Thursday, March 31, 2011

Basketball Spotlight Dunkfest Tour Feat. Adrian Moore (Conway Middle, Arkansas)

Adrian Moore showed big time athleticism at the 12U Nationals last summer while helping his squad reach the finals. He kept things going during his middle school season rocking for Conway Middle School in Arkansas. He’s definitely one of the best athletes I’ve seen on the middle school level. Check out one of his dunks during middle school action. Stay tune as Basketball Spotlight brings you more middle school players throwing it down on our Dunkfest tour.

Basketball Spotlight Headed To The Potomac Valley AAU District Championships

This weekend Basketball Spotlight will be headed down to the Potomac Valley AAU District Championship at the Capitol Heights Complex. Teams ages 10U, 12U and 14U will be on full display and we are very excited to bring you coverage. This will be our first time watching district play in the DMV area and I’m anxious to see how things develop. Stay tune as we bring you exclusive coverage of this event including championship recaps.

Basketball Spotlight 14U Top 10 Presented By AGame Apparel

The 14U rankings are very interesting. The race to the top is on and many teams have jumped in. Here’s a look at the Top 10 8th Grade Teams in our region. Remember these rankings are just our opinion and should be taken as such.

Basketball Spotlight 14U Top 10 Presented By AGame Apparel

1. Team Final: TF was absent from Atlantic City but with only one region loss this season that still rest in the #1 slot. In terms of winning it all they still have a shot while holding on to 7 Summer Slam points thus far. They now have their sights set on defending their Mid Atlantic Regional crown against some stubborn competition.

2. Team Scan: TS missed a chance to move into the top slot after failing to take the banner in AC but a final four appearance keeps them at the #2 spot. Right now they can play their way into the #1 seed with a strong showing at the MDC.

3. Philly Aztecs: The Tecs also took AC off but already has established themselves as one of the top teams around. They recently made it to the finals of the Spring Fling. They have 6 Summer Slam points and a legit chance to qualify for Summer Slam.

4. The City: I knew this team would get it together and they proved me right by repeating as AC Showcase champs. Those 5 points gave them a fighting chance to reach Summer Slam. Now they must represent at the MDC to get the free invite.

5. Expressions: The challenge was presented and the Boston Boys answered the bell. They didn’t win the AC Showcase but grabbed 4 points by making it to the finals. We look forward to watching them at the MDC.

6. Team Rebels: This team rugged style stood out in AC as they reached the semifinals before losing to eventual champion The City. They are now focused on crashing the party at the Mid Atlantic Regionals.

7. F.A.C.E.S.: The Boys in Black had an unexpected quarterfinal exit from the AC Showcase. But on the bright side they have gathered enough Summer Slam points (8) to squeeze into this winner take all event.

8. Playaz: They recently won their Spring Fling event. They are now set to play in the NJ State tournament and possibly the MDC.

8. NJ Got Game: NJGG was left off this list because a of an error of Basketball Spotlight. They are gearing up for a NJ State tournament run and possibly an MDC visit. We will be keeping a closer eye on this bunch.

9. Linden Ballers: LB played some good ball in AC before losing in the quarterfinals. They always seem to find their stride around state tournament time.

10. Albany Dream Team: ADT played very hard in AC before losing due to the tie breaking system. I love their toughness and like the progress they have made since last season.

Basketball Spotlight 13U Top 10 Presented By AGame Apparel

The 13U Top 10 had some movement but no new squads. Here’s a look at who we feel are the Top 10 teams in the region. These rankings are just our opinion and should be taken as such.

Basketball Spotlight 13U Top 10 Presented By AGame Apparel

1. DC Assault: They breezed through the Hoop Group TOC and recently played in the Playaz Spring Fling 14U division. Summer Slam might be unlikely for this group unless they win or make a deep run at the MDC.

2. NYC Gauchos: The Choz won the Spring Fling and will enter regional play this weekend. They should be the favorites to win the Metropolitan 13U crown. They seem like a lock for Summer Slam

3. F.A.C.E.S.: The Killer Bees made it to the final four of AC Showcase and are currently in NJ State action. They are currently leading the 13U division in Summer Slam points. They will definitely be in Neptune for the end of the year event.

4. Team Final: TF had a tough time in AC while taking two tough losses. Summer Slam is very unlikely for this team so we will definitely have a new Team Of The Year.

5. Force One: The PV crew had a great run in AC considering their circumstances. The made it to the finals of this event after knocking off some of the top teams in the area.

