win.

Jason West Guard (Central Florida Magic)- West has a lot of wiggle and flair in his game. Once he got past the guards and made things happen. He reminds me of a young Mike Nardi that played at Villanova.

Devandre Edmonds Forward (Mass Shooting Stars)- Edmonds impressed me on the big stage. The defense sagged on him but he still managed to get some things done. He was dominant all year especially on the Spotlight circuit.

Paul Durkee Guard (Mass Shooting Stars)- Durkee kept MSS in the game by knocking down the three ball down the stretch. He has good length and confidence in is stroke.

Chase Adams Guard (Ferrari)- I got a chance to see this Youtube sensation today. He’s definitely small but there’s a lot of game in that package. His handle is wicked and loves dishing the pill.

Ta’wan Grier Forward (Ring City)- Grier was very dominant against New Rens. He hammered the glass while bullying the opposition in the paint. But don’t be fooled this kid does has a skill set.

Eligah Brown Forward (QCAA)- Brown punished Playtime inside with turnaround shots in the paint. He has a tight end frame with soft hands. He was a force inside.

Jalen Lecque Guard (Playtime)- Lecque made the most of his national showing. He scored from different spots on the floor and attacked the teeth of the defense. It was a joy watching him compete this season.

6th Grade AAU Nationals Top Performers Day 2: Usual Suspects

Atiba Taylor (KSK)

Day 2 at the 6th Grade AAU Nationals was on fire. There were some players that have graced our site before that also put in work. Here’s a breakdown of what known players that got busy.

6th Grade AAU Nationals Day 2 Top Performers (Usual Suspects)

Atiba Taylor Guard (KSK)- Taylor played big in their showdown with Team Takeover. He created opportunities for his teammates while also knocking down some crucial treys. This kid’s feel for the game is something special.

Luther Muhammad Guard (KSK)- Muhammad was his usual dominant self. He’s always in attack mode but now knows how to change speeds at the appropriate time. His skill level has definitely risen since last season. He’s a load to handle.

Nazereon Reid Forward (KSK)- Reid has made a national name while at this event. His length caused TT too many problems. His ridiculous wing span made rebounding, scoring and blocking shots very easy. He’s a walking double-double machine.

Donovan Toatley Guard (Team Takeover)- Toatley unleashed his lethal handle for the spectators. He was able to get in the lane and it some tough pull ups with defenders draped all over him. He has the knack of trying to hit the homerun in terms of making plays.

Jamie Lewis Guard (Team Takeover)- Lewis made a guest appearance with TT via ATL. He was strong to impact KSK’s defense and had some good finishes at the cup. His jump shot wasn’t clicking like previous outings but he still had a decent showing.

Jalen Brooks Guard (Team IZOD)- Brooks found his scoring rhythm while getting out into transition. He filled the lane and either scored or dished it to streaking teammates. He finished in double figures.

Marquise Nowell Guard (Team IZOD)- Nowell came off the bench to help the “Fly Guys” propel past Gold Rush. He also played the transition game well in terms of scoring and passing. He also snagged a few steals in the process.

Shelton Applewhite Forward (Team IZOD)- Applewhite played his best game of the tournament. He attacked along the baseline and even stepped behind the three point line. If he keeps this up he will increase Team IZOD’s chances of winning it all.

Mikey Watkins Guard (Team IZOD)- Watkins showed some range today knocking down multiple treys. He also quarterbacked the squad to an easy victory. He has the hard job of keeping all these scorer’s happy.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

6th Grade AAU Nationals Top Performers Day 2: Fresh Faces

Courtney Ramey (Team Ramey)

Day 2 at the 6th Grade AAU Nationals was on fire. Basketball Spotlight got a chance to see some new faces and special talent. Here’s a look at some of the top performers we saw today.

6th Grade AAU Nationals Top Performers Day 2 (Fresh Faces)

Courtney Ramey Guard (Team Ramey)- I always enjoy watching a talented point guard and Ramey is worth the price of admission. The floor general dazzled me with his poise and flair. He directed traffic showing court vision that should belong to a high school sophomore. His breakdown ability was very apparent and he could finish with ease. Right now he might be the most polished point guard in Hampton. I was very impressed!

Marquis Walker Guard (George Hill)- I heard a lot about Walker and knew about his Youtube success so I wanted to see his work. He’s a Chicago tough guard that loves threading the needle with passes. He has a lot of wiggle in his game and the swagger to go along with it.

Deon Stewart Guard (George Hill)- The big wing guard can score from all three levels. I like his smoothness and how he lets the game come to him. His best days of basketball are down the road which makes him an intriguing prospect.

Antran Cushingberry Guard (George Hill)- Antran patrols the backcourt with Walker and plays the game at an intense pace. He puts pressure on the defense when pushing the rock and on the offense when ball hawking.

Kevin Easley Forward (George Hill)- Easley anchors George Hill defense. He controlled the boards and scored easily. He’s very nimble for his size and really understands his role. That is important for a player on this level.

