Saturday, June 30, 2018

F.A.M Outreach All Star Games Rising 6th Grade Top Performers

MVP's Judah Hildago and Torrey Brooks 

The F.A.M Outreach All Star Games took place in Lawnside, NJ and Basketball Spotlight was in the building for the action. The first contest was the rising 6th Graders and the Red Team won 48-28 here are the players that impressed us. 

Trenton Youth Basketball League Top Performers

Joshua Moore

The Trenton Youth Basketball League kicked off today and Basketball Spotlight was on the blacktop. Here are some of the players that impressed us while we were there. 

Trenton Youth Basketball League Top Performers 

Joshua Moore Guard (PBA 187)- The point guard was a true floor general showing good court vision with this drive and kick game. When the game good crucial he nailed three treys to help his squad grab the victory. His poise in the final moments proved to be vital.

Jack Fromelt Guard (PBA 187)- The big guard came up huge for the winners. He was tall enough to score and pass over the defense. He also kept them honest by being able to knock down the trey ball. He has the skill set and confidence to be a good player down the road.
Jeffrey White Forward (Rukiya Blackwell)- This rising 7th Grader was a load to handle as he dominated early on. He got deep position and kissed several shots off the glass. He also knew how to use his body to get to the charity stripe. He also has good footwork for a player his size.
Yavae Yeager Guard (Rukiya Blackwell)- Yeager arrived after tip off and wen right to work. He showed some wiggle in his game and the knack to score. He proved to have a decent floater and body control near the cup. He already possesses the correct size for his position. I love this kid’s swagger on the floor.
Tushyne Johnson Guard (Rukiya Blackwell)- I remember Tushyne from last year and he’s grown a few more inches. You can see the potential oozing from his veins. The only thing that’s holding him back is his lack of strength right now. Once he keeps stronger and be able to finish through contact he could be curtains for opponents.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Moody Park Summer League Top Performers

Jeff Petrozzini

The Moody Park Summer League is underway and Basketball Spotlight was on hand for some of the middle school action. Here are some of the players that caught our eye this evening. 

Moody Park Summer League Top Performers 

Jeff Petrozzini Forward (Hopewell)- Petrozzini was too strong for TCA inside. He boxed out great when hitting the boards and powered up easily when receiving the rock on the blocks. He shot the rock at a high percentage while on his way to a game high 20 markers. He was a tough competitor all evening.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Emoni Bates Makes Case For #1

Monday, June 25, 2018

Diary Of A Baller: Lou Hutchinson (Upper Marlboro, MD) Entry #1.

Louis Hutchinson

What’s up Basketball Spotlight World!!!! 

Welcome to my 1st journal entry for Lou Hutchinson. 

My Basketball Background: Born 3/20/2004, 6’3” Point Guard/Shooting Guard for Team Durant. Attending the Maret School for High school and will be playing for Varsity Coach Chuck Driesell. 

Chance Westry Shows Out On UA Next Stage!

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Saturday, June 23, 2018

The Patrick School Introduces The New Jersey Basketball Academy

The well renown basketball school, The Patrick School in Hillside, is announcing the ground breaking New Jersey Basketball Academy, an athletic and academic program for 7th/8th grade boys and girls. The student-athletes accepted will be a part of an entirely new school experience that combines elite basketball training for a portion of the school day all while receiving a stellar education. Basketball skills and training on the school’s Kyrie Family Court and supervised workouts with high level trainers in the campus weight room will all take place during school hours in combination with academic courses. 

The Patrick School basketball program, led by longtime Coach Chris Chavannes, has a reputation for not only being one of the top in the state, but for combining with its school guidance program that has the best relationships with universities and national/international basketball opportunities to give its students the best possible start to their careers. 

"A Basketball Academy in NJ will forever change the landscape of Middle School basketball. It has been a vision we have worked on for a while and we are happy to finally have it materialized’ says Coach Chavannes. 

There are limited spaces at The New Jersey Basketball Academy for the 2018/2019 school year. Any student who is interested in a chance to greatly improving their basketball skills while receiving a quality education, reach out to to apply. 

