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NJ 10U AAU Div. 1 States Recap: Playtime Gets It Done!

Playtime Panthers Win NJ State 10U Title

The Playtime Panthers 10 and Under Team won the NJ AAU State Title with a 44-29 victory over Natural Ballers. Jalen Brooks dropped in 16 points for Playtime, while Shelton Applewhite scored a team-high 12 for the Natural Ballers.

Below is a list of the players that participated and helped Playtime repeat as state champs.

Adrian Baucum

Jalen Brooks

Elijah Clark

Andrew Curcura

Cory Gordon

KC Hunt

Justin Kea

Jamir Lattimore

Murad Mostafa

Zegary Scott

Boston Mazzacre Recap (Courtesy Of Beantown Hoops)

Juwan Gooding Let His Team To The Title

The start of the Spring AAU season is underway and we started our coverage this past weekend at the Boston Mazzacre Tournament at Milton Academy. With so many games going on at one time, we focused on the 12U and 13U age groups this tourney. In the other events we will cover this Spring and Summer, we will pick a particular age group to look closely at and we will be sure to bring you the latest on the up and coming players.

In the highlighted championship games, it was Connecticut Elite defeating Visionary Basketball in the 12U game 60-33. The length of Trason Patterson and defense of Thomas Jackson and Brandon Hurst was just too much for VBC. Wabissa Bede of VBC played his little heart out, but it was not enough to overcome Connecticut Elite's big three. In the 13U game, VBC won a close one over Team Rebels 36-33. Juwan Gooding was impressive again for VBC and he showed why he is considered one of the top 13U players in New England.

Let's take a look at some of the impressive performers from the 12U and 13U this weekend:


Connecticut Elite

#3 Thomas Jackson lefty shooter, unconventional shot, but effective, active defensively, ball handling is solid

#23 Trason Patterson – good nose for the basketball, can finish in traffic, has a sense on how to play the game, offensively gifted going to the basket, shot needs work

#21 Brandon Hurst – strong, attacks the basket, aggressive player, all over the offensive glass


#3 Wabissa Bede – sound fundamentally, nice jump shot, can handle with both hands, outstanding vision on the court, plays extremely hard



#32 Juwan Gooding – lightning quick, lefty who can get to the basket at will and has shown range from the three point line.
Connecticut Basketball Club

#11 Blair Howard – scoring point guard who can get to the basket and can drain the three, ball handling is exceptional
Team Rebels

#24 Tavon White– active defender, finishes strong around the basket, nice mid-range game.

Tournament Results:

11U Championship
Champion - Connecticut Basketball Club
Runner Up - Connecticut Elite

12U Championship
Champion - Connecticut Elite
Runner Up - VBC

13U Championship
Champion - VBC
Runner Up - Team Rebels

14U Championship
Champion - Team Underrated
Runner Up - Team Rebels

Article Courtesy Of

AC Showcase Rules And Regulations

Refunds:There will be no refunds for any team pulling out of this event.

Forfeits: Forfeits will be enforced to keep the games on time. Any teams that purposely forfeits because of non pool advancement will not be allowed to enter any other Basketball Spotlight Events.

Playing Times: All Games Use Stop Clocks

10U Division- 2 (12 Minutes Halves)
11U Division- 2 (13 Minute Halves)
12U Division- 2 (14 Minute Halves)
13U Division- 2 (14 Minute Halves)
14U Division- 2 (14 Minute Halves)

Foul Out- 5 Fouls
1-1 Bonus- 10 Fouls
Double Bonus- 13 Fouls

Game Time and Grace Period:
Each Team is responsible of being at the gym at least 15 minutes before their scheduled game. There will be no grace period allowed for any games. There will only be a 5 minute warm up time before the game and 2 minutes at halftime.

Time Outs:
There will two full timeouts a half (4 per game) for each team. No carry over and no 30 seconds time outs.

Uniforms: Each Team must have two sets of uniforms (light and dark).

Mercy Rule:
If a team is ahead by 20 points or more with 2 minutes remaining in the contest the game will be called at that point. The team ahead by 20 will be awarded the victory.

Player Ejections:
Any player ejected from a game will be suspended the next game. Any player involved in or ejected for fighting will be suspended the remainder of the tournament.

Birth Certificates:
All teams must have birth certificates for each player on their roster in case of a challenge. Each team will be allowed 3 grade exceptions. Grade Exceptions must have paperwork.

Challenges: Must be made before the game and will cost the challenging team $60.

