Thursday, June 30, 2011

In The Spotlight: Nick Brooks (Playaz Basketball Club)

Name: Nick Brooks

AAU Team: Playaz Basketball Club

Position: Shooting Guard

Class: 2015

Breakdown: Brooks has been the face for the Playaz 13U program. The high rising two-guard slashes through the lane and scores at will at times. Nick showed his worth at the Basketball Spotlight MDC. He has good size for his position and really wants to get better. He’s already with a top program and we will be talking about him for years to come.

13U AAU Nationals Update: National Championship Bracket Play Begins Today

Team Rebels Are Rolling In Memphis

Pool play has wrapped up in Memphis and the Spotlight tested teams are on their way to National Bracket competition. Here’s a breakdown of how the teams feared yesterday.

Day 3 Results

Team Rebels 61 Team Power 36
First Round Game: All Iowa Attack @ 2:20 (Winner will face Louisiana Select tonight at 7:40 PM)

MABC 43 Memphis War Eagles 69
First Round Game: EC Hoopstars @ 10:20 AM (Winner Will Face CC 1st today at 3:30 PM )

F.A.C.E.S. 58 Athletes First 54
First Round Game: Bye (Will Face The Winner Of Wilson Blue Devils and Kentucky Elite Kings today at 5:00 PM)

CC 1st 84 Ascension Jaguars 49
First Round Game: Bye (Will Face The Winner Of MABC and EC Hoopstars today 3:40 PM)

Fairfax Stars Black 47 Southern Illinois 56
First Round Game: Team Kansas Crunch @ 1:00 PM (Winner Will Face CB Spiders tonight at 6:20 PM)

Wilson Blue Devils 96 United Celtics 80
First Round Game: Kentucky Elite Kings @ 11:40 AM (Winner Will Play F.A.C.E.S. tonight at 5:00 PM)

Team Felton 53 Puerto Rico Playmakers 30
First Round Game: Bye (Will Face The Family tonight at 7:40 PM)

Basketball Spotlight will keep you updated on the 13U AAU Nationals.

Championship Bracket Update

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Basketball Spotlight Alum Jaren Sina Helping Out His Future Home

Jaren Sina Former Basketball Spotlight Star

Basketball Spotlight alum Jaren Sina gave a verbal commitment to the University of Alabama at the beginning of his sophomore season. Sina is very eager to join his Crimson Tide teammates on the floor but has decided to give the community his assistance now. Jaren has decided to travel to Tuscaloosa, Alabama to help the community recover from a recent tornado. Basketball Spotlight is proud of Jaren and his family for the effort they are showing.

Click Here For The Article

Louisanna Select Introduces The Big Three

The Louisiana Select is currently taking care of business at the 13U AAU Nationals. This squad finished 2nd at the 12U AAU Nationals last year and are one of the favorites to win it all. They have has some serious talent including the Big Three; Khlea Turner, Adrian Moore and Malik Crowfield. Stay tune as we bring you more highlights of some of the top teams in the country.

13U Nationals Update: Things Are Heating Up In Memphis

The AC Showcase Champs Are 2-0 In Memphis

Day 2 of pool play wrapped up Memphis last night and here’s a breakdown of how the Spotlight tested teams feared. Today games will be very interesting as the #1 seeds square against the #2 seeds.

Day 2 Results

Team Felton 54 Cagers Select 37
Next Game: (Puerto Rico Playmakers @ 3:40 PM)

Team Rebels 77 EC Hoopstars 58
Next Game: (Team Power @ 5:00 PM)

F.A.C.E.S. 54 Dayton Salvation Army 51
Next Game: (Athletes First @ 2:20 PM)

Fairfax Stars Black 58 Lagrange Warriors 34
Next Game: (Southern Illinois Tigers @ 2:20 PM)

MABC 63 AR Celtics 37
Next Game: (Memphis War Eagles @ 7:40 PM)

CC 1st 98 Hope Ballers 61
Next Game: (Ascension Jaguars @ 11:40 AM)

Wilson Blue Devils 55 Sports Academy 79
Next Game: (United Stars Celtics @ 2:20 PM)


Basketball Spotlight will continue to bring you updates from Memphis.

Basketball Spotlight Super Showcase 2010 Flashback: Class 2015 Top Combo Guards

Lamar Kimble Starred At The Super Showcase

The Basketball Spotlight Super Showcase will return August 13th so Basketball Spotlight will like to take a look back at the players that shined last summer. Do you have the game to compete against these type of players? We will see August 13th.

