Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Inside The MDC 11U: Down To The Final Leg

Riverside Finished The Spotlight Circuit With The #1 Seed

We Run and Riverside To Collide Again?

The We Run and Riverside Hawk rivalry has been serious this season. I believe that have played 8 times and the series is tied 4-4. It would be very interesting for the tie breaking game to be the Summer Slam Championship. But we don’t expect the Gauchos and Maryland Spartans to lie down.

Maryland Spartans Sneak In Summer Slam

Maryland Spartans made a quarterfinal run at the MDC which caused a 4 way tie for the #4 seed in Summer Slam. Maryland edged out T Town Ballers, Delaware Royalty and Natural Ballers for the last spot. They were rewarded entry because of their championship at the Atlantic City Showcase.

MDC 11U All Tournament Team
Mr. Memorial Day- Qualil Giles (Maryland Scholars) Orange Division
Mr. Memorial Day- Denelle Holly (Philly Freedom Stars) Blue Division
Brandon Madison (Maryland Scholars)
Jared Jones (Maryland Scholars)
Dejaun Ellis (Maryland Spartans)
Preston Bacon (Maryland Spartans)
Tylek Chambers (New Heights)
Sahdique Watkins (New Heights)
Zedrek Ferrell (Riverside Hawks)
Cameron Wynter (Riverside Hawks)
Luther Muhammad (We Run)
Jalen Brooks (We Run)
Jamal Whittlessy (Delaware Royalty)
Noah Taylor (Delaware Royalty)
Kendall McMillen (B’More Elite)
Omeri Watson (B’More Elite)
Alex Morton (NJ Shore Shots)
Nazreon Reid (NJ Shore Shots)
Trevor Covey (NJ Shore Shots)
Ryan Allender (NJ Shore Shots)
Alex Bajohr (NJ Shore Shots)
Jamir Holmes (Philly Freedom Stars)
Fatayan Wesley (Philly Freedom Stars)
Elkhana Hildago (Team Final)