Sunday, November 29, 2015

Super Skillcase Profile: Taj Montgomery (Philadelphia, PA)

Name: Taj Montgomery 

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA 

Position: Point Guard 

Class: 2020 

Breakdown: I should have known this guard was from Philly because his game speaks toughness. Taj is built like a bowling ball and drives through the defense like a running back. On defense he was a ball hawk and bullied defenders into turnovers. He plays both ends of the floor in a very fast pace. It seems to be a free agent on the AAU scene but that should change soon.

Super Skillcase Profile: Jake Koverman (Severana, MD)

Name: Jake Koverman 

Hometown: Severena Park, MD 

Position: Shooting Guard 

Class: 2021 

Breakdown: Koverman hasn’t even scratched the surface of what he could be. He showed he could hit the open shot but also showed improvement with putting the ball on the deck. Once he gains more confidence and his size kicks in he might surprise a lot of people down the road. He’s definitely projected to stretch out.

Super Skillcase Profile: Jack Miller (Ocean, NJ)

Name: Jack Miller 

Hometown: Ocean, NJ 

Position: Point Guard 

Class: 2020 

Breakdown: Miller loves exposing his handle. He has a crafty handle that allows him to get anywhere he wants on the floor. He uses this maneuver to get past the defense or create space. Once he gets the space he needs he will launch a trey ball from deep. We will see him rocking with the Jersey Force in the spring.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Introducing Luke Brown AKA Little Steve Nash (Indiana)

Luke Brown showed flashes of Steve Nash type game at the MSHTV Camp in Indianapolis. The 8th grader from Brownsburg Indiana came into the camp as a relative unknown, but left as one of the most impressive players. Luke Brown showed great vision and play making skills to go along with his long range shooting. After making a big time impression at the MSHTV Camp, expect to hear more from Luke Brown as he becomes a well-known player in the Class of 2020.

Super Skillcase Profile: Al-Fatir Connor (Roselle, NJ)

Name: Al-Fatir Connor 

Hometown: Roselle, NJ 

Position: Point Guard 

Class: 2021 

Breakdown: Connor is constantly in attack mode and putting pressure on the defense. He’s good at penetrating especially if he doesn’t decide to go too deep. He’s good at pushing the rock in transition and making decisions. On defense he works hard at moving his feet and forcing ball handlers to make decisions.

Super Skillcase Profile: Tony Lorrick (Springfield, MA)

Name: Tony Lorrick 

Hometown: Springfield, MA 

Position: Forward 

Class: 2022 

Breakdown: Hodge is a strong body forward that can play the bruising style but also has some skill in his game. He’s mobile enough to make moves along the baseline while also bullying his way to the basket. He’s a talent to watch in the New England area especially when you realize he’s only a 6th Grader. A few teams will be vying for his services.

Super Skillcase Profile: Jayden Moore (Allentown, PA)

Name: Jayden Walsh 

Hometown: Allentown, PA 

Position: Combo Guard 

Class: 2020 

Breakdown: Walsh is a nice guard with size and a burst of speed. He gets into the lane at will and specializes in using the spin to finish off plays. He has a nice feel for the game and rocks with ESYC Elite so hopefully we will see him to rock a little more.

Basketball Spotlight Tip Off Classic Is At Capacity!

The Basketball Spotlight Tip Off Classic Deadline has expired and the teams listed below will most likely be the squads participating in this event. The schedule will be released next week. Thank you for your support. 

8th Grade Teams
1. Team Final (Black)
2. Playaz
3. Harlem United 
4. PSA Cardinals
5. New Heights
6. NJ Shore Shots
7. Team Phenom
8. NJ Bulldogs
9. Riverside Hawks
10. Hilltoppers Heat
11. St. Michaels
12. Brooklyn Rens 
13. NY Rens
14. Team Final (Blue)
15. CTA Turbo 
16. Boston Spartans
17. Playtime
18. Milbank Flyers
19. Team RJS
20. Fulton Ballers
21. Expressions 
22. Shore Boys
23. B'More United Thrill
24. Playaz (Gray)

7th Grade Teams
1. S Elite (Red)
2. S Elite (Black)
3. PSA Cardinals
4. Playaz
5. Team Final
6. NJ Bulldogs
7. Riverside Hawks
8. Philly Triple Threat
9. Philly Triple Threat (Hildalgo)
10. Hilltoppers Heat (Black)
11. I 10 Celtics 
12. NY Rens (Kat)
13. Boston Spartans
14. Gauchos
15. NY Rens (Harris)
16. Milbank Flyers 
17. B'More United Thrill
18. Team Focus
19. Team IZOD
20. Stan Jones All Stars

