Wednesday, October 28, 2009

She Has Game: Dajane "Snoop" James

Name: Dajane "Snoop" James

AAU Team: Connecticut Basketball Club

Position: Point Guard

Class: 2016

Breakdown: James is one of the top girls in the country. Last season she led Connecticut Rough Riders to a 37-0 record. She also played with the CBC boys squad in several tournaments including the Atlantic City Showcase.

Diary Of A Baller: Anthony "Champ" Mosely (Delaware) Entry #4

Hey what’s up basketball fans it’s your boy “Champ” coming with another week of the life of a baller. This week was a good week for me. The week started out good and ended good now that’s what’s up. The week started with “THE DC ASSAULT WORKOUT”. My teammates Darius, Cory and I were the only 8th graders in the gym but that’s cool with me because playing against the older boys will only make me better. During the workout Coach has really kept me focused on the things I need to work on the most. We did a lot of dribbling drills at the workout and then we went right into to scrimmaging, which was cool with me because normally we do a lot of other drills too. During the scrimmages the coaches challenged me to handle the ball a lot more than I like to and also to finish every play from the right side of the floor. Those two challenges seemed easy when they said them, but as the scrimmages went on I realized that they had taken me out of my comfort zone. I like to run the floor without the ball and I really like finishing on the left side of the court. I did what they said though and my team won a lot of games that day but finishing plays on the right side of the floor felt uncomfortable and it shouldn’t.

The middle of the week was good also. It all started with a 85 on my test in math. I know an 85 is not the highest grade you can get, but honestly I have been struggling in math and needed this good grade to get my score up. Other than that it was a normal mid-week for me, going to school and going to workout except I didn’t go to the gym Thursday and Friday but I still worked on my strength and ball handling at home. I did back and forth, changing directions drills in my basement along with 200 pushups a day, lunges. squats, and toe raises.

The week ended good as we closed it out with a game!!! Yes it was DC Assaults 14U Gold first game since the end of the summer. A team traveled all the way from the country Ireland to play us at Gonzaga High School in DC. I was hyped up at the chance to beat an Irish team. I don’t know if they where the Irish National 15/16U or not, but all I know is they weren’t going to beat us. We ended up beating them up pretty bad, but it was fun to get back to action. I finished with 23, 7, 5, and 4 but the highlight for me was going for a dunk after a steal. I missed it though but it was my first time trying one in a game. My teammates were shocked and my coach didn’t get mad because we were up big. But I will keep working on it and promise I will get it done before the summer is out. What a week a good week.

Champ Out!!!!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Kejun Johnson Ready For Take Off

Kejun Johnson made a splash two summers ago while averaging over 40 points a game during the 11 and Under AAU Nationals. This past season he spent most of the season playing on the high school circuit with J Smoove. Johnson finished his summer off with a trip to the Five Star Camp in Louisville, Kentucky. His game performance at the Five-Star Basketball against 15, 16, and 17 year old campers was so outstanding that he was awarded MOP of the 2009 Louisville, KY camp. Johnson is currently in the Top 5 in the country on several sites for the Class of 2015.

In The Spotlight: Jermaine Bishop

Name: Jermaine Bishop

Hometown: South Side Jamaica Queens

AAU Team: Elite N Y C

Class: 2015

Position: Combo Guard

Breakdown: Bishop is a crafty guard with deep range and the ability to get to the hole. He currently rocks with Elite NYC and will be making an appearance at the Grand Finale. Basketball Spotlight will keep an eye on Jermaine and his development.

