Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Diary Of A Baller: Anthony "Champ" Mosely (Delaware) Entry #11

Hey basketball fans it your boy Champ with another week in the life of a baller. This week was good because it was Christmas and there is no school. I got in a couple of good workouts and my AAU team had a scrimmage game.

After sitting at home for most of the week we finally got out after all that snow. Wednesday my dad took me to DSU for a workout with Old School Sports. When we got there I got a chance to watch the Hornets practice for a while and listen to my dad talk about his playing days at the school. After the team finished we got right to work as usual. Once again I was the only middle schooler in the gym as we worked on dribbling, did some core work and did many shooting drills. The big difference at this workout was this 6'11” kid was there and the dude was huge. Come to find out it was a DE native home for the break just getting some work. He was a beast that plays high major ball. Saturday we went up to Wilmington to workout and got up many shots.

Finally on Sunday we took a trip down to the DC area because my AAU team DC Assault 14U Gold was playing in a middle school exhibition game against our 13U Gold. It was good to see my teammates Darius, Corey, Darian, and Lenard. We all have been busy with our school teams so we haven't practiced at all or had any workouts. It was a good game for us we only had 5 players and we ran all day against a very good team. The final score was 49-27 but it was close until the 3rd quarter. I finished the game with 10pts 5 assists 6 rebounds 4 steals. It was good just couldn't get a jump shot to fall. That's all that happened to me this week. Tune in next time for more highlights in the life of a 8th grade baller.


Champ Out !!!