Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Diary Of A Baller: Anthony "Champ" Mosely (Delaware) Entry #11

Hey basketball fans it your boy Champ with another week in the life of a baller. This week was good because it was Christmas and there is no school. I got in a couple of good workouts and my AAU team had a scrimmage game.

After sitting at home for most of the week we finally got out after all that snow. Wednesday my dad took me to DSU for a workout with Old School Sports. When we got there I got a chance to watch the Hornets practice for a while and listen to my dad talk about his playing days at the school. After the team finished we got right to work as usual. Once again I was the only middle schooler in the gym as we worked on dribbling, did some core work and did many shooting drills. The big difference at this workout was this 6'11” kid was there and the dude was huge. Come to find out it was a DE native home for the break just getting some work. He was a beast that plays high major ball. Saturday we went up to Wilmington to workout and got up many shots.

Finally on Sunday we took a trip down to the DC area because my AAU team DC Assault 14U Gold was playing in a middle school exhibition game against our 13U Gold. It was good to see my teammates Darius, Corey, Darian, and Lenard. We all have been busy with our school teams so we haven't practiced at all or had any workouts. It was a good game for us we only had 5 players and we ran all day against a very good team. The final score was 49-27 but it was close until the 3rd quarter. I finished the game with 10pts 5 assists 6 rebounds 4 steals. It was good just couldn't get a jump shot to fall. That's all that happened to me this week. Tune in next time for more highlights in the life of a 8th grade baller.


Champ Out !!!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Diary Of A Baller: Jalen Henriquez (New Jersey) Entry #12

Hello Basketball World

This past week have been a bit hectic, last Thursday I had my last holiday concert at my school which went ok, I then went out to dinner after with a couple friends, and had a good time. When I got home that night I felt extremely sick. What I felt was a virus putting me in the hospital for two days. When I finally got healthy again it was fortunately on Christmas Eve. Christmas for me was good, I got what I asked for and had a good time with family and friends and hope it was the same, if not better, for all. I mainly want to talk about the experience of meeting Kobe Bryant, this was an amazing experience and one of the best I have ever had. The way I got in was because my godfather, who is DJ Ted smooth, got me into an event that Kobe was at. Kobe was doing drills which I got a chance to help the young kids with, and he also gave a speech telling kids to never give up in life no matter what obstacles are in the way, also to never let anyone tell you that you can’t do something. I was able to get a picture with Kobe, an autograph basketball and the speech was big also. Although I have heard to never let anyone tell me I can’t do something numerous times this time really hit home because it was Kobe Bryant, arguably the greatest player in the world right now, right there in front of me talking to me and all the others about the one thing him and I have in common, the love of the game. Sunday, I will be going to a Christmas Tournament in River Dell New Jersey with my AAU Coach, Coach Ozzie and my Dad to watch some high school teams. This week I am also off from school and plan on working out, relaxing, and hanging out with friends to just have fun. These two weeks of vacation is a real gift after I have been working very hard in school with studying and tutoring for high school exams, my next semester I will continue to work extremely hard and still can’t wait for my AAU season to start!

Young One Out…

Friday, December 25, 2009

Diary Of A Baller: Anthony "Champ" Mosely (Delaware) Entry #11

Hey world its your boy Champ writing about some of the highlights of my week. This week my school team played two games. I took a couple of quizzes and went to my brothers game. Outside of that it was my regular daily routine.

We played our first game on Monday against Laurel Middle. I had a season high of 32pts and finished with 7 boards, 5 dimes, and 3 blocks. The game was close at the end of the first quarter we were up by 5 but we had played pretty sloppy giving up easy layups and stuff. But at the break coach dug in us a little bit and got us going. I came out and scored 15 straight and we went on a 37-0 run until the end of the third. I didn't play any in the fourth quarter but the final score was 60-19 as we moved to 3-0 on the season. Thursday we played Milford Middle and they where at home in the dungeon as we say down here, it is a small gym that is packed with buc fans from wall to wall standing room only. It is a dark and dreary place to play we had to go there last year and this year. Last year we came away with an over time victory. This year was a little different as we quieted the crowd early and came away with a 52-21 victory I finished with 19pts and 7 assists.