Bishop Highlights

Diary Of A Baller: Jalen Henriquez (New Jersey) Entry #4

This week was a long one, Monday my day ended at 5 as usual; I stayed for I see prep class that my school offers. Tuesday and Wednesday I worked on strength and conditioning while studying. Thursday, being my favorite day of the week, I had a league game with one of the high schools I’m considering. I had, 15 points while working on distributing, being that this was not a very competitive game. Friday after school I worked out with my Gym Rat teammates. We worked out for about two hours on everything from weights, to conditioning to shooting. Saturday morning I woke up early to get the new Lebron's in reward for work in the classroom. After this I went to City Sports in preparation for my 3 pm all-star game I had. This game was at Kennedy high school in the Bronx. This was the Jim Couch all star game for the class of 2014, best of NY vs. best of NJ. This game was exiting but a bit awkward because I played with my home state of New Jersey while playing against some of my Scan teammates. On the New York team where Adeyinka Adams, Niam Thomas and Jerron Love. Shout outs to Niam who came down hard towards the beginning and broke his hip, get well soon. The game was pretty much an up and down battle as NY got out to a great start and led big at the beggining. Towards the half we picked it up cutting their 14-point lead to trail by 4 at halftime. At the half our coaches, Coach Jayden of the Playaz and my AAU coach Coach Ozzie, asked us what we were made of. Coach Jayden had said “he wanted to know if our group of guys would fold or takeover the game”. We came out strong letting the coaches know that we would not lay down to them. We took the lead and started to pull away, we all played well especially our teammate Nassir Burrino who got hot in 4th, finishing the game with MVP. I finished the game with 13 points and a few rebounds and made a couple mistakes not playing as aggressive a my coaches would’ve liked. We got the win 86 77 it was a great feeling being on the winning side of this battle. After the game I stood to watch the rising sophomores game that some of my Gym Ratz teammates were playing in, Wes Dickinson, Christian Orozco, Thomas Rivera and Jared Shill. This was a great game going into overtime while Christian Orozco took MVP. He scored 15 points between the 4th and the overtime period to lead his team to the win.

During the game I got a chance to hangout with Jordan Forehand while our parents spoke about me possibly attending St. Anthony’s next year. His parents told my dad that the honors program at the school is challenging and gratifying, and they’re very happy with their choice of school. Sunday I went to Baruch College to see if NJ could complete a 3 game sweep. This was the rising freshman game. A number of my teammates and friends also played In this, Keion Osbourne, Jordan Forehand, Jaren Sina, Robert Zeller, Kyle Menard and Manny Suarez. This was a great game, and the end NJ came out with the win beating the Connecticut all stars, giving NJ the sweep. I would like to thank, Jim Couch, legendary coach who coached many greats and his son, Shawn Couch for organizing this great event giving us a chance to showcase our talent, and all the coaches who put effort into making it a successful weekend.

Young One Out.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

National Rankings Released: Class Of 2016

Jamir Harris Is Ranked #3 In The Country

Hoop Scoop has released their Top 75 players for the Class of 2016. Hoops Scoop has been regarded as one of the top recruiting sites in the country. Here’s a breakdown of where the players we have covered landed. Basketball Spotlight does not contribute to or endorse these rankings.

3. Jamir Harris 5'6 2016 WF Piscataway, NJ
4. Reggie Gardner 5'3 2016 PG Washington, DC
5. Dedric Lawson 5'10 2016 PF Memphis, TN
8. Rakym Selder 5'4 2016 2G Bronx, NY
11. Seventh Woods 5'7 2016 2G Columbia, SC
13. Tyus Battle 5'7 2016 C Edison, NJ
16. Shamorie Ponds 5'5 2016 PG Brooklyn, NY
18. Brandon Randolph 5'4 2016 PG Bronx, NY
24. Anthony Cowan 5'2 2016 PG Washington, DC
27. R.J. Cole 4'9 2016 PG Union, NJ
38. Jared Rivers 5'6 2016 2G Westbury, NY
46. Darius Gillan 5'11 2016 PF Piscataway, NJ
52. Khalif Crawford 5'5 2016 2G Linden, NJ
58. George Pena 5'6 2016 PG Bronx, NY
59. Tyler Jones 5'2 2016 PG Lawrenceville, NJ
68. Keith Washington 5'1 2016 PG Sicklerville, NJ

