Thursday, May 16, 2019

Spotlight Alum Sellers Takes The Fight To Cancer

Antonio Sellers certainly mounted a rookie season to remember. 

The Hudson Catholic forward finished his freshman year averaging 10 points and 5.1 rebounds per game. He helped Hudson Catholic battle its way to the North Jersey, Non-Public B semifinals. 

Now he has a battle of his own to fight. According to a Go-Fund-Me page, three days after his high school season ended, Sellers was hospitalized due to severe headaches. After being rushed to St. Peter's University Hospital in New Brunswick, he was diagnosed with a tumor the size of a golf ball that was bleeding out. He underwent emergency surgery to remove the tumor on March 11. The tumor was malignant and contained an embryonal cancer with a rare subtype. 

A month after the surgery, Sellers was having headaches again and was rushed back to the hospital. The tumor had returned. He was given three days of emergency radiation and chemotherapy. 

He is now receiving proton therapy and light chemo treatments. Since the tumor was in the left frontal lobe, it affected his speech and right-side movement. Sellers is currently recovering at the Children's Specialized Hospital in New Brunswick. 

As he continues his fight against cancer, the Sellers family has been living by the motto: "We Are 1" in honor of the No. 1 that Sellers wears on his jersey. 


Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Basketball Spotlight Memorial Day Classic Returns!

The Basketball Spotlight Memorial Day Classic returns May 25th and 26th. This event has brought many of the top teams in the country to Neptune, NJ and this year should no different. Here’s the video that started it all, stay tuned as we bring you more of the memories from the Classic MDC.

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Basketball Spotlight Memorial Day Classic Getting Early Interest!

The Basketball Spotlight Memorial Day Classic will take place May 25th and 26th in the Neptune, NJ. The early committed team list is below and please make sure you register early because a sellout is imminent. Click on the link below to register!



8th Grade Teams 
1. NJ Shore Shots (Blue)
2. NY Rivals/ECE 
3. T Town Ballers 
4. Castle Athletics 
5. Jersey Force 
6. Queens Pythons 
7. Team Spartans (National) 
8. Team Spartans (Regional) 
9. K Low Elite 
10. Give and Go
11. GHPA Youth
12. NY Dragons
13. Gymrats
14. Springfield Migs
15. STR Elite 
16. Courtmasters Elite
17. Riverside Hawks
18. Lincoln Park
19. NJ Shore Shots (Orange)
20. Prestige Patriots

7th Grade Teams 
1. T Town Ballers 
2. Castle Athletics 
3. GHPA Youth 
4. Team Spartans (National) 
5. Team Spartans (Regional) 
6. Silverbacks National
7. K Low Elite 
8. Playtime Panthers
9. Jersey City Boys Club
10. FCP Elite
11. Trained 2 GO
12. NJ Shore Shots (Cavaunaugh)
13. NJ Shore Shots (Frauenheim)
14. NJ Shore Shots (Haney)
15. NJ Shore Shots (Plenn)
16. B Town Ballers

6th Grade Teams 
1. T Town Ballers 
2. Castle Athletics 
3. MSU Skyliners Elite 
4. Team Spartans (National) 
5. Team Spartans (Regional) 
6. NY Finest 
7. K Low Elite 
8. Jersey City Boys Club 
9. King Street Kings (White)
10. King Street Kings (Blue) 
11. FCP Elite
12. Ocean Elite
13. Riverside Hawks
14. Prestige Patriots

5th Grade Teams 
1. MABC 
2. Castle Athletics 
3. T Town Ballers 
4. Jersey Force 
5. Team Spartans 
6. MPO Elite 
7. King Street Kings
8. Team Jacko
9. Playtime Panthers
10. Hunting Park Warriors
11. NJ Hornets
12. Riverside Hawks (White) 
13. Monroe Crusaders
14. Riverside Hawks (Blue)

4th Grade Teams 
1. MABC 
2. MPO Elite 
3. Team Delaware
4. King Street Kings 
5. Jersey City Boys Club
6. Give and Go