Anthony Johnson Guard (Caveman Carmody)- He wasn’t spectacular like was yesterday when he pumped in 27 points but Johnson still showed us some things. He has a natural knack to score and weave his way to the tin. He’s very skilled and makes the defense play to his pace.

Robby Carmody Guard (Caveman Carmody)- Carmody caught fire which helped his team pull away. He drained a few jumpers but also made some tough finishes in traffic. He’s a key component for this squad.

Nilous Hodge Jr. Guard (Georgia Hawks)- Hodge has the green light and he uses it. He has the confidence to pull from anywhere on the floor. Even when he wasn’t hitting his shots still looked good after he released them.

Abdul Davis Guard (Georgia Hawks)- Davis knocked down a few 3 pointers early in their game against Carmody. He’s a scrappy guard with deep range and accuracy. He knows how to stretch the defense.

Jordan Simmons Guard (King James SS)- Simmons is a point guard to be reckoned with. He uses his crossover to get defenders off balanced then finishes them with a deadly pull up. Physically he’s not intimidating but once he has the rock he makes you into a believer.

Montez Venable Guard (Team Felton)- Venable is a strong lefty the scores easily when using the floater. His strength and handle allows him to get into the lane at will. He put in work for TF before they fell to King James Shooting Stars.

Dahjuan Lee Guard (FABE)- Lee is still a little raw but he has the size and skills that will make your mouth water. He has the ability to get a clean look whenever he wants. Once his game and maturity catches up to his size opponents will be in serious trouble.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

6th Grade AAU Nationals Top Performers Day 1: Part 2

Qon Murphy (CB Cpiders)

Day 1 of the 6th Grade AAU Nationals kicked off today in Hampton, Virginia and Basketball Spotlight was in the building. This morning we focused on some of the squads we are accustomed to and here are the players that caught our eye.

6th Grade National Top Performers Part 2

Qon Murphy Guard (CB Spiders)- Murphy battled foul trouble to post good numbers as the Spiders cruised past the Gauchos. He’s a natural guard playing forward so he was a true match up problem for the defense. Once he caught the rock at the high post the defense was at his mercy. We expect him to have a huge week down here in Hampton.

Rechon Black Guard (CB Spiders)- I heard about the Rondo comparisons and can see why they surfaced. We are not calling him a pro but Leaky has grown a few inches which helps him dominate the game. On defense he plays the passing lanes like a NFL cornerback, on offense he breezed past the defense and shot the floater with extreme ease. He’s a budding prospect.

Devon Dotson Guard (CB Spiders)- The smoke is still in the air from the way Dotson exploded past the defense. He exploded into the lane and dropped dimes like a snitch. His favorite player is Derrick Rose and I can see why.

Jordan McCallister Forward (Gauchos)- Jordan was a bright spot for the Gauchos. He has good size and the fundamentals to get things done. He can hit the short jumper or power up inside. I look forward to seeing more of him.

Atiba Taylor Guard (KSK)- Taylor toyed with the defense in their win over NC Runnin Rebels. The southpaw size was too much for the opposition as he got anywhere he wanted on the floor. He really makes things look very easy.

Luther Muhammad Guard (KSK)- You know this kid is always business and he showed it in their opener. He’s too tough to stop from driving then you add in his improved pull up and he’s becomes a true problem. He’s a dominant force.

6th Grade AAU Nationals Day 1 Top Performers: Part 1

Justin Winston (Team IZOD)

Day 1 of the 6th Grade AAU Nationals kicked off today in Hampton, Virginia and Basketball Spotlight was in the building. This morning we focused on some of the squads we are accustomed to and here are the players that caught our eye.

6th Grade National Top Performers Part 1

Justin Winston Forward (Team IZOD)- Winston dominated from the outset as the “Fly Guys” cruised to a victory. He showed improved touch around the basket and ran the floor better than ever. I heard he has been playing on the varsity in local summer leagues and it shows in his confidence. He finished with 16 points and 7 boards.

Tavon Jones Guard (Team IZOD)- Jones blitzed the Cleveland’s squad defense like a hot knife through butter. Once he got to the second tier he either scored or dropped a few dimes. His explosiveness was on full display.

Tyrek Chambers Guard (Team IZOD)- Chambers outside shot wasn’t falling but he still managed to impact the game by driving past post defenders and finishing. He also managed to help out Winston on the glass. He will have to keep playing on this level for Team IZOD to make a deep run.

Tyler Golphin Guard (Murphy AC Elite)- Golpin hurt IZOD early by draining several trey balls. He strokes the pill with supreme confidence. I like what I saw out of this lad and will be checking him out later this week.

Gene Higgins Guard (Murphy AC Elite)- Higgins ran the show for the Cleveland team and tried to fight off the IZOD defense the best he could. He showed some penetration and play making ability in their loss.