Daily Admissions: $8 Adults $5 Kids (No Weekend Passes)

Tie Breaker Criteria (In Order):
1. Won-Loss Record
2. Head to Head Competition
3. Point System (Margin Of Victory)- Any team winning by more than 15 points will only be rewarded 15 points for the victory. So if you win by 20 points you still will be rewarded only 15 points.
4. Least Amount of Points allowed in Pool Play
5. Coin Flip

Attention: Any team that doesn't complete the tournament including 3rd Place games will be subject to be omitted from future Basketball Spotlight Events.

Anything that's not covered in the above rules will be handled fairly by the tournament director.

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One On One Feat. Ashon Riggins (Cincinnati Lakers)

Ashon "Lotta Game" Riggins

Special players have the ability to create and control the game for their teammates. Ashon Riggins is one of those players. He rocks for the Cincinnati Lakers and was very impressive at the Best Of The Best Showcase in Ohio. His play earned him a nickname. Introducing Ashon “Lotta Game” Riggins! We got a chance to chat with him after his game. Here’s Our One On One.

One On One

BS: What school do you attend?
AR: Harrison Elementary (Hamilton, Ohio)

BS: Who’s your favorite player?
AR: Lebron James because he went to the NBA after high school and dominated.

BS: What’s the strongest part of your game?
AR: My ability to penetrate and make plays.

BS: What part of your game needs improving?
AR: My outside shot.

BS: What’s your favorite move?
AR: Using the in and out dribble.

BS: If you could choose a college tomorrow, where would you go?
AR: North Carolina, that’s my favorite school.

BS: If you could have dinner with anyone who would you select?
AR: Chris Tucker he’s the funniest.

BS: Who’s your favorite rapper?
AR: Lil Wayne, who else!

BS: What do you do when you are not playing?
AR: I workout, dance and listen to music.

Diary Of A Baller: Chance "The Gifted One" Ellis (NY) Entry #1

Hello Basketball Spotlight! My name is Chancellor "Chance" Ellis and I attend middle school at The Allen Christian School in Jamaica, New York. I am excited about sharing my day to day activities with basketball spotlight and I hope that it will be interesting reading about my exploits. First I would like to explain why we use Juice All Stars for AAU Nationals and Showcase tournaments. Brooklyn's Juice All Stars, led by the legendary Lincoln HS coach Dwyane "Tiny" Morton, have been a national showcase organization for high school basketball players for many years. Coach Morton was asked about starting a team that would represent the Brooklyn Juice All Stars on the middle school level. After evaluating the players he gave his approval. Secondly, Starrett City is named after an enormous housing complex made of many high rise apartment buildings that everyone can view from the Belt Parkway. This local organization has produced countless Div. I players and a number of NBA players over its many years of existence. I love playing for AAU/local coaches, Nathanial Slaughter, Jermaine Brown and Scott Benjamin. They have worked miracles with the egos of all the talented players on our team. We have so much talent on our team that we limit players from exploding for 30 to 40 points in order to have a more balanced attack. This method enabled us to win and to keep our team together for the long haul. Shout out to Hackettstown, NJ's Mike Silverthorn, our newest member, who has sacrifice his personal scoring accomplishments in order to fit in to a balanced winning team concept that has made Juice All Stars/Starrett City the best team in the region. Shout out to Anthony "AJ" Williams our selfless point guard who has passed up countless scoring opportunities to keep our team balanced offensively and give our high profile players a chance to shine.

Now on to my most recent activities! Last week I participated in the First Annual All NYC/Metro JHS Classic held at the IZOD Center in New Jersey. It was a who's who affair with many of the participants slated to attend top HS such as Lincoln, St. Anthony, St Benedict, Blair Academy, Christ the King, Rice, Bishop Loughlin, Archbishop Molloy, Cardozo. This all star game was different from all others because it had a workshop for the players teaching team about how they should conduct and carry themselves while representing their schools and other organizations on and off the court. It also had recruiting guidelines, academic eligibility, sharing the ball, etc...Basically don't let basketball use need to use basketball as a tool to increase educational and career opportunities. The top scorers were Isaiah Whitehead for the White team and I led the Black team but we didn't receive any awards because this all star game's theme was about giving/sharing so there were only awards for rebounds, steals, assists, highest GPA, and the Give Back Citizenship Award given to the player who volunteered the most in their communities. This concept made for a great game of passing ,defense and a lot of hustle on the court and think more all star events should use this concept...what do you think about that Mr. Melton? lol

During the week in the evenings I have agility training and strength/conditioning because I have to improve this aspect of my game if I want to be successful playing in one of the toughest leagues in the country next year. My trainer name is Britton Kelly of Parisi Speed School. He trains all the top players in my area like Tobias & Tyler Harris, Omar Calhoun, Tavon Sledge and Jordan Fuchs. On weekends whenever I don't have early games I go to the legendary Jerry Powell for basketball conditioning and skills training. Jerry Powell's Basketball Results Techniques has appeared in many national and local magazines as well as countless newspaper articles and he has a long list of NBA/college/high school clients. I have a lot of work ahead of me so I needed to surround myself with the best trainers my family could fine.

