Thursday, October 8, 2015

Bogues Proves He's All Business!

Samartine "Fatman" Bogues (Maryland)

Muggsy Bogues grandson Samartine "Fatman" Bogues is talented beyond his years. The Class of 2023 player has ridiculous handles and is unstoppable in transition. Fatman has range to the three point line, but usually penetrates to create easy shots for himself and his teammates. Bogues showed this style of play at the Basketball Spotlight Future Phenom Camp featured in this video. Shout out to Middle School Hoops TV for the hot videos. 

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Here's Comes Mr. Harris!

Jason Harris (California)

Jason Harris is one of the top players in the country in the Class of 2020. At ACES Coca Cola Nationals Jason Harris was unstoppable against some of the top teams in the country. Over the years Jason has been adding new facets to his game and steadily improving. He should be ranked high when we release of 2020 rankings very soon.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Basketball Spotlight Class of 2019 Super 75 National Player Rankings

The Basketball Spotlight National Player Rankings for the Class of 2019 are listed below. The list was compiled over years of coverage and we did our best to as fair as possible. Please remember this listing is just our opinion and should be taken as such. 

Basketball Spotlight Class of 2019 Super 75 National Player Rankings 

1. Rowan Barrett 6'7 Forward (Canada)
2. Chandler Lawson 6'8 Forward (Tennessee)
3. Cassius Stanley 6'6 Guard (California)
4. Wendell Moore 6'5 Forward (North Carolina)
5.Trendon Watford 6'7 Forward (Alabama)
6. Balsa Koprivca 7'0 Center (Florida)
7. Bryant Antoine 6'3 Guard (New Jersey)
8. Jared Jones 6'9 Forward (Florida)
9. Scottie Lewis 6'4 Guard (New Jersey)
10. DJ Jefferies 6'6 Forward (Tennessee) 
11 Nobal Days 6'9 Forward (Wisconsin)
12. Joey Baker 6'5 Guard (North Carolina)
13. Tyger Campbell 5'10 Guard (Iowa)
14. Cole Anthony 6'1 Guard (New York)
15. Keion Brooks 6'7 Forward (Indiana)
16. Donta Scott 6'6 Forward (Pennsylvania)
17. Mehki Mitchell 6'8 Forward (Maryland)
18. Dyondre Dominquez 6'7 Forward (Massachusetts)
19. Joel Brown 6'2 Guard (Canada)
20. Jordan Mitchell 6'4 Guard (Ohio)
21.Seth Lundy 6'4 Guard (New Jersey)
22. Tariq Ingraham 6'8 Forward (Delaware)
23. Precious Achiman 6'7 Forward (New York)
24. Kobe Langley 6'1 Guard (North Carolina)
25. Khyree Temple 6'5 Forward (Pennsylvania)
26. BJ Mack 6'8 Forward (North Carolina)
27. Justin Moore 6'2 Guard (Maryland)
28. Khalif Battle 6'3 Guard (New Jersey)
29. Marquise Walker 5'10 Guard (Illinois)
30. Francis Okoro 6'8 Forward (Louisiana)
31. Jamil Riggins 6'5 Forward (Pennsylvania)
32. Jeremiah Francis 6'2 Guard (Ohio)
33.Mike Green 6'1 Guard (South Carolina)
34. Mikeal Jones 6'6 Forward (Pennsylvania)
35. Odeleye OyeKanium 6'6' Forward (New York)
36. Marvin Price 6'4 Forward (Maryland)
37. Eric Dixon 6'6 Forward (Delaware)
38.  Mitchell 6'9 Forward (Maryland)
39. Andrew Newbrand 6'0 Guard (Canada)
40. Keyshawn Langley 6'1 Guard (North Carolina)
41. Isaiah Mosley 6'8 Forward (California)
42. Juwan Gary 6'5 Forward (South Carolina)
43. Jalen Gaffney 6'1 Guard (New Jersey)
44. Dejournal Cook 6'6' Forward (New Jersey)
45. Jalen Abbott 6'6 Forward (Maryland)
46. Lucas Monroe 6'5 Guard (Pennsylvania)
47. James Bishop 6'1 Guard (Maryland)
48. Elijah Wenn 5'10 Guard (New York)
49. Sydney Curry 6'6 Forward (Indiana)
50. Javon Blackshear 5'10 Guard (Arizona)
51. Christian Depollar 6'4 Forward (Maryland)
52. Myles Pierre 6'0 Guard (North Carolina)
53. Anthony Harris 6'2 Guard (Maryland)
54. Chris Hinton 6'5 Forward (Georgia)
55. Jonathan McGriff 5'9 Guard (Maryland)
56. EJ Jackson 5'5 Guard (California)
57. Jordan McKoy 6'3 Guard (New Jersey)
58. Fahmir Ali 5'10 Guard (Delaware)
59. Daniel Rodriquez 6'7 Forward (New Jersey)
60. Trevon Alderman 5'11 Guard (Delaware)
61. Evan Buckley 6'1 Guard (Maryland)
62. Alexander Rice 6'1 Guard (New Jersey)
63. Dexter Shouse 6'2 Guard (Indiana)
64. JC Tharrington 6'1 Guard (North Carolina)
65. Luis Reysono 6'3 Guard (Maine)
66. Bryan Sanders 6'0 Guard (Florida)
67. Amandu Sarnor 5'11 Guard (Pennsylvania)
68. Josh Watts 6'4 Forward (Maryland)
69. Josh Pierre Louis 5'5 Guard (New Jersey)
70. Fatayn Wesley 5'9 Guard (Pennsylvania)
71. Peter Sorber 6'5 Forward (New Jersey)
72. Chris Ings 6'2 Guard (Pennsylvania)
73. Gerald Mungo 6'2 Guard (Maryland)
74. Barry Evans 6'4 Forward (New Jersey)
75. Zach Lezanic 5'11 Guard (Pennsylvania)