5th Grade AAU Nationals Update: ECE-NJABC Finishes #10 In USA

ECE-NJABC Finishes #10 In America

ECE-NJABC 11U went to Cocoa Beach and finished #10 in the AAU 5th Grade National Championships. Congratulations to ECE-NJABC for their successful season and for their Top 10 finish.

Roster: Darrian Dalcourt Jalen Gaffney Marcus Gaffney Anthony Hoggard Joshua Pierre-Louis Daniel Rodriguez Jagger Zrada Konrad Kiszka Devon Jones Niels Lane Kieves Turner

ECE Wins Div. 2 6th Grade National Championship

ECE Wins The National Championship

East Coast Elite 12U squad won the AAU Division 2 6th Grade National Championship in Hampton at the Boo Williams Sports Complex. Congratulations to ECE for this huge accomplishment.

Roster: Jamal Whittlesey, Chris Cropper, Kenny Edelin, Fahmir Ali, Jordan Haynes, Trevon Alderman, Kevin Dent, Paul Brown, Shawn Johnson and Dashaun Cain

Sunday, July 22, 2012

6th Grade AAU National Preview: Spotlight Tested Squads Head To Hampton

King Street Kings

Basketball Spotlight will be headed to Hampton, Virginia for the 6th Grade Nationals. We will be looking for the top talent in the building to bring you the best reports. Several Spotlight tested teams will be in the building and we wish them the best. Here’s a preview of what to expect.

6th Grade AAU Nationals Preview

King Street Kings: The #1 team in our poll will be looking to make the nation take notice of their talent. They definitely have some serious ballers on their roster. Don’t be surprised if they make a deep run.

Team IZOD: The “Fly Guys” will be ready to play in Hampton, they are hungry for some national pub and this might be their mark for greatness. We will have an up close view.

DC Assault: These boys have blow out potential each time they step on the floor. If their guards and big men are taking care of business there’s no telling how far they can go.

Riverside Hawks: RH returns sporting Final Four experience. They have been through the trenches all year and now will have a chance to test their championship skills.

Mass Shooting Stars: The Cinderella’s of the Spotlight will now have the light on them in Hampton. Hopefully they will respond well to the pressure at the Boo Williams Center.

CT Elite: CT Elite brought these youngsters on the circuit to get toughened up for this moment. Now the time has arrived we will see how they respond.

Wall 2 Wall: W2W swagger is through the roof right now, hopefully they can keep the momentum going in Virginia. If they get any team on the ropes they are capable of delivering the knockout blow.

Playtime Panthers: One thing is certain, Playtime will go hard. Any team no expecting that has a chance to go home with a loss. We will definitely be at their games.

Maryland Scholars: The MD Scholars are an experienced squad and usually make a statement at this type of event. You definitely can’t sleep on them.

NC Runnin Rebels: The NC state champs have the pieces to invade Hampton. If they are clicking on the same page look out. NC finest should be a tough out.

Team Takeover: TT brought their game to the Spotlight earlier this year. So if they have the same crew they will knock off a few teams.

Banneker Kings/ Team Melo: This scrappy bunch will be looking to make a name for themselves. They are battled tested so anything goes.

6th Man Sports: This group traveled to the AC Showcase so hopefully this time around they will make the most of their trip. Teams from this area usually good hard.

ECE-NJABC: They jumped into the fire but they might be good after playing on the Spotlight circuit. I heard they added some new pieces so things should be interesting.

Alexandria Titans: They have an athletic guard and some other pieces that make them relevant. The field is stacked so we wish them luck.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

11U AAU National Update: Team Takeover Finishes #5

Team Takeover #5 In America

Team Takeover (Brown) went to Cocoa Beach and represented the Spotlight to the fullest by finishing #5 in the country. Congrats to Coach Brown, Coach Ellison and their players.

Justice Ellison
Latre Kornegay
Jaylin Hunter
Terrence Williams
Jaylin Cole-Williams
Ryan Van Kirk
Carsten Kolgenik
Cole Matthieson
Raphe Ayres
Hunter Stewart
Casey Morsell
Head Coach: Jack Brown
Assistant Coach: Shelly Ellison

AGame Team Apparel Continues To Outfit J.E.M. All Star Classic

Carl Hines (AGame Team Apparel)

For the 3rd consecutive year AGame Team Apparel will be supplying the official uniforms for the J.E.M. All Star Classic. AGame Team Apparel founder and owner Carl Hines is happy to be a part of this annual event, “This is our third year sponsoring the J.E.M. All Star Classic and it will not be our last. It’s a fantastic event, showcasing the best talent in the region which is a win-win for AGame” he finished.

Basketball Spotlight would like to personally thank Carl and AGame Team Apparel for their support and look forward to the new design they introduce at this event. The 3rd Annual J.E.M. All Star Classic will take place August 18th in Trenton, NJ. Don’t miss this great event.