Super Showcase Top Combo Guards (Class 2015)

Lamar Kimble (Philadelphia, PA)- Kimble was just too difficult to contain at this event. He can easily muscle his way to the lane but he enjoys showing off his dribble moves. First, he will hit you with the crossover before finishing at the cup. Then he would drive and pull up mid dribble for a jumper. He just has too many moves in his arsenal for defenders this age.

Blair Howard (Hartford, CT)- Howard roasted the defense even pumping in 30 points one contest. The smooth scoring will shake the boots off of opponents. He has good range and the ability to finish from anywhere. He reminds me a little of Anthony Jernigan who was another fine guard from Connecticut.

Marcus Adkinson (Annandale, VA)- Adkinson is another guard with scoring prowess and the ability to play lockdown defense. He has some shiftiness in his game and I like his calm demeanor when running the show. I see him moving over the PG spot full time on the high school level.

Darrick Boyd (Springfield, MA)- Boyd brought down that aggression that caught my eye in Massachusetts. No one in the building could stop this kid from getting to the rim and he took advantage of this asset. I like the range on his shot and his ability to get a clean look off the bounce.

Temple Gibbs (Scotch Plains, NJ)- Gibbs arrived a little late but jumped right into the action especially on defense. His lateral movement has improved as he used his foot speed to strip a couple of ball handlers. I also see him moving to the point guard spot and controlling the tempo like his older brother Sterling.

Trey Lowe (Ewing, NJ)- Lowe did his thing in the scoring column. He nailed the outside shot and got out on the break for transitional buckets. Lowe still looks like a baby in the face so a serious grow spurt will be coming soon. This will determine if he goes over to the point or remain a scoring guard.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Spotlight Tested Teams Off To Great Start In Memphis

The Killer Bees Are Buzzing In Memphis

Many teams that have played on the Basketball Spotlight circuit are getting busy at the AAU 13U Nationals in Memphis, Tennessee. Basketball Spotlight is not in Memphis but we will do our best to keep you updated with the action. Here’s a breakdown of the first day results from the Spotlight tested squads.

Day 1 Results

F.A.C.E.S. 79 Tifton Eagles 49
Next Game (Dayton Salvation Army @ 10:20 AM)

MABC 57 On The Humble 44
Next Game (AR Celtics @ 6:30 PM)

Fairfax Stars 52 D&R Blue Devils 38
Next Game (Lagrange Warriors @ 1:00 PM)

CC 1st 85 Hope Ballers 44
Next Game (Nashville Celtics @ 7:40 PM)

Team Felton 57 St. Louis Spartans 45
Next Game (Cagers Select @ 2:20 PM)

Wilson Blue Devils 64 Full Package Athletics 61
Next Game (Sports Academy @ 11:40 AM)

Team Rebels 75 901 Elite Pharoahs 51
Next Game (EC Hoopstars @ 2:20 PM)

Basketball Spotlight will keep you posted on the developments in Memphis.

Monday, June 27, 2011

In The Spotlight: Thomas Allen (Garner Road)

Name: Thomas Allen

AAU Team: Garner Road Bulldogs

Position: Combo Guard

Class: 2017

Breakdown: Garner Road Bulldogs made a quarterfinal run at the Spotlight CB Spiders Classic before losing to the host team. Thomas Allen scorched the CB Spiders for 29 points including 5 treys. He also scored 13 markers in a win against the Carolina Flight. This kid can really fill it up.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

In The Spotlight: Jamie Lewis (Atlanta Celtics)

Name: Jamie Lewis

AAU Team: Atlanta Celtics

Position: Point Guard

Class: 2018

Breakdown: Lewis lit up the NC Rising Prospect with 7 treys on his way to 30 points during their pool play showdown at the Spotlight CB Spiders Classic. The rising 6th Grader is considered to be one of the top prospects of this young class. His outside shot is effective but it does have a knuckleball type rotation. This is normal when youngsters shoot the ball while using too much of their palm.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Justin Jenifer Shining At John Lucas Camp

Justin Jenifer went to the John Lucas Camp with something to prove and made this camp his personal playground. Many of the reports from Houston had Jenifer as one of the top point guards in the building. I had the pleasure of watching Jenifer on several occasions and he’s definitely worth the price of admission.