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Introducing Benjamin Todd!

 Benjamin Todd 

Benjamin Todd is a Top 10 player in the Class of 2020 Basketball Rankings. Somehow the 6'9 7th grader has remained under the radar and hasn't received a ton of attention. Ben Todd has great vision, a reliable outside jump shot, and is remarkably smooth and coordinated. At the ACES Coca Cola Nationals Benjamin Todd played one game for the West Coast All Stars against the Oakland Soldiers. This short highlight video is from that one game. Look for more videos coming soon from MSHTV West.

Super Skillcase Coming In November

The Super Skillcase is directed by world-renowned skills coach Micah Lancaster and is a one of a kind of exposure event with Mike Melton's Basketball Spotlight. The Skillcase features the same advanced teaching and instruction that he offers to all of his NBA, college, and high school All-Americans, but broken down to a form that all players can handle. Micah will be unveiling new curriculum at this event that he used with Karl-Anthony Towns and Jeremy Lin this summer. All players receive Micah's innovative skill training and teaching techniques which is designed to make players feel like they are alone in the gym with Micah. Players will also have competitive 5-on-5 games in the afternoon under the watchful eye of Mike Melton's Basketball Spotlight. Special features of the 2015 event include a high resolution portrait and action photo shoot, Under Armour gear, and the convenience of Hoop Group Headquarters in Neptune, NJ. The event is for players 5th grade through 9th grade. Be there and "skillcase" your talents while improving your skills like never before! 

All details can be found at or email us at Team and group discounts available.



Friday, September 25, 2015

P2Bball Goes Inside The NYBL Situation!

P2 Bball has been one of the most controversial websites since they launched. Their editor doesn’t mind writing with a little edge. Recently the NYBL changed leadership and P2 Bball got the scoop. Here’s a look at the explosive article they put together about the situation. Very in depth. 

Click Here To Read!

Meechi Johnson Loves To Munch On The Competition!

Meechie Johnson (Ohio)

Meechie Johnsonn came to the Future Phenom Camp to show the nation what he was made of. The Ohio native wasted no time attacking some of the best guards in the country. He poise and court savvy cannot be overlooked by his ultimate swagger and confidence on the floor. He left the event as one of the top guards in the building and was definitely worth the price of admission. This kid has a bright future and I look forward to watching him get busy well into the future


Monday, September 21, 2015

LeBlanc Leaps Into Stardom!

Isaiah LeBlanc (Texas)

Isaiah LeBlanc was one of the smoothest players to step foot into the Spotlight Future Phenom Camp. The wing guard showed he could stretched the defense with the trey ball and enough off the dribble to get to the tin. His dad is an UConn alum and has great size so if that is any indication we might have a budding star in the making. I do love that fact that LeBlanc goes to all the major event to compete against the best and isn’t afraid to put his name on the line. Stay tuned because this kid has an enormous upside.

Friday, September 18, 2015

J'yare Davis Is On Fire!

J'yare Davis Is Blowing Up!

J’yare Davis has become the hottest name on the middle school level. This legit wing showed his skills out at the Buckeye Prep Showcase. Right now it’s a serious bidding war over his services for this season. He has to be considered one of the top prospects in the country and will have a chance to be #1 when we release our rankings.

Future Phenom Camp Baby Baller Profile: Chance Mallory (Virginia)

Name: Chance Mallory 

Position: Scoring Guard 

Home State: Virginia 

Class: 2024 

Breakdown: Mallory has a mean ratchet and will pull it from anywhere. I liked his moment on the floor and his fundamentals for such a young age. He caught fire in a few games I watched and showed he could hang with some of the best players. His smoothness earned him a trip to the camp’s All Star Game.

Future Phenom Camp Baby Baller Profile: Davon Grant (New Jersey)

Name: Davon Grant 

Position: Scoring Guard 

Home State: New Jersey 

Class: 2024 

Breakdown: The Charles Barkley type became a crowd favorite as he bullied his way to the hole and finished in the line. He quite light on his feet and maneuvers well for a player with his size. He can handle the ball and has a good feel for the game. I like the way he pushed the rock up and floor and made things happen.