Tuesday I had quizzes in Math and English. I studied over the weekend for english and stayed after with the math teacher for some tutoring the week before for math. I think I did well on both quizzes and am digging in hard for this stretch during the basketball season. Don't want my grades to slip this year. Friday night went to my brothers game and his team beat Lake Forest High School 75-27. This is the second game that I've been to and his team has won big. He got to play a lot again. As a freshman he be getting some run because his team be beastin, they going down to Boo Williams tournament over the break I think they will get a game there..

Finally, the week ended with a blizzard and we were snowed in for the weekend. But I want to talk about my daily routine that I've done since 11yrs old it might help some of you. Every day I do pushups, toe raises, lunges, squats, jump rope, and core work. When I started I didn't do as many as I do today but now at the end of each week I've done 1400 push ups, 280 toe raises, lunges and squats, 63 minutes of jump rope, and countless core work. Well that's all and I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Champ Out !!!!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Basketball Spotlight Headed To Boston For X-Mas

Basketball Spotlight is headed to Boston, Massachusetts for the 2nd Annual Urban/Suburban X-MAS Holiday Tournament presented by the Visionary Basketball Club.

Event: 2nd Annual Urban/Suburban X-MAS Holiday Tournament

Date: December 26th thru 30th

Ages: Boys and Girls 4th Grade Thru 9th Grade (10U Thru 15U)

Location: Swampscott HS, Marblehead HS, UMass Boston

Awards: Trophies For Championship Team

Cost: $250 Per Team ($225 Multiple Team Discount)

Contact: Santonio Gooding at (617)-413-2446

Don’t miss the action! Basketball Spotlight will be in the building.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Basketball Spotlight 12U Top 10 (Presented By AGame Team Apparel)

Now that the Grand Finale has come and gone we are ready to release our first Top 10 Team Rankings of the season. This year our rankings will be sponsored by AGame Team Apparel. Now we will take a look at the 12U Division.

Basketball Spotlight 12U Top 10 (Presented By AGame Team Apparel)

1. Team Battle: The Team Of The Year was idle for the Grand Finale but still have probably the best trio in the country. Teams will be gunning for them this year so they better ready. They will make their spotlight debut at the Clash For The Cup.

2. F.A.C.E.S.: They used their quickness to take on the Grand Finale crown and will be looking for another chip at the Clash For The Cup. They always seem to be outmatched by opponents until the tip off and their guards’ are unleashed.

3. DC Assault (Cowan): The boys from Potomac Valley will be rocking next weekend at the PTS Pistons tourney. You already know this is a solid and hopefully we can get them to travel up I95 a few times this year.

4. Gauchos: The Choz almost repeated as Grand Finale champs finishing runner-up to the F.A.C.E.S. crew. I like some of the pieces they have but replacing Brandon Randolph will be key. They are always a threat to win it all.

5. New Heights: They made it to the Final Four of the Grand Finale and Rakym Felder put up huge numbers again. If he is on they are capable of knocking off any squad. They are still a force to be reckoned with. They will be at the Clash For The Cup.

6. King Street Kings: I hear this squad has added a few studs. I know that Gilberto Cue and George Pena are legit. They will kick off play in their own tourney in the beginning of January.

7. MABC: They made their spotlight debut and came a few points short of reaching the finals. Their frontcourt is one of the top in the region. Hopefully we can get them down here again.

8. Team Takeover: This group has some good all around pieces. Their guard play is always tough and they have a few versatile forwards. This Potomac Valley crew is scheduled to come to the Clash For The Cup.

9. Sam Cassell All Stars: This squad is also from PV and has a load of talent. They are one of the toughest teams around and should be making their Spotlight debut at the Clash For The Cup.

10. NJ Got Game: This new squad has a few new players such Nyrique Smith and Khalif Crawford. These additions alone should make them capable of knocking off several teams. The Clash For The Cup will be their debut.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Basketball Spotlight 13U Top 10 (Presented By AGame Apparel)

Now that the Grand Finale has come and gone we are ready to release our first Top 10 Team Rankings of the season. This year our rankings will be sponsored by AGame Team Apparel. Now we will take a look at the 13U Division.

Basketball Spotlight 13U Top 10 (Presented By AGame Team Apparel)

1. Team Final: Team Final came, saw and conquered the Grand Finale. They held off a few challenges and took home the hardware. TF seems to be gearing up for a National Title run and with the addition of Manny Taylor it could be possible. We will see at the Clash For The Cup.

2. The City: They loss a couple of pieces but this versatile bunch still made it to the finals of the Grand Finale. They are currently nipping at Team Final heels and will try to get over the top at the Clash For The Cup. This is a squad no one wants to play.