This weekend was spent moonlighting with Coach Munch's NY Team Scan. Juice All Stars/Starrett City wasn't participating in the Playaz Spring Fling so I thought it would be a good idea to team up with a former teammate Shavar Newkirk and beat our former nemesis the NY Gauchos for another time. I went to practice Friday and Coach Munch had about 10 different stations set up after we did dribbling and running drills. It was like a torture chamber! I had no idea how hard Team Scan worked on all aspects of basketball. Conrad Chambers along with a few of my Juice team mates joined Team Scan on Saturday in the Spring Fling Tournament. It was like an all star team Team Scan had assembled. We had 14 players that Coach Munch had to juggle in and out but we still won all three games. The last game was against the new NY Gauchos 14U team because the old one decided for some strange reason to stop competing in the 14U division which they had dominated until a year ago. The NY Gauchos fans were not happy to see this Team Scan and they let Coach Munch know immediately before the game and later after their loss. Basically, it was too much drama for Coach Munch and his team. So Coach Munch decided that they will go to the semi finals without the new additions and his Team Scan rallied and won their first big time tournament with their original players. Shout out to all the Team Scan players for accepting and playing with us and for winning the 2010 Spring Fling without us. Take that NY Gauchos 14U team...they didn't need us to get the job done.

That's all for now. Thank you for letting me share my day to day activities with you. I hope you found it interesting. Until next time.

Chance "The Gifted One" Ellis---Class of 2014

Monday, March 29, 2010

Basketball Spotlight 11U Top 10: Presented By AGame Apparel

We have finally watched enough 11U teams to put out our Top 10 regional rankings. Please remember this is only our opinion and should be taken as such. Here’s a look at our Top 10 11U teams.

Basketball Spotlight Top 10 11U Presented By AGame

1. Team Battle: These young boys won the Grand Finale, Clash For The Cup and most recently the Baltimore Panthers tourney. Their next stop is the AC Showcase where the competition will be fierce.

2. F.A.C.E.S.: This group is on the heels of TB. Their guard is arguably the best in the region so a lot of questions will be answered in AC. Beware of the “Boys In Black”.

3. Playtime Panthers: PP battled F.A.C.E.S. to the wire in the Show Me Invitational. They get scoring from around the board and they are battled tested. Don’t be surprised if they are holding up in the banner in AC.

4. Philadelphia Triple Threat: The boys from the City of Brotherly Love play with great passion. They have some of the top talent in the region and should come set it off in AC.

5. Delaware Royalty: This squad might have the hottest uniforms in the business. They made a splash in their two Spotlight appearances and are looking to improve. Hopefully we will see them at the MDC.

6. Team Nelson: This squad won the AC Showcase last year. Look for them to show that it wasn’t a fluke as they make their mark in this division.

7. Team World Elite: I think this group has a great chance of moving up in the rankings. They have some real talented ball players that should carry them to new heights.

8. We Run: This squad gets busy as they should at the Clash For The Cup. They are not coming to the Showcase but we are looking for them in the MDC.

9. Team Final: These boys from South Jersey made some noise last year in the Spotlight events and should only get better under the Tyreke Evans umbrella. We will see in AC.

10. Long Island Lightning: The Big Apple is in the building in AC. Coach Shandue only tolerates the best so expect a good showing from this bunch. Moving up in the rankings is a strong possibility.

Basketball Spotlight 12U Top 10: Presented By AGame Apparel

The 12U Division has become very heated lately. We almost had a new number one team in the region and a few others have jumped into the Top 10. Here’s our regional Top 10. These rankings are just our opinion and should be viewed as such. Stay tune for our first National Ranking for this age group.

Basketball Spotlight 12U Top 10 Presented By AGame Apparel

1. Team Battle: TB lost in the finals of the Baltimore Panthers tourney but rebounded to win the NJ 13U Div. 2 title. Their rivalry with F.A.C.E.S. has heated up once again as this years’ series is tied one game apiece.

2. F.A.C.E.S.: The “Killer Bees” won the Baltimore Panthers tourney after winning their won. They finished third in the NJ 13U Div. 2 States. They will have another shot at the #1 spot with the AC Showcase and NJ 12U States looming.

3. New Heights: NH recently won Spring Fling after making to the final four of the NJ Got Game tourney. They are headed to AC to make some noise things should get interesting.