Friday, October 23, 2009

Diary Of A Baller: Sonny Lorenzo (Westchester County) Entry #1

What up bball spotlight its Sonny Lorenzo. You may know me from the T.V. show Gotti’s Way or as most people know me as Irv Gottti’s son, I also want to be known for being a great basketball player . I love playing basketball, like school and girls. I just wanted to share my family with you and most importantly talk about my basketball and school life. Debbie which is my mom is very supportive about basketball with me and my little bro JJ. My dad Irv or as you know him as Irv Gotti the producer or CEO of Murder INC. plays a huge part in my basketball life. He pushs me because he wants me to be the best. He is also very supportive. I am also a middle child I have a big sister named Angie who is also very supportive and helpful. And then I have a little brother named JJ that looks up to me for support and guidance. I have about 30 cousins which is cool and a load of fun. I love my family and my life. My AAU team broke up so I am undecided on what aau team I am going to play for.

I had a lot of fun this summer because I was playing what I love the whole time . Basketball. First I went to Coach Boyle’s basketball camp which was fun because I met the whole St. Pats team like the top senior Kyrie Irving and top junior Michael Gilchrist which was cool and they are all hilarious. It was a sleep away camp so the schedule for the day was to wake up, eat breakfast, drills, then play games, eat lunch, drills again, rest, play another set of games then dinner, rest, drills, then the last set of games, then take a shower, be in our cabins by 10:05 p.m, then lights out at 10:30. The next day the same exact schedule. That was all fun and I didn’t want to leave. Then I went to Las Vegas with my aau team to finish up the season. This trip was a lot of fun because we played games non-stop and we stayed out there for a few more days after the tourney to celebrate my 13th birthday. I am the youngest one on my team which is fun and tough because I play up a level and still compete against the toughest teams in the country which is fun and the tough part about it is that since everyone is a year or like 8 to 10 months older than me. Some players are bigger, stronger and faster than me but I have to keep up. But it’s fun playing 1 year up. In this tourney we came in third place losing to the team Below The Rim. This lose was most defineftly an upset because we were 100 times better then this team I guess they just wanted it more than we did.

The last thing I did this summer that was really fun was that I hung out with my uncle Wes or the Don Wes himself. He is the most powerful guy in basketball and helped many NBA players like LeBron James, Chris Paul, Derrick Rose etc. to the NBA and hopeful he could help me with my basketball career. On the court he yells and screams his butt off but off the court he is a cool uncle. While meeting up with Uncle Wes I meet up with Michael Gilchrist again he is really funny and is like a cousin cause I knew him since he was a freshman in high school…my dad and I would always go to his games.While we were down there both Mike and I meet and worked out with NBA player Eddy Curry, college guard Mustapha Farrahkan who plays for Virginia and a lot of D- league players. I was so excited to workout with them…I couldn’t believe I was working out/ playing ball with grown men. While staying at uncle Wes’s house in New Jersey I had responsibilities which included making my bed, eat breakfast, do the physical workout for about two hours then do the basketball workout for about 2 hours, both workouts were hard and challenging at times . Jerry Powell the best basketball trainer workout Mike Mustpha, Eddy Curry , myself and the other players . Jerry is the real deal and is like a second dad to me , he pushs me so hard because he wants me to make it and he believes in me. After working out Mike, Uncle Wes and I would go to the beach hang out then at night I would have dinner then Mike and I would go to the boardwalk which had fun rides. Mike thought the boardwalk rides were’nt scary but believe it or not he was screaming on every single ride. Then it would be the same routine for the rest of the month. After all of the hard work I would go play summer league ball with my teammates Isiah Ice and Cheddi Mosley and these games were the play off. The most intense game we played was when we played a sixteen and under team in Brooklyn we played a guy named John Severe. This guy was good and a problem for our team but we had to compete even though the team was much older than us but that didn’t matter we played hard and almost won that game. It was a good game and a great experience.

This is your man Sonny Lorenzo saying goodbye and peace.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

CBC Wins Columbus Day Classic

Connecticut Basketball Club conquered the Basketbull Columbus Day Classic. Jarid South and KeAndre Fair both chipping in 12 points in the win over the Montabello Warriors out of Queens, New York. CBC highlights from this tournament can be seen on the footage below.