3. KYDA: This new squad is the front runner for New Team Of The Year. They made a strong run to the semifinals and had Team Final on the ropes. I love their guard and the toughness they showed throughout the tourney. I’m sure we will hear from them soon.

4. Team Takeover: After losing their top gun (Bryant Crawford) to injury following the first game they still managed to make to the Final Four of the Grand Finale. They are a rock solid squad and will always be in the thick of things.

5. Gauchos: This bunch has a load of talent and looked good at the Grand Finale before running into Team Takeover. As you know they are a dangerous crew capable of making a run at any tourney. Coach Science will have his troops ready for battle.

6. F.A.C.E.S.: The Boys in Black loss a slugfest with KYDA at the Grand Finale. The loss of Manny Taylor will be a huge void but Coach Cole will make adjustments as usual. We look forward to seeing them at the Clash For The Cup.

7. NJ Got Game: These boys made a splash during pool play before facing off with TF. They have a talented bunch but will need to gel before making a huge impact. They will have another crack at it during the Clash For The Cup.

8. Philly Aztecs: I like this bunch and don’t be surprised if they move up in the rankings. They have one of the top prospects in the country (Horace Spencer) and a few tough guards. Don’t ever sleep on them.

9. Delaware Team Select: This bunch created a little buzz at the Grand Finale. They have some legit guards and a few other blossoming pieces. We will definitely keep an eye on this bunch.

10. Linden Ballers: This rugged bunch gives any opponents a huge headache. They are always ready to play and well coached. This could be the year they make a huge dent.

Next Up: 12 and Under Division

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Basketball Spotlight 14U Top 10 (Presented By AGame Team Apparel)

Now that the Grand Finale has come and gone we are ready to release our first Top 10 Team Rankings of the season. This year our rankings will be sponsored by AGame Team Apparel. First we will take a look at the 14U Division.

Basketball Spotlight 14U Top 10 (Presented By AGame Team Apparel)

1. Starrett City: You can call them Starrett City or Juice All Stars but we feel they are the #1 team in the region right now. They stormed through the Grand Finale until the playoffs rolled around. They have a loaded roster and should have a chance to go wire to wire in the #1 spot.

2. Youth Interlock: A few roster changes will occur with this squad but expect to still bring the pain. They were idle during Grand Finale but should make their Spotlight debut at the Clash For The Cup. I also heard they might pick up a few studs soon so watch out.

3. Team Scan: Scan made it to the finals of the Grand Finale and had Starrett City on the ropes. This defensive minded squad possesses some of the top guards in the region. They are also entering the Clash For The Cup and will be looking for their first Spotlight crown.

4. Team Nelson: The Triple Crown winners left the Grand Finale empty handed after falling to Team Scan in the semifinals. They should return for the Clash For The Cup hungry as ever. Don’t count them out.

5. Brooklyn Ballers: This talented bunch also made it to the Final Four at the Grand Finale. Their backcourt is dynamic and their up tempo style makes it difficult for opponents. They will try to finish the job at the Clash For The Cup.

6. Team Underrated: I like what TU brought to the Grand Finale. They have one of the top guards around and made a strong push before losing to Brooklyn Ballers in the quarterfinals. They are knocking on the door.

7. Team NJ ABC: The reigning NJ State Champs made it to the quarterfinals before running into a buzz saw called Starrett City. They are still a dangerous squad and capable of running the table at any tourney.

8. AGame Elite: Formerly Team Kobe this squad took a big hit with the apparent loss of Brandon Austin. They still have some good pieces and probably will reload with some talent shortly.

9. Team Final: Pop Warner football caused this squad not to enter the Grand Finale but they should be ready to go for the Clash For The Cup. They have one of the top prospects in the region in Matt Risse.

10. NJ Pirates: I slept on this squad in the Grand Finale but they made a little noise. They have a solid crew willing to leave it all on the floor. Keep an eye out for them. Jake Dadika is one of their top guards.

13 and Under Coming Tomorrow!

