Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Melton's Mailbag!

As you know through our polls we at Basketball Spotlight like to have the fan input. We decided to take it to another level. We have developed the Melton’s Mailbag. The Melton Mailbag will contain 4 questions from you the fans that we will post and answer on our page. We will pick the four questions we feel are the best.

Butch From East Orange:
Mike how is KYDA not ranked #1 after they beat Team Final in the Clash For The Cup?

MM: That’s a good question Butch, KYDA did a strong push for #1 with their title but you have to look at the overall resume. Team Final won the Grand Finale then rebounded after their loss by winning the MIT. Right now their overall body of work makes them the best team in the region but the season is still early.

April From Teaneck:
Mike what happened to the player rankings? I thought they were coming out in January.

MM: We decided to save the player rankings until August. We didn’t want to disrupt team chemistry during the season.

James From Dover, Delaware:
Mike what’s up with the Adidas Phenom Regional Camps? I haven’t heard anything about them.

MM: No one in the region has really contacted us about covering this camp so I can’t help you with that. The only camp I’m sure of is the Hoop Group Jr. Elite. Check their site at

Thaddeus From Brooklyn:
Mike where’s the love for 11U? Why don’t they have team rankings?

MM: We needed time to see enough 11U teams. We accomplished that at the Show Me Invitational so they will have their first rankings in the middle of March.

If you have a question for the Mailbag contact Mike Melton at