Thursday, July 24, 2014

Diary Of A Baller: Cameron "The Prince Reddish" (Norristown, PA) Entry #8

Cameron "The Prince" Reddish

What a fun week and weekend this was! I had an opportunity to play with the 9th grade Team Final, and of course I took it. We were at PhillyU and Competitive Edge Sports for a huge tournament with college coaches watching. We played well as a group and was able to pull out a championship win over DC Thunder. I played well with them; I even got interviewed a couple times by a couple scouts that were there watching. Then right after that we played again at Spookynook where we played in the 16U bracket. We took a tough loss and were then unable to win the entire thing. But still was a great experience and great exposure. I'm now on my way to Atlantic City for "Live in AC" with the 9th graders again. 

 -Cam Reddish

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Basketball Spotlight Future Phenom Camp Deadline Is Set!

The Basketball Spotlight Future Phenom Camp is a month away and it’s loaded. We are players from all around the country heading to District Height’s, MD. Therefore to make we bring you the best event we must enforce a registration deadline of August 8, 2014. Any participant that’s not fully registered by this date will be in danger of losing their spot in this camp. Click the link below to register. 

Click Here To Register 

Camp Future Phenom Camp Details: 

Event: Basketball Spotlight Future Phenom Camp 

Date: Saturday 8/23/14 - Sunday 8/24/14 

Location: The New 24 (District Heights, MD) 10 Court Facility Centrally Located with access to 3 major airports. 

Ages: Rising 3rd Grade (Class of 2024) through Rising 8th Grade (Class of 2019) 

Price: $249.00 (Half The Price Of Most National Camps)

  • Free Throw, 3 Point, and Skills Competitions 
  • National Champions will be crowned in each age group. 
  • Guaranteed 4 Games, Top 20 and Top 40 All Star Games. 
  • Second to none media exposure both print and video.
  •  Both Camp and National Player Rankings will be on the line. 

For More Information email Mike Melton at or phone at 609-532-5122. Coach Francis at 1-800-338-4629 or 

Basketball Spotlight Feature: Future Phenom Camp Seeing Double!

Mitchell Twins

In Superman comics there's a topsy-turvy place known as Bizarro World. Everything works backward there: Good is bad, bad is good, etc. Bizarro World has a lot in common with youth basketball. Many basketball savants often wondered if the two big men, instantly dubbed the "Mitchell Twins," could work together. The answer, thus far, is that they work together like gangbusters. Everyone wants “size” but when the Mitchell Twins stepped into the national spotlight they then questioned if their skill sets could work together – backwards we know, the answer: absolutely!

Mahkel & Makhi have taken the class by storm and have displayed the ability to control games for long stretches. They recently lead their DC Premier team to a Top 10 finish in the country; displaying the strength and determination to finish in the paint, over and through contact - as well; this dynamic duo who each stand 6’7; has also shown the skills to step out on the perimeter and put the ball on the floor while also being able to catch and shoot, work off the bounce, and raise up and shoot over defenders. Their combination length and advanced ball handling and overall skill set at times have overwhelmed opponents; and they both are looking to do more of the same at the Future Phenom Camp.

Longtime attendees of the Basketball Spotlight Tournaments; Mahkel and Makhi will step into Basketball Spotlight Future Phenom Camp as separate entities for the first time; potentially even battling each other for national prominence. One thing is for certain and two things are for sure, the Mitchell twins are relishing the opportunity to show the country their vast and immense skill set. Both play in a very structured system and many have not seen the full scope of what these two high end and versatile elite players can truly do – on August 23rd and 24th everyone will see and opponents will find out first hand all the tools these two possess. 

One national scout stated that “these players have the most pro potential in the class of 2019”; with all top players in attendance the Mitchells twins are looking to place an all out assault the national ranking boards. Can anyone stop them or will we all be witnesses as the Mitchell Twins takeover the 2019 class? This is a situation where it’s better to not come at all if you plan to come soft – if you can handle this type of ball and truly want to play against two of the best in America and more who can also make this claim – be at the Future Phenom Camp; because the Mitchell Twins will be, and they’ll be waiting for you.