Diary Of A Baller: Jalen "Young One" Henriquez (New Jersey) Entry #11

Hello Basketball World,

This week was a good one, on Sunday I finally took my last high school acceptance test, I took the ISEE. This was the hardest test I've ever taken. After that I went to my dads MMA fight where he clearly won fight, the only problem was the he got two points deducted for illegal punches and was charged with a loss. There is a saying that goes its success is not final failure is not fatal it is the courage to continue that counts. Which I feel he has. This week was also exciting be cause this is our last week before my school gladly gives us a 2 week long break that I plan on enjoying while working out during. On the 18th, I will be attending a couple high school games at Paramus Catholic and Dwight Englewood; these season openers should be very interesting. I will also be visiting a few of my AAU teammates along with these games. I am also extremely excited in anticipation of the start of both my school season when were back from break and last but most certainly not least AAU season! Until next week...

3rd Annual Show Me Invitational

3rd Annual “Show Me” Invitational Hosted by F.A.C.E.S.(AAU Sanctioned Event)

12U/6th grade Boys’ Basketball Tournament
13U/7th grade Boys’ Basketball Tournament

Site: Hoop Heaven
132 Hopper Ave
Waldwick, NJ 07463
When: February 27-28, 2010
Entry deadline: January 31, 2010
Entry fee: $350 (3 games guaranteed)
Cashier’s Checks/Money orders made payable to F.A.C.E.S.
Coaches and athletes must be current AAU members

Awards: 1st and 2nd individual & team trophies; MVP award

Limited to 8-12 Teams
(First come first served)

Rob Cole
1505 Vauxhall Rd. 1st Flr
Union, NJ 07083

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Hoop Group Holiday Classic (Boo Williams Complex)

The 1st Annual Hoop Group Holiday Classic

December 29-30

at The Boo Williams Sports Complex

Hampton, VA

*3 Games Guaranteed

$300 a team

U10, U11, U12, U13 & U14 Boy Divisions

Tournament Info Link

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Clash For The Cup Drawing Interest

Basketball Spotlight the new leading exposure company for grammar school basketball will be hosting the Clash For The Cup. This event will feature the top young teams in the United States and will be played at the Hoop Group Headquarters. Awards will be given to the 1st and 2nd Place teams and Basketball Spotlight will provide the written coverage on our website.

Cost: $350 (3 Games Guarantee)

Date: January 30th and 31st

Place: Hoop Group Headquarters (Neptune, NJ)

Ages: 11U Thru 14U

Please fill out the application below and return it with check or money order to:

Basketball Spotlight

c/o Mike Melton

P.O. Box 308

Eatontown, NJ 07724

Questions: Contact Mike Melton at 609-532-5122 or at


Committed Teams

14U Division
1. Team Nelson
2. Team Final
3. Team Scan
4. NJ Pirates
5. Team Rebels
6. NJ Shore Shots
7. Brooklyn Ballers

13U Division
1. Team Final
2. F.A.C.E.S.
3. Team Rebels
4. NJ Got Game
6. The City
7. Del Team Select
8. NJ Shore Shots
9. Brooklyn Ballers
10. Mid Jersey Heat

12U Division
1. Team Battle
2. F.A.C.E.S.
3. Team Takeover
4. Sam Cassell All Stars
5. New Heights
6. DC Assault (Gorham)
7. NJ ShoreShots
8. NJ Got Game


11U Division
1. Team Battle
2. Delaware Royalty
3. NJ Shore Shots

Diary Of A Baller: Anthony "Champ" Mosely (Delaware) Entry #10

Hey world its your boy Champ. This was an amazing week. We got our interim report cards. The team played our second game of the season. Watched my brothers high school team play. I took the Delaware prep school test for entrance. I went to church and finally I had a good workout.

Tuesday, we got our interim report cards from school and I was pleasantly surprised. My hard work in classes over the last month is paying off. I got 93 in social studies, 83 in math, 94 in science, 83 in English, 98 in PE, and finally 93 in music. As soon as my Dad picked me up from practice I handed him the report card because I knew it would make him happy. He was happy but he already knew because he checks my grades online now daily. So when we got home I showed it to my mom and she was really really happy. Getting good grades makes everybody I know happy and it makes me happy too. My week started great.

Thursday, we played our second game of the season and I was out for revenge against Fifer Middle. And that's what we got. I came out the gate cookin' as I scored the first 13 pts of the game to get us going. We defeated them 61-27 and I finished with 24pts, 7rbds, 4 assists, and 3 blocks. One thing that I remember as hitting a 26ft jumper to finish the third quarter.

Friday, night my Dad and I traveled to my brother Jame's game. He finished with 5pts. His team crushed this team 99-38 so he got a lot of playing time. I just kept saying to myself the move he should make and stuff like that.

