Friday, February 24, 2017

"The Qualifier" Is Coming In March!

East Coast Athletics & Teach Me Classic bring you "The Qualifier". A 1 day highly competitive invitational event to get travel teams ready for the Spring Season. Teach Me Classic Winter League participants receive a special discounted fee of $225.  

Winners earn Automatic bid to the Crossover Hoops - Philly Nationals in July All games will be held at the 3 court facility East Coast Athletic Complex 1717 Route 17M Goshen, New York 10924 


Thursday, February 23, 2017

Atlantic City Showcase Getting Early Interest!

The AC Showcase looks like it’s going to be loaded once again this year. This event will feature some of the top teams in the region while also featuring two brackets for each level. Make sure you register early because a sellout is imminent. 

8th Grade 
1. PSA Cardinals 
2. New World (White) 
3. New World (Blue) 
4. Dynamic Disciples 
5. NY Lightning 
6. Team Final (Red) 
7. SJ Titans 
8. MSU Skyliners 
9. Team Delaware 
10. Riverside 
11. Team IZOD 
12. Team Future 
13. We R 1 Bulldogs (White)
14. We R 1 Bulldogs (Blue)
15. Team ICE
16. NJ Playaz
17. Ring City
18. NY Gauchos

7th Grade 
1. Riverside Hawks 
2. New World (White) 
3. New World (Blue) 
4. PSA Cardinals 
5. Team Future 
6. SJ Titans 
7. Team Final (Red) 
8. NY Lightning 
9. Team Delaware 
10. MSU Skyliners 
11. Team IZOD 
12. Philly Triple Threat 
13. Team RIO National
14. We R 1 Bulldogs (White)
15 We R 1 Bulldogs (Blue)
16. Team Philly
17. NYC Gauchos
18. Perkasie Knights 
19. Mid Jersey Heat
20. Ring City

6th Grade 
1. NY Rens 
2. Riverside Hawks 
3. NY Gauchos 
4. SJ Titans 
5. Team Final (Red) 
6. Team Delaware 
7. MSU Skyliners 
8. New Heights 
9. Team IZOD 
10. Philly Triple Threat 
11. T Town Ballers 
12. We R 1 Bulldogs (White)
13. We R 1 Bulldogs (Blue)
14. Gym Ratz
15. NC Red Storm
16. Team Future 
17. East Coast Elite

5th Grade 
1. NY Gauchos 
2. Riverside Hawks 
3. SJ Titans 
4. Team Final (Red) 
5. Team Delaware 
6. Team IZOD 
7. T Town Ballers 
8. We R 1 Bulldogs (White)
9.  We R 1 Bulldogs (Blue)
10. Silverback National
11. Hoop Nation NYC
12. Bingo All Stars
13. Ring City

4th Grade 
1. NY Rens 
2. Riverside Hawks 
3. NY Gauchos 
4. Team Delaware 
5. Philly Triple Threat 
6. We R 1/ Bulldogs

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Atlantic City Sheraton To Host AC Showcase!

The Basketball Spotlight Atlantic City Showcase once again will be hosted by the beautiful Sheraton Hotel. The hotel sits right in the middle of the Atlantic City Shopping Outlet stores and has long been the place to stay in America's Playground. Make sure your register quickly for your room because they will be going quickly. 


AGAME Super Shootout Coming In March!

The 8th Annual AGAME SUPERSHOOTOUT ALL UNDER 1 ROOF (Due to the large amount teams that are set to participate in the this years SuperShootout were are forced to go Back-to-Back weekends all at the Spook Nook SportsComplex, NO OUTSIDE LOCATIONS) 

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

South Jersey Titans Holding Tryouts!

The South Jersey Titans will be holding tryouts for all the teams in their program. March 5th at the St. Raphael’s School in Hamilton, NJ. 