Super Showcase 2010 Flashback" Class 2015 Top Point Guards

Marcus Floyd Made An Instant Impact At The Super Showcase

The Basketball Spotlight Super Showcase is on it's way and Basketball Spotlight has decided to give you a look at some of the top players that got busy last summer. Do you have what it takes to make this list this summer? We will see August 13th.

Super Showcase Top Point Guards (Class 2015)

Marcus Floyd (Wilmington, DE)- Floyd only played a game and a half but put on a show. He was a blur with the pill as he danced around defenders and beat shot blockers to the tin. He’s coming off a terrific summer after leading the Philly Aztecs to the AAU 13U Final Four.

Bryce Aiken (Randolph, NJ)- I was impressed watching Aiken actually run the point. He held off hawking defenders with smartness and swift ball handling. Bryce stayed out of trouble in terms of getting trapped and was able to set up teammates including Kimble for easy buckets. He showed good poise on Saturday.

Malik Ellison (Voorhees, NJ)- Ellison had a great showing quarterbacking the Hornets team. He knows how to keep the floor balanced and pull up the correct time for a jumper. One of the hardest jobs as a guard is to move from a scoring guard to a true floor general. But it seems Malik has made the transition.

Kevin Alexis (Trenton, NJ)- Alexis has an impressive frame and has been known on the circuit to cut up a few defenses. His outside shot is slowly improving and he’s beginning to pick his spots better. He is definitely worth the price of admissions.

Shaun Belbey (Brick, NJ)- Belbey showed he can hang with the physical style. He attacked the defense and either dished to teammates or knocked down his own shot. I love the confidence he showed playing in this environment.

Tyheem Harmon (Philadelphia, PA)- Harmon is was a late entry but brought his Philly style to this event. The stocky punishing guard got into the lane with power and a crafty handle. Philly is known for pumping out tough guards and Harmon seems next.

Notes: Special Shout Out To Otis Livingston. The special point guard was in the building for this event but unable to participate because of an injured wrist. We will save a spot for you next year.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Briscoe Receives Big East Offers Already!

Big East Schools Chasing Briscoe

Isaiah Briscoe has never played a minute of official high school basketball but has been having an 8th grade season that most players dream of. His play has earned him recognition all around the country and now college coaches are beginning to take notice. The rising 9th Grader recently received official scholarship offers from Rutgers University and Seton Hall University.

Isaiah’s father George who was a NJAC legend at Stockton College is proud of his son’s progress. “I’m happy for my son’s hard work and see it’s beginning to pay off. I also let him know that the road is long and it’s my job to make sure that he continues to put the work in and get better” George finished. Basketball Spotlight will like to congratulate Isaiah and his family on his offers and hope he understands that this is just the beginning. Continue to hit the gym youngster. Check out Briscoe at the Basketball Spotlight Grand Finale.

Ellison New Coach At Life Center Academy

Pervis Ellison the coach of Team Final and former NBA #1 draft pick has accepted the coaching job as Life Center Academy. Since retiring from the NBA the former center that led the University Of Louisville to the national title as a freshman has been coaching AAU basketball. His teams have been highly successful, winning the Basketball Spotlight Team Of The Year the last three seasons and finishing 6th in the country at the 2010 13U AAU Nationals.

Ellison sees the high school job as a new challenge but looks forward to it. “I wanted to make sure these kids had a chance to develop and showcase their skills on the high school level. A few of my AAU players were coming to this school and I couldn’t leave them hanging after the coach decided to resign” Ellison ended. Basketball Spotlight would like to congratulate Pervis and wish him the best entering his high school coaching career. Check out this interview from 2009.

Diary Of A Baller: Malachi "Shoota" Richardson (Trenton, NJ) Entry #27

What’s up diary readers!

It’s the “Shoota”, coming at you. School is finally over, graduation was Friday, no regrets, I worked hard….time to move on! Graduation ceremony was pretty cool and not too long, when I was walking up the aisle I heard a few people say wow he’s tall, that was funny. But the funniest thing that happened, well not so funny was Coach Donny from my high school called me when I was at my graduation, I forgot to turn my phone off, you know how it is when your phone is ringing and everybody was looking at me, I was trying to turn it off and trying to make it look like it wasn’t my phone ringing, the teachers looked at me all mad, I just gave them that good brotha smile and told them I forgot to turn my phone off….lol.

