Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Basketball Spotlight Top 10: 13 and Under Division

Youth Interlock Remains #1

The Basketball Spotlight 13U Top 10 is updated. The top team remains but we had some moment throughout. Our rankings are based on top tournament finishes, strength of schedule and our opinion on which teams are better.

1. Youth Interlock- On paper YI has the pieces to bring home the prize in July. We will get a close up look at them at their AAU Regionals and when they arrive at the MDC. They might be the road block for Team Nelson winning the Triple Crown.

2. Team Nelson- Team Nelson is trying to make history by winning the Triple Crown (Grand Finale, Atlantic City Showcase and MDC). First they have a tough AAU regional tournament to get through before heading down to the MDC.

3. Gauchos- The Choz came up short at the Spring Fling in the finals against Juice All Stars. They are the favorites to win the Metropolitan Region and are hosting their own tourney middle of May. We have extended an MDC invite to them we are waiting for a reply.

4. Team Underrated: After falling in the quarterfinals in Atlantic City Showcase the Long Island boys rebounded to win the Boston Massacre. They are penciled in for the MDC and said they are ready to defend their crown.

5. Team Scan: Scan is one of the most battled teams in the region. They didn’t make the trip to AC but did go up to Boston and made a run to the semifinals. They also were extended an invite to Atlantic City Showcase.

6. Team NJ ABC: The Trenton based squad has been making some noise this year. Down in Atlantic City they flexed their muscles by making it to the finals. They are currently in a chase for the NJ 13U State title.

7. Team Kobe: TK should be in good shape as Brandon Austin is making a comeback from injury. They have a busy upcoming schedule. They play in the Filly Sol Dream Classic, Mid Atlantic AAU Regionals and have expressed interest in the MDC.

8. King Street Kings: KSK are currently in the quarterfinals of the NJ State tourney. A championship run will definitely move them up in the rankings.

9. Team Final: The Mid Atlantic Region has another tough squad to deal with. Team Final turned heads in Atlantic City with some early blow out wins. They loss to eventual champ Team Nelson. They will have another shot at the MDC.

10. Team Rebels: The Rebels are also from Chester and are out to prove they belong with the elite crowd. They have a rugged style and know how to produce wins.

Lurking: CJ Jammers, City Sports on 4, NJ Shore Shots, Playaz Basketball Club, Delaware Finest

Basketball Spotlight Event Highlights Page!

Basketball Spotlight entered the video era in October. We currently have several event highlights on our Youtube page. There were some exciting moments this year and we caught a lot of them with our camera coverage. These highlights are from the Elite 80 Expo, Grand Finale 08 and Clash For The Cup. The Atlantic City Showcase highlights are coming very soon!

Elite 80 Expo (Georgetown vs. Arizona)

Elite 80 Expo (Duke vs. North Carolina)

Elite 80 Expo Championship (Arizona vs. Duke)

Elite 80 Expo Highlight HSSMTV Remix

Grand Finale 14 and Under

Grand Finale 12 and Under Championship

Grand Finale 13 and Under Championship

Grand Finale 11 and Under Championship

Clash For The Cup 11 and Under Championship

Clash For The Cup 12 and Under Championship

Monday, March 30, 2009

Basketball Spotlight Top 10: 12 and Under Division

Team Final Keeps Top Spot

The Basketball Spotlight 12U Top 10 is here once again. There was a little movement and a few new squads making the list. Our rankings are based on top tournament finishes, strength of schedule and our opinion on which teams are better.

1. Team Final- Another tournament and another crown for this Mid Atlantic juggernaut. They mercy ruled just about opponent and seems to be primed to make a big run at the Nationals. They will first take care of business at the regionals before coming to the MDC.

2. The City- This NY squad took care of business in the pool in Atlantic City before losing to Team Final in the semis. They are getting better and better each time out. They will be playing in the NY regionals before also coming to the MDC.

3. F.A.C.E.S.- They came down to Atlantic City on a mission and ended up the finals vs. Team Final. Their moment of truth arrived when they faced Team Takeover in the semifinals. The battled tested Newark squad played strong and took home the victory.

4. Gauchos- The Choz won the Show Me Invitational and finished 2nd at the Playaz Spring Fling. Coach Science has revamped his squad a little since the Grand Finale and seems to be headed in the right direction. We will see at the MDC.