Friday, July 20, 2012

B3 Sports Adds Footwear To J.E.M. All Star Classic

B3 Sports has joined the list of sponsors that supports the J.E.M. All Star Classic. B3 Sports is an upcoming youth events sports organization that made their mark this year with the Battle Of The Bridge and the Crown A King tournament. B3 owner Reggie Carter feels good about being involved in this event, “We are glad to be involved with such a special event that supports the youth of tomorrow and a special person in Mrs. Melton” he finished.

B3 Sports will be donating Nike sneakers for the Top 24 players participating in the J.E.M. All Star Classic Regional Game. Basketball Spotlight would like to thank B3 Sports for their support of this special event. The 3rd Annual J.E.M. All Star Classic will take place August 18th in Trenton, NJ. Make sure you don’t miss the top players getting busy.

John Lucas Future Of The Game East Camp Returns

The 2nd Annual John Lucas Future of the Game camp is looking for the nation's best 2019 and 2020 prospects. The camp is being held September 1 and 2 in Hampton, VA at the Boo Williams facility. Coach Lucas was the #1 overall pick in 1976 for the Houston Rockets, he has been an NBA head coach, and he has developed or advised countless NBA players. All told, Coach Lucas has been involved with the NBA for more than 35 years.

Known as one of the world's premier teachers, Coach Lucas's camps provide first-rate instruction from Coach Lucas himself as well as from other highly qualified coaches. Additionally, in terms of talent, Coach Lucas's camps always attract the best of the best.

Besides the instruction and the opportunity to measure yourself against the nation's best players, Coach Lucas's camps also provide a high level of exposure. Not only is Coach Lucas on the selection committee for the McDonalds All American game, but he personally selects the players for the NBA Players' Association Top 100 camp for the best high school players in the country. But in addition to Coach Lucas, his camps typically prove to be a magnet for a who's who of national media experts who cover this age group (Clark Francis of Hoop Scoop, Van Coleman of Hot 100 Hoops, Spencer Pulliam of Dunk Dog, and Basketball Spotlight).

This Future of the Game East Camp is one of only two camps that Coach Lucas runs for this age group, and the next one won't take place until Las Vegas in the Spring of 2013. For more information, please email his director of scouting, Brian Merritt, at bmerritt@johnlucasenterprises.com.

Diary Of A Baller: Tyus "Kid Mamba" Battle (Edison, NJ) Entry #45

What up basketball world. Sorry I sent in the entry so late, I’ve just been really busy with basketball for the last two weeks.

Tuesday my dad woke me up early and told me to pack up because I’m going to Virginia for the Nike Skills U. I was surprised when he told me this because he never mentioned it until this day. When I asked him about the camp, he replied that it was a camp for high school players, primarily juniors and seniors, to learn and show their skills in front of college coaches. When we got to Virginia my dad dropped me off at the Crystal City Marriott where all the other players were staying. After they signed me in they took my weight, height, and wingspan. They also gave us a whole Nike bag full of clothes, socks, a pair of slides, and a pair of shoes.

Since I was at the hotel early, I sat around and waited until more people started filling in. When we finally had about 90 percent of the players at the hotel we all split up and filled two buses and headed to the gym for our first skills workout. The workout went really well and we did some good drills. For the first 40 minutes we did a lot of drills with ball handling, with one and two balls. When we finished that we ended the workout with a lot of shooting drills. I was shooting the ball well the first day, but after that day the ball would not fall.

Wednesday I woke up at 6:30 because I wanted to get to breakfast before everybody else got there. After breakfast I sat down and watched TV until it was time to go back over to the gym for our morning workout. During this workout we did a lot of shooting but this time off of screens, which was really useful because the game of basketball today is focused a lot on screen and roles. When we finished the two hour workout the coaches gave us the teams we were going to play on and I was picked to play on Missouri. We played our first game at two against Kentucky. We started the game out well, but soon lost the lead because of turnovers and we were not getting back on transition. We lost the game by 5 to a team we should have beaten. I ended up having about 8 to 10 points but I didn’t make one jump shot. Most of my points were off rebound put backs. We played again at 8 but once again lost by 7. This game I didn’t play well offensively but got a few rebounds and played solid defense.

Thursday we had another morning workout. This time they taught us how to be in help defense and how to play good transition defense. We had our third game at 12 but lost that game too. So we ended up being the only team that hasn’t won a game yet. So we were determined to win the next game. We started off the game with a 10 point lead and we were playing good defense. In the second half the game got closer and at one point they even had the lead. But we pulled it out anyway and got our first win.

Saturday was our last day of morning workouts so we took all the things we learned during the week and put it in one drill of 4 on 4. After the drills we got ready to play our first playoff game. We won the game in double overtime so at this point we were confident that we can win the whole thing. We won our second game, and this time it was an easier win, winning by over 10.

Sunday was the championship and we were playing a team that we beat earlier in the week. But this time was a different story. They came off the bench knocking down 3 after 3. Before we knew it we were down by 20 and there was no way we were able to come back. The Nike Skills U was a great experience and one that I will never forget.