We got our grades for the 10 page report at the graduation. I got a 93 for the power point presentation and an 87 on my report, my final grade was a 90. All that work and I got a B, I was mad, I should of got an A. My teacher said I did one of my outlines wrong the information was right but I set it up wrong, I hope that grade is not the reason I don’t get all A’s. Now I gotta wait to get my final report card. It’s alright tho cause I got my tattoo already, I used my own money and my sister took me to someone she knew (got that discount).I got a crown with my name under it, my parents like it, they said no more tattoos, but for real it’s one more I want, I know it will be in a long, long time before I get another one. It’s a scripture that I like but I will wait them out…lol.

My week of basketball was very good. We played in the Maryland Invitational Tournament, we was straight Ballin, that had to be our best tournament and the most fun. We won our pool games by 20+. Everybody wanted to see us play Team Loaded, VA that was the semi-final game, that game was packed. They jump on us at the beginning of the game, they went up by 16, but once we started ballin out it was over, we won by 20+.

I gotta back this up a bit so you feel what I’m talking about, Sunday morning we got up for breakfast, Coach P and Coach Fresh made sure we ate bananas and drank gatorade and lots of water so we would be hydrated, I really don’t like bananas but I ate 2 like everybody else. When we walked in the gym I said oh boy sauna ball it felt like it was 100 degrees in there; the first game I was feeling good, but by the second game I was starting to feel dry, like really thirsty, my mom said that was the beginning of dehydration. Before our next game Coach P and Coach Fresh got us some pretzels, gatorade and more water I felt a little better. Hundred degrees in there, and all the parents were sitting and standing in front of the fans; a kid from another team had to be taken to the hospital by ambulance because of cramping. Hope dude alright.

Championship Game. First play I threw a pass to Fresh for a layup and cramped up. It was a big knot big as my fist in my quad and it hurt like crazy. I couldn’t stand, didn’t want to sit, Coach Fresh was trying to rub it out, but I had one in my hamstring too. Coach P looked at my leg and said your done. So now I can’t play, Malik hurt his ankle in the first game on Friday, then Fresh cramped up in the 3nd quarter, he was done. The game was tied up at the half, but my boys balled out and we won by 15+. Shout out to the rest of the squad Sam, Shizz, Trey, Big Manny, and game mvp Budha for getting it done.

The ride home was crazy, I had to stretch out on the seat because my legs were still tight, and Fresh was in the back stretch out too. That was the first time I ever cramped up like that, I’m gonna do everything I can to make sure it don’t happen again. Winning the championship and coming home with the hardware made it a good ride tho.

Check me out next week……Summer…..time to put the work in.

Shout out to my two cousins Kyle keep practicing yo layups...Sean stay out the way.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

In The Spotlight: Chase Porter (M.A.T.T.S. Mustangs)

Name: Chase Porter

AAU Team: M.A.T.T.S. Mustangs

Position: Guard

Class: 2017

Porter burned opponents including the Atlanta Celtics with his deep bombs. He’s a sharp shooter the usually sets up in the corner and nail the trey ball. Point guard Colin Miller made sure he got the rock whenever he needed it.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

In The Spotlight: Wendell Carter (Atlanta Celtics)

Name: Wendell Carter

AAU Team: Atlanta Celtics

Position: Forward

Class: 2017

Breakdown: The ATL might be looking at one of the next great post players to come along in a while. Carter doesn’t play a physical game yet but when you stand about 6’5 with a longer wingspan your presence is felt. During the Spotlight CB Spiders Classic Wendell altered shots and displayed some skilled post moves for a youngster. His best basketball days are well ahead of him but the bball world needs to be alerted because he is coming.

Basketball Spotlight Next Stop: Basketbull Hall Of Fame Jr. Nationals

The next stop on the Basketball Spotlight tour will be the Basketbull Hall Of Fame Jr. Nationals. This event will bring together many of the top young teams in the Northeast region for a national event.

