Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Diary Of A Baller: Kyle Anderson Entry #4

Hello Basketball World, once again this is Kyle Anderson here to tell you how my week went. Let me first say that we are off all week from school and it feels great! Last weekend I went to Portland and played in the President's Day All American Tournament. I played with my 8th grade AAU Team the Long Island Lightning. We are currently ranked 5th in the nation but sure didn't prove it. I played well in the tournament and so did our team but unfortunately not well enough to rep our #5 national ranking. Our team took the Silver division but I think we were one of the top teams in the tournament. I thought and I'm sure I proved, I was one of the top players in the tournament. We didn't make it out of our pool so we decided to destroy whoever came in front of us from then on. I got home on Tuesday and up til Friday I was just Maxin' and Relaxin'.

My next event last week was a workout on Friday with shooting guru Kent Kuluico. Kent played at James Madison and in his senior year lead the nation in 3 point percentage. We worked on form shooting, shooting off the move and keeping a good athletic stance. I plan on doing some more work outs with Kent in the future. I'm convinced he really did and really will improve my shooting. I also went to watch my future high school team, PATERSON CATHOLIC win their county championship game vs. Eastside High School. Saturday night I had a game in Paterson in the 8 is Enough League. The league is run by the Playaz Basketball Club. We had two games and split them. We beat Wayne PAL and we lost to MSU Skyliners. They have a kid named Jahmal Lane who is real good. Look for his name in the future. I ended my week on Sunday with an I.S.8 CHIP in Queens New York. Once again I was playing with the Long Island Lightning and we took the 16U Division, 'BOUT TIME! Later that night I played with my brothers in the Fair Lawn Mens League. That was my last game for the week. It was a Great week! Til next time, LATER!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Coaches Corner Feat: Hassan Muhammad (Educated Athletes)

We at Basketball Spotlight understand the rigorous life of an AAU basketball coach. Most of their efforts go without instant rewards therefore we decided to give them their own venue to talk about their programs and other issues. Welcome to the Coaches Corner.

BS: How and when did you start yor program?
HM: Well about 4 or 5 years ago I linked up with my assistant coach Howard Hudson. He had some good players and I had some good pieces so we thought it was a good idea to put them together.

BS: What’s the goal of your program?
HM: First our goal is to make these young men productive citizens in our society. Then my dreams is for all these guys to get high school education and get college scholarships. A free education is something that’s very rare in our environment.

BS: Name some of the top players in your program?
HM: Well we don’t recognize our players as individuals. Any player on our team can score 20 points, grab numerous rebounds or make big defensive plays on any given night. That’s why I tell any tournament director that we don’t accept MVP trophies or any individual accolades.

BS: Well name me some of the top players from the past?
HM: Well the older group had Kenny Trippett (Drexel), Charlie Swiggett (Wisconsin/Milwaukee) and Noel Wilmore (George Washington).

BS: What top tournament did your squad win over the years?
HM: Well we won our AAU Regional on numerous occassions, we also won the Basketball Spotlight Memorial Day Classic twice and did damage in many national invitaional events.

BS: What tournaments are you guys traveling to this year?
HM: We will be traveling to the Lebron James Classic, Maryland Invitational, Rumble In The Bronx, Basketball Spotlight Memorial Day Classic and the AAU Nationals.

BS: What’s your most memorable moment thus far with this bunch?
HM: I just like the way these guys have grown since they were 9 years old and see them having fun on the road. Laughing, crying and just having so much fun as kids. They don’t get jealous of each other and always hope for the best in their teammates.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

In The Spotlight: Justin Jackson

Name: Justin Jackson

AAU Team: Houston Hoops

Position: Shooting Guard

Class: 2013

Breakdown: When the Harris twins caused numerous double teams Jackson had his jump shot arsenal ready. He has deep range and good touch from the outside. He seems to enjoy draining shots from the corner. When the defense pressed up Jackson put the rock on the floor a bit but that seems like an area he would need to keep working at. I like Jackson’s size for his position and he has a good release point on his shot. Check for Jackson on the circuit as Houston Hoops will be at many major tournaments.

Introducing: Jashaun Agosto

There are many youngsters that said they take the game of basketball serious. Some play for multiple teams while others travel around the country for exposure. While in Federal Way, Washington near Seattle a kid name Jashaun Agosto is making heads turn on the national scene. Agosto is a 5th Grader in Silver Lake Elementary and plays for the Washington Warriors. In the AAU Nationals last season he helped his squad knock off the highly ranked DC Assault squad. At just 11 years old Agosto has appeared on numerous websites, newspapers and even on Good Morning America recently. If you think this kid is a myth? Check out this video of him doing his daily training routine. Jashaun Training Video

