Friday, June 1, 2018

Basketball Spotlight MDC 8th Grade Top Performers Part 2

Justin Sorrano

The Basketball Spotlight 8th Grade Division had some serious talent especially from the New England area. Here is our look at the Top Performers Part 2.   

Basketball Spotlight MDC 8th Grade Top Performers Part 2 

Justin Sorrano Forward (NJ Shore Shots)- Sorrano played well with the Shore Shots while guiding them to the final four. The big fella showed good touch, footwork and a nose for the ball. He also demonstrated some versatility while putting the rock on the deck. He’s a very solid wing forward. He averaged a double/double over the weekend. 

Daniel Vessey Guard (NJ Shore Shots)- Vessey is wired to score from all three levels. If he’s not knocking down the trey ball, he’s out in transition getting buckets. He was Bobby team’s second leading scorer behind Sorrano. 

Dante Weiss Guard (NJ Shore Shots)- The coaches son plays the game with a very high basketball IQ. He knows how to take care of the rock and seems to always make the right play. He was a crucial piece to their final four run. 

Bobby Rosenberger Forward (Philly Triple Threat)- Rosenberger was the work horse for this squad. He got it done on the inside and outside. I like how he handled himself on the blocks but also pushed the rock in transition. He was a serious problem for opponents. 

Nix Varano Guard (Philly Triple Threat)- This kid was a true sniper. He made teams pay for double down on Rosenberger. His range is anywhere in the gym. If he gets a clean look and set his feet it’s usually money in the bank. 

Brandon Graves Guard (We R 1 Future)- Graves team lost a few close ones but this kid deserves some recognition. He gave opponents that gas this weekend. The game I saw against Philly Triple Threat he gave them 24 markers. He can get anywhere he wants on the floor and get his shot off against any defender.