Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Diary Of A Baller: Anthony "Champ" Mosely (Delaware) Entry #4

Hey what’s up basketball fans it’s your boy “Champ” coming with another week of the life of a baller. This week was a good week for me. The week started out good and ended good now that’s what’s up. The week started with “THE DC ASSAULT WORKOUT”. My teammates Darius, Cory and I were the only 8th graders in the gym but that’s cool with me because playing against the older boys will only make me better. During the workout Coach has really kept me focused on the things I need to work on the most. We did a lot of dribbling drills at the workout and then we went right into to scrimmaging, which was cool with me because normally we do a lot of other drills too. During the scrimmages the coaches challenged me to handle the ball a lot more than I like to and also to finish every play from the right side of the floor. Those two challenges seemed easy when they said them, but as the scrimmages went on I realized that they had taken me out of my comfort zone. I like to run the floor without the ball and I really like finishing on the left side of the court. I did what they said though and my team won a lot of games that day but finishing plays on the right side of the floor felt uncomfortable and it shouldn’t.

The middle of the week was good also. It all started with a 85 on my test in math. I know an 85 is not the highest grade you can get, but honestly I have been struggling in math and needed this good grade to get my score up. Other than that it was a normal mid-week for me, going to school and going to workout except I didn’t go to the gym Thursday and Friday but I still worked on my strength and ball handling at home. I did back and forth, changing directions drills in my basement along with 200 pushups a day, lunges. squats, and toe raises.

The week ended good as we closed it out with a game!!! Yes it was DC Assaults 14U Gold first game since the end of the summer. A team traveled all the way from the country Ireland to play us at Gonzaga High School in DC. I was hyped up at the chance to beat an Irish team. I don’t know if they where the Irish National 15/16U or not, but all I know is they weren’t going to beat us. We ended up beating them up pretty bad, but it was fun to get back to action. I finished with 23, 7, 5, and 4 but the highlight for me was going for a dunk after a steal. I missed it though but it was my first time trying one in a game. My teammates were shocked and my coach didn’t get mad because we were up big. But I will keep working on it and promise I will get it done before the summer is out. What a week a good week.

Champ Out!!!!