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Basketball Spotlight Feature: Isaiah Kennedy Is Ready Too Rumble!

Isaiah Kennedy (Dayton, OH)

The Basketball Spotlight Future Phenom Camp reached out to Ohio as Isaiah Kennedy of Dayton has decided to bring his talent to Districts Heights, MD. The rising 7th grade combo guard has shown his skills all around the country including John Lucas Camp. The big bodies guard can see the floor well and shows some good instinct when making plays. He has a savvy handle while also using a nice floater among other scoring techniques. Now he has the chance to show that he handle the load against the best in the country. 

"Isaiah seeks the opportunity to test his skills among the nations top young talent. He is a gym rat who works daily on his game. He's relatively new to the AAU scene (two years) but is ranked among the Top 10 players in Ohio. Now he is hungry to compete against the best in America" said his father. 

The Basketball Spotlight Future Phenom Camp is scheduled for August 23rd and 24th. This event is certified hot and features the top middle school basketball players in the country. Stay tuned as Basketball Spotlight brings you some of the top from around the country headed the show of the summer.

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Basketball Spotlight Feature: Crane Coming To Make A Name!

Kaleb Crane (Lafayette, LA)

Lafayette, Louisiana is a long way from Maryland but Kaleb Crane has something to prove. The Class of 2020 point guard has entered the Future Phenom Camp to let his game be seen by the world. During the season he rocked with Acadiana Redhawks and averaged 14 markers a game. His father Aundray thinks the Future Phenom Camp is the place for Kaleb. “He’s anxious to attend Future Phenom Camp to show that he can compete on the same level as some of the kids that are being discussed in his age. The difference is they have been seen and he hasn’t. This is his opportunity!!!” he finished. 

Crane will be the first player hailing from Louisiana to lace them up at a Spotlight event. I hope he’s ready to battle some of the top ballers in the United States. Stay tuned as Basketball Spotlight will keep you posted on the other top players checking in around the USA. Don’t forget to register for your spot for the Basketball Spotlight Future Phenom Camp slated for August 23rd and 24th in District Heights, MD.

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Monday, July 21, 2014

Basketball Spotlight Appears On Coach The Francis Show!

Basketball Spotlight just appeared on the Coach Francis show and talked basketball. This was an honor for us to appear on this show to talk about the topics of the hour. Here are some of the topics we discussed on the show. 

1. Future Phenom Camp 
2. Basketball Spotlight Events 
3. Top Players For Each Class 
4. Battles We Look Forward Too At Future Phenom Camp 
5. Top Players Attending Future Phenom Camp 
6. National Player Rankings 
7. Past Top Players From Basketball Spotlight 

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Basketball Spotlight Alums Shine On Nike's Biggest Stage!

Isaiah Briscoe (Playaz)

Basketball Spotlight Alums were in the building for the Nike Peach Jam on ESPN as the powerhouse Playaz aka “The Yankees” brought the championship back to New Jersey. Here’s what we thought after we watched the games on the tube. 

Top Performers 

Isaiah Briscoe Guard (Playaz)- Briscoe seemed to be on a mission all season and reached pay dirt by leading his boys to the crown. He dictated the pace and did whatever he wanted on the floor. During the semifinals he danced along the baseline while hurting the back of Scan's zone. In the finals he really turned up and showed all the facets of his game. He carried defenders to the rack, scored the pill and set up teammates. He also has the amazing instinct of drawing fouls on defenders. I also hit the glass to the tune of 12 caroms. He ended the game close to the triple double with 20 points, 12 rebounds and 7 dimes. He might not be listed as the top prospect in the country but he definitely was by far the best player in America this summer hands down.

Temple Gibbs Guard (Playaz)- Gibbs was a great addition to the Playaz squad. He did a good job of scoring alongside Briscoe. His toughness stood out as he scored in traffic and hurt the defense with his outside touch. Gibbs shows a mature game which might come from having two division one brothers. He was instant offense for the Playaz all weekend. His stock really shot high after playing on the EYBL circuit.