6th Grade Teams
1. Team Final
2. New Heights
3. NJ Bulldogs
4. Riverside Hawks
5. Harlem United 
6. Playaz
7. Hilltoppers Heat
8. NY Lightning 
9. Brooklyn Rens 
10. NY Rens
11. Boston Spartans
12. Playtime 
13.  B'More United Thrill
14. NJ Shore Shots 
15. Team IZOD
16. NY Mustangs 

5th Grade
1. Team Final
2. Team IZOD 
3. Riverside Hawks
4. CT Defenders
5. New Heights
6. NY Rens 
7. Philly Triple Threat 
8. Boston Spartans
9. Playtime
10. We R 1
11. SJ Domination
12. B'More United Thrill

4th Grade 
1. New Heights 
2. Riverside Hawks
3. Expressions 
4. Playtime
5. NABC Elite 
6.  B'More United Thrill
7. Gauchos
8. Ring City Elite

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

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Monday, November 23, 2015

Super Skillcase Profile: Michael Dickinson (York, PA)

Name: Michael Dickinson 

Hometown: York, PA 

Position: Point Guard 

Class: 2021 

Breakdown: Dinkinson showed some quickness at the position and displayed smooth court vision at the Super Skillcase. He was able to put together some big plays. He should be a good player to watch as he takes the court with the York Raiders.

Super Skillcase Profile: Richie Greaves (Staten Island, NY)

Name: Richie Greaves 

Hometown: Staten Island, NY 

Position: Point Guard 

Class: 2020 

Breakdown: Greaves took his talent up to the 9th Grade level and was still able to hold his own. The crafty point guard used his improved strength and size to maneuver on the floor. He also seems to have improved his outside shot. After a successful summer on the camp circuit Greaves confidence is through the roof. Hopefully he will carry this over to the NY Rens when he rocks with them on the circuit. We expect him to make a jump in our national rankings next fall.

Super Skillcase Profile: Naadhir Wood (Philadelphia, PA)

Name: Naadhir Wood 

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA 

Position: Forward 

Class: 2020 

Breakdown: Wood is young on the court and is developing moves but could be something serious down the road because of his size. He was able to alter shots and rebound the ball. I like his work ethic and motor when playing the game. Like I stated earlier he’s still in the project faze but would be a good investment for a tri-state AAU squad.

Diary Of A Baller: Jalen Cone (Kernersville, NC) Entry #4

Jalen's High School Squad

Our first game was this past Tuesday, November 17, 2015. Before the game my teammate, Edrice “Bam” Adebayo, signed his national letter of intent to play with the University of Kentucky! Our team surrounded him and his family as he signed. This was a great moment for my teammate and our team. We played New Garden Friends School and we beat them by 40+ points. 

On Friday, we traveled to The Cannon School for their annual tournament. We played Metrolina and beat them by 40+ points. We made it to the championship on Saturday and we beat Durham Academy by 30+ points. I played solid defense in all three games and ran the point guard position well with many assists and rebounds. Coach Calipari from the University of Kentucky was in the building for the championship game. I made the top standouts for the Hoop’s Column report for the tournament. 

They said the following.. “5’9″ PG Jalen Cone – Amongst the very best 8th graders in the nation, Cone once again showed why he is special. He played crucial minutes as a back up PG and found shooters in the corner. Very good athlete with excellent speed and quickness. Was very difficult for players 4 years older than him to stay in front of him. Elite PG.” 

I learned that the game is faster, more physical and players are stronger on the high school level. I fit right in, I just have to let my confidence keep building and as my confidence builds I will become a better player.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Super Skillcase Profile: Ricardo Alleyne (Brooklyn, NY)

Name: Ricardo Alleyne 

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY 

Position: Point Guard 

Class: 2020 

Breakdown: It’s all about potential with this kid. He has the quickness and height to make some things happen on the floor but needs to add some strength to take his production to the next level. He used that quickness to get past defenders and was able to look over them also for nice passes. Like most NY guards he prefers the transition game. In a few years I think this kid will blossom.

Super Skillcase Profile: Joshua Gonzalez (Saylorsburg, PA)

Name: Joshua Gonzalez 

Hometown: Saylorsburg, PA 

Position: Shooting Guard 

Class: 2021 

Breakdown: Gonzalez is a strong guard but is quicker off the dribble then he looks. He penetrates the lane and bounces off of defenders like a pinball. Once he gets some space he uses a nice pull up to finish off plays. He game should develop very well as he will be practicing against that loaded IZOD crew. We will get a few good looks at this kid.