4. DC Assault: Assault lost to #1 TB in the semifinals of the Baltimore Panthers tourney. They have their own national level tourney coming up and will make their spotlight debut at the MDC.

5. NJ Got Game: NJGG made to the finals of their tournament before losing to #1 TB. They have a solid bunch but they will be tested at the NJ 12U State tourney.

6. Team Scan: TS knocked off #1 TB during pool play and have won a few tournaments since the last rankings. They are headed to AC and will have a chance to strut their stuff.

7. Baltimore Panthers: They made it to the Final Four of their tourney and will be making their Spotlight debut in Atlantic City. The field is tough and we will see what they are made of.

8. Sam Cassell All Stars: These boys are headed to AC and will be trying show they belong among the elite teams. Their guard play is good and they have the big fella in the post.

9. King Street Kings: KSK has been off the 12U scene for a minute. They are scheduled to play in the 12U State tourney. So then we can get a clear look at them.

10. NYC Gauchos: The Choz are back in business and are trying to work their way back to the top. Legendary coach Paul Suber has returned so expect a quick rise.

Baby Baller Video: Jaheim Tanksley (Natural Ballers)

Check out young Jaheim Tanksley for the Natural Ballers 10U team. Jaheim and his teammates will be making the trip to Atlantic City for the Showcase. This youngster plays with the heart and determination of a young Allen Iverson.

NJ 13U AAU Div. 1 States Recap: KYDA Too Strong!

KYDA Wins First NJ State Crown!

Manny Taylor scored 16 points and Josh Wallace added 15 markers as KYDA defeated Linden Ballers 69-52 in the finals of the NJ 13U AAU State Championship. Dontay Julius finished with 12 point for KYDA in the loss.

Top Performers

Manny Taylor Forward (KYDA)- Taylor was very dominant once again. He got deep position and scored with ease around the basket. His footwork has improved and he’s learning to keep the ball high. On defense he clogged up the middle and blocked several shots in the lane. St. Benedicts has a big prospect in Taylor.

Josh Wallace Forward (KYDA)- Wallace has grown a few inches since last year. He plays good alongside Wallace in terms of attacking on the baseline and getting weak side rebounds. His length allowed his to stretch out over defenders for layups.

Temple Gibbs Guard (KYDA)- Gibbs started things out with a couple of treys and a strong drive to the cup. He let the game come to him and didn’t force the action. He plays like a true veteran on the AAU scene.

Cheyenne Nettleton Guard (KYDA)- Nettleton came off the bench to give KYDA a much needed spark. He had some strong finishes in transition and even showed a polished pull up in traffic. Young boy is tough!

Juwan Dolbrice Guard (Linden Ballers)- Dolbrice started off with a spark. He pushed the rock the full length of the floor and set up teammates with great passes. He is definitely a true leader for this squad.

Dontay Julius Guard (Linden Ballers)- Julius has the green light from behind the arc and used it to drop a couple of treys. He has deep range and will pull the trigger anywhere in the gym.

NJ 13U AAU Div. 2 States Recap: Harris's Free Throw Lifts Team Battle

Team Battle Wins NJ 13U Div. 2 Crown

Jamir Harris hit a free throw with one second remaining to give Team Battle a 62-61 victory over Jersey Shore Devils in the NJ 13U Div. 2 State Championship Game. Harris finished with 16 points while Brandon Randolph led all scorers with 18 markers. Jack Laffy finished with 15 points for the Jersey Shore Devils in the loss.

Top Performers

Jamir Harris Guard (Team Battle)- Harris played big yesterday. His jump shot was falling even from the mid range area. He took charge in the final seconds and beat his man to the cup. After getting fouled this youngster stepped to the charity stripe and showed tremendous heart nailing one out of two free throws.

Brandon Randolph Guard (Team Battle)- This was the best game I’ve seen Randolph play in his new uniform. The combo guard took matters into his own hands in terms of penetrating and making things happen. He destroyed the competition with floaters and runners in the lane. He also had a solid game defensively.

Tyus Battle Guard (Team Battle)- This youngster battled double teams and junk defenses all day. For the most part he fought through it and even made some tough plays down the stretch. This game showed a true testament to how good his teammates are.

Jack Laffy Forward (JS Devils)- Laffy made things interesting by connecting on a few early treys and beating defenders off the dribble. He seems to have opened up his game in terms of outside shooting and ball handling. Those traits will be needed as he gets older.

Shaun Belby Guard (JS Devils)- Belby found his stroke from behind the arc during this see-saw battle. The southpaw drained the trey ball in transition and in the half court offense. His shooting almost sent Team Battle home.

Luke O’Shaughnessy Guard (JS Devils)- This guard was tough as nails and gave TB problems with his penetration ability. He got into the scoring column with driving layups and floaters along the baseline.