Eli Cain Guard (Playaz)- Cain came up big on championship Sunday. He attacked the Scan zone and used a floater to score over their huge front line. He also helped with the ball handling in the back court. He filled the role as the third scorer and did a great job. He’s came a long way from his SJ Blitz days.

Trevon Duval Guard (Playaz)- The baby of the bunch (rising sophomore) proved to be worthy of his lofty rankings. He’s explosive when attacking the tin including catching a big follow up dunk. He also showed touch from the outside and just good composure playing on a stage this big. This kid has tremendous break down ability and looks to be a big time prospect.

Tyus Battle Guard (Team Scan)- Battle capped a sparking Peach Jam week with a strong performance in the semi-finals. He proved to the scouts that he is indeed an outside shooter by knocking four 4 treys. His scoring helped Team Scan climb back in the game after falling behind the Playaz huge at halftime. Word from the scouts is that his performance this week should shoot him up the rankings.

Bryce Aikens Guard (Team Scan)- Aikens woke Scan in the second half. He drove the lane and scored or made plays from his teammates. He also was a beast in transition he pushed the rock and helped them get some easy buckets. The commentators said that he needed to step up and he did. I has a very solid season with this bunch. 

Note: There were other top performers in this event but he just highlighted the players that played in the Basketball Spotlight events.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

USBA Nationals Top Performers Part 1

Jamah'n Harvey (Fayetteville Elite)

The USBA Nationals pool play kicked off and Basketball Spotlight was in South Carolina for the action. Here’s a few players that caught our attention since we been here. 

USBA Nationals Top Performers 

Jamah’n Harvey Forward (Fayetteville Elite)- Harvey showed the most versatility in the gym by putting in work on the blocks and stepping out to bury the trey. He’s long, rangy and bouncy while having the look of a good prospect down the road. When National Select made their run he answered the bell by scoring the pill and grabbing key boards.

Tyron George Guard (Fayetteville Elite)- George provided the scoring at the combo guard spot. He uses his body to lean into shot blockers before converting. He also will drain the outside shot when the ball is rotated his way. He has a natural scoring feel for the game and showed it today when I watched him get busy.

Tatton Jones Guard (Fayetteville Elite)- Jones is a glue player and shows the versatility of a Scottie Pippen. On offense he made some good passes, scored in transition and converted in the half court set. On defense he can play the passing lanes, rebound out of position and personally start the fast break. He affects the game without dominating the pill.

Issac Bonds Guard (Fayetteville Elite)- Bonds is the hired outside shooter for this Carolina bunch. He spotted up from deep behind the 3 point line and made National Select pay. He knows his roll and cherishes it to help his team get the victory.

Marquise Walker Guard (National Select)- National Select fell behind big early and Walker woke up and found his stroke. The youngster from Chi-Town knocked down four straight treys from NBA range and brought his team all the way back. In transition he was a monster showing supreme body control and finishing like a true lead guard. He finished the contest with a game high 37 points in the loss.

AJ Hoggard Guard (National Select)- Hoggard made some good plays playing alongside Walker. He showed several aspects of his games including passing and scoring. He also had to help inside with his team’s lack of overall size. A big turning point in the game came when he fouled out. Walker was left as the primary ball handler and scorer.

Tyrese Jenkins Forward (National Select)- Jenkins showed to be light on his feet and good touch around the rim. He’s been running the floor better these days and also showed some range out to the 3 point land. He has the size and the game to be a name in this class to watch.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Basketball Spotlight Feature: (J5) Striving For Future Phenom Camp!

Jordan McPhatter (North Carolina)

Jordan (J5) McPhatter has been a nationally known commodity for years and this spark plug is just as dangerous in 2014 as he has been in past years if not more - in the open court and in one on one set’s; there wasn’t anyone he can’t beat off the dribble. His jumper creates even more problems that allow him to operate in space, as his range extends well beyond the 3-point stripe. With the ball on a string J5 will make himself look good while making his defender look bad; not a showboat flyer simply a player who plays with a productive flair that gets the job done. 