This is Tyus Battle signing out Peace!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Basketball Spotlight Top 10 14U Presented AGame Team Apparel

The Basketball Spotlight circuit has come to an end and our Grand Finale Champions have been crowned. Here’s our breakdown of the Top 10 teams. Please remember these rankings are only our opinion and should be taken as such.

Basketball Spotlight 14U Top 10 Presented By AGame Team Apparel

1. Team Scan: TS took over the #1 spot after winning the Grand Finale in impressive fashion. Now they head to Orlando with National Title hopes on their mind.

2. DC Assault: “The MOBB” has decided to chase the National Crown in Orlando and they have a chance. They have crushed many squads on their age level.

3. Playaz: PBC made it to the finals of the Grand Finale. Now their focus is on the showcase events.

4. Gauchos: The Choz lost in the Grand Finale semifinals. Their hunger should help them in Orlando.

5. St. Michaels: SM crashed the circuit this season. They knocked off a few teams and should be even better next season.

6. King Street Kings: KSK combined with New Rens to win the MDC. We hope they have this combo in Orlando.

7. ETU Warriors: The Warriors will be tough enough to rough up any squad in Orlando. This squad is definitely battle tested.

8. Team Final: TF battled through roster changes to remain afloat. Now they will take their chances in Orlando.

9. ECE: This crew is now under the We R 1 umbrella, so they will should do some work in Orlando.

10. CT Elite: The New England crew always seems to be in the race. They are a scrappy bunch.

Basketball Spotlight 13U Top 10 Presented By AGame Team Apparel

The Basketball Spotlight circuit has come to an end and our Grand Finale Champions have been crowned. Here’s our breakdown of the Top 10 teams. Please remember these rankings are only our opinion and should be taken as such.

Basketball Spotlight 13U Top 10 Presented By AGame Team Apparel

1. Team Final: TF came on late to win the MDC and Grand Finale crown. They had a real good showing at the AAU Nationals and will be a force to reckon with next year. They have the Grand Finale banner hanging high in their gym.

2. CBC: The “Money Team” won the Tip Off Classic and AC Showcase. A Grand Finale victory would have wrapped up the #1 spot. But they had a very successful season and should be proud.

3. Team Takeover: TT made an exceptional run during the Nationals. They also won the Clash For The Cup. They have a loaded clip.

4. Milbank: “The Bank” made it to the Grand Finale and played hard before losing to Team Final in the semifinals. They will be back for some action next season.

5. Team IZOD: The “Big Red Machine” got things together towards the end of the season. They had a good run in Memphis and should be a team to watch next season.

6. DC Assault: DCA also did some damage as they season went on. They have a notable program and the pieces to make some noise.

7. M Plex: This hungry group made it to the finals of the MDC. They have some good pieces and great coaching. Look out for them next season.

8. New Heights: NH went through some reforming but we expect them to return to a respectable squad next season.

9. Team ABBO: This group made some noise at the Nationals but we have to see how they step to the stage next year.

10. 6th Man Warriors: We respect this group because they still do things the right way. They should be on the rise next season.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sam Green Selected To J.E.M All Star Classic

Sam Green (Bowie, MD)

Sam Green of Bowie, Maryland has been selected to play in the 3rd Annual J.E.M. All Star Classic. Green starred for powerhouse DC Assault as they stormed through the country while winning the Clash For The Cup. Green made the All Tournament Team for the Clash For The Cup and Tip Off Classic. Green seemed very grateful with his selection, “I feel honored to play in the J.E.M. All Star Classic. This is a worthwhile event that keeps the memory of Mrs. Jonelle E. Melton alive” he said.

The 3rd Annual J.E.M. All Star Classic will take place August 18th in Trenton, NJ. Stay tuned as Basketball Spotlight brings you more top players headed to this event.

Basketball Spotlight 12U Top 10 Presented By AGame Team Apparel

The Basketball Spotlight circuit has come to an end and our Grand Finale Champions have been crowned. Here’s our breakdown of the Top 10 teams. Please remember these rankings are only our opinion and should be taken as such.

Basketball Spotlight 12U Top 10 Presented By AGame Team Apparel

1. King Street Kings: KSK ran through the MDC and Grand Finale in impressive fashion. They have the size and talent to make a deep run in Hampton. Basketball Spotlight will be in the building for that one.

2. DC Assault: DCA finished off their year in good fashion and might crash the party at the AAU Nationals. They are definitely stacked.

3. Team IZOD: The Fly Guys have been stumbling lately after starting the season on fire. Hopefully they can get their swag back before reaching Hampton, VA.

4. Wall 2 Wall: Wall 2 Wall talked the talk as they made it to the finals of the MDC. It would have been interesting to see them in the Grand Finale but we will get a chance to watch them in the AAU Nationals.

5. Maryland Scholars: MS made it to the final four of the MDC. They will take their tough Potomac Valley style down to Hampton to make noise.

