Monday, June 20, 2011

Spotlight CB Spiders Baby Baller Report: Top Performers Class 2019 And 2020

Derrick Sinkler (TPA)

The Spotlight CB Spiders Classic gave us a chance to check out some of the top baby ballers from the South. First we will give you a look at some of the top players from the 10U Division.

Spotlight CB Spiders Classic Top Performers (Class 2019 and 2020)

Class 2019

Derrick Sinkler Guard (TPA)- Sinkler is the leader of this bunch and attacks the whole very aggressively. He was able to get around the defense and make some things happen. Derrick played buzzer to buzzer in their quarterfinal loss.

Zach Faulks Guard (TPA)- Faulks also scores the pill for this squad and even nailed a deep trey to keep things close. He plays well alongside Sinkler and they will be a dynamic force together for years to come.

Ta’Jay Dunlap Guard (TPA)- TPA tried to make a late comeback and Dunlap sparked them with a couple of baskets. He’s a short but strong guard that attacked the rim every chance he got.

Jaylen Cole-Williams (Fairfax Stars)- Cole-Williams showed me some things in one of their earlier contest. He has a smooth dribble and knows how to get out into transition for scoring purposes.

Mike Green Guard (Carolina Gaters)- Green can really stroke the pill from behind the arc. The lefty caught the rock and used a quick release to tickle the twine on several occasions. He made teams pay that decided to play zone against the Gaters.

Class 2020

Jordan McPhatter Guard (Havoc)- This little lefty shot a couple of 3 pointers from NBA range. His confidence and flair is very uncommon for a player this young. You guys really need to check this kid out.

Jacobi Hairston Guard (Havoc)- Hairston is a cleaver guard with a slick handle and sees the floor well. He was very active in his team’s pressure defense and got out into transition.

Trayden Williams Guard (Havoc)- This little guy can dribble through many defenses. He uses a low crossover and quickness to get into the lane. I can’t believe he’s only a 3rd Grader.

Tremaine Lowery Guard (Havoc)- Lowery goes very hard on both ends of the floor. He charges the basket hard in transition and is willing to try difficult shots at times.

Monty Bowser Forward (Havoc)- Monty was often at the tail end of the fast break. He finished a few of the plays off with easy layups.