NJ 13U AAU Div. 2 States Recap: F.A.C.E.S. Outshines Radiant Suns

Ray Montilous Led The "Killer Bees" In Scoring Yesterday!

Zachaire Ellis scored 24 points but it wasn’t enough as the Radiant Suns fell to F.A.C.E.S. 62-56 in the NJ 13U Div. 2 consolation game. Ray Montilous led a balanced F.A.C.E.S. attack with 12 points in the victory. Stay tuned as players will be profiled from this event.

NJ 13U AAU Div. 1 States Recap: NJ Got Game Holds On!

Otis Livingston Played Big Yesterday

Otis Livingston scored 16 points as NJ Got Game held on 67-61 to defeat Triple Threat. The win gave NJ Got Game a third place finish in the NJ 13U AAU Div. 1 State Tournament. John Lynch finished with 13 points for Triple Threat in the loss. Stay tune as players will be profiled from this event.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

NJ 13U AAU Div. 2 States Recap: Team Battle Pulls Out The Win!

Tyus "Kid Mamba" Battle Dropped 37 Today!

Tyus Battle pumped in a career high 37 points as Team Battle defeated Radiant Suns 72-64 in the semifinals of the NJ AAU Div. 2 State Tourney. Dalon Ryles scored 21 points in the loss. Team Battle will face Jersey Shore Devils in the finals tomorrow.

Top Performers

Tyus Battle Guard (Team Battle)- “Kid Mamba” showed why he might be the best player in America for his class. Battle put on an offensive show in this contest. He dazzled the crowd with his ball handling and scoring prowess. He has added a pull up to his game which makes him virtually unstoppable on this level. His takeover ability separated him from his peers this afternoon.

Brandon Randolph Guard (Team Battle)- Randolph once again played solid defense and helped him team get the win. In the overtime he came up big by draining the big trey to give him team the lead for good. I liked the way he played strong with the rock on this level.

Walker Wilson Forward (Team Battle)- The big fella played huge down the stretch by getting key rebounds and scoring on put backs. He stepped up big when Darius Gillon got into foul trouble. His presence was definitely felt.

Dalon Ryles Guard (Radiant Suns)- Ryles kept his squad close with some tough point guard play. He penetrating the lane and finished off some difficult plays. He also hit some big outside shots to make things tight.

Ahmad Baker Forward (Radiant Suns)- Baker is a huge prospect standing 6’5 and having a soft touch. He made things tough for Team Battle all afternoon by using his size to block shots and grab boards. I’m interested in how he develops.

Kam David Guard (Radiant Suns)- David came off the bench to spark his squad by mailing several treys and helping his team keep the lead. The little guy can really stroke the rock.

NJ 13U AAU Div. 2 States Recap: Jersey Shore Devils Get The Win

Shaun Belbey Dropped 15 Points In The Semifinals.

Shaun Belby scored 15 points and Jack Laffy added 13 markers as Jersey Shore Devils defeated F.A.C.E.S. in the AAU 13U Div. 2 NJ State semifinal. Ray Montilous finished with 11 points for F.A.C.E.S. in the loss. Jersey Shore Devils will meet Team Battle in the finals tomorrow.

Top Performers

Shaun Belby Guard (JS Devils)- Belby got involved in the offense early. In transition he drove to the cup and over powered the smaller F.A.C.E.S. guards. In the closing moments he stepped to the charity stripe and knocked down a few free throws to stretch the lead.

Jack Laffy Forward (JS Devils)- Laffy woke up in the second half and showed that size matters. He scored on a few plays inside and crashed the glass for multiple rebounds. He also had a few free throws from the charity stripe.

Ray Montilous Forward (F.A.C.E.S.)- Montilous led the comeback attempt for “The Boys In Black”. He drove past the slower post players and glided for layups. He also showed a decent drop step into the lane for a bucket.

RJ Cole Guard (F.A.C.E.S.)- Cole drained a deep trey to cut the lead in the 4th quarter. His ball pressure caused the JS Devil’s guards to turn the rock over. His basketball IQ stands out.

NJ 13U AAU Div. 1 States Recap: Linden Pulls Off The Upset

Juwan Dolbrice Scored The Game Winning Basket

Juwan Dolbrice scored on a put back as time expired to lift the Linden Ballers to a 57-56 win over NJ Got Game in the AAU 13U NJ State semifinals. Dolbrice led the winners with 18 markers while Isiah Still finished with a game high 21 points in the loss for NJ Got Game.

Top Performers

Juwan Dolbrice Guard (Linden Ballers)- Dolbrice end of the game put back lifted Linden to the finals. The physical guard was able to get into the lane all afternoon. He finished off a couple of buckets in transition and moved well in the half court set.