6. ECE: They made it to the Grand Finale after cruising past the “Fly Guys” in the semifinals. They put together a decent season and we look forward to seeing them next year.

7. Playtime Panthers: PP showed the grit by making to the Grand Finale Final Four. The Green and Black will be taking their hustling style to the Nationals in Hampton.

8. Mass Shooting Stars: I like what this group brought to the table this year. Hopefully they can build off of this before facing national competition in Hampton.

9. New Rens: NR got things together while making it to the Final Four of the MDC. We will be definitely watching them down at Hampton.

10. Riverside Hawks: RH will be headed to the AAU Nationals trying to return to the Final Four. They have some quality pieces and a great coach.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Basketball Spotlight 11U Top 10 Presented By AGame Team Apparel

The Basketball Spotlight circuit has come to an end and our Grand Finale Champions have been crowned. Here’s our breakdown of the Top 10 teams. Please remember these rankings are only our opinion and should be taken as such.

Basketball Spotlight 11U Top 10 Presented By AGame Team Apparel

1. Team Nelson: TN defeated rival ECE-NJABC to win the Grand Finale crown. Now they are at the 5th Grade Nationals and will be looking to improve on their #9 ranking from last year.

2. ECE-NJABC: NJABC went most of the season at the #1 spot and still have a chance to return if they have a deep run in Cocoa Beach. They had a very successful 2011-12 campaign.

3. Playtime Panthers: PP fell short during the Grand Finale but still has the pieces to make something happen at the Nationals. We will be watching them closely.

4. PV Select: The Potomac Valley combination of DC Assault and Team Takeover has created shock waves through the East Coast.

5. New Heights: NH finished off a good season and we wish them well at the AAU Nationals. I think this team will be a problem for opponents in years to come.

6. CJ Hawks: The Hawks have the capability to perform against any competition. The AAU Nationals will be a true test.

7. New Rens: They made the most of their Spotlight appearances. Hopefully if they are attending the AAU Nationals they will perform on a high level.

8. KSK: KSK won the MDC Blue Division crown so they will have something to build upon. Can’t wait to see them next season.

9. Team Rebels: The Rebels are tough crew and hopefully next season they will have everything clicking and show their real potential.

10. Mid Jersey Mavericks: MJM is a team that surprised us at the AC Showcase. Next season they will definitely be thrown into the fire.

Luther Muhammad Season Highlights

Luther Muhammad (KSK)

Luther Muhammad moved to King Street Kings this season and went straight to work. He grew very comfortable on the perimeter and proved to be a valuable playmaker. His play helped KSK win the Clash For The Cup, MDC and the Grand Finale Crown. He’s currently one of the front runners for 12U Player Of The Year. Check out his highlights from the season.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

In The Spotlight: BJ Mack (Charlotte, NC)

Name: BJ Mack

AAU Team: CBC (NC)

Position: Forward

Class: 2018

Analysis: BJ Mack had a ways to go when we saw him last year. He is significantly closer to getting there now! The big fella has improved post footwork and much better stamina than before. He is showing more maturity in how he moves around in the post and he has touch out to the elbow as well. He has yet to have a growth spurt and sports size 15 shoes- no doubt at 8th grade he will be among top post guys in SE.

"Big Talented" Reid Season Highlights

Nazereon "Big Talented" Reid (KSK)

Nazereon “Big Talented” Reid is perhaps the best prospect in his class throughout this region. Reid started the season with the NJ Shore Shots but ended up helping King Street Kings win the Grand Finale championship. He will be headed to the 6th Grade AAU Nationals in Hampton, VA and Basketball Spotlight will be definitely checking him out.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Kyrie Irving Challenges Kobe Bryant For $50,000

New Jersey native and NBA Rookie of the Year Kyrie Irving challenges Kobe Bryant to a 1 on 1 for $50,000. Listen as both NBA Players talk trash and state their case. Definitely a classic!

Friday, July 13, 2012

In The Spotlight: Drew Tuazama (NC Runnin Rebels)

Name: Drew Tuazama 

AAU Team: NC Runnin Rebels 

 Position: Forwards 

Class: 2018 

Analysis: 6'3 Drew Tuazama is an absolute man in the post. He defends with tenacity and shows enough meanness that guards think 3 times before attacking the lane. Drew has a soft touch out to 12ft and he scores in the post with power. Defensively, Tuazama will not let anyone walk through the lane without contact, including the refs. We watched him block multiple shots every game this weekend. His size 14+ shoes tell me he has 6'7+ in his future and we should keep our eyes on the Raleigh area prospect. We look forward to seeing him at the AAU Nationals in Hampton.

City League Hoops Presents: John Lucas Middle School Combine Mixtape

The John Lucas Middle School Combine took place this past May and Basketball Spotlight was in the building. We provided numerous profiles and recaps of this event. Now City League Hoops has sent us the video recap featuring some of the top ballers that made the trip to Houston.