J5 is not your prototypical lead guard; though he is exceptional in this role as well, J5 can flat out get it as scorer and puts constant pressure on his man and on the defense with the pass or penetration. He may be small but no player plays with a bigger heart or chip on his shoulder, one of the most respected ball players in the class of 2020 J5 will be coming to the Spotlight to show he should still be in the conversation not as the top PG but as one of the nation’s best players. This is another example in another class, this time 2020, of the type of talent that will be stepping onto the court at the Future Phenom Basketball Spotlight Camp August 23rd and 24th; without question there will be no breaks or games off all weekend long as each and every player in attendance possess a clear and present danger to their opponent.

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Diary Of A Baller: Cameron "The Prince" Reddish (Norristown, PA) Entry #7

Cameron Reddish Getting Busy 

Wow! This week was FUN and competitive. Nationals was a great experience, and we had a great run. We were able to play other top teams and top players in the country and see what they were actually made of. There were lots of people down there, coaches, players, parents, and scouts. Us as a whole, Team Final, played hard and played together to get wins. But eventually we ran out of gas at the end to end up losing to Each One Teach One. They were a tough team, and they had stellar guard play but they were definitely beatable. But all in all it was a great run and experience and I appreciate the opportunity. Now I'm on my way back home to play with the 9th grade Team Final. I'll talk to y'all soon.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Basketball Spotlight Feature: The Return Of The Mack!

BJ Mack (North Carolina)

Few players in the country have had as good of a breakout season as Brian “BJ” Mack; Mack made it a point to step onto the national stage and play with and against the best in the country. A high volume producer in the NYBL – he received 1st Team All NYBL, Mack was also selected and played for USA National Select, playing with a group that played up successfully against players two grades above his own, and finally Mack led his is AAU club Team United to a top 20 finish nationally in his first year with the club. 

Standing an imposing 6’7 Mack beats up his opponents on both ends of the court; his physical presence combine with his athleticism and all-around skill set that includes an underrated handle and perimeter shot make him one of the best offensive bigs in the country. His shot blocking, space eating, and solid positional efforts also make him one of the best man and help defenders in the nation. Mack finishes through contact; his post-game has an array of moves – quick and fluid, he is an old school post player that you just don’t see anymore. If you want to see it in person and feel you can handle being on the court with this certified future D1 player and the best true post in North Carolina be at the Basketball Spotlight Future Phenom Camp; those that can’t handle this grown man may want to pass as nothing come easy with BJ Mack.

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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Basketball Spotlight Feature: Jakhary Towns Joins Future Phenom Camp!

Jakhary Running The Town!

When you are talking about top to bottom talent no camp in the country has a talent pool as deep as the upcoming Basketball Spotlight Future Phenom Camp; at the 3rd grade level attending out of Michigan will be Jakhary Towns. Towns is a smooth as silk shooting guard with a sweet stroke, quick release and solid range beyond the 3-point stripe. A combo guard who can also handle the lead spot; Towns controls the tempo and can breakdown a defender off the dribble and finish with the score or the pass – as he is as unselfish as they come. With an advanced IQ Towns thinks the game very well, identifying his own mismatches as well as that of his teammate. With the ability to take over the game for long stretches he can carry the team as a high end scorer - but becomes very hard to guard; when he attracts the double team beats it and finds the open teammate. 

We really like the frame and body make even at this young age as we can see already what he is going to be – in the truest sense, he is going to be a problem for many years to come; a problem that many are not going to be able to solve. If you are not a problem solver the Spotlight may not be the right place for you August 23rd and 24th ~ those who are ready Towns will be waiting, see him in action below.

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Basketball Spotlight Future Phenom Camp Hotel Reservations Are Set (Secure Your Room ASAP)

Basketball Spotlight is proud to partner with HBC Event Travel Services, a travel/booking agency with a nationwide reputation for excellence in managing travel for sports events. HBC Event Travel Services provides an easy way for you to book your hotel rooms with our partnered hotels at the best rates. These rates are always the same, if not lower than, their best available rate and usually includes breakfast for your team. 

HBC Event Travel Services guarantees that if the camp is cancelled due to weather, you will not be charged for any cancellation penalties that you may otherwise have been subject to if you made your reservation elsewhere. This guarantee does not include hotel reservations made after the hotel cut off dates. 

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