CBC Highlights

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

National Rankings Released: Class 2015

Dozier Checks In At #2

Hoop Scoop has released their Top 100 players for the Class of 2015. Hoops Scoop has been regarded as one of the top recruiting sites in the country. Here’s a breakdown of where the players we have covered landed. Basketball Spotlight does not contribute to or endorse these rankings.

2. Perry Dozier 5'7 2015 WF Columbia, SC
7. Malik Ellison 5'9 2015 PG Voorhees, NJ
10. Jerron Love 5'3 2015 PG Bronx, NY
11. Mikey Dixon 5'0 2015 PG Wilmington, DE
15. Lamont Peebles 5'9 2015 2G Brooklyn, NY
18. Juwan Gooding 5'8 2015 PG Boston, MA
22. Elijah McNeely-Davy 5'8 2015 PG Queens, NY
24. Isiah "Zay" Jennings 5'2 2015 PG Allentown, PA
26. Temple Gibbs 5'8 2015 PG Scotch Plains, NJ
27. Wolfgang Novogratz 5'9 2015 2G New York, NY
30. Terrell Allen 5'3 2015 PG Upper Marlboro, MD
34. Jeff Dowtin 5'3 2015 2G Upper Marlboro, MD
35. Otis Livingston 5'0 2015 PG South Orange, NJ
38. Ty Jerome 5'5 2015 PG New York, NY
40. Tavon White 5'9 2015 2G Wilmington, DE
41. Bryce Aiken 5'0 2015 PG Randolph, NJ
48. Devonte Green 5'9 2015 2G Manhasset, NY
53. Trevaughn Wilkerson 6'4 2015 C Burlington, NJ
57. Jianni Ford 5'6 2015 PG Long Island, NY
61. Isiah Stills 5'10 2015 PF Rahway, NJ
64. Cheyenne Nettleton 5'6 2015 PG Queens, NY
65. Horace Spencer 6'5 2015 C Lansdale, PA
85. Zachary Torres 5'4 2015 2G Carteret, NJ
96. Emmanuel Taylor 6'4 2015 PF Abington, PA

Diary Of A Baller: Anthony "Champ" Mosely (Delaware) Entry #3

Hey world this is your boy Champ. This week was a good week for me. It was all about work. My Dad always says there nothing exciting about work but we have to go everyday. On Tuesday this week I had a big test in Social Studies that is important to my first period report card. I studied and prepared for the test and felt good about it when class was over. On Wednesday we received our tests back and when the teacher handed me mines it had a 100 with a smiley face on it. I would like to give a shot out to Ms. Buford at Central for helping me after school since the beginning of the year. For real though when I saw that paper it felt good it was like I had scored 30 on Houston Select and my team won. I put in the work and it paid off. Report cards will be out soon and my goal is to have a 95 average this year.

Speaking of work I haven't had a game in a minute. All I do is workout. I'm ready to play. But I trust my coaches and trainer when they say gym time is better than always playing games, but it sure doesn't feel like it. At the workout, I did a lot of dribbling drills, then went into the shooting drills. At the end of each day I end up shooting about 250 plus shots. Shooting is fun. After shooting we do weight training. Throughout the training I do a lot of curls to increase my biceps, crunches to increase my core strength, and pushups to increase my chest muscles. After that, I start my plyometrics. In the plyometrics I jump on and off the Jump Box to increase my jumping ability. Last but not least, I jump rope with weighted jump-ropes so that I can strengthen my arms as well as heighten my hops.

Yea it was all about work this week but the games are coming. Middle School ball starts Mid November and I'm very excited about my team this year as we want to go undefeated.

Champ Out !!!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

From Basketball Spotlight To National Spotlight: Mike Gilchrist

Gilchrist At Clash For The Cup

Before Mike Gilchirst reached the National Spotlight he played at Basketball Spotlight!