Super Skillcase Profile: Yash Dattani (Princeton Junction, NJ)

Name: Yash Dattani 

Hometown: Princeton Junction, NJ 

Position: Point Guard 

Class: 2020 

Breakdown: Dattani instantly speeds up the game with his play. He gets up and down very quickly and is willing to make the extra pass. Sometimes he can take a too many risk with the rock but we believe that will settle down as he gets older. He looks his best when he picks his spots and plays under control. He should be a name to know in the Mercer County area.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Super Skillcase Profile: Shane Dezonie (Tobyhanna, PA)

Name: Shane Dezonie 

Hometown: Tobyhanna, PA 

Position: Shooting Guard 

Class: 2021 

Breakdown: Dezonie is another member of that powerful IZOD group and he is also highly rated in our rankings. Shane has slimmed down while improving his athleticism and his game shows it. He’s much quicker on both sides of the ball and explodes too the cup when trying to finish. I also like how he handles the ball and make plays against top competition. He has a chance to shoot up in our national ranking come September.

Super Skilcase Profile: Trey Patterson (Somerset, NJ)

Name: Trey Patterson 

Hometown: Somerset, NJ 

Position: Forward 

Class: 2021 

Breakdown: Patterson came into the Skillcase rated as our #1 7th Grader in America. But that didn’t stop him from working hard in the drills and trying to become better. Patterson showed improved in his motor which is major and also proved he could bang with the big boys (Played with the 9th Graders). Trey versatility remains his strong point as he’s difficult to guard for big forwards and wings. He handles the rock like a point guard and has extended his range. I can’t wait to see him with that loaded Team IZOD 7th Grade bunch.

Super Skillcase Profile: Ibraheim Wattara (Mount Kisco, NY)

Name: Ibraheim Wattara 

Hometown: Mount Kisco, NY 

Position: Forward 

Class: 2020 

Breakdown: What a fresh face! Wattara immediately caught my attention with his athleticism, high motor and ability to finish. When I looked closer at his game I saw he put the ball on the deck and was attempting some perimeter moves. At times on the floor he was the most dominant person. Right now he’s under the radar but playing with the NY Rens should thrust him into the national scene.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

6'9 8th Grader Makes Splash At MSHTV Camp!

Emmanuel Okpomo is a 6'9 eighth grader from Mississippi. At the 2015 MSHTV Camp Emmanuel showed that he is a ridiculous amount of potential to go along with his size. On this play Okpomo showed his defense and ability to run the floor, not to mention the coordination to make this play. Stay tuned as Basketball Spotlight brings you more footage from this event. Shout to my man Ty Kish for doing a great job with this event.

Super Skillcase Profile: Majesty Johnson (New York, NY)

Name: Majesty Johnson 

Hometown: New York, NY 

Position: Combo Guard 

Class: 2020 

Breakdown: If Johnson is not a miniature James Harden, my name isn’t Mike Melton. The southpaw gets it done from all three levels on the floor very quickly. He has a quick release and very good accuracy. His confidence soars once he gets going. He joined a loaded PSA Cardinal squad and should be a welcomed addition.

Super Skillcase Profile: Brandon Weston (Brooklyn, NY)

Name: Brandon Weston 

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY 

Position: Forward 

Class: 2020 

Breakdown: PSA Cardinals have been known for producing big time forwards and Weston might be another one in the pipeline. Last season he played primarily on the post but during the Super Skillcase he was seen pushing the rock coast to coast and making plays. Don’t get me wrong he still showed versatility on the blocks but his perimeter improvement really impressed us. He is definitely a candidate to jump in our rankings.

Super Skillcase Profile: Antoine Jack (Upper Marlboro, MD)

Name: Antoine Jack 

Hometown: Upper Marlboro, MD 

Position: Point Guard 

Class: 2021 

Breakdown: Jack showed prowess as an on ball defender. He pressured the rock 94 feet and caused some confusion. On offense he’s capable of running the show and was able to hit the open jumper when the ball swung around. In transition he showed a burst of speed and was able to finish or hit teammates. Most players don’t concentrate on defense in this type of event but Jack preferred to dig in.

Super Skillcase Profile: Jaylen Murray (Bronx, NY)

Name: Jaylen Murray 

Hometown: Bronx, NY 

Position: Combo Guard 

Class: 2020 

Breakdown: Class of 2020 guards look out because Murray is coming. The silky smooth combo guard let it be known at the Super Skillcase. He works great during the pick and roll while preferring to pop the pull up jumper. I like how he has developed his driving and finish game. Murray confidence handling the rock has reached another level and he’s looking to move up our rankings quickly. If he plays like this during the season it could be a problem for the opposition.