Monday, March 16, 2009

Atlantic City Showcase 13 and Under Schedule

The Basketball Spotlight 13 and Under Atlantic City Showcase Schedule is listed below. Making the schedule is a very difficult process and we tried to keep everybody in mind when making this schedule. But keep in mind that some teams have to play the early games as well as the late games. The schedule below is the final one.

1. Team Final
2. Team MVP
3. NJ Shore Shots

1. Team Nelson
2. Mid Jersey Heat
3. Team NJ ABC

Pool M
1. Hoop Stars Gym Rat
2. CJ Jammers
3. Team Underrated

Pool N
1. Team Rebels
2. City Sports
3. All Might Force Warriors

Saturday March 21st

8:00 AM J1-J2 (NY Ave. Complex)
9:10 AM K1-K2 (NY Ave. Complex)
10:20 AM J1-J3 (NY Ave. Complex)
11:30 AM K1-K3 (NY Ave. Complex)
12:40 PM J2-J3 (NY Ave. Complex)
1:50 PM K2-K3 (NY Ave. Complex)
3:00 PM M1-M3 (NY Ave. Complex)
4:10 PM N1-N3 (NY Ave. Complex)
5:20 PM M1-M2 (NY Ave. Complex)
6:30 PM N1-N2 (NY Ave. Complex)
7:40 PM M2-M3 (NY Ave. Complex)
8:50 PM N2-N3 (NY Ave. Complex)

Sunday March 22nd

8:00 AM 1st J vs. 2nd K (NY Ave. Complex)
9:10 AM 1st K vs. 2nd J (NY Ave. Complex)
10:20 AM 1ST M vs. 2ND N (NY Ave. Complex)
11:30 AM 1st N vs. 2nd M (NY Ave. Complex)
12:40 PM 3rd J vs. 3rd K (NY Ave. Complex)
1:50 PM 3rd M vs. 3rd N (NY Ave. Complex)
3:00 PM Pool K vs. Pool N (Semifinal) (ACHS 1)
3:00 PM Pool L vs. Pool M (Semifinal) (ACHS 2)
5:20 PM 13U Championship (ACHS 2)

* ACHS= Atlantic City High School
NY Ave Complex= New York Ave School 411 North New York Ave