Mike Gilchrist is currently the unanimous choice as the #1 junior in the country. Many recruiting experts list him as the top player regardless of class. Years ago Mike played in the original Basketball Spotlight Clash For The Cup (Philly Vs. Jersey) as a rising 8th Grader. Back then I gave him “The Stamp” as being a certified stud and as you can see it came to reality. Gilchrist stars for national power St. Patrick’s and AAU powerhouse Team Final. He’s currently considering Kentucky and Villanova for college. We wish Mike and his family the best. Check out this video of Mike from the Clash For The Cup all the way through high school. Are you the next Gilchrist? Come To The Spotlight!

Gilchrist Highlights

Monday, October 19, 2009

Introducing Andrew Master Wiggins

Andrew Master Wiggins from Canada has to be the most gifted 13 year old that I have seen footage of. In this short video any basketball analyst could see that this kid is special. He’s currently in the Class of 2014 and I haven’t seen a better prospect. I know it’s only a highlight reel but it’s very impressive. This kid should be something special.

Diary Of A Baller: Jalen Henriquez "Young One" (New Jersey) Entry #3

Hey basketball world, Young One checking in.

Monday was Columbus Day, and a good day for me, there was no school and I was able to both relax at home and work out at one of the high schools I am considering. This workout contained everything from shooting drills to running steps around the campus. This was a great workout because I worked on my game and there was a significant emphasis on my cardio. My teammates and friends (Wes Dickinson, Zack Hodges, Christian Orozco and Keion Osbourne) and I pushed each other till the last second. Tuesday and Wednesday I woke up early and studied for an upcoming school tests. I was not able to get much basketball in while I was studying for the ISEE test that I have to take in December.

On Wednesday, I also had the pleasure of meeting the Admissions Director of Blair Academy, Mr. Ryan Pagotto and he discussed the academic structure and student life at Blair. Based on the conversation between him and I, Blair has top notch education with a strong basketball team making Blair very appealing. Blair has moved up on the list of schools I am considering. This is very helpful because every couple weeks my school has different admissions directors visiting our school. They talk to us about how their schools are organized. Also this week Hoop Scoop released a list of top players being nationally ranked in my class. I was not on the list; I have missed all of the Hoop Group camps where my play can be displayed. I will be looking forward to competing against the top players in my class and for sure at the Adidas Phenom camp this upcoming June. I would like to congratulate all the players featured on this list including my Team Scan teammate Shavar Newkirk and congrats to Anthony “Champ” Mosely.

Thursday has grown to be my favorite day of the week by far, it was great for me. After school I came home and finished up my home work in preparing for my 9:00 game with one of the high schools on my list. I had a good shooting day going three for five from beyond the arch with a few inside baskets. I finished the games with 13 points, six assists and five rebounds in our victory. We were up 15 but only having six players to their 12 let up a bit and they came back. In the end my teammates made some clutch free throws and we won by one. Friday and Saturday I relaxed at home while studying. Sunday I woke up early to take a practice exam for the ISEE in NYC. After the three hour exam I headed straight to the gym for a workout with my shooting Coach Donald Hennie at City Sports in Englwood NJ. A special thanks to Jee Yoo for the gym time.

Young One…Out.

Grand Finale Update!

The Grand Finale 09 is here. Last year this tournament had numerous upsets and some great play. Don’t miss the chance to play in the last hot tournament of 09. This event will draw some of the top teams in the region and will probably be the kick off event for the season. To sign up click on the application link below. Questions Contact: Mike Melton at 609-532-5122 or

Event: Grand Finale 09

Date: December 5th and 6th 2009

Place: Hoop Group Headquarters (Neptune, NJ)

Cost: $350 (Per Team)

Deadline: November 22nd, 2009

Click Here For Application

Confirmed Teams

1. Team Nelson
2. Team Scan
3. Team Final
4. Team Underrated
5. Youth Interlock
6. Team NJ ABC
7. JSL Hoops
8. Team MVP
9. Brooklyn Ballers

1. The City
2. Philly Aztecs
3. Linden Ballers
4. Team Final
5. Team Underrated
6. NJ Got Game
7. NYC Gauchos
8. Team Takeover
9. Team Rip City
10. F.A.C.E.S