• July 8-10th, 2011 (Game play MAY start Friday afternoon/evening)
• Facilities –
o Mass Mutual Center - 4 Arena Floors in one convention hall – NATIONALS TYPE OF SET-UP – MAIN SITE (Friday and Saturday)
o Springfield College – 4 A/C courts
o AIC – 4 courts
o All within 10 minutes of each other…
• Ages 9u – 14u
• 4+ game guarantee
• Cost is $475 per team with multiple team discounts for 3+ teams
• Awards – Duffle Bag, Converse shoes, and Tee-Shirt for each player on winning team as well as team trophy for each team.
• Last year saw over 50 teams in a mid-week tournament in just the first year since moving to the Mass Mutual Center.
• Scouting Services included – New England Hoop News, Five-Star Basketball, SLAM, and others….
• Committed Organizations: Boston Spartans, Y.A.A.A.C.E. (CAN), Expressions Elite (MA), East Coast Elite (CT), Prodigy Finest (MA), Stamford Peace (CT), Blackbear North (ME), Shooting Stars (MA), Connecticut Basketball Club (CT), Montreal Sun Youth (CAN), Quebec City United (CAN), Metro City Players (DC), Grassroots Canada (CAN), JB Hoops (PA), Mass Rivals (MA), Farmingdale Fury (NY), Blackbear North (ME), Stamford Peace (CT), Prodigy Finest (MA), The Nation (ME), Playtime Panthers (NJ), Long Island Lightning (NY), Education Before Basketball (CT), Middlesex Magic (MA), Dunbar Community Center (MA), Boston Titans (MA), – Maine Hoops, and more….

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

In The Spotlight: Aaron Thompson (Team Takeover)

Name: Aaron Thompson

AAU Team: Team Takeover

Position: Point Guard

Class: 2017

Breakdown: Aaron brought his game down to the Spotlight CB Spiders Classic and put on a show. The southpaw point shook several defenders out of their boots with a wicked crossover and other slick dribbling moves. Thompson had defenses changes their strategies even making a few go zone. He play was so outstanding he earned a nickname. Introducing Aaron “Scissorhands” Thompson because he definitely will cut up the defense. Aaron earned an invite to the Basketball Spotlight Super Showcase slated for August 13th in Burlington, NJ.

In The Spotlight: Colin Miller (M.A.T.T.S. Mustangs)

Name: Colin Miller

AAU Team: M.A.T.T.S. Mustangs

Position: Point Guard

Class: 2017

Breakdown: Miller was one of the toughest point guards at the Spotlight CB Spiders Classic. He demonstrated some flair but focused on winning and feeding the rock to his teammates. He used his strong broad shoulders to take the defender wherever he wanted. He led his team to an upset win over the Atlanta Celtics and a final four appearance.

Spotlight CB Spiders Baby Baller Report: Top Performers Class 2018

Khalil Robinson (SC Ravens)

The Spotlight CB Spiders Classic gave us a chance to check out some of the top baby ballers from the South. Now we will give you a look at some of the top players from the 11U Division.

Spotlight CB Spiders Classic Top Performers (Class 2018)

Khalil Robinson Guard (SC Ravens)- Robinson had a quiet championship game but his shooting during the semifinals propelled his squad into the finals. He catches and shoots the rock in good rhythm while knocking down most of his treys from the right side of the floor. His shooting definitely stretched the defense.

Effix Miller Forward (SC Ravens)- Miller is like the glue player for this team. He does all the little things to make them go. He helped out on the glass and even handled the ball against the pressure. He always seemed to be in the right place at the right time.

Grant Singleton Guard (SC Ravens)- This kid was a sparkplug off the bench. He had to be one of the quickest players in the age group. He didn’t give the defense time to set up before pushing the pill down their throat. He is very tenacious when the ball is in his hands.

Josh Caldwell Guard (TPA)- Caldwell is another nice point guard from this organization. What I like about Josh is that he understands his role and doesn’t try to force shots but instead looks to set up his teammates. He’s definitely a typical floor general.

Justice Hill Guard (TPA)- The stocky guard started things off with a deep trey. His strength allows him to bully his way into the lane and score the ball. Hill’s aggressive style also helps him draw a lot of contact.

Quincy Hill Forward (TPA)- Hill flourishes in the open floor as a finisher. He runs his lane very quickly and showed good hands when receiving passes from his teammates. He looks like he will definitely sprout up a few inches in the future.

Jaydon Brunson Guard (TPA)- Some kids can make difficult shots and Brunson seems to be one of those players. He led TPA’s comeback attempt by charging into the shot blockers and converting tough twisting baskets.

Jamil Hornesby Guard (Carolina Flight)- Jamil’s quickness and toughness stands out whenever he touches the floor. He isn’t afraid to drive down the teeth of the defense no matter the size of the shot blockers. Right now he’s a scoring point guard.

