Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Super Skillcase Profile: Brian Dawkins (Philadelphia, PA)

Name: Brian Dawkins 

Position: Point Guard 

Class: 2023 

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA 

Breakdown: Dawkins used the Super Skillcase as his ultimate playground. He has supreme quickness and explodes up with the best of them. His dribble moves along the baseline is something to watch. He had several defenders shaking in their boots. On defense he locked down like a pit bull. He relentless on both ends of the floor.

Super Skillcase Profile: Patrick McDonough (Rockville, MD)

Name: Patrick McDonough 

Position: Point Guard 

Class: 2024 

Hometown: Rockville, MD 

Breakdown: Patrick continued his good play from the Future Phenom Camp. He played a little more of the point at this event. He took care of the rock and made some good decisions in terms of distributing the rock. He crafty and knows how to get where he needs to get on the floor.

Super Skillcase Profile: Alex George (Monmouth Beach, NJ)

Name: Alex George 

Position: Shooting Guard 

Class: 2023 

Hometown: Monmouth Beach, NJ 

Breakdown: After George showed his outside touch he proved he could also put it on the deck and drive to the cup. He had a strong frame that helped him absorb contact before finishing. I look forward to watching him play for the NJ Shore Shots.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Super Skillcase Profile: Devon Johnson (Lindenwold, NJ)

Name: Devon Johnson 

Position: Combo Guard 

Class: 2023 

Hometown: Lindenwold, NJ 

Breakdown: Once Johnson gets going downhill good luck trying to stop him. When he gets in the lane he uses his body control to shield shot blockers and absorb contact. He was able to put together a bunch of buckets in a row. He definitely has a scoring mentality and bucket getter. Philly Triple Threat will love him on the circuit.

Super Skillcase Profile: Dwayne DJ Snead (Bensalem, PA)

Name: Dwayne Snead 

Position: Point Guard 

Class: 2024 

Hometown: Bensalem, PA 

Breakdown: Snead is a joy to watch especially when he pushing the rock up the floor and making plays. The southpaw can dribble through the defense before using a floater or dropping a dime. As his game matures he will learn to not tease defenders instead and giving them a chance to retreat. I can’t wait to see this youngster during the circuit. He's exciting!

Super Skillcase Profile: Judah Hidalgo (Pennsauken, NJ)

Name: Judah Hidalgo 

Position: Forward 

Class: 2025 

Hometown: Pennsauken, NJ 

Breakdown: Hidalgo has become a hot name since the Future Phenom Camp and he kept this momentum going during the Super Skillcase. He showed more quickness in this event and we got the chance to see him run the point. With the rock in his hands he made it his business to spoon feed teammates with look away passes. He made it look easy in the scoring column also.

Super Skillcase Profile: Yazir Tickles (Wilmington, DE)

Name: Yazir Tickles 

Position: Point Guard 

Class: 2024 

Hometown: Wilmington, DE 

Breakdown: Well it was another stellar performance from the Delaware product. His wiry from helps him stretch out for buckets. He’s strong enough to break through the first line of defense and smart enough to make the right decision in the lane. This kid has winner tatted all over him.

Monday, November 12, 2018

Super Skillcase Profile: Jebron Harris (North Brunswick, NJ)

Name: Jebron Harris 

Position: Forward 

Class: 2025 

Hometown: North Brunswick, NJ 

Breakdown: Harris toyed with the competition in his first outing, He seemed a little more intrigued when he matched up against Hidalgo. It’s apparent that Harris has been working on his ball handling and footwork. He seems to be making that transition to the wing comfortably. He once again had a dominant performance.

Super Skillcase Profile: Issac Hester (Ocean, NJ)

Name: Issac Hester 

Position: Shooting Guard 

Class: 2023 

Hometown: Ocean, NJ 

Breakdown: Hester used a mean crossover to get rid of defenders all day. He smoothness and feel for the game was on full display. He was a match up problem because he could muscle smaller guards and dribble past helping forwards. He also had the ability to score at will. I look for him to have a breakout year on the Spotlight circuit with SBA Elite.

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Basketball Spotlight Tip Off Classic Filling Up Fast!

The Basketball Spotlight Tip Off Classic is scheduled for December 8th and 9th. Some of the top teams in the region are locked in to go. Please make sure you register early because a sell out is imminent. 