Monday, February 18, 2008

Diary Of A Baller: Kyle Anderson Entry #3

Hello basketball World I'm back again to tell you how my week went and what I have coming up.I recall in my last blog telling the Basketball World that I was going on vacation and please let me tell you guys that I did have the time of my life. I went to St. Lucia in the Caribbean and had so much fun. Exploring new places and participating in different activities really shows you what's out there. First, let me tell you guys what I did day-by-day. My mom and I arrived on Wednesday in the middle of the day and it all started as soon as we arrived. When we got to the hotel, I jumped right in the pool so I could enjoy the warmer weather. On Thursday, we took A 'Wave-Rider' and battled the Caribbean Sea waves as we went to an island called Martinique. There they speak French. The streets were narrow and the people may have been poor, but they sure did enjoy what they had. We got back to the hotel towards the end of the day and it was dinner and “Lights Out” for me !!!!

The next day we visited Sandals a Resort that has many different and exciting places. My brother works for Sandals so we got a free pass for the day. We certainly enjoyed ourselves by swimming in pools and the sea. I also lost several games of ping pong to my mother. LOL! Just like yesterday when we got back to the hotel, it was dinner and “Lights Out”!!!!!! The next day we went to the Sulfre` which is a Volcano where you can walk on it. That was extremely interesting. On the ride home we stopped by a beach and went swimming in the sea...YES KYLE ANDERSON ACTUALLY WAS IN THE SEA!!!LOL. The next day we were in chill mode for the whole day. The day after that we made our way back home. Even though I did enjoy myself, I couldn't wait to get home. This trip was something that I will never forget. I had the time of my life!

As soon as I returned, it was back to reality. I mean that literally. I got back home about 5pm on Monday night and I had a game with my two older brothers Duanne and Jamar at 9pm.This is a men’s league in Fair Lawn, N.J. We lost the game but I did very well considering I was playing against some good players. My oldest brother Duanne played at D3 New Jersey City University (with Omar Cooper, if you don’t know who he is ask anyone in the Newark or East Orange area. His game is sick!), Jamar played D1 football at UCONN and my cousin Ahmad played D2 at NJIT. Also on the team is Damien Bacote who played Alabama. The other team had Kent Culuko who played at James Madison and led the country in 3 point shooting his senior year. They also had Clayton Barker of D2 NJIT and Albert Torres and Benny Allen of Ramapo. I ended the game with 13 points and about 6 or 7 assist. They pressed us the whole game. I made some turnovers, but for the most part handled it well. Towards the end of the game they were trapping me and I split the trap, the third player came at me and I backed dribbled and hit him with a crossover that almost made him fall. The people in the stands enjoyed that move. This weekend I am attending the Presidents Day All American Tournament in Portland Or. . I will be playing with the Long Island Lightning. Next week I will fill you in on how we did. Hopefully we bring back home a chip and bring some more notice to New Jersey and New York.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Coaches Corner Feat. Lloyd Daniels (LD Rebels)

We at Basketball Spotlight understand the rigorous life of an AAU basketball coach. Most of their efforts go without instant rewards therefore we decided to give them their own venue to talk about their programs and other issues. Welcome to the Coaches Corner!

BS: Lloyd you’ve had your program for years what’s new going on in the LD Rebels Camp.
LD: Well Mike I decided to young so I have a 10U and 11U squad as well as my high school team.

BS: What made you decide to go young?
LD: Well it’s time for me to coach my son little Lloyd and I feel that the youngsters really need work on their fundamentals.

BS: What are some of the events that you guys are going to this season?
LD: Well my young guys are just going to stay local while I put more emphasis into my high school players because it’s scholarship time for those guys.

BS: So I hear that you might be coaching that talented 7th Grade bunch for the JS Fliers?
LD: Well nothing is confirmed yet I was contacted by their people and we just have to sit down and work some things out.

BS: So how good is Little “Lloyd”?
LD: I think he has bright future but like any other player I was always stress to him that he has to work very hard. Working hard is the only way to get better.

BS: Good Luck this season!
LD: Thanks Mike!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Diary Of A Baller: Kyle Anderson

The Diary of Kyle Anderson

Feb. 2nd, 2008

Kyle Anderson is one of the top ranked 8th Graders in America. Basketball Spotlight has decided to give you a peek inside the life of this young phenom. We are posting a weekly diary with the words coming straight from KA Jr. himself. Meet Mr. Anderson.

Hello, my name is Kyle Anderson and I am a 6'4 8th grader from Fairview, New Jersey. I attend Lincoln public school in Fairview. I enjoy doing many things in my life. Of course basketball is at the top of that list, but I also enjoy playing football, hanging out with my friends, and spending time with my family.

Spending time with my family is always important. Whether it's sitting on the couch with my sisters Brittany and Tai, playing video games with my brothers Duane or Jamar or just discussing wins and loses with my mother over dinner I truly enjoy my time with my family. My family has been very important to me in my short life and I love them very much.