March 5th 
Grades: (4th Thru 6th) 5:30 PM -7:00 PM 
Grades: (9th Thru 12th) 7:00 PM-8:30 PM 

St. Raphael’s School 155 Gropp Ave. Hamilton, NJ 08625 

Registration Fee $20 if prepaid. Registration @ door is $30 


In The Spotlight: Isaiah Brown (Hoop Nation NYC)

Name: Isaiah Brown 

AAU Team: Hoop Nation NYC 

Class: 2024 

Position: Shooting Guard 

Breakdown: Brown exploded from the perimeter in their game against Playtime at the Teach Me Classic. He has a fluid jumper and the confidence to pull the trigger from anywhere on the floor. He caught fire while nailing four treys. Brown has a mean ratchet.

In The Spotlight: Chris Suber (Westside Warriors)

Name: Chris Suber 

AAU Team: Westside Warriors 

Class: 2025 

Position: Point Guard 

Breakdown: Suber was super off the bounce while attacking the hole in their game against Playtime Panthers at the Teach Me Classic. He has a good feel for the game and doesn’t mind getting teammates involved. He also can score a bucket if needed.

Monday, February 20, 2017

New Jersey High School Biggest Rivals Release Documentaries!

Basketball Spotlight loves to bring you guy’s impressionable videos about the basketball culture. Two of the top programs and biggest rivals in New Jersey have released documentaries about their team’s and the purpose of their programs. St. Anthony and The Patrick School have storied programs so please tune in and support their effort.

Teach Me Classic 13U Championship Recap: Milbank Wins Teach Me Classic Title!

Milbank Flyers 

Milbank Flyers went on a big run to defeat NY Rens 51-43 to win the Teach Me Classic 13U title. Congratulations to both teams for making it to the finals and putting on a good show. Stay tuned as we bring your more coverage from the Teach Me Classic. 

Teach Me Classic 14U Championship Recap: Hilltoppers Heat Holds On Over Milbank

Hilltoppers Heat

In this epic rematch battle, Hilltoppers Heat prevail in overtime over Milbank to win the Teach Me Classic 14U Championship. Hillttoppers gained an early 1st half 16 point lead before Milbank stormed back behind the hard work of Kaden Norton, who earned Sportsmanship Player of the Game, before losing in overtime 54-52. William Richardson earned the game MVP for H.Heat with 25 points and received help from Mike Williams with 18 points.

Teach Me Classic 11U Championship Recap: Hoop Nation NYC And Playtime Panthers Share Title!

Hoop Nation NYC And Playtime Panthers

Hoop Nation NYC and Playtime Panthers have developed a good rivalry recently and since these guys split the last two games at the Teach Me Classic they decided to share the 11U Championship. We congratulate both teams for playing hard throughout the league and showing great sportsmanship by sharing the title. Stay tune as we have more profiles from the Teach Me Classic.

Teach Me Classic 9U Championship Recap: The Tigers Win Thriller!

The Tigers

The Teach Me Classic 9U Championship took place Saturday and Basketball Spotlight was in the building. The Tigers held on in tough game to defeat NYC Scrubs 20-19. Congratulations to both teams for making the finals.

MVP: Rich Rosa (The Tigers) 
Rosa did some damage with the ball in his hands. He’s considered a ball guard on this level and used his height to score. Hopefully we will see him and The Tigers in the near future. We like we see with his kid.

Teach Me Classic 12U Championship Recap: Team IZOD Rolls To The Crown!

Team IZOD 

Team IZOD used a big second half to pull away from Elmcor Basketball 41-30 to win the Teach Me Classic 12U Championship. Congratulations to both teams for making to the championship of a tough league.

MVP: Tahaad Pettiford (Team IZOD) 
The lefty was on fire up in Teaneck. He knocked down the trey ball when the rock was rotated his way and score several times in transition. When he gets hot he can light it up quick. He gets crazy buckets against.

Teach Me Classic 10U Championship Recap: Westside Warriors Hold It Down!

Westside Warriors

In one of the best games of the day. Westside Warriors defeated Playtime Panthers 28-17 to win the Teach Me Classic 10U Championship. Congrats to both teams for making the finals and competing well for the championship.

