Friday, June 3, 2011

Basketball Spotlight Summer Slam 11U Ready To Rumble

Summer Slam is the ultimate final four and will feature the Top 4 teams according to points to do battle for the Grand Champion prize. Teams have competed hard in various Spotlight events but only four can qualify. Below we list the 12U teams from each age that will make it to Summer Slam.

11U Summer Slam Qualifiers

1. Riverside Hawks: The Hawks had a runner up finish at the Grand Finale before winning the Baby Baller Bonanza which launched them to 9 points. They then collected 4 more points after finishing second at the MDC. They finished with 13 points.

2. We Run: The Bulldogs were very busy. They had quarterfinal appearances at the Clash For The Cup, AC Showcase and MDC. They scored another 6 points with semifinals losses at the Baby Baller Bonanza and the Grand Finale. They finished with 12 points.

3. Gauchos: The Choz won the Grand Finale and made it to the finals of the Clash For The Cup. They haven’t been to the Spotlight since so it will be interesting to see how they show up.

4. Maryland Spartans: MS won the 4 way tie breaker with their championship win in Atlantic City. They also had a quarterfinal march during the MDC. This kid is capable of winning the whole tournament.

Semifinals Matchup
#1 Riverside Hawks vs. #4 Maryland Spartans
#2 We Run vs. #3 Gauchos