Joshua Carter Forward (Linden Ballers)- This was my first glance at this kid and he was very impressive. The slender forward used his quick leaping ability to score over defenders in the lane. He doesn’t handle the rock much but he does put it down enough to get around defenders.

Kyle Phipps Guard (Linden Ballers)- Phipps fought off the NJ Got Game pressure In with precise ball handling and great decisions. In crunch time he ran the team like a true floor general. He drove deep into the lane and dropped off some nice dimes to teammates.

Corey Ampey Forward (Linden Ballers)- Ampey hit the offensive glass and finished off feeds from the guards. He has a nose for the rock and seemed to be in the right place at the right time. He scored some big time buckets down the stretch.

Isaiah Still Forward (NJ Got Game)- Still was pumped up for this one and made his former team pay. His 21 points came from slashing moves to the cup and pushing the rock in transition. He also got involved in crashing the boards on the offensive end. His length presented a problem today.

Otis Livingston Jr. Guard (NJ Got Game)- Livingston got things going early by burying a few outside shots including a trey. The way he pushes the rock always gives his squad a chance to score and win the game. He’s one of the quickest ball handlers in the region.

Jameer Outsey Forward (NJ Got Game)- Outsey showed some power inside especially on the glass. He’s a hard worker and has the frame to become a force for years to come. Offensively he does need some work on his drop step and touch in the lane.

NJ 13U AAU Div. 1 States Recap: KYDA Survives Scare

Bryce Aiken Led His Squad With 14 Points

#2 KYDA the heavy favorite to win the NJ 13U Div. 1 State title survived a scare against unranked Triple Threat in the first semifinals of the day. Bryce Aiken scored 14 points and Joshua Wallace added 13 markers to propel KYDA to a 52-47 win. Jon Lynch and Cheyenne Robertson combined for 25 points in the loss for Triple Threat. KYDA advances to the championship game tomorrow.

One On One Feat. Carsen Edwards (Rytes Warriors)

Carsen "The Blur" Edwards

In basketball they say speed kills and this motto was on full display in Mason, Ohio last weekend. Carsen “The Blur” Edwards used his quickness, power and scoring ability to lead the Rytes Warriors to the Best Of The Best Showcase 12U Championship. We got a chance to holler at “The Blur” before he headed back to Texas. Here’s our One on One.

One On One

BS: What school do you attend?
CE: Atascocita Middle School (Humble, Texas).

BS: Who’s your favorite player?
CE: John Wall from Kentucky.

BS: What’s the strongest part of your game?
CE: My defense and ability to get to the cup.

BS: What part of you game needs a little work?
CE: I would have to say my jump shot and keeping my composure on the floor.

BS: If you could select a college tomorrow, where would you go?
CE: The University of Texas definitely.

BS: If you could have dinner with any famous person, who would you select?
CE: Lebron James because he probably could teach me some things about the game of basketball.

BS: What else to you enjoy besides basketball?
CE: I also love playing football.

Baby Ballerz Feat. Jake Needleman

Name: Jake Needleman

AAU Team: Bayshore Bulldogs

Position: Point Guard

Class: 2017

Breakdown: Needleman is a joyful player that runs the point for the Bulldogs. He’s very crafty and seems to enjoy playing the game of basketball. At the NJ Got Game Tournament he showed some good flashes while controlling the tempo. Add this point guards to your list of Bayshore good ones.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Atlantic City Showcase 14U Pools And Schedule

Basketball Spotlight Atlantic City Showcase 14 And Under Schedule

Pool O
1. Team NJ ABC
2. Boston Spartans
3. Showtime All Stars

Pool P
1. Team Final
2. Team MVP
3. Montgomery County

Pool Q
1. Future Players
2. Tri-City Warriors
3. Jersey Swift

Pool R
1. Philly Aztecs
2. CBC
3. Westchester Hawks

Saturday April 3rd 2010
3:00 PM O1-O2 (MLK)
3:00 PM P1-P2 (ACHS 1)
4:10 PM Q1-Q2 (MLK)
4:10 PM R1-R2 (ACHS 1)
5:20 PM O1-O3 (MLK)
5:20 PM P1-P3 (ACHS 1)
6:30 PM Q1-Q3 (MLK)
6:30 PM R1-R3 (ACHS 1)
7:40 PM 02-03 (MLK)
7:40 PM P2-P3 (ACHS 1)
8:50 PM Q2-Q3 (MLK)
8:50 PM R2-R3 (ACHS 1)