8th Grade Teams 
1. PSA Cardinals (Black) 
2. PSA Cardinals (Red) 
3. Playaz 
4. NJ Bulldogs 
5. Team IZOD 
6. Riverside Hawks (White) 
7. Riverside Hawks (Blue) 
8. East Coast Elite 
9. Jersey City Boys Club 
10. Expressions Elite (Rhode Island) 
11. Team Final/Fidonce 
12. Student Athlete Broncos 
13. T Town Ballers 
14. SBA Elite 
15. Hilltoppers Heat
16. Elmcore 
17. HDS
18. Courtmasters Elite
19. Kings Unlimited 
20. We R 1 (Flowers)
21. NJ Shore Shots
22. Sean Kirkpatrick Elite
23. NY Rens (Green)
24. Good NRGY
25. Philly Triple Threat 
26. NY Lightning
27. Castle Athletics 
28. Team POP
29. Milbank 
30. YW Ballers
31. Silverback Nationals 
32. All In
33. We R 1 (Muniz)
34. We R 1 (Milton)
35. BABC
36. We Run As 1 NYC
37. Lincoln Park 
38. Team Thrill UAA
39. Team Thrill Black
40. NY Gauchos

7th Grade Teams 
1. NY Gauchos 
2. NY Rens 
3. NJ Bulldogs 
4. Playaz 
5. Riverside Hawks 
6. Jersey City Boys Club 
7. T Town Ballers 
8. Student Athlete Broncos 
9. Team Final/Fidonce 
10. Rising Phoenix 
11. Expressions Elite
12. Courtmasters Elite
13. Hilltoppers Heat
14. 845 Elite 
15. Sean Kirkpatrick Elite
16. NJ Shore Shots
17. G Town Basketball 
18. Team Action
19. Philly Blue Magic 
20. NY Lightning
21. Team Bos
22. Playtime Panthers 
23. Castle Athletics 
24. King Street Kings
25. Milbank 
26. Silverback Nationals
27. SBA Elite 
28. Team Thrill 2024

6th Grade Teams 
1. NY Gauchos 
2. Riverside Hawks (White) 
3. Riverside Hawks (Blue) 
4. NJ Bulldogs 
5. Jersey City Boys Club 
6. T Town Ballers 
7. Black Ops (Cole) 
8. MW Crusaders 
9. NY Rens 
10. Team Jacko
11. Hilltoppers Heat 
12. We R 1
13. Expressions Elite
14. 845 Elite 
15. Delaware Wolfpack
16. NJ Shore Shots
17. Castle Athletics 
18. King Street Kings
19. NY Gauchos (Mitchell)
20. Milbank
21. Student Athlete Broncos
22. YW Ballers
23. Rising Stars Elite

5th Grade Teams 
1. Riverside Hawks (White) 
2. Riverside Hawks (Blue) 
3. Team Jacko  
4. NY Rens 
5. TJ Lakers 
6. MPO Elite 
7. ASA Select 2026
8. NY Gauchos (Gowan)
9. Expressions Elite
10. T Town Ballers
11. League Bound Elite
12. NJ Shore Shots
13. Fidonce Basketbll
14. Playtime Panthers 
15. Castle Athletics 
16. King Street Kings
17. Milbank 
18. Rising Stars Elite 
20. Ivy Lions 

4th Grade Teams 
1. Riverside Hawks (White) 
2. Riverside Hawks (Blue) 
3. Nike Bounce 
4. TJ Lakers 
5. NY Rens (Blue) 
6. NY Rens (Black) 
7. MPO Elite 
8. Riverside Hawks (3rd)
9. NY Gauchos (Harris)
10. ASA Select 2027
11. Courtmasters Elite 
12. Jersey City Boys Club
13. Fidonce Basketball 
14. Philly Blue Magic
15. Kyrie/Strickland All Stars
16. Playtime Panthers
17. Castle Athletics 
18. King Street Kings
19. Milbank
20. Silverbacks National 
21. We R 1 (Future)

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Diary Of A Baller: Christian Bliss (Flushing, NY) Entry #6

Christian Bliss 

What’s Up Basketball Spotlight World, 

It’s Christian Bliss and I back to let you know how my week went.