Thursday, September 6, 2012

Basketball Spotlight Class Of 2016 Top 100 Prospects

The Basketball Spotlight National Player Rankings for the Class of 2016 are listed below. The list was compiled over years of coverage and we did our best to as fair as possible. Please remember this listing is just our opinion and should be taken as such. Click on players in red for highlights. FEEL FREE TO EXPRESS YOUR OPINION IN THE COMMENT SECTION BELOW THIS ARTICLE!

Basketball Spotlight Class of 2016 Top 100

1. Harry Giles 6’9 Forward (Winston Salem, NC)

2. Thon Maker 6’11 Forward (New Orleans, LA)
3. Deron Davis 6’9 Forward (Denver, CO)
4. Tyus Battle 6’5 Guard (Edison, NJ)
5. Josh Jackson 6’5 Guard (Detroit, MI)

6. VJ King 6’5 Guard (Akron, OH)
7. Dedric Lawson 6’8 Forward (Memphis, TN)
8. Khalea Turner 6’9 Forward (Marrero, LA)
9. Jayson Tatum 6’6 Guard (St. Louis, MO)
10. Derryck Thorton 6’0 Guard (Simi Valley, CA)
11. Joshua Langsford 6’4 Guard (Huntsville, AL)
12. Benjamin Coupet 6’7 Forward (Chicago, IL)
13. Rodney Miller 6’9 Forward (Queens, NY)
14. Edrice Adebayo 6’9 Forward (Bellhaven, NC)
15. Trevor Stanback 6’10 Forward (Etiwanda, CA)
16. Justin Jackson 6’6 Forward (Toronto, Canada)
17. Joe Hampton 6’7 Forward (Hyattsville, MD)
18. Seventh Woods 6’2 Guard (Columbia, SC)
19. Eron Gordon 6’2 Guard (Indianapolis, IN
20. NyRhique Smith 6’2 Guard (Tinton Falls, NJ)
21. Davion Thomas 6’7 Forward (Columbus, GA)
22. Braxton Blackwell 6’6 Forward (Nashville, TN)
23. Reggie Gardner 6’3 Guard (Bowie, MD)
24. Malik Crowfield 6’4 Guard (LaPlace, LA)
25. DeAaron Fox 6’2 Guard (Katy, TX)
26. Michael Cage 6’8 Forward (Newport, CA)
27. Mustafa Heron 6’4 Guard (West Haven, CT)
28. Adrian Moore 6’3 Guard (Conway, AR)
29. Devonte Green 6’2 Guard (North Babylon, NY)
30. Mark Vital 6’4 Guard (Lake Charles, LA)
31. Terrence Ferguson 6’5 (Flower Mound, TX)
32. Devearl Ramsey 5’10 Guard (Los Angeles, CA)
33. Mario Kegler 6’6 Forward (Jackson, MS)
34. Kobi Stephens-Simmons 6’4 Guard (Alpharetta, GA)
35. Anthony Cowan 5’10 Guard (Bowie, MD)
36.  Temple Gibbs 6'0 Guard (Scotch Plains, NJ)
37. Chris Lewis 6’7 Forward (Alpharetta, GA)
38. Devin Young 6’7 Forward (Sacramento, CA)
39. Quentin Gooding 6’3 Guard (Campbellsville, KY)
40.  Matthew Buulock 6'4 Forward (Elizabeth, NJ)
41. Christopher Ellis 6’1 Guard (Tracy, CA)
42. Sam Green 6’6 Forward (Bowie, MD)
43. Unique McLean 6’2 Guard (Brooklyn, NY)
44. Alani Moore 5’9 Guard (Germantown, MD)
45. Jakolby Long 6’4 Guard (Edmond, OK)
46. Lamar Stevens 6’4 Guard (Philadelphia, PA)
47. Bryce Aiken 5’9 Guard (Randolph, NJ)
48. Derrick Daniels 6’7 Forward (Dayton, OH)
49. Ako Adams 6’1 Guard (Washington, DC)
50. Aaron Augustin 5’10 Guard (Duluth, GA)
51. Tuva Mott 6’3 Guard (Philadelphia, PA)
52. Rakym Felder 5’10 Guard (Raleigh, NC)
53. DeAndre Hunter 6’3 Guard (Philadelphia, PA)
54. Asante Gist 5’8 Guard (West Orange, NJ)
55. Donovan Love 5’10 Guard (Cranston, RI)
56. Trevell Beck 6’6 Forward (Cleveland, OH)
57. Daveyon Barnes 6’4 Forward (Baltimore, MD)
58. Caleb Swanigam 6’7 Forward (Dunfee, IN)
59. Mike Buland 6’4 Guard (High Point, NC)
60. Algevon Eiehelberger 6’6 Forward (Saginaw, MI)
61. Ryan Murphy 6’0 Guard (West Hills, CA)
63. Vaughn Covington 6’0 Guard (Sicklerville, NJ)
64. Idris Joyner 6’4 Forward (Plainfield, NJ)
65. Malik Dow 6’4 Forward (Louisville, KY)
66. Randall Gaskins 6’2 Guard (Fairfax, VA)
67. Wolfgang Novogratz 6’0 Guard (New York, NY)
68. Derek Funderburk 6’7 Forward (Akron, OH)
69. Jashaun Agosto 5’9 Guard (Federal Way, WA)
70. Khalir Johnson 6’5 Forward (Wilmington, DE)
71. Jamar Watson 6’2 Guard (Brandywine, MD)
72. Jared Rivers 6’0 Guard (Westbury, NY)
73. Nigel Pearson 6’5 Forward (Beaumont, TX)
74. Sa’eed Nelson 5’9 Guard (Pleasantville, NJ)
75. Donovan White 6’5 Forward (Baton Rouge, LA)
76. Gilbert Thomas 6’5 Forward (Houston, TX)
77. Loren Jackson 5’6 Guard (Chicago, IL)
78. Nnamdi Collins 6’8 Forward (Little Rock, AR)
79. Dyaire Holt 6’0 Guard (Troy, NY)
80. Tim Walker 6’0 Guard (Charlotte, NC)
81. Mickey Bell 6’3 Forward (Washington, DC)
82. Kameron Hedgepeth 6’3 Guard (Haymarket, VA)
83. Kyle Elliot 6’1 Guard (Rahway, NJ)
84. Drake Davis 6’4 Forward (Baton Rouge, LA)
85. Seth Towns 6’7 Forward (Columbus, OH)
86. Vijay Blackmon 6’2 Guard (Fort Wayne, IN)
87. Kylia Sykes 6’6 Forward (Durham, NC)
88. Ty Jerome 5’10 Guard (New Rochelle, NY)
89. Dwayne Russell 6’5 Forward (Jacksonville, FL)
90. Keandre Fair 5’11 Guard (Hartford, CT)
91. Gilberto Cue 5’8 Guard (New York, NY)
92. Anthony Carr 5’9 Guard (Philadelphia, PA)
93. Ben Rabinwitz 6’0 Guard (New York, NY)
94. Roderick Caldwell 5’9 Guard (Dayton, OH)
95. Ty Graves 5’10 Guard (Charlotte, NC)
96. Jabri McCall 5’11 Guard (Philadelphia, PA)
97. Mike Janowski 6’1 Guard (Fairfax, VA)
98. Raekwon Long 6’9 Forward (Charlotte, NC)
99. J.J Caldwell 5’9 Guard (Houston, TX)
100. Jamal Allen 5’9 Guard (Boston, MA)