11. On Point Cyclones
12. NYC Elite
13. SJ Blitz
14. Del Team Select
Showtime All Stars (NC)

1. Team Battle
2. Sam Cassell All Stars
3. Team Underrated
4. Team Final
5. New Heights NYC
6. Riverside Hawks

7. F.A.C.E.S.
8. On Point Cyclones
9. Team Scan
10. Playtime Panthers
11. King Street Kings

1. Team Battle
2. Team Underrated (White)
3. Team Underrated (Black)
4. Delaware Royalty
5. Team RIP City
6. Playtime Panthers
7. JSL Hoops

Youth Interlock Hosting Tryouts

14U basketball team will be hosting tryouts on Saturday & Sunday, November 7th & 8th, 2009
14U Boys -11am-2pm
Chester Community Charter School Gymnasium (214 East 5th Street, Chester, PA)

Callbacks will be Saturday, November 14th & 15th at Chester Community Charter School Gymnasium (214 East 5th Street, Chester, PA)

If interested in an evaluation please pre-register and email: with:
Date of birth:
Feel Free to contact Coach Shep with any questions (610) 800-7707

Thursday, October 15, 2009

National Rankings Released (Class 2014)

Whitehead is ranked #14th in the country.

Hoop Scoop has released their Top 150 players for the Class of 2014. Hoops Scoop has been regarded as one of the top recruiting sites in the country. Here’s a breakdown of where the top players from our area landed. Basketball Spotlight does not contribute to or endorse these rankings.

14. Isiah Whitehead 6'0 2014 WF Brooklyn, NY
31. Thomas Holley 6'4 2014 PF Queens, NY
34. Shep Garner 6'2 2014 2G Chester, PA
44. Brandon Austin 6'5 2014 WF Philadelphia, PA
47. Karl Towns 6'2 2014 C Piscataway, NJ
50. C.J. Davis 5'11 2014 PG Far Rockaway, NY
66. Jaquan Newton 6'1 2014 PG Philadelphia, PA
67. Chancellor Ellis 6'2 2014 WF Queens, NY
80. Tim Quashie 5'11 2014 2G Westbury, NY
89. Anthony Mosley 5'10 2014 PG Dover, DE
92. Chris Davis 5'10 2014 PG Queens, NY
96. Conrad Chambers 5'4 2014 PG Chester, PA
100. Isaiah King 5'5 2014 PG Brooklyn, NY
105. Raven Owens 5'7 2014 PG Staten Island, NY
114. Austin Tilghman 5'10 2014 2G Greenville, DE
120. Sam Foreman 5'9 2014 PG Philadelphia, PA
128. Shavar Newkirk 5'10 2014 PG New York, NY
138. DaQuan Irving 5'7 2014 PG Brooklyn, NY

Diary Of A Baller: Anthony "Champ" Mosely (Delaware) Entry #2

Hey it's your boy Champ back at you with another week in a baller's life. This week started off with a treat as Nolan Smith from Duke was in the gym at my AAU teams workout last Sunday. It was inspiring to me to know he played for the same AAU team I play for now and was a part of the same workouts and stuff I do now. I worked hard that day because playing for a college team like Duke is my dream and the coaches there expect to go hard and compete today just like they did when he came through.

My school week started Monday and I was named a peer leader in my after school program 21st Century. This after school program is from 2:45 to 5:45 where the teachers help me with my core classes and I do my homework. It was a honor being named peer leader because I get to run errands for teachers and other things they need help with. It also reflects the leadership skills teachers and coaches see in me and I am very excited at the opportunity to lead. Remember young boy's we must put in work in school and for me most of the time I need help so I ask the teachers.

Mon through Friday I leave the after school program at around 4:45 and go to the gym and workout from 5 to 8. At the workout we do a lot in those 3 hrs we normally start with conditioning, sometimes plyometrics, and everyday weight lifting and core work. Then we do a little scrimmaging to display some of our skills. Finally I finish the night with about 300 shots and a lot of ball handling drills.