6. Team Scan: They came to AC focused on getting some points and cashed in with 3 markers by winning the Blue Division. This athletic bunch has AAU regionals and the MDC to look forward to.

7. New Heights: We haven’t seen this bunch in a while but word is that they lost to the Gauchos in the finals of Spring Fling. Hopefully, we will get a look at these boys soon.

8. CT Elite: The Connecticut crew has made some strides and still has an outside shot of getting into Summer Slam. They have one of the top guards in the region and are a joy to watch.

9. Philly Triple Threat: PTT faced off with TS in the finals of the Blue Division in AC. They are in the thick of things for Summer Slam with 7 points. The MDC will be a very vital to attending Summer Slam.

10. MABC: The Bengals had a tough time in America’s Playground. They have another stop at the MDC to gather some points and with the Dynamic Duo (Adim and Allen) anything can happen.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Basketball Spotlight 12U Top 10 Presented By AGame Apparel

Things got real interesting in Atlantic City for the 12U Division. We are looking at a tight race all the way to Summer Slam. Here’s a look at our Regional Top 10. Please remember that these rankings are just our opinion and should be taken as such.

Basketball Spotlight 12U Top 10

1. Team IZOD: Sports University took over our top spot by defeating CBC in the finals of the AC Showcase. Right now they have a chance to secure a top seed in Summer Slam with an impressive finish at the MDC.

2. CBC: CBC came close to being the #1 squad but fell short to Team IZOD in the finals. They still positioned themselves well for Summer Slam by collecting 4 more points. This war might go all the way to Neptune on July 31st.

3. DC Assault: A final four ride in AC moved this squad moved up to #3. They have 6 points and with a good MDC showing they will get a free trip to Summer Slam.

4. Juice All Stars: Give Juice 3 more points after making to the semifinals in AC. They look like a secure bet to make to Summer Slam but a good run at the MDC would guarantee their spot.

5. Maryland Panthers: MP ran into their rivals DC Assault in the quarterfinals of AC. They still managed to get 2 points and have accumulated 5 markers towards qualifying for Summer Slam. They would need a serious run at the MDC to get this done.

6. CT Elite: They had a wire to wire battle with Maryland Panthers and made it to the quarterfinals of the AC Showcase. They currently have 4 points but still have an outside chance of making Summer Slam.

7. Team Nelson: TN survived a tough pool before losing in the quarterfinals. They finally seem to be healthy and it showed in their play. They are slowly getting their swag back.

8. Playtime Panthers: The Green and Black won the AGame Super Shootout but didn’t take the trip down to Atlantic City. The NJ State tournament and possibly the MDC might be stops for this group.

9. Team Final: TF advanced to the quarterfinals before losing to eventual champion Team IZOD. They currently have 4 points in their quest to attend Summer Slam.

10. 6th Man Warriors: This squad showed a lot of grit at the AC Showcase. They had a tough pool but still managed to make their presence felt.

Basketball Spotlight 11U Top 10 Presented By AGame Apparel

The 11U Division has been bananas this year. The talent is great and some intense rivalries are beginning to develop. Our Top 10 has some movement and some fresh faces. It took us a while to finish it but we gave it our best shot. These rankings are just our opinion and should be taken as such.

Basketball Spotlight 11U Top 10 Presented By AGame Team Apparel

1. We Run: After looking at their body of work and willingness to get it on every weekend we decided to reward them with the #1 slot. We really take notice to strength of schedule. They seem like a lock to make Summer Slam.

2. Riverside Hawks: We haven’t seen this bunch in a minute but word is that they finished runner up in the Elite Takeover Tournament. Hopefully we can get them in the mix for the Baby Baller Bonanza or MDC.

3. Gauchos: I’m really trying to see this team get it on. They came out blazing when the season started but have cooled off since then. Being inactive caused them to drop from the top spot.

4. Maryland Spartans: MS got five quick points with winning the championship in Atlantic City. Now the question is will they continue to travel north to qualify for Summer Slam. We will be waiting.

5. Natural Ballers: NB got an early exit from AC but still has several Summer Slam points. This squad will help make things interesting as the season comes to a close.

6. Delaware Royalty: DR have played real good ball the past couple of events. They made it to the finals of the AGame Super Shootout and the final four of the AC Showcase.

