Monday, March 16, 2009

Diary Of A Baller: Jordan Forehand Entry #3

Hello World,

This is your boy, Jordan and I want to update you on my week. I am on school break from Rutgers Prep and had many assignments to cover. I had to complete a book called “Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy” and read three chapters in science. Gotta hit the books!

As far as basketball is concerned, I had a pretty busy weekend. My 14U and 15U teams were in the same tournament sponsored by Hoop Group and played at Drew University. I played in a total of 8 games in two days!

This week, I joined a 15U team called Sports University, whose President is Ed Bright and is coached by Ed Molloy and Brian Coleman, the JV Coaches from St. Anthony's. The coaches are great teachers and the players come from a variety of schools. We made it to the championship, but lost in the last few seconds 43-41. It was tight all the way. I love playing in those kind of games.

I also worked out this week with my 14U Shore Shots team, coached by Adam Turner. We played hard, but lost in the semifinals. A couple of guys thought they could talk me out of my game. They will eventually realize that that doesn’t work. It just makes me focus more on the goal…winning.

All in all, the tournament was run very well and the competition was good. I wish we could have walked away with the chip in both. We will next time.

As usual, I also did my agility and fitness training and also worked on my jump shot. I try to take a minimum of 500 shots when I am working on my jump shot. My father always tells me, with a jump shot, you can play forever.

I am leaving for Puerto Rico tonight and originally, I was supposed to go for two weeks, but my vacation was shortened to four days since I made a commitment to play basketball this weekend. Don’t worry…I have my ball with me!

Well, my plane is leaving soon. Study Hard and Play Harder!

J4 - Out!