Matthew Bullock J.E.M. All Star Classic Bound

Matthew Bullock (Elizabeth, NJ)  

Matthew Bullock of Elizabeth, NJ has been selected to attend the 3rd Annual J.E.M. All Star Classic. Bullock starred with KSK this season on the Spotlight circuit while helping his team win the MDC Gold Ball. Bullock made All Tournament Team several times and has become one of the top recruits in the state of New Jersey. 

The 3rd Annual J.E.M. All Star Classic will take place Saturday, August 18th in Trenton, NJ. Stay tuned as we bring you more of the top players that have been selected to play in this exclusive event.


Thursday, July 12, 2012

Atiba Taylor Season Highlights

Atiba Taylor (KSK)  

Atiba Taylor has turned in another great season while leading King Street Kings to the Grand Finale Championship. Now he has his sights set on the AAU Nationals in Hampton, Virginia. Taylor has to be considered one of the top guards in the country. Check out his season highlights including Basketball Spotlight events.


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Introducing 4th Grade Baby Baller Prodigy (Mike Miles)

There always seems to be a new point guard prodigy coming along. I can still remember when the Justin Jenifer story first broke about this amazing 10 year old from Baltimore, Maryland. Now word out of Texas is that this youngster Mike Miles will be the next great one. Check out some of his work and I must say this baby baller does have some flair.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Video Profile: Khalief Crawford (Linden, NJ)

Name: Khalief Crawford 

Hometown: Linden, NJ 

Position: Combo Guard 

Class: 2017 

Analysis: Crawford came into the season with something to prove and he delivered. Khalief shined for Linden Middle School and for St. Michaels AAU squad. He’s a combo guard with good size and crazy shooting range. His smoothness will be something that scouts like down the road. Check out his highlights from his middle school season.


Monday, July 9, 2012

Vaughn Covington Selected For J.E.M. All Star Classic

Vaughn Covington (Sicklerville, NJ)  

Vaughn Covington of Sicklerville, NJ has been chosen to participant in the 3rd Annual J.E.M. All Star Classic. Covington has starred for Team Final this at several Spotlight events including the Clash For The Cup and Memorial Day Classic. Vaughn was very pleased with his selection, “I am grateful for the opportunity to play in the J.E.M. Classic and compete against the best players from the Spotlight tournaments. It’s cool to be a part of the history and paying tribute to the memory of Mrs. Melton” he finished. 

The 3rd Annual J.E.M. All Star Classic will take place Saturday August 18th in Trenton, NJ. Stay tuned as we bring you more top players that have been selected to this exclusive event. 


"Kid Mamba" Battle Romps At Hoop Scoop All American

Tyus "Kid Mamba" Battle (Edison, NJ)

The Inaugural Hoop Scoop All American Camp took place in Louisville, KY and featured some of the top players in the country. When it was all said and done Tyus “Kid Mamba” Battle finished as the #1 player in the Class of 2016. Hoop Scoop editor Clark Francis also labeled Battle as the Most Promising Prospect of the Class of 2016. Congratulations to Tyus for this accomplishment and remember to keep working hard. The top 5 players from each class are listed below.

Class Of 2016
1. Tyus Battle (Edison, NJ)
2. Mario Kegler (Jackson, MS)
3. Derryck Thornton (Los Ángeles, CA)
4. Braxton Blackwell (Nashville, TN)
5. Yilden Mendoza (Jackson, MS)

Class Of 2017
1. Cody Riley (Los Ángeles, CA)
2. Remy Martin (Los Ángeles, CA)
3. Devearl Ramsey (Los Angeles, CA)
4. DeAndre Ayton (San Diego, CA)
5. Devin Clyburn (New York, NY)

(Rankings were compiled by Brick Oettinger Of Prep Stars)

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Joe Hampton Headed To J.E.M. All Star Classic

Joe Hampton (Hyattsville, MD)  

Joe Hampton of Hyattsville, Maryland has been chosen to participate in the 3rd Annual J.E.M. All Star Classic. Hampton has been a dominant force on the Basketball Spotlight circuit for years. He spent this past season helping DC Assault win numerous titles including the Clash For The Cup. He collected All Tournament Team Honors at the Clash For The Cup and Tip Off Classic. 

The 3rd Annual J.E.M. All Star Classic will take place August 18th in Trenton, NJ. Stay tuned as we bring you more top players selected to this exclusive event. 


Rodney Miller Selected For J.E.M. All Star Classic

Rodney Miller (Queens, NY)  

Rodney Miller of Queens, NY has been selected to play in the 3rd Annual J.E.M. All Star Classic. Miller played in the Grand Finale Tip Off Classic with New Rens. He also starred with the NJ Playaz and Riverside Hawks on the AAU Circuit. Most recently he dominated play at the John Lucas Camp in Houston, TX. He finished as one of the top prospects in the camp. 