Saturday, I had to get up early because I was scheduled to take the ERB test. This test is required to go to a few prep schools in DE. The test was 4hrs long, I think I did real good though. There were a few other top ranked players in DE taking the test too. When we had a break we all got together and asked each other what school we were going to and we all answered undecided.

Finally on Sunday I went to church and got some good prayer in and then I went to workout up in Wilmington. We got some good work in. We did some drills with the tennis ball first for hand eye coordination and also anticipation. Then we did some core work and got many shots up we did off the dribble, off the screen, step backs, and catch and shoots. Then we finished with a little scrimmaging. What a week it was great. That's the life of a baller for this week. Check me out next week.

Champ Out!!!!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Final Quarter Feat: Kaison Randolph

Kaison Randolph has worked to become one of the top players in the region. The Trenton, NJ product currently plays for Team NJ ABC and recently made the All Tournament Team at the Grand Finale. We sat down with Kaison for the Final Quarter and here’s what he had to say.

Final Quarter

BS: How do you feel your team is progressing?
KR: Yeah we are going to be good. We added a few big guys so now I can play more on the perimeter. I think that will be good for my game.

BS: What do you feel are the strong points to your game?
KR: Driving to the basket and playing in the paint.

BS: What are some areas of improvement?
KR: Well I think I really need to work on my outside shot. A good outside shot will definitely help my game.

BS: What’s your fondest AAU moment thus far?
KR: Well last year at the AAU Nationals we played Soysa Orlando Suns. We were down one and I made the game winning shot at the buzzer.

BS: Speaking of the AAU Nationals, how was that experience?
KR: It was a great experience. We got a chance to play teams from all around the country.

BS: Do you know where you will be attending high school?
KR: Well right now I’m interested in Trenton Catholic Academy, Pennington Prep and Conwell Egan Prep.

BS: If you could wake up at any college in America which school would you choose?
KR: It would be University of Georgia. I love the south and I always like Georgia’s team.

BS: If you could have dinner with one person in the world. Who would you choose and why?
KR: Lebron James because I think he has a great personality and I would want to get to know him.


Ball Game!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Diary Of A Baller: Anthony "Champ" Mosely (Delaware) Entry #9

Hey world its your boy Champ. This week was really exciting for me. Practice for the middle school team got a lot more intense. I took my first visit to one of the 3 prep schools I am interested in. I worked out with some of the high school ballers in DE and we had our first middle school game.

On Monday me and my team turned it up a bit in practice in preparation for our first game this week. We started getting after the second team and working hard. Coach turned it up too as we started to run more and his voice got more intense than before. We ran for everything and every drill was full of conditioning. I love it and eat this stuff up. We are ready for war and hope our opponent Chipman Middle come ready. My former AAU teammate Quantez Harris who is ranked 6th in the state told my brother he gone a get with me. It's all good though cause we aighht off the court.

On Wednesday I took a official visit to one of my final 3 choices and had a great time. When we got there coach had his best player there to show me the school I was surprised to see him. I must admit it was a good look to me. I went to class with him all day, they treated me well and were very friendly. For lunch I had a couple of cheesesteaks, gatorade, and water. After school was over I got to watch a little bit of there practice and then my parents picked me up.

On Sunday I went to a workout in Wilmington DE with Old School Sports. It was good, I was the only 8th grader there, most of the players there where in high school. We started with dribbling drills, then we worked our core, did some shooting drills, and finished with running a few games.

Finally Monday we had our first game in our new gym against Chipman. I was the first person to ever score a basket at the new Central Middle gym. We defeated my boy and his squad 61-26, I finished the game with 19pts, 7 rbds, 3 assts, and 3 blks. The good thing is that everyone got to play. We play Fifer Middle on Thursday and I am looking for revenge as they defeated us last year. Hopefully we can get some bump from them. That's the week of this baller check back next week for results from the game.

Champ Out !!!