7. DC Assault: The PV crew wasn’t present in AC but with 4 points still have a chance to qualify for Summer Slam. We will be looking for them to travel back up for the MDC.

8. T Town Ballers: This squad moved up a spot after winning a Super Regional in Virginia and making it to the final four in Atlantic City. This scrappy bunch still has a chance to get to make more noise.

9. Long Island Lightning: They made their Spotlight debut and ended up in the finals in Atlantic City. If they had a stronger strength of schedule they probably would have been ranked higher.

10. New Heights: Formerly Fastbreak Basketball, this group rounds out our Top 10. They will be returning to the Spotlight for the MDC. Once there they will need at least a championship appearance to qualify for Summer Slam.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Basketball Spotlight Dunkfest Tour Feat. Horace Spencer (Eugene Klinger Middle School)

Horace Spencer has shown a load of potential since we introduced you guys to him over two years ago. Recently, the developing forward played in his middle school game and went coast to coast for a dunk over a small guard. This type of athleticism is way many scouts are salivating over his talent. Stay tune as Basketball Spotlight bring you grammar players getting up on our Dunkfest tour.

Video Profile: Mei Lyn Bautista (Queens, NY)


Hometown: Queens, NY

Position: Point Guard

Class: 2015

Breakdown: The best 8th Grade point guard in New York might be a girl (just playing) but Mei-Lyn is definitely a top notch floor general. We got a chance to watch at the Garden State Showdown and she gave the crowd and this writer a treat. MEI-LYN will be a key addition to someone'varsity roster next year and make some noise.

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Baby Baller Bonanza Receiving Interest

The Inaugural Baby Baller Bonanza has received some early attention. This is Basketball Spotlight opportunity to give the young ballers their chance to shine. Below the teams are listed that have committed to this historic event.

11U Teams
1. We Run
2. Natural Ballers
3. Neptune Jr. Fliers
4. Albany Dream Team
5. PWC
6. NJ Shore Shots
7. T Town Ballers
8. Riverside Hawks
9. DC Assault
10. Cecil Slam

10U Teams
1. Natural Ballers
3. Playtime Panthers
4. Team Nelson
5. Albany Dream Team
6. On Point Cyclones
7. T Town Ballers
8. CBC
9. NJ Shore Shots
10. Team Rebels

9U Teams
1. Asbury Park Rec
2. NJ Shore Shots
4. Team Rebels

Monday, March 28, 2011

Basketball Spotlight Dunkfest Tour Feat. Jamar "Air Canada" Ergas (Toronto, Canada)

Jamar Ergas is a young native from Suburban Toronto, who is gearing up to be the next big time player to grace a hardwood floor. He’s got a 39 inch vertical leap, and highlights that will make you jump out your seat. The youngster known as Air Canada is proclaimed by some as the best 8th Grade Dunker in the World. Ergas will leave his home in search of more competitive fields next fall, with his freshman season scheduled to take place at Christian Faith Center Academy in Creedmoor, N.C. The move will help put Ergas under the microscope of top-level American high school hoops, while sitting him in the immediate vicinity of four premier ACC programs.

Basketball Spotlight Dunkfest Tour Feat. Seventh Woods (CB Spiders)

Seventh Woods Plays Above The Rim

Seventh Woods’s name took off last season because of his play on the court and ferocious way he attacked the rim. Recently at the MIT Woods got a steal during the press and threw down a one handed dunk with authority. I was present for the dunk but for those who weren’t can check out the video below. This kid can really get up and remember he’s only a 7th Grader.

Coach Hurley and St. Anthony Featured On 60 Minutes

St. Anthony just won the NJ HS TOC Championship and Hall Of Fame Coach Bob Hurley was just featured on 60 Minutes. The Friars had an impressive season and won the USA Today National Championship. The 60 Minutes clip below gives you an inside look into Coach Hurley and his historic basketball program. This video is outstanding. 60 Minutes Video

Inside The AC Showcase 14U: Summer Slam Spots Up For Grabs

The City Returns To Victory Row

The City Returns To Glory

After I had The City still in our rankings after early exits at the Grand Finale and Clash For The Cup I received numerous emails claiming I was insane. But I knew that the NYC squad wasn’t fully loaded as if yet. This team proved me correct by winning the AC Showcase after traveling through a brutal field. Now they have collected five points and if they win the MDC they might qualify for Summer Slam slated for July 31st. Wow, what a quick turnaround.

MDC Will Decide Summer Slam Invites

In The 14U Division