The 3rd Annual J.E.M. All Star Classic will take place Saturday August 18th in Trenton, NJ. Stay tuned as we bring you more players selected to this exclusive event.


Saturday, July 7, 2012

Temple Gibbs AKA Blue Print 3

Since his brothers Ashton and Sterling made it to big time Division 1, Temple has to be called the Blueprint 3. BP3 went to work this season and finished his Spotlight campaign off leading Team Scan to the Grand Finale Championship. Check out his work at the Grand Finale.

Class of 2016 Studs Shine At Fab Frosh Camp

The Fab Frosh Camp took place at the end of June in Atlanta, Georgia and was loaded with talent. Check out the highlights from this event that featured some of the top Class of 2016 players in America. The video appears courtesy of Court Cred.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Introducing Gavin Schoenwald (Nashville, TN)

Gavin Schoenwald (Nashville, TN)  

Gavin Schoenwald has been a dominant force in his age group for the last few years. He starred for We All Can Go All Stars last season as they won the AAU 5th Grade National Title. This year he finished as the #1 player at John Lucas Camp in Las Vegas. Some say he’s #1 in the 2018 but we will see when we see him at the 6th Grade AAU Nationals. 


Diary Of A Baller: Tyus "Kid Mamba" Battle (Edison, NJ) Entry #44

What's up basketball world? 

It has been a great week full of basketball, fun and family. I must say my dad and I have been working really hard to improve my game. Lately my brother has been working hard as well. He has so much talent and he is starting to grow a lot also. My dad has implemented mandatory 2 a days for the remainder of the summer and that has been very challenging. 

Monday we went to the gym early and shot 500 jump shots and I could not miss. We do a drill from 10 feet out to 20 feet where my dad requires that my brother and I make at least 7 out of 10 or we have to do a sprints until we make at least 70 shots from each key spot on the court. My brother shot it really well also. I sometimes cannot believe how well my brother shoots the ball for someone who could put more effort in. He is getting better and better each day but I feel l like he could work a lot harder at the game. My dad says he has been around it for so long that he just picks things up just from being in the gym. I guess he still works harder than most, just not me. I want to be the hardest working kid in the world. I really love being in the gym, especially with my dad. 

Tuesday I worked out with Eric, former assistant coach at Saint Pat's NJ and current assistant at Mount Verde in Florida. My dad loves how he works with me and so do I. Coach Eric is very detailed oriented and demands my best. He really challenges me to stay low and to explode on moves. I was always so tired after we worked for 2 hours but it was a good feeling. After working hard with Eric my dad and I hit the weights and did some band work. Dad seemed a little tired today but I did not say anything because I know he works so hard in and out of the house. He always calls me a full time job but I know he puts in work to pay the bills also. He and my step mom provide a great life for us and my mom does also. 

Wednesday morning was a blur. I guess because I get to eat and I go back to sleep. Dad was in NYC with a client and Khalif was at camp at US Hoops while little GiGi was at daycare. I slept to 1 o'clock because I was up a little late and my body was really tired from the Monday and Tuesday workouts. My dad does not get home until late so I chill for while surfing the net and talking to my friends. After getting tired of sitting around I begin working on my body with the new Rack my dad purchased for me for 8th grade graduation. I love the Rack and asked my dad for it an entire year before he gave it to me. Later that night, my dad and I went to the gym and did ball-handling drills for 2 hours. 1 ball, 2 balls and some back to basics drills my dad is on me about all the time. 

Thursday I went to US Hoops and worked with the Justin, Jordan and a Division 3 kid who was so strong and could jump so high, I could not believe he was a D 3 player. Rich and my dad always say there are great players on every level. The guy was at least 20 years old and he dunked on me once or twice. My dad was watching for that game. Lucky me, he yelled to me to pick it up. I handled the kid better the next 2 games even blocked and changed a few of his shots. Thursday night after dinner I went to the gym, my dad and I worked hard on ball handling and shooting. We even played about 25 games of 1-1 alternating with a few guys in the gym. My dad played also and he did he did pretty well I must say. Like my brother, he never stops talking when he plays. 

Friday was a light day because, although I still got shots up and lifted before I played summer league game at Rahway High School. I played well and we blew the team out. After the game I shot around for 30 minutes because I missed a few shots I wish I could have made. My dad wanted to leave so we went home. 

Saturday I handled, lifted and went for a run and on Sunday I shot 500 shots and reviewed dribble moves before my flight to Louisville, Kentucky. While in Louisville, I attended the Hoopscoop All-American run by Clark Francis. Mr. Francis invited me to attend and I was excited to go. The camp was really good. I love the drills and skills and the games were a lot of fun and really competitive. I got a chance to play against some of the best in the country like Derryck Thorton and Codey Riley from California. I also played with some great players also, especially point guard Loren Jackson from IMG Academy in Florida. Wow he can go! Thanks Mr. Francis for a great camp! 

This is Tyus Battle signing off!