Saturday me and my Dad went to watch my brother James play in a game with his school team. His team won by about 30 pts he has some good players on his team. My week ended with my AAU workout on Sunday afternoon and I went to church on Sunday night. Well I got to go, check me out next week hopefully I will have some game news.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Diary Of A Baller: Jalen "Young One" Henriquez (New Jersey) Entry #2

Hello Basketball world, It’s “Young One” checking in..

The beginning of my week went well, Monday I prepared for the ISEE test by staying for the weekly class my school provides in preparation for the test. For those that don’t know what the ISEE test is, it’s a test that you must pass in order to be accepted into all the private high schools. Tuesday and Wednesday I worked on strength and conditioning while studying for up coming tests at school. Thursday I played with one of the high schools that I am considering in their high school fall league. I had 11 points, 5 assists and 4 rebounds in our two-point victory.

This Thursday league is great help in getting ready for high school because I get to play against varsity teams while I’m still in 8th grade. I also enjoy it because I get to play alongside some of my Gym Ratz teammates that I have been with for years. Playing AAU together benefits us because the chemistry needed to win games is already there. Friday after school I rushed home to play, the new NBA 2K10, which is a great game to play while relaxing at home with the Family.

On Saturday I woke up early to watch my younger brother Xavier, play in the Gauchos Roundball tournament. I enjoy watching his team (The Riverside Hawks) play because it’s amazing what they can do at such an early age. At the end of the game they pulled out a 25-19 victory, making them 2 and 0. Later in the day I left to Massachusetts to play with Team Scan in the Basketbull tournament in Springfield.

Our first two games were not very competitive. We won the first two games by more than 50 points. We then went back to the hotel to rest for our next two games. We had a good time at the hotel seeing two of our teammates (Kevin Seymour and Neeko Zeno) that had been away at prep school near by. Our first game on Sunday we played a team from Rhode Island. We came out flat and they were knocking down shots on the perimeter. Going into half time we only had a two-point lead. Our Coach Munch ripped into us and we came out more focused in the 2nd half and ended up winning by more than 30 points. We then headed to the Basketball Hall of Fame for the championship game against Team Underrated. It was an honor to play at the Basketball Hall of fame where all the greatest players are enshrined.

Team Underrated came out fired up having wanted to play us in the past, this was our first meeting, and they were physical and athletic. At the end of the first half we were down 2. In the 2nd half we broke down as a team and played as individuals, while they continued to play as a team. This led them to pull away and beat us by ten. Nonetheless, hats off to Team Underrated because they wanted it more than us and got the win. Losing this Championship was a humbling experience for us, proving that we need to work harder, and always play as a team.

Young One out..

Friday, October 9, 2009

Video Profile: Jonathan Williams (U-Turn Warriors)

Name: Jonathan Williams

AAU Team: U Turn Warriors

Position: Point Guard

Class: 2015

Breakdown: Williams should be regarded as one the top point guards in the country. He uses substance instead of flash to get the job done. Jonathan is strong with the pill and can be counted on to make good decisions. He also knows how to score the ball with a wet jumper or mean pull up. Finally, Williams toughness is shown when he crashes the glass and plays lockdown defense. He shined bright at the Basketball Spotlight MDC. Check out his video.

Jonathan Williams Highlights

Monday, October 5, 2009

Diary Of A Baller: Jalen "Young One" Henriquez (New Jersey) Entry # 1

Hello Basketball World, Jalen “Young One” Henriquez

My name is Jalen Henriquez, I’m 13 years old, class of 2014. I am currently a student at The Elisabeth Morrow School in Englewood, one of the top private schools in New Jersey. I am a student athlete. I think I am a strong mix of a student and basketball player. This year I am taking my training to the next level as I prepare myself for the up coming AAU season. I am also in the process of determining where I will attend high school next year. The school I am looking for needs to have a good balance of academics and a competitive basketball program. I have narrowed my list down to nine high schools, three of them being prep boarding schools. Some of the local basketball powerhouses that I am considering are not as strong academically as my parents would like, but have a strong basketball program. This decision is like any other important decision that needs to be made. My strategy is that I will take it one step at a time. I guess this is preparing me for the college experience.