The Patrick School: The Patrick School has produced alumnae such as NBA stars Kyrie Irving (Boston Celtics), Michael Kidd-Gilchrist (Charlotte Hornets), Deandre Bembry (Atlanta Hawks) and recently drafted Angel Delgado (Los Angeles Clippers) in addition to numerous top college and international players.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018


Some of the top players in the DMV area took their talent to the UA Next combine. This video features such stars as Jarace Walker, Rodney Rice, Trey Thomas, Antonio Hamlin and many more!


Monday, June 18, 2018

Corey Floyd Jr. Picks Roselle Catholic!

Corey Floyd Jr. 

Corey Floyd Jr. has been balling during his 8th Grade season and now the youngster is headed to reigning TOC Champion Roselle Catholic. Floyd Jr. has been a may stay on the NJ Bulldogs and won MVP honors at the AC Showcase. Floyd Jr. talked about why he chose Roselle Catholic, “I was looking for a place to play where my teammates know how to play together as a team. Where they respect each other and have motivation to go all the way. I was also looking for a team for a team who was going to welcome me as a freshman. I know life is more than basketball so I also wanted to attend a school where I could excel academically and RC gave me the best of both worlds” said Floyd Jr.. 

Basketball Spotlight would like to congratulate Floyd Jr. and his family on his decision to attend Roselle Catholic. Stay tuned as Basketball Spotlight bring you more news on high school decisions involving the top players around.

Diary Of A Baller: Ben Roy (Spring Lakes Heights, NJ) Entry #8

Jayden Pierre And Ben Roy

What’s up Basketball Spotlight World? 

Welcome to my 8th and final journal entry for Ben Roy. 

Monday: School was easy because now all we were doing was practicing for graduation. After school I decided to come home and chill for a bit and work out later. I headed up to I’m Possible later that night. It was a small class so I got a ton of reps in and it was good work. 

Monday, June 11, 2018

Diary Of A Baller: Ben Roy (Spring Lake Heights, NJ) Entry #7

Ben Roy

What’s up Basketball Spotlight World? 

Welcome to Journal Entry #7 for Ben Roy. 

Monday: As the last couple weeks of school were ahead of me, I seemed to be getting more and more ready for high school, and also for the school year to be over. Waking up Monday is always hard but today seemed normal. I went to school and the day went by quickly, and since it was nice out I decided to get some shots up after school. I shot for about an hour and then later that night I did some lifting that included mostly legs. After the lifting I was pretty tired so I decided to chill the rest of the night. 

In The Spotlight: Jaden Excell (Team Breakdown CN)

Name: Jaden Excell 

AAU Team: Team Breakdown (CN) 

Position: Guard 

Class: 2024 

Breakdown: The southpaw went on a scoring tear during the Spotlight especially in their romp against the NJ Shore Shots. He leaked out into transition and turned into a layup making machine. He used body control to shield off shot blockers. He went for 22 points in the contest.

Saturday, June 9, 2018

In The Spotlight: Brady Loughlin (Silverback National)

Name: Brady Loughlin 

AAU Team: Silverbacks National 

Position: Guard 

Class: 2024 

Breakdown: Don’t let the nice smile fool you. Loughlin is a total scoring machine and gets it done on all three levels. He pumped in a tournament high 33 points versus the NJ Shore Shots in a nail biting win. In this his outside shot was falling as he nailed 5 treys. He has a mean ratchet.

Friday, June 8, 2018

Roddy Gayle Is Blowing Up!

Roddy Gayle

While most 8th Graders are shining on the middle school circuit Roddy Gayle is spending this spring getting numbers on the 16U Under Armor circuit playing with WE R 1. Gayle came into the season ranked #15 nationally in out Elite 80 rankings but is sure to move up next fall. Gayle has grown to 6’4 and shows a fluid game, explosiveness and shooting ability from the perimeter. WE R 1 middle school director Rennie Alston sees something big in Gayle. “Roddy’s all-around game that’s ahead of his peers. Along with great athleticism that will only get better as he grows into his body. Finally, his basketball IQ also separates him from others” said Alston. 