Nacho said...

When did Harry Giles move to NJ!

Julio Agosto said...
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KELVIN said...

No one should agree with this , this is terrible smh

JustbeJust said...

No Mikey Dixon?

G.Allen said...

Where is the Pritchard kid from Oregon? The kids say he was one of the best PG at the USA camp.

Coach Cal said...

why is Shannon Denny not on there he is a dog

Jason Ware said...

I am sure that all these players are good. But u have to. Have to check out Ashon Riggins aka A Game from Hamilton OH. Beast freshman guard starting varsity. Im dead serious he could run point for a college team right now. Maturity is ridiculous. Super under control handles that intimidates pressure.

RS Que said...

Had a chance to see a 6'3". Freshmen left hander play in Cleveland OH -Deven Stover, what a nice stroke and a high basketball IQ, gets team mates involved and plays and all around game should be on someone's radar. At St. Ignatius HS a true freshman.

keith roger said...

have to check out Michael Almonacy. a 5'11 pg from brentwood new York. he been on varsity since 8th grade. he is a poised mature for his age, has a great basketball IQ. has a great outside jumper. a good pull up and can attack the rim. he a pass first point guard. his coach trusts him with the ball in his hands when the game is on the line. he has gotten offers for top high school in the metro area, like LUHI, Our savoir of new America, st ant, st johns, st marys. and some top aau teams like team scan and new rens and the ny panters. im not wasting your time check him out he could be ranked in the top 100 or even the top 50 and he is a top point guard in the country. check him out Michael Almonacy 5'11 pg class of 2016.

@fly-kid said...

You guys need to check out this young man in atlanta ga his name is nicholas craddock at therrell high school he has talent and he dunks like crazy.I had a chance to see him play at the nike 100 showcase aau tournement he is 6"3 and he is jumping out of the gym and the kid is only a freshman . He plays for atlanta fuze aau team people please go check him out

65a04b06-b848-11e2-bbc7-000bcdca4d7a said...


bnb2407 said...

Amir Coffey.... he's on team USA and was the best player for Hopkins HS in Minnesota last year, which produces a lot of High Division 1 talent.

NLA said...

no kweshaun parker or dennis smith jr????

Bball_Fan910 said...

Im right there with you steve....he did say it was just an "opinion". Still #mind blowing

4u2nv said...

Jarron Cumberland is the best player in 2016 class in Ohio. I'll take him over VJ King any day. I watched King in state tournament, he was a non-factor. All Jarron did was average 20ppg as a freshman. He showed up at all the big games. He needs to be recognized. Especially on this list!

John Doe said...

You'll want to keep an eye on this kid - already with interest from Maryland, Georgetown, Virginia Tech, Nebraska, North Carolina State, Virginia, Wichita State, George Mason, Northeastern, Colgate, Radford and yes Kansas.

Ryan Gomes (2016)
6'10" C/PF
Friends School of Baltimore



Bball MOM!! said...


Justin Williams said...

Some ratings have Dennis Smith as the top PG in the nation for 2016. But this long list doesn't even have his name?!

Justin Williams said...

Some ratings have Dennis Smith as the top PG in the nation for 2016. But this long list doesn't even have his name?!

Justin Williams said...

Some ratings have Dennis Smith as the top PG in the nation for 2016. But this long list doesn't even have his name?!