Monday, June 25, 2018

Diary Of A Baller: Lou Hutchinson (Upper Marlboro, MD) Entry #1.

Louis Hutchinson

What’s up Basketball Spotlight World!!!! 

Welcome to my 1st journal entry for Lou Hutchinson. 

My Basketball Background: Born 3/20/2004, 6’3” Point Guard/Shooting Guard for Team Durant. Attending the Maret School for High school and will be playing for Varsity Coach Chuck Driesell. 

Monday: Monday June 18th was two weeks after my 8th Grade graduation from the Georgetown Day School in Washington DC. Graduation was a great experience as I was chosen to be a Graduation Speaker by the faculty and students. Prior to Monday the 18th of June, I have been very busy with Strength Training twice a week; Maret Varsity Basketball Practice 2 to 3 times a week; Varsity Summer League Games at Dematha Summer League 2 to 3 times a week; JV Summer League once a week with Team Durant at Largo High School, the Jr. NBA Combine for the DMV Top 40, and occasional skills and shooting training at the LAB in my basement and at Sportfit in Bowie Maryland. On the 18th I awakened early to have therapy at 10:30 am in Virginia about an hour from my home. After coming home, I cleaned my room, put up my folded clothes and I ate quite a bit of food. At 2:30 pm my Mom drove me to Maret in Washington DC for an hour of weightlifting with the varsity team at 4 pm, followed by an hour practice at 5 pm. After practice I had a JV Summer League game at Largo High school with Team Durant at 7 pm. The Team played very well and we were triumphant. I wanted to focus on offensive aggressiveness and 94 foot defense. I was happy with the entire team’s effort throughout the game. After the game I went home and I crushed a delicious meal made by my Mom after which I played a few video games and then I fell out asleep!!!!!!!!! 

Tuesday: On the 19th I woke up around 12 pm and had weight lifting practice with my varsity team at Maret at 4 pm, after which we had basketball practice at 5 pm. In practice we did skills work and some one on one to work on our defense and ability to score with limited dribbles. We finished practice with suicides and I went home that night to ice my knees and do my daily 200 push-ups before I went to sleep. 

Wednesday: On the 20th I woke up around 7 am to go to physical therapy to work on my leg balance and strength but had to cancel after my dad had car problems. We got a rental car and I prepared for my game that night with Team Durant in the JV Summer League. After the game I came home and patched up my hip that I skin burned during the game. I then crushed some food, iced and went to bed. 

Thursday: On the 21st I woke up around 12 and had weight lifting at Maret at 4 pm and went to varsity practice after at 5 pm. Once practice was over I went home and iced my knees again. After that I relaxed for the rest of the night and did my daily 200 push-ups and went to bed. 

Friday: On the 22nd I woke up around 7 am to go to physical therapy to work on my leg balance and strengthening. Once I woke up I went down stairs and had a bowl of oatmeal. Friday was my rest day for the week since I had games on both Saturday and Sunday. I was resting and was bored so I spent some time in the basement in the LAB for about an hour of dribbling. Once I finished I went back upstairs and played a few games on 2k on my career. I then read a few chapters of my book Relentless, and talked to my friends on the phone for a few hours and went to bed. 

Saturday: On the 23rd I woke up around 6:30 to 7 am because I had a Maret Varsity Summer League game at 9:30 at Dematha. We won the game by 30 and prepared for our next game at 12 pm. We lost this game because of defensive lapses at the end of the game. Once the game was over I went home iced my knees and did my daily 200 push-ups. 

Sunday: On the 24th I woke up around 8 am for my 10:45 am Maret Varsity Summer League game at Dematha. In this game I had my first varsity start and played my best defensive game in the league yet. Once we won the game I came home for about an hour to then leave with my older sister and only sibling to go watch Jurassic World. My sister who is attending college at Fordham University in the Alvin Ailey Bachelor of Fine Arts Program, just finished her first year. Once the movie was over I came home and relaxed and let my body rest for the next busy week to come. 

Lou Hutch signing off until next week!!!!!