Sunday April 4th 2010
9:10 AM 3RD O - 3RD P (MLK)
9:10 AM 3RD Q – 3RD R (ACHS 1)
12:40 PM 1ST O – 2ND P (MLK) Pool O
12:40 PM 1ST P – 2ND O (ACHS 1) Pool P
1:50 PM 1ST Q – 2ND R (MLK) Pool Q
1:50 PM 1ST R – 2ND Q (ACHS 1) Pool R
4:10 PM Pool O - Pool R (MLK)
4:10 PM Pool Q – Pool P (ACHS 1)

Atlantic City High School
1400 North Albany Ave
Atlantic City, NJ 08401

Martin Luther King School
1700 Marmora Ave
Atlantic City, NJ 08401

New York Ave School
441 New York Ave
Atlantic City, NJ 08401

Uptown School Complex
323 Madison Ave
Atlantic City, NJ 08401

Atlantic City Showcase 13U Pools And Schedule

Basketball Spotlight Atlantic City Showcase 13 And Under Schedule

Pool K
1. Linden Ballers
2. Montgomery County
3. Team MVP
4. Showtime All Stars

Pool L
1. Philly Aztecs
2. Pure Basketball
3. Absecon Devils
4. CBC

Pool M
1. The City
2. SJ Blitz
3. Staten Island Ironmen
4. Future Players

Pool N
1. Gauchos
2. Philly Triple Threat
3. Albany Dream Team
4. Maryland Bulls

Saturday April 3rd 2010
8:00 AM K1-K2 (NY AVE)
8:00 AM K3-K4 (UPTOWN)
9:10 AM L1-L2 (NY AVE)
9:10 AM L3-L4 (UPTOWN)
10:20 AM K1-K3 (NY AVE)
10:20 AM K2-K4 (UPTOWN)
11:30 AM L1-L3 (NY AVE)
11:30 AM L2-L4 (UPTOWN)
12:40 PM M1-M2 (NY AVE)
12:40 PM M3-M4 (UPTOWN)
1:50 PM N1-N2 (NY AVE)
1:50 PM N3-N4 (UPTOWN)
3:00 PM M1-M3 (NY AVE)
3:00 PM M2-M4 (UPTOWN)
4:10 PM N1-N3 (NY AVE)
4:10 PM N2-N4 (UPTOWN)

Sunday April 4th 2010
8:00 AM K1-K4 (NY AVE)
8:00 AM K2-K3 (UPTOWN)
9:10 AM L1-L4 (NY AVE)
9:10 AM L2-L3 (UPTOWN)
10:20 AM M1-M4 (NY AVE)
10:20 AM M2-M3 (UPTOWN)
11:30 AM N1-N4 (NY AVE)
11:30 AM N2-N3 (UPTOWN)


Atlantic City High School
1400 North Albany Ave
Atlantic City, NJ 08401

Martin Luther King School
1700 Marmora Ave
Atlantic City, NJ 08401

New York Ave School
441 New York Ave
Atlantic City, NJ 08401

Uptown School Complex
323 Madison Ave
Atlantic City, NJ 08401

Atlantic City Showcase 12U Pools And Schedule

Basketball Spotlight Atlantic City Showcase 12 And Under Schedule

Pool G
1. Team Battle
2. Delaware Finest Stars
3. South County Elite
4. Playtime Panthers

Pool H
1. Team Scan
2. Philly Triple Threat
3. Flash Basketball
4. Sam Cassell All Stars

Pool I
1. F.A.C.E.S
2. Annadale Boys and Girls Club
3. Connecticut Elite
4. Staten Island Ironmen

Pool J
1. New Heights NYC
2. Future Players
3. Boston Spartans
4. Baltimore Panthers

Saturday April 3rd 2010
9:10 AM G1-G2 (ACHS 2)
9:10 AM G3-G4 (ACHS 3)
11:30 AM G1-G3 (ACHS 2)
11:30 AM G2-G4 (ACHS 3)
1:50 PM H1-H2 (ACHS 2)
1:50 PM H3-H4 (ACHS 3)
4:10 PM H1-H3 (ACHS 2)
4:10 PM H2-H4 (ACHS 3)
5:20 PM I1-I2 (ACHS 2)
5:20 PM I3-I4 (ACHS 3)
6:30 PM J1-J2 (ACHS 2)
6:30 PM J3-J4 (ACHS 3)
7:40 PM I1-I3 (ACHS 2)
7:40 PM I2-I4 (ACHS 3)
8:50 PM J1-J3 (ACHS 2)
8:50 PM J2-J4 (ACHS 3)