BJ Mack Forward (Carolina Flight)- The big fella is very nimble on his feet and can score close to the basket. On defense he cleans the glass and clogs the lane to help stop penetration. He posted some decent numbers this weekend.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Spotlight CB Spiders Baby Baller Report: Top Performers Class 2019 And 2020

Derrick Sinkler (TPA)

The Spotlight CB Spiders Classic gave us a chance to check out some of the top baby ballers from the South. First we will give you a look at some of the top players from the 10U Division.

Spotlight CB Spiders Classic Top Performers (Class 2019 and 2020)

Class 2019

Derrick Sinkler Guard (TPA)- Sinkler is the leader of this bunch and attacks the whole very aggressively. He was able to get around the defense and make some things happen. Derrick played buzzer to buzzer in their quarterfinal loss.

Zach Faulks Guard (TPA)- Faulks also scores the pill for this squad and even nailed a deep trey to keep things close. He plays well alongside Sinkler and they will be a dynamic force together for years to come.

Ta’Jay Dunlap Guard (TPA)- TPA tried to make a late comeback and Dunlap sparked them with a couple of baskets. He’s a short but strong guard that attacked the rim every chance he got.

Jaylen Cole-Williams (Fairfax Stars)- Cole-Williams showed me some things in one of their earlier contest. He has a smooth dribble and knows how to get out into transition for scoring purposes.

Mike Green Guard (Carolina Gaters)- Green can really stroke the pill from behind the arc. The lefty caught the rock and used a quick release to tickle the twine on several occasions. He made teams pay that decided to play zone against the Gaters.

Class 2020

Jordan McPhatter Guard (Havoc)- This little lefty shot a couple of 3 pointers from NBA range. His confidence and flair is very uncommon for a player this young. You guys really need to check this kid out.

Jacobi Hairston Guard (Havoc)- Hairston is a cleaver guard with a slick handle and sees the floor well. He was very active in his team’s pressure defense and got out into transition.

Trayden Williams Guard (Havoc)- This little guy can dribble through many defenses. He uses a low crossover and quickness to get into the lane. I can’t believe he’s only a 3rd Grader.

Tremaine Lowery Guard (Havoc)- Lowery goes very hard on both ends of the floor. He charges the basket hard in transition and is willing to try difficult shots at times.

Monty Bowser Forward (Havoc)- Monty was often at the tail end of the fast break. He finished a few of the plays off with easy layups.

Spotlight CB Spiders 12U Recap:CB Spiders Cruises The Crown

CB Spiders Hold Down Their Turf

Qon Murphy scored 14 points and JJ Watson added 10 markers as CB Spiders defeated Team IZOD 57-41 to win the Basketball Spotlight CB Spiders 12U crown. Nate Pierre Louis finished with 21 points for Sports U in the loss.

Top Performers

Qon Murphy Guard (CB Spiders)- Murphy woke up in the finals. He ran the floor well and spotted up in the corner to nail a couple of trey balls. The Spiders talented guards kept IZOD’s defense rotating which opened up Murphy to deliver some crushing shots.

Zach Butler Guard (CB Spiders)- Butler was one of the players that made Pierre Louis work for every shot. He denied him the pill and forced him to use a lot of energy to find an open look. Offensively, he also contributed by nailing a huge trey at the top of the key and getting a few easy buckets in transition.

Ty’shon Alexander Guard (CB Spiders)- This kid has a chance to be a very special player. He hurts the defense in a variety of ways. Alexander uses his size advantage to see over the defense when passing and stretches over shot blockers when scoring. His breakdown ability is high level and he always seems to make the proper basketball play. If he stays on course he should be one of the top guards in America.

JJ Watson Guard (CB Spiders)- Speaking of guards, Watson once again proved his can get buckets easy. Despite sitting out most of the third quarter Watson gave the defense a taste of his pull up and fade away scoring skills. Every shot he releases from the field seems to have a chance to swish the net. But surprisingly he does need to improve his free throw shooting.

Nate Pierre Louis Guard (Team IZOD)- Nate “The Great” had to work for every bucket he got. The Spiders kept a fresh body on him and used their athletes to make him double clutch as much as possible. He gave it his all but eventually ran out of bullets.

Stay Tune As We Bring You More Top Performers From This Age Group