Friday, June 17, 2011

Diary Of A Baller: Isaiah Briscoe (Union, NJ) Entry #10

Wassup basketball world?

The past two weeks in school has been very fun because we are done with finals. No more school until our end of the year trip to Sara Sam’s. It’s been a good year and I finished off strong, now patiently waiting this high school season.

The week of June 3rd to the 5th we had our own event the Blow Up! We started off pool play playing against Wolf Pack we gave them the mercy rule. Then after the game a couple of my friends came to my house to stay the night and chill out.

Saturday, our first game was against Rockland Rockets who we beat by 40. Our last pool play game was against NJ Got Game who asked to be in our bracket, it was a good game till the second half when we opened it up. I personally went on a 14-0 run against them. I finished with 24 pts highlighted with a dunk down the middle on 2 players plus the foul, the crowd went crazy.

Sunday, I started off the morning with a game at Iona College with St. Bennies we lost by 9. For the first time together we looked pretty good and we didn’t have all our players. Everyone said I played like a senior, so I guess I did ok. I finished with 15 pts and no turnovers. After the game I had to rush to NJ for my championship game vs. New Heights, it was blow out at the beginning but they didn’t quit. We ended up beating them by 14. I scored 22 and had a lot of hot dimes. I was named tourney MVP. Then after that I went to get something to eat and relaxed the rest of the day.

June 10 – 12th we had Rumble in the Bronx. Our first was at 9:45pm Friday night against a team from New York we gave them the mercy rule (boring). Saturday we played against King Street once again, they play us tougher and tougher each time. This time they took us in 2 overtimes! Much respect to The Kings, I finished with 29 points. We forfeited our last game pool play game on Saturday night so we can get rest, because we had already won our pool.

Sunday, we played New Heights AGAIN in the quarters this time we mercy ruled them. I hurt my elbow in the victory and didn’t play the second half. I still managed to score 15 pts when the game was interesting .Our semi-finals game would be against a tough NY Scan team .They hung with us in the beginning but we stared pulling away late in the second half. We won by 13 pts. I had a great game when the lights were on and believe me the lights were bright. The game had 5 nationally ranked guards balling, enough said. I ended up with 28 pts and hella rebounds. And yes I was out to prove something. No excuses but 15 minutes after the Scan game we had to play the chip game vs. BABC it was the best game all year. They came out patient on offense running a slow pace offense and dropped back in a zone on defense. We tried to get them to come out but their coach played it smart and it worked for them. They have a good team and they beat us 73-71 that was the first 14u tournament we lost all year. I finished with 19 pts and a nice 2 hand dunk.

Shout out to my big man Marquel for holding it down in the middle all year.