Sunday April 4th 2010
10:20 AM G1-G4 (ACHS 2)
10:20 AM G2-G3 (ACHS 3)
11:30 AM H1-H4 (ACHS 2)
11:30 AM H2-H3 (ACHS 3)
12:40 PM I1-I4 (ACHS 2)
12:40 PM I2-I3 (ACHS 3)
1:50 PM J1-J4 (ACHS 2)
1:50 PM J2-J3 (ACHS 3)
4:10 PM 1ST G – 1ST H (ACHS 2)
4:10 PM 1ST I – 1ST J (ACHS 3)


Atlantic City High School
1400 North Albany Ave
Atlantic City, NJ 08401

Martin Luther King School
1700 Marmora Ave
Atlantic City, NJ 08401

New York Ave School
441 New York Ave
Atlantic City, NJ 08401

Uptown School Complex
323 Madison Ave
Atlantic City, NJ 08401

Atlantic City Showcase 11U Pools And Schedule

Basketball Spotlight Atlantic City Showcase 11 And Under Schedule

Pool C
1. Team Final
2. Team Nelson
3. Playtime Panthers

Pool D
1. Team Battle
2. Long Island Lightning
3. CBC

Pool E
1. Team NJ ABC
2. Philly Triple Threat
3. Team World Elite

Pool F
1. CT Elite
2. Team MVP
3. F.A.C.E.S.

Saturday April 3rd 2010
8:00 AM C1-C2 (MLK)
8:00 AM D1-D2 (ACHS 1)
9:10 AM E1-E2 (MLK)
9:10 AM F1-F2 (ACHS 1)
10:20 AM C1-C3 (MLK)
10:20 AM D1-D3 (ACHS 1)
11:30 AM E1-E3 (MLK)
11:30 AM F1-F3 (ACHS 1)
12:40 PM C2-C3 (MLK)
12:40 PM D2-D3 (ACHS 1)
1:50 PM E2-E3 (MLK)
1:50 PM F2-F3 (ACHS 1)

Sunday April 4th 2010
8:00 AM 3RD C - 3RD D (MLK)
8:00 AM 3RD E – 3RD F (ACHS 1)
10:20 AM 1ST C – 2ND D (MLK) Pool C
10:20 AM 1ST D – 2ND C (ACHS 1) Pool D
11:30 AM 1ST E – 2ND F (MLK) Pool E
11:30 AM 1ST F – 2ND E (ACHS 1) Pool F
3:00 PM Pool C – Pool F (ACHS 1)
3:00 PM Pool D – Pool E (ACHS 3)


Atlantic City High School
1400 North Albany Ave
Atlantic City, NJ 08401

Martin Luther King School
1700 Marmora Ave
Atlantic City, NJ 08401

New York Ave School
441 New York Ave
Atlantic City, NJ 08401

Uptown School Complex
323 Madison Ave
Atlantic City, NJ 08401

Atlantic City Showcase 10U Pools And Schedule

Basketball Spotlight Atlantic City Showcase 10 And Under Schedule

Pool A
1. Team NJ ABC
2. Natural Ballers
3. CBC
4. Playtime Basketball

Pool B
1. Long Island Lightning
2. Maryland Spartans
3. Fastbreak Basketball
4. Riverside Hawks

Saturday April 3rd 2010
8:00 AM A1-A2 (ACHS 2)
8:00 AM A3-A4 (ACHS 3)
10:20 AM A1-A3 (ACHS 2)
10:20 AM A2-A4 (ACHS 3)
12:40 PM B1-B2 (ACHS 2)
12:40 PM B3-B4 (ACHS 3)
3:00 PM B1-B3 (ACHS 2)
3:00 PM B2-B4 (ACHS 3)

Sunday April 4th 2010
8:00 AM A1-A4 (ACHS 2)
8:00 AM A2-A3 (ACHS 3)
9:10 AM B1-B4 (ACHS 2)
9:10 AM B2-B3 (ACHS 3)
12:40 PM 1ST A – 2ND B (NY AVE)


Atlantic City High School
1400 North Albany Ave
Atlantic City, NJ 08401

Martin Luther King School
1700 Marmora Ave
Atlantic City, NJ 08401

New York Ave School
441 New York Ave
Atlantic City, NJ 08401

Uptown School Complex
323 Madison Ave
Atlantic City, NJ 08401

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Hoop Group March Madness Recap

The Hoop Group March Madness took place this past weekend and the results are below. Congrats to the teams and MVP's.

Team NJ ABC 14U Champs

Austin Fellows 14U MVP

Jersey Shore Wildcats 13U Champs

Joe Saunders 13U MVP

NJ Shore Shots 12U Champs

Jason Applegate 12U MVP

Riverside Hawks 11U Champs

Pierce Bozcar 11U MVP

NJ Shore Shots 10U Champs

Alex Bajohr 10U MVP