Basketball Spotlight will continue to keep you guys posted on Gayle’s development and other top players from around the country. Stay tuned as we bring the latest news on the top middle schoolers.

In The Spotlight: Jagen Chapman (Fidonce)

Name: Jagen Chapman 

AAU Team: Fidonce Basketball 

Position: Forward 

Class: 2023 

Breakdown: Fidonce made a final four at the MDC and Chapman was one of the main reasons. The strong forward battled hard all weekend as he scored buckets in the paint. He commands so much attention on the defensive end. Once he gets the rock close to the bucket its usually curtains for the opposition. He had a big time weekend.

Harris Headed To Patrick School!

Harris Is A Celtic

Jaquan Harris had an outstanding 8th Grade season and now is ready to head to high school. Recently he ended all the speculation and decided to attend The Patrick School in Elizabeth, NJ. Jaquan will be following his brother Jamir AKA “The Terminator” footsteps at the NJ powerhouse. His father Quan Harris chimed in on the decision. “We felt that The Patrick School was the best place for Jaquan to be challenged day in and day out in practice and playing against top competition. They will also prepare him the collegiate level” he finished. 

Basketball Spotlight would like to congratulate Jaquan and the Harris family on his decision to attend the Patrick School. Stay tuned as Basketball Spotlight bring you the high school selections of some of the top players in the country.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Basketball Spotlight MDC 6th Grade Top Performers

Donovan Freeman

The Basketball Spotlight Memorial Day Classic 6th Grade Division produced a first-time champion and featured some fresh faces. Here’s a look of our top performers. 

Basketball Spotlight MDC 6th Grade Top Performers 

Donovan Freeman Forward (JCBC)- Freeman might have been the best long-term prospect in the building. Not just in his age group but regardless of class. He seems to keep adding pieces to his game and now looks very comfortable handling the rock on the wing. I like how he breaks down opponents and get a clean look. He was also more active on the boards and on the defensive end. He looked like a miniature Kevin Durant out there. 

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Basketball Spotlight MDC 7th Grade Top Performers

Tarik Watson

The Basketball Spotlight MDC 7th Grade Division has some serious talent. Here’s a look at the top performers from the weekend. 

Basketball Spotlight MDC 7th Grade Top Performers 

Tarik Watson Forward (East Coast Elite)- Watson is getting better every time we see him. This 6’4 Class Of 2024 player playing up in 7th grade has been dominating all season. He showed that he can more than compete at this level. Tarik was able to dominate on the boards and inside play. His game is evolving and he is able to knock down the foul line jump shot on the regular basis; he also has tremendous passing ability especially when the double team comes to him. Tarik might be one of the best 6th graders we seen in a long time.

Monday, June 4, 2018

Diary Of A Baller: Ben Roy (Spring Lake Heights, NJ) Entry #6

Ben Roy And Friends

What’s up Basketball Spotlight? 

Welcome to Journal Entry #6 for Ben Roy. 

Monday: I woke up Monday morning extremely tired from weekend. I basically dragged myself out of bed and attempted to motivate myself for the day. I went to school that morning exhausted but as the day continued, my energy started to rise. After school I came home and chilled for a little bit then motivated myself to do some light lifting. Later that night, I decided to head up to the park and get some shots up under the lights. The temperature was nice so it was good to shoot outside for a change. 

Friday, June 1, 2018

Basketball Spotlight MDC 8th Grade Top Performers Part 2

Justin Sorrano

The Basketball Spotlight 8th Grade Division had some serious talent especially from the New England area. Here is our look at the Top Performers Part 2.   

Basketball Spotlight MDC 8th Grade Top Performers Part 2 

Justin Sorrano Forward (NJ Shore Shots)- Sorrano played well with the Shore Shots while guiding them to the final four. The big fella showed good touch, footwork and a nose for the ball. He also demonstrated some versatility while putting the rock on the deck. He’s a very solid wing forward. He averaged a double/double over the weekend.