In my basketball life, I play with several different teams. I play with two different AAU teams and my school team. Both my AAU teams are two of the best teams in the country, but they are in different age divisions. My school team, the Lincoln Tigers is a lot of fun. It may not be tough competition, but I have to admit it's mad fun. Playing with kids you grew up with and sat in the stands with thinking "I can't wait until I can play on the team" is crazy. All of a sudden it's your time to "rep" your school. My school team is undefeated and I am averaging 33 points a game. As for my AAU teams, that's a little different. My 8th grade team is the Long Island Lightning and we came in 5th place in last years Nationals. The year before last in Newport News Va. we won the whole thing. We were the 12U AAU National Champions. The crazy thing about that is two years before that we came in 82nd out of 106 teams. That poor finish motivated me to win a National CHIP. I see the Long Island Lightning as my second family. I also play for the PLAYAZ BASKETBALL CLUB. I play for the 15U team and have played with them since I was 7 years old. Back then Tamir "Pop" Jackson of St Benedicts, Jayon James, Fuquan Edwin of Paterson Catholic and Brian Lewis of Eastside were on the team. If there is a conflict between the two teams (and there always is) I chose to play with the PLAYAZ. I have been the point guard on that team since I was 9. Since then me and Myles Mack of Paterson Catholic have been the starting back court. This summer with the PLAYAZ we won the Nike Main Event 14U out in Las Vegas which was really a great time on and off the court.

Well, it's getting late so it's time to wrap things up. I do want to say congrates to the Giants fans for their Super Bowl victory. Oh yea, on Wednesday Feb 6th me and my mom are going to St Lucia for a vacation, I let you know how that goes. So til next time this is Kyle Anderson signing out!!

Mike Melton Flashback: Tyreke Evans 1st Diary

Introducing Tyreke Evans a 6’4 freshmen guard from American Christian School in Aston, Pennsylvania brings the first installment of his Player Diary to MetroHoops.com. Tyreke ranks as one of the top 5 Freshman basketball prospects in the country, and will bring us a special look inside his recruitment, and his life on and off of the basketball court.

When a player scores 27 points against a future pro (Loul Deng), destroys a Reebok Camp and wins a National Championship (AAU) it seems like a credible feat. But when you throw in he accomplished all of this before entering 9th grade then it’s unbelievable. The player that I’m referring to is Tyreke Evans a 6’4 guard from American Christian School in Aston, PA. After watching Tyreke dismantle opponents with my own eye’s I decided to share the wealth. In an effort to keep the NJ and NY area updated on Evan’s endeavors we have decided to post a periodical diary produced by the Freshmen Phenom himself.

New Jersey and New York Introducing Tyreke “The Beast” Evans!


Hey what's up, my name is Tyreke Evans and I'm a 6'4 Freshman Guard at American Christian School in Ashton, Pa. I'm from Chester, Pa home of Jameer Nelson of the Orlando Magic. Jameer is a close friend of my brother Eric, and he's helped me with my basketall game.

Right now I'm ranked as one of the top 5 Freshman in the country. Breakdown.com has me ranked Number One and Hoop Scoop recently told my coaches that I'll be Number Two behind Korie Lucious of Wisconsin. Since this summer a lot of good things have happened to me, first I went to Camp Next at Fairleigh Dickinson and was voted the top player there over a lot of great players.

Second my AAU team The Reebok Raiders won the 14 & Under National Championship in Orlando, Florida. That was probably the highlight of the summer because we beat some really good teams like Master P's team which won the championship the year before. In that game Little Romeo tried to guard me one play, I crossed him up so bad he almost fell, I always think about that when his Video is on T.V. I had 29 points 12 rebounds and 7assists in that game. Then we beat Korie Lucious team in the championship and I had 24 points, I was voted Most Outstanding Player of the tournament. I also led the entire tournament in scoring with an average of 28 points a game.

My high school team season just started this past weekend, some people might think that I'll be nervous because I'm a Freshman, but I played varsity as an Eighth Grader and averaged 18 points. We played two games this past weekend and went 1-1. The first game we lost to Abington Friends, which has two 6'9 players and is ranked as one of the top ten teams in Philly, I had 24 points and 5 assists. The second game we beat Philadelphia Math & Science, I had 28 points 10 rebounds and 8 assists.

Before I go I want to acknowledge some of the people who've been important to me, first my mother Bonita Evans, my father John Holmes, my brother Reggie who's always been there for me, my brother Eric (Pooh) Evans who's always helped me with my game, my brother Julius (Doc) Evans who's alway offered me support, and my brother Dion for looking out for me. I also want to shout out my boys Nasir Robinson and Karron Burton who play at American Christian and live in Chester with me. Thanks for listening to me and I'll talk to you next week.

Tyreke "Reke" Evans