Diary Of A Baller: Jalen "Young One" Henriquez (New Jersey) Entry #10

Hello Basketball World,

This week I want to start my diary talking about the things I am not doing such as PLAYING BASKETBALL. This whole week that has passed by, I have had my nose to the books. I have only picked up a basketball once this week for my middle school teams practice which is more fun as oppose to a workout. I had a very strong semester with my grades and tests my dad will not allow me to play in any events until after December 13th, when I take my last High School acceptance test. This week, I visited Dwight Englewood where a few of my AAU teammates go. My parents and I took a tour of the school; the facilities were incredible, much like a College campus in the way it’s built and the way the classes are structured. The academic workload will be very challenging. I had very nice interview with Mr. Shaurette, who is the Associate Director of Admissions at the school. I also got a chance to look at some of the classes and meet some of the students and other faculty members, the teachers seem extremely accommodating which can relate to the school I attend now. This is the second school that I have visited the first being Paramus Catholic, which was also a great school in different ways that Dwight, the classes are larger and it is a Catholic school making it overall a different experience. The faculty and coaching staff were very welcoming at the school, which was great.

Next Wednesday is my last day of school before our holiday break, which I look forward to. The ISEE exam will be over and I will be finished with high School applications and entrance exams, pushing me one step closer to choosing a High School. I have a scheduled visit with Blair Academy, Don Bosco, and a tour of St. Anthony’s where I will be a student for a day. The High School process has been fun but a lot of work, I am very excited to start AAU in the spring with my AAU team, the Gym Ratz when I can hopefully have my school picked out, all the schools are extremely appealing and interesting in different ways, they all have unique things to offer. Have a great week to everyone; time to go back to work, and hopefully by my next entry I will be done!

Young One…Out

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Clash For The Cup Is Here!

Basketball Spotlight the new leading exposure company for grammar school basketball will be hosting the Clash For The Cup. This event will feature the top young teams in the United States and will be played at the Hoop Group Headquarters. Awards will be given to the 1st and 2nd Place teams and Basketball Spotlight will provide the written coverage on our website.

Cost: $375 (3 Games Guarantee)

Date: January 30th and 31st

Place: Hoop Group Headquarters (Neptune, NJ)

Ages: 11U Thru 14U

Please fill out the application below and return it with check or money order to:

Basketball Spotlight

c/o Mike Melton

P.O. Box 308

Eatontown, NJ 07724

Questions: Contact Mike Melton at 609-532-5122 or at


Inside The Grand Finale 14U: Starrett City Shines In Spotlight!

Starrett City Survived Scare!

Starrett City Shines In Spotlight

Starrett City made their spotlight debut and survived the roller coaster ride. They mercy ruled themselves through pool play and their first playoff game. They ran into a little test in the semifinals versus Brooklyn Ballers but prevailed at the end. Their biggest scare came against Team Scan in the finals. This slugfest went into overtime and Starrett City was a tip in away of going home without the title. The tip in fell short and Mike Silverthorn big trey helped them take home the crown in overtime. Congrats to Starrett City and hope to see you again.

Notable Performers

Malachai Richardson Guard (Team Nelson)- Richardson made an appearance with Team Nelson and must say he looked very good. He has grown a few inches and seemed very comfortable launching deep shots. I don’t know if this is a long term thing but it looked like a good fit.

Tyrone Johnson Guard (Brooklyn Ballers)- This lefty has ice cold veins and a wicked handle that allows him to get space and shoot his step back jumper. He got anywhere he wanted on the floor while beating defenders off the dribble all weekend.

Terrell Sturdivant Forward (Team Nelson)- Look out cause this kid might be a legit wing player. Terrell showed his ball handling this weekend and standing 6’5 makes him a scary prospect. Once he develops some range on his outside shot his transformation could be complete.

Chris Davis Guard (Team Underrated)- Sporting his new Mohawk cut Davis showed me his tools. He got into the lane and used is body control to kiss shots off the window. He always seems to be playing under control while directing the offense. CJ’s game is serious!

Kaison Randolph Guard (Team NJ ABC)- Yes I wrote guard because Randolph was handling the pill like one this weekend. On several occasions he pushed the rock up the floor and made plays. He continues to develop into one of the top ballers in the region.

Grand Finale 14U All Tournament Team
Isiah Whitehead (Starrett City)
Mike Silverthorn (Starrett City)
Chance Ellis (Starrett City)
Shavar Newkirk (Team Scan)
Nassir Barrino (Team Scan)
Adeyinka Adams (Team Scan)
Kevin Seymour (Team Scan)
Nazier Chew (Team Nelson)
Terrell Sturdivant (Team Nelson)
Malachai Richardson (Team Nelson)
Tyrone Johnson (Brooklyn Ballers)
Devin Wilson (Brooklyn Ballers)
Neuby Saint Hillare (Brooklyn Ballers)
Kaison Randolph (Team NJ ABC)
Chris Davis (Team Underrated)