I play for an AAU basketball team called the Gym Ratz. The name pretty much says it all. We are always in the gym no matter what. I’ve been playing for this team and Coach Ozzie for about seven years. If you know him you’d know he is a no non-sense coach. At 12 years old I played point guard for the Gym Ratz and our team won the 2008 NJ Division II 14U State Championship. We had a very successful year finishing top 20 at Nationals in Orlando Florida. This year we finished fourth in the state for Division I. Due to key injuries we didn’t get a chance to return to Orlando. For the last few months I also have been playing for Team Scan out of The Bronx, NY. Terrance “Munch” Williams is the coach and we did very good for being a first year program. Playing for Scan is a lot of fun because for the first time in my basketball career I get to play in my own age group.

This coming up year will be challenging. I have four fall tournaments with Team Scan. My AAU season with the Gym Ratz started in the spring and I will be attending a couple of exposure events including the Adidas 150 Camps in San Diego, CA this summer. Although I am in middle school my Gym Ratz teammates will have their high schools seasons coming up. This benefits me because I can play with them at the high school level and get prepared for next year’s high school season.

This past weekend I worked out with a few of my Gym Ratz Teammates (Wes Dickinson, Christian Orozco and Robert Zeller) at the high school they attend. After working out we went to see the premiere of the Lebron James Movie, “More Than a Game”. It is a great movie and it inspired me to work hard and stay focused.

I would like to thank my family, friends and God for all their support. Also I would like to thank my coaches for preparing me for this opportunity. Finally, I would like to take a moment to thank Mike Melton for this honor of being involved with Diary Of A Baller.

Young One…. Out

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Diary Of A Baller: Anthony "Champ" Mosley (Delaware) Entry #1

Basketball Spotlight welcomes Anthony “Champ” Mosley of Deleware to Diary Of A Baller. LL Hoops currently has Champ ranked as the #2 8th Grader in the state. Mosley plays the guard spot for DC Assault and here’s his first entry.

What's up Bballspotlight it's “Champ” in a diary for a baller. The month of September was an excellent month for me. School started at Central Middle and I was excited to get back to being a scholar-athlete and getting reunited with my school friends. Also this month, I got invited and participated in the DE Top 40 Showcase for High School boys grade 9 thru 12 as a 8th grader . It was a great experience. They took the top 40 from each class and split them into 4 teams. They then took the top 20 and played a class all-star game. Finally they took the top ten from that class all-star game to play the top 10 all-stars from the next class. It was cool, I advanced all the way to the last game against the 10th graders and scored about 15 points and had like 6 assists. Although my team ended up losing by 8 points to the 10th graders, It was great to play with and against Shep Garner the Mid-Atlantic player of the year nominee. Hopefully they will invite me back next year it was fun.

The day after the showcase, I began my first workout with my AAU team, DC Assault since the end of summer. In the workout, we did a few drills to help with our footing. Then we did drills that improved our shot. After that we tried out some offensive drills. At last, we did my favorite part of practice: scrimmaged. After the workout we went to visit my Aunt Michelle in DC and ate crabs and squid with her. Well I got to go tune in next week for whats up in a baller's life.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Battle Basketball Tryouts

TEAM BATTLE will be hosting tryouts on Saturday, October 3rd

10U &11U Boys -10am-11pm
12U Boys -11am-12pm
at Iselin Middle School (50 Hyde Avenue, Iselin NJ)

Callbacks will be Saturday, October 10th at Woodbridge High School (Samuel Lupo Place-Off St. Georges Ave by Woodbridge Public Library)

13U GIRLS- 11:45am-1pm
at Woodbridge High School (Samuel Lupo Place-Off St. Georges Ave by Woodbridge Public Library)

Callbacks will be Saturday, October 10th at Woodbridge High School

If interested in an evaluation please pre-register and email: with your-

Date of birth:
Travel & AAU experience: including position & starter information
Other interests besides basketball:

A $25 registration/insurance fee will be charged at tryouts.

Feel Free to contact us with any questions-

See you on the court!