MVP: Jermel Thomas (Westside Warriors) 
Thomas is one of the most polished third graders we seen in the country. He’s poised and can either score or drop and impressive dime. I can wait to see him grow up on the Spotlight circuit. He seems to have a bright future.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Clash For The Cup 5th Grade Best Of The Best & Top 15 Player Performance Rankings

The Basketball Spotlight Clash For The Cup 5th Grade gave us a good glimpse of the future. Here’s a look at the Best of the Best and Top 15 Player Performance Rankings. 

Clash For The Cup 5th Grade Best Of The Best 

Best Performer: Ty Carnegie (Playtime Panthers) 
Carnegie showed the total package during the weekend. When he got hot from the perimeter resembled a young Steph Curry. 

Best Passer: Braylin Sanjurjo (Playtime Panthers) 
This kid has to have eyes in the back of his head because he drop dimes from every angle. He gets a kick out of letting teammates score. 

Best Prospect: Keith McKnight (Playtime Panthers) 
McKnight versatility was apparent at the Clash. We believe he will venture out to the wing and continue to develop a nice looking prospect. 

Best Shooter: Brandon Srebnik (Riverside Hawks) 
Brandon showed the range from behind the arc. Once he set his feet it was bombs away. He has one of the best ratchets in the region. 

Best Playmaker: MJ Ford (Hoop Nation NYC) 
Ford is confident ball handler, passer and scorer. The bigger the stage the bigger his performance. He has a star quality in his game. 

Best Defender: Jalen Munson (Hoop Nation) 
Munson was not only a scorer but he also was a beast on the defensive end. He caused turnovers from the press and played the passing lanes well. 

Best Fresh Face: Jewel Walker (Team Durant) 
Walker was a scoring machine over the weekend. He was a beast in the paint. He used his soft hands and touch to torch opponents on the blocks. 

Best Scorer: Chidi Nwigwe (NY Rens) 
Chidi played up but it didn’t matter to the shooting guard. He has the size and athletic ability to get buckets. Nwigwe has the look of a nice prospect down the road. He averaged close to 20 points a game. 

Best Floor General: Mesean Williams (NJ Shore Shots) 
I like the way this kid handles the rock and make decisions. He’s confident to play his game and control the game with his tempo. He’s a constant contributor. 

Clash For The Cup 5th Grade Top 15 Player Performance Rankings
1. Ty Carnegie (Playtime Panthers) 
2. MJ Ford (Hoop Nation NYC) 
3. Keith McKnight (Playtime Panthers) 
4. Jewel Walker (Team Durant) 
5. Jalen Munson (Hoop Nation NYC) 
6. Chidi Nwigwe (NY Rens) 
7. Braylin Sanjurjo (Playtime Panthers) 
8. Jayden Ramirez (Riverside Hawks) 
9. Anthony Saunders (Team Durant) 
10. Mesean Williams (NJ Shore Shots) 
11. Brandon Srebnik (Riverside Hawks) 
12. Naim Parrish (NJ Shore Shots) 
13. Luther Bolden (Hoop Nation NYC) 
14. Kayden Mingo (NY Rens) 
15. AJ Bernard (Milbank)

Clash For The Cup 6th Grade Best Of The Best & Top 15 Players Performance Rankings

The Basketball Spotlight Clash For The Cup 6th Grade Division featured some future stars down the road. Here’s a look at our Best of The Best and Top 15 Player Performance Rankings.  
Clash For The Cup 6th Grade Best Of The Best 

Best Performer: Caleb Crawford (Riverside Hawks) 
Crawford has been putting on for years and he gave this bracket a taste during the Clash. He scores like we breathe. His back to back 24 point performances (semifinals and championship) says it all. 

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Clash For The Cup 7th Grade Best Of The Best & Top 15 Player Performance Rankings

Basketball Spotlight Clash For The Cup 7th Grade had a variety of players perform at the highest level. Here’s our Best Of The Best and Top 15 Player Performance Rankings. 

Clash For The Cup 7th Grade Best Of The Best 

Best Performer: Antonio Sellers (NY Gauchos) 
The highly ranked forward showed he was worth the ink as he had a dominating weekend. He takes control of the game in so many different ways. Most of all he led them to the championship and took home the banner.