5. Team Takeover- The Maryland boys made their Spotlight debut and looked like they were headed to the finals before running into a tough F.A.C.E.S. squad. I don’t know what their Memorial Day plans are but we have extended an invite

6. Long Island Lightning- The Lightning were back in action at the Spring Fling and overcame a first half deficit to defeat the Gauchos for the crown. I heard they have some new faces that are ready to get busy. We will get a first- hand look at them in Neptune.

7. King Street Kings- I haven’t seen much of this talented group this year. They are currently in the 13U Div. 2 State tournament. Expect a jump in the polls if they make a deep run in the 12U state tourney.

8. Linden Ballers- The Ballers showed tremendous fight at the Show Me Invitational and the Atlantic City Showcase. They have a couple of new wing players that have given them some offensive punch. They have signed up to chase the big trophy at the MDC.

9. Team MVP- The Capital City boys played in tough pool in Atlantic City and displayed some talent. They are currently in the 13U D2 NJ State tournament. They also received an invite to the MDC.

10. Albany Dream Team- The Dream Team made their Spotlight debut and banged out in a tough pool. We have extended a MDC invite to them hopefully they will meet us in Neptune.

Lurking: Mid Jersey Heat, Team NJ ABC, NJ Shore Shots, Team Underrated

Basketball Spotlight Top 10: 11 and Under Division!

Team Battle Remains On Top!

The Basketball Spotlight 11U Top 10 has returned and we had some movement in the rankings. There were also some new teams making their debut in the Top 10. The Atlantic Showcase gave us a good look into this age group. Our rankings are based on top tournament finishes, strength of schedule and our opinion on which teams are better.

1. Team Battle: Team Battle reacted like true champions after recovering from a pool loss to CT 300 and winning the Atlantic City Showcase. They now will travel to the Cincinnati Knights tourney which should be a dandy.

2. Gauchos: The Choz didn’t take the trip down to AC but we feel very comfortable having them in the #2 slot. They have their regional tourney coming up then it’s the ultimate showdown in Neptune, “The MDC”.

3. F.A.C.E.S.: The Newark boys made it to the finals of the Atlantic City Showcase after also finishing runner up at the Maryland Bulls tourney which was loaded. They have the NJ State tourney and the MDC before heading to the Maryland Invitational.

4. DC Assault: DC Assault made their Spotlight debut and made a run to the semifinals before losing to Team Battle by 1. I like their team because they have some good size and a few play makers. We will keep an eye on them.

5. Sam Cassell All Stars: Sam Cassell has made the call and said they will be making the trip to the MDC. Their guard play is top notch and they have the pieces to take home the big trophy at the end of May.

6 . CT 300: The Connecticut squad came to Atlantic City and knocked off top squads Team Battle and Team Takeover. They are very aggressive on the defensive end of the floor and never stop bringing the intensity.

7. New Heights: NH also came down to Atlantic City and won their pool after defeating Team Takeover in a tough battle. In the quarterfinals they ran into a determined Team Battle squad and took a loss.

8. Team Takeover: Team Takeover made their Spotlight debut and can add a few tough games to their resume. They have some good pieces and I can’t wait to see them as the season progresses.

9. Team Scan: TS has made the call and will be also taking the trip to Neptune. They are known to have a tough squad and I’m anxious to watch him rock.

10. KBR Raptors: The stubborn boys from the Neptune area looked better than they did at the Grand Finale. They have some good guards and go very hard on defense. They should make the NJ State tourney and MDC very interesting.

Lurking: King Street Kings, Team Underrated, Team NJ ABC

Diary Of A Baller: Jordan Forehand Entry #5

What’s Up, BBall World!

I just finished checking out the North Carolina versus Oklahoma game. I want Villanova to win it all, but any of the teams at this point can win.

I had a game with the Jersey Shore Shots (14U) and Coach Adam Turner on Saturday down in Neptune, NJ. We won. I got there with about 15 minutes left because I had games earlier in the day with Sports University. We also had a scrimmage on Wednesday against the New Jersey Heat. We won that game also.

I also played with Sports University (15U) and Coach Ed Molloy over the weekend in the Super Regional’s at Island Garden out in West Hempstead. We went 2-2, losing to the PA Playaz in the semi-finals. Our other loss was in overtime to the Westchester Hawks Select team. We beat the Rising Stars and one of the Long Island Lightning teams

As usual, I made my two visits last week to TBSA to work on the jump shot and a few other drills. I also did my agility and speed training.

Last week, Ed Bright, the CEO for Sports University set up a seminar for the players with someone who specializes in communications. The person spoke about non-verbal ways to communicate and how to understand them. The meeting was also open to the parents. I was not able to attend, but my father went in my place. He told me what it was about. There will be other events like this and I will be at the next one.

Last week, my school had the students go through a drug awareness program. It was interesting and helpful. It once again taught us the importance of staying away from drugs.

This is going to be a busy week at school. I'm sure that we will be having a couple of quizzes. I can feel it!

J-4 Out!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Hoop Group Jr. Elite Recap: Neptune, NJ

Iverson Fleming (North Brunswick, NJ)

The Hoop Group Jr. Elite Camp took place at Hoop Group Headquarters and Basketball Spotlight was in the building. We concentrated our focus on the Class of 2012 which gave us a look at some new prospects. Here are the players that impressed us.

Top Performers

Iverson Fleming Guard (North Brunswick)- Iverson is quick as a jet with the rock. He enjoys attacking the gaps and dishing or finishing at the cup. Iverson also drained a couple of outside shots but I did notice that they release on his outside shot is rather low. He should be able to improve his form as he gets stronger. I like his game.

Trevis Wyche Guard (Neptune)-I haven’t seen Wyche on the circuit so it was good to see him rock today. I noticed some improved quickness and strength when finishing near the hoop. His point guard skills are nature so they will always be present. This kid should have a solid high school career.

Jimbo Long Guard (Matawan)- I heard a lot of good things about long before watching him play today. He had a so-so performance but I could see some flashes that have people giving rave reviews. He’s a scoring guard that needs to have the rock in his hands and he also has decent form on his outside shot. I hope to see more of him soon.

Conner Rogers Guard (Monmouth Beach)- Rogers was very solid handling the pill, making decisions and scoring in the mid range area or near the tin. He has enough handle to get rid of defenders and enough strength to finish in traffic. He had a decent first impression.

Darrian Collins Guard (South River)- Collins spent time at the point and looked very comfortable. I like how he’s displaying good court vision and posture running the show. Darrian receiving reps now will be crucial for him making the transition on the next level.

Tavante Brittingham Forward (Hamilton)- Brittingham is a live body on the floor. He was very active around the basket even though he still must develop his post moves and footwork. I did see him step out behind the arc and drain a trey maybe he’s really a wing player.

Nelson Zevas Guard (Trenton)- I haven’t seen this kid since the MDC 07. He still loves to dribble hard right and get into the lane by beating opposing guards off the dribble. Zevas has a scorer’s mentality and brings it out when he has the opportunity.

Jared Nickens Forward (North Brunswick)- Nickens length makes his presence felt on the defensive end and he has a decent stroke from the perimeter. I would like to see him improve his ball handling and become more aggressive attacking the basket.

Hoop Group March Madness Recap: 12 and Under

NJ Triple Threat Are Champs

Gilberto Cue scored 14 points as NJ Triple Threat breezed past CJ Future Stars to win the Hoop Group March Madness Championship. Here’s a breakdown of what players stood out in this one.

Standout Players

Gilberto Cue Guard (NJ Triple Threat)- Cue was voted MVP as he had his way with the opposition. The strong guard bullied his way to easy buckets in the lane and drained a couple of outside shots to cap off a good day from the field. On defense he also made his presence felt making steals and hitting the glass.

David Tolentino Forward (NJ Triple Threat)- Speaking of rebounds Tolentino had a bunch. He controlled the paint and spent most of the day inside following up his own misses. His presence made things very easy for his team.

Luis Solorzano Guard (NJ Triple Threat)- I like the way Luis plays the game. He can hit the midrange shot or take it all the way to the cup. Solorzano also will take over the point at times and create opportunities for his teammates.

Carmine Morchitto Guard (NJ Triple Threat)- Morchitto was the true floor general for this squad. In transition he pushed the rock and made scoring very easy for his teammates. He dribbles the rock with his head up and made good decisions for the most part.

Tyler Jones Guard (CJ Future Stars)- Jones went hard even though the game got out of reach. He stayed aggressive and made sure he got his shot attempts up. I like the heart and character he should in this one.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Hoop Group Jr. Elite Philly Recap

Rasheed Jordan Was Very Impressive Tonight

The Hoop Group held their Jr. Elite Camp at Germantown Academy and Basketball Spotlight was in the building. The event gave us a chance to check out some new 8th Graders and some other youngsters.

Top Performers

Class 2012

Rasheed Jordan Guard (Philadelphia, PA)- This was my first look at Jordan and his game stands out. His very quick in both directions and is capable of playing either guard spot effectively. Rasheed is the type of guard a coach would love because he has a serious killer instinct. Keep an eye on him.

Floyd Prieto Guard (Philadelphia, PA)- Prieto is one of the top pg’s in the Quaker State. He penetrates deep into the defense and knows how to find teammates. He couldn’t get off close to the basket but he punished the opposition with mid range pull up’s. He defense also stood out tonight as he harassed many ball handlers.

Austin Hawkins Guard (Philadelphia, PA)- Hawkins has a burst of speed that separates him from most defenders. Once he drives the lane he usually uses his speed and power to explode to the basket. But don’t over play his drive game because he will burn you with a mid range jumper.

Fateem Glenn Guard (Philadelphia, PA)- Most events have a small guard that stands out and Glenn played that role tonight. Shorty dished out several assist and enjoyed his role of doing it. In this day and time where many guards want to score it was good to see a pass first floor general.

Shawn Jerry Forward (Harrisburg, PA)- Jerry is the size of a guard but plays much bigger than that. He’s active in transition and will stick his head inside for a rebound. I would like to see him work on his ball handling and outside shot before entering high school.

Malik Starks Guard (Philadelphia, PA)- Starks caught my eye because he has good size but loves to handle the pill and throw look away passes. Sometimes he does have a little too much mustard on his play but you can see the potential in his game.

Class 2013

Trevon White Guard (Philadelphia, PA)- White seems to get better whenever I see him. During his game he scored at ease when going to the basket. His low crossover helped him get into the lane and stretch for lay ups or drop a few floaters. I like how he’s developing.

Joe Leventhal Forward (Hunting Valley, PA)- Joe was the biggest player in his division and he took full advantage. He hustled for several rebounds and even hit the face up set shot a few times. His size alone caused some problems inside.

Class 2014

Mikey Dixon Guard (Wilmington, DE)- Dixon looked good tonight, he let the game come to him and ran the show like a true point. His drive, draw and dish game was evident and his confidence was soaring. I was impressed with the Delaware native.

Stevie Jordan Guard (Philadelphia, PA)- Jordan scores so many ways on the floor. He will knock down the jumper; score in transition or breakdown his defender on the way to the cup. His feel for the game continues to improve and right now he truly gets the job done.

Jordan Meely Guard (Willow Grove, PA)- I like Meely’s energy on the floor. He’s a guard that has a good nose for the ball and runs the floor like a deer. He has a nice mid range stroke and will help out on the glass for rebounds while also playing aggressive defense.

The Hoop Group Jr. Elite Hits Neptune On Sunday and we will be there!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Inside AC Showcase: 14 and Under Division

Peacemakers Stood Strong In AC!

The 14 and Under Division had less off the court fire works but brought together some top teams for some great games. We had a new champion in the 14 and Under Division and some player movement that should make things interesting this spring and summer. Here is some inside info from Atlantic City.

Peacemakers Alive and Well!

Early on rumors were swirling about the Peacemakers breaking up and we at Basketball Spotlight first would like to apologize for jumping the gun with the incorrect information. The Philly boys not only showed they are still a unit but also showed their mite by running through the tournament and taking on the crown. The have some serious size and the defensive mentality to punish many teams into submission. Basketball Spotlight will keep an eye on this group and keep you in tune their progress.

Team Nelson Battling Injuries!

Team Nelson the #1 ranked team in the region lost two key players before the Atlantic City Showcase. Dajuan Drennon perhaps the best post player in the region is out for the year with a broken leg and sharp shooting guard Darius Robinson is out for 4 to 6 weeks with a broken wrist. TN is a very deep group but these loses will hurt anyone. Knowing this group they will find away to rebound for the MDC. Expect a deep run.

Foreman On The Move?

DJ Foreman the talented guard from Spring Valley, NY started the year with the Trenton Hurricanes before leaving to play with the Playaz Basketball Club. Foreman seems to have made another move while showing up with the Westchester Hawks at the Atlantic City Showcase. DJ seemed to be at home with his new team putting up good numbers in a couple of their games.

AC Showcase All Tournament Team

Shafeek Taylor (Peacemakers)
Zafir Copeland (Peacemakers)
John Davis (Peacemakers)
Jabril Chandler (Peacemakers)
Semaj Reed (Peacemakers)
Comrad Chambers (Team Nelson)
Jakari Rowe (Team Nelson)
Jaquan Johnson (Team Nelson)
Rondea Jefferson (Team Nelson)
Jeramiah Wortham (Team Nelson)
Jason Boswell (LI Lightning)
Donovan Johnson (LI Lightning)
DJ Foreman (Westchester Hawks)
Andrew Sawyer (Westchester Hawks)
Fuquan McDonald (KBR Fliers)
Rasoul Holland (KBR Fliers)

Championship Video Highlights Coming Soon!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Hoop Group Jr. Elite Tour Begins Tomorrow

The Hoop Group Jr. Elite Regional Tour is about to began and here’s a chance to ballers from 6th to 9th Grade to work on their skill, drills and perform before some top notch talent evaluators. Here’s a list of the regional camps. Don’t miss out!

Northern Virginia Junior Elite:

March 20th at Hoop Magic in Chantilly, VA

New England Junior Elite:

March 20th at Boston University in Boston, MA

Philadelphia Junior Elite:

March 27th at Germantown Academy in Ft. Washington, PA

Metro Junior Elite:

March 29th at Hoop Group Headquarters in Neptune, NJ

New York Junior Elite:

April 9th at St. John’s University in Queens, NY

Hoop Group Jr. Elite Site

Inside AC Showcase: 11 and Under Division

Team Battle Left With The Hardware

The 11 and Under Division at the Atlantic City Showcase provided the most fire works by far. We had a new team jump on the scene and major programs making their first trip to a Basketball Spotlight event. Here’s the inside track about what happened in Atlantic City.

Team Battle Rebounds For Crown

Team Battle rebounded from a lopsided pool loss to CT 300 to win the Atlantic City Showcase 11 and Under Title. The loss put TB on a tough road to the crown. The defeated a tough New Heights team in the quarterfinal before getting past highly touted DC Assault in the semifinals by one. In the championship Team Battle knocked off F.A.C.E.S. to take the crown home.

CT 300 Causes Havoc

CT 300 (Hartford Boys and Girls Club) was one a mission as they drove 95 South to Atlantic City. They wanted to make a statement and put their program on the map. Little did they know they would be the talk of the tournament. On the first night after getting past Staten Island Stingrays they were face to face with NJ Powerhouse Team Battle. This was the moment they have been waiting for and they proved they were ready by not only defeated TB but also mercy ruling them. This victory sent shock waves through the tourney and many people calling for an investigation. After looking through their information CT 300 checked out and were able to continue the tourney. The next round they defeated Team Takeover before losing to a determined FA.C.E.S. squad in the semifinals. It was an emotional weekend for this group and a real introduction to the reality of AAU Basketball. But guess what? They accomplished their goal because now they are on the map.

Potomac Valley Love!

Basketball Spotlight has trying to reach into the Potomac Valley for teams since last year. The PTS Pistons broke the ice at the Grand Finale but we really got a treat in Atlantic City as Team Takeover and nationally ranked DC Assault made their Spotlight debuts. Team Takeover finished 2nd in their pool after losing a close one to New Heights. The next day they loss in the quarterfinals to CT 300. DC Assault on the other hand cruised through pool and ran passed Team NJ ABC in the quarters. They then fell to Team Battle in the semifinals by one point. We would like to say thanks to both squads and we hope to see you at the MDC

What A Move!

Shyquan Gibbs of F.A.C.E.S put on the move of the tournament while driving the crowd into frenzy. In the pressured packed semifinal game against CT 300 Gibbs caught a pass in transitions and took two dribbles when the defender jump at his dribble hand Gibbs tossed the rock around his back and glided in for a lay up. The ref called traveled but where I was standing it looked like a legit move.

AC Showcase All Tournament Team

Tyus Battle (Team Battle)
Jamir Harris (Team Battle)
Khalif Crawford (Team Battle)
Darius Gillon (Team Battle)
Sa’eed Nelson (F.A.C.E.S.)
Shyquan Gibbs (F.A.C.E.S.)
Ray Montilous (F.A.C.E.S.)
RJ Cole (F.A.C.E.S.)

Jamar Watson (DC Assault)
Anthony Cowan (DC Assault)
Reggie Gardner (DC Assault)
Jayson Johnson (DC Assault)
KeAndre Fair (CT 300)
Ashon Avent (CT 300)
Giovanni Wickham (CT 300)
Dejane James (CT 300)
Thomas Bruce (Team Takeover)
Jaylon Myles (Team Takeover)
Malik Brown (Team Takeover)
AJ Perez (Team Takeover)

Jakeem Sturgis (New Heights)
Rakym Selder (New Heights)
Derrick Jones (Team NJ ABC)

Basketball Coach Suffers Tragic Loss

The basketball world suffered a big loss as Kimani Young a current assistant as St. John’s University loss his wife recently. Young is a long time grass root basketball coach and administrator. I first met Young during his Team Next days and stayed in touch when he moved to S. Carter Elite while guiding them to an AAU National Title. After leaving S. Carter Young took the Athletic Director position at New Heights Athletic program before becoming an assistant coach at St. John’s under Norm Roberts.

Basketball Spotlight sends our prayers and condolences to his family in this time of need. A fund has been set up to help Young and his 3 young children and Basketball Spotlight encourages the basketball community to come together and support one of their own. The important information is listed below for those that are willing to lend a helping hand. The viewing will be this Friday from 4 to 7 pm at Mt Sinai Baptist Church, 241 Gates Ave. Brooklyn, NY. The funeral follows the viewing.

Anyone interested in helping Mr. Young and family please send checks or money orders to; Kimani Young, Memo: Family Fund, 605 Louisiana Ave. Apt. 12D Brooklyn, NY 11239. Any questions contact Erica Stanley at estanleye@aol.com or Tarik Turner at tarik4@att.blackberry.net. Sometimes things are bigger than basketball and this is one of those times.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Inside AC Showcase: 12 and Under Division

The Team Final Train Keeps Moving!

The 12U division at the Atlantic City Showcase was exciting to the very end. It was heavily loaded from top to bottom and the games had heads turning all day. Here are some of the interesting stories that have emerged.

Team Final: New Name Same Results

Team Final proved that they are the top team in the region by blitzing the competition in Atlantic City. I was usual fashion a bunch of mercy rule games, a few scares in the playoffs and finally TF raising the trophies and holding the banner. This is a well rounded team that has a real shot of winning it all in Hampton this summer.

Men In Black Spoil Dream Match Up!

The stage was set for a championship match up between the regions #1 Team Final and #2 Team Takeover. The problem was somebody forgot to tell Rob Cole and his boys from North Jersey. Wearing their black uniforms F.A.C.E.S. jumped on Team Takeover early in the semifinals and held on for a huge victory. Their always seems to be a team that’s favorite going home empty handed at a Basketball Spotlight tourney.

The City Knocking On The Door!

The City and Team Final have locked horns 3 times and The City is getting closer and closer to dethroning the champs. In Atlantic City it was a tug a war match for most of the game until in the middle of the second when Team Final put together a serious run. The City will get another soon as both teams will make the trip to Neptune for the MDC.

AC Showcase All Tournament Team

Malik Ellison (Team Final)
Trey Wilkerson (Team Final)
Lamar Kimble (Team Final)
Ray Lawry (Team Final)
Trey Lowe (F.A.C.E.S.)
Jack Laffy (F.A.C.E.S.)
Brian Brown (F.A.C.E.S.)
Mike Jolaoso (F.A.C.E.S.)
Mike Williams (The City)
Josh Wallace (The City)
Boz Bernstein (The City)
Eric Paschall (The City)
Bryant Crawford (Team Takeover)
Tony Blackwell (Team Takeover)
Keith Wormley (Team Takeover)
Jeff Duwhn (Team Takeover)
Terq Mott (Team Answer)
Blake Jorge (Albany Dream Team)
Christian Vital (Team Underrated)
Kevin Alexis (Team MVP)
James Wright (Team MVP)
Tymere Berry (Mid Jersey Heat)
Jordan Taylor (Mid Jersey Heat)
Qu’Ron Foreman (Team Rebels)
Daye’shon Barnes (Team Rebels)
Tommy Hussong (Team NJ ABC)
Kyle Phipps (Linden Ballers)

Championship Game Video Highlights Coming Soon!

Inside AC Showcase: 13 and Under Division

Can Team Nelson Pull Of The Hat Trick

The 13 and Under Division at the Atlantic City Showcase had some good teams and turned out to be very entertaining. The results have made for some interesting stories and should make the rest of the AAU season worth watching.

Can Team Nelson Win The Triple Crown?

After winning the Grand Finale and Atlantic City Showcase, Team Nelson is a MDC victory of winning the Basketball Spotlight Triple Crown (All 3 Tourneys). The AC title didn’t come easy though. They got tripped up by an inspired Team NJ ABC squad in pool play this had to win an 8:00 am dog fight with emerging Team Final the next morning. TN then rebounded to knock off City Sports in the semifinals before avenging their earlier loss to Team NJ ABC in the championship. Winning the MDC won’t be easy because the competition will be thick and regional powerhouse Youth Interlock has entered the field to crash the party.

Is Team NJ ABC New Jersey’s Top Squad?

After winning the New Heights tourney, making a deep run at the MLK Classic and a runner up finish in Atlantic City. Team NJ ABC has to be in the running for the top spot in NJ. This squad has matured under coach Khaliq Lewis EL and has the pieces to dethrone state champ King Street Kings. They are battled tested and have tasted success so look out for this Trenton based squad the rest of the way.

Who’s Matt Reese?

The talk from MLK Complex was about this 6’3 silky smooth wing guard that plays for Team Final. I didn’t personally see Reese in action but my staff member told me he was by far the top prospect in this division. This holds serious weight with me because the staff member that gave the report is very difficult to impress. Matt I will personally check you out during the MDC. Be Ready!

Love found home?

Jerron Love traveled to the Atlantic City Showcase with Team Underrated. This guard is one of the most point men in the region. Team Underrated could use his services and with Chris Davis this would be a very exciting backcourt. We will keep you posted as TU has confirmed their spot at the MDC.

AC Showcase All Tournament Team

Kyle Coleman (Team Nelson)
Nazier Chew (Team Nelson)
Dion Linton (Team Nelson)
Terrell Sturdivant (Team Nelson)
Christian Irons (Team Nelson)
Kaison Randolph (Team NJ ABC)
Isiah Powell (Team NJ ABC)
Shaquan Worthy (Team NJ ABC)
Wade Baldwin (Team NJ ABC)
Rhys Dring (Team NJ ABC)
Matt Reese (Team Final)
Ethan Ridgeway (Team Rebels)

William Taylor (Team Rebels)
Montez Weathers (Team Rebels)
Chris Davis (Team Underrated)

Akil Spruill (Team Underrated)
Breund Murphy (Team Underrated)

Championship Game Highlights Coming Soon!

Diary Of A Baller: Jason Boswell Entry #16

It's your boy Smooth coming at you.

I took a little time off to focus on my number one priority...school. I had several big exams that required my focus. My mom and dad do not play when it comes to school.

On the basketball side of things, We played in the Basketball Spotlight Tournament in Atlantic City this weekend which was great. We were undefeated in pool play but came up a little short in the semi-finals. We were missing some key players due to prior commitments but Coach McNeil felt we had a good showing despite losing in overtime by 2 points. The flu bugs has bitten your boy so I am down for 2 days now. Hopefully, I will be able to play in this weekends tourney.

I'm out!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Atlantic City Showcase 10U Championship Recap: Delaware Panthers Cruise To Victory

Nasir Bell scored 10 and Kyle Evans added 11 markers as the Delaware Panthers defeated Team NJ ABC to win the Atlantic City Showcase 10 and Under Championship. Chase Lewis scored 5 points for Team NJ in the loss.

Congratulations To Delaware Panthers Team
#21 Nasir Bell
#32 Marquis Collins
#31 Stanley Davis
#23 Kyle Evans
#10 Mark Harris
#20 Edward Nelson
#3 Kyson Rawls
#4 Noah Warren
#34 Joshua Williams
#24 Keith Williams
#5 Larry Yarbray
#33 Justin Ross

Head Coach-----------Kyle Rawls
Assistant Coach------Mark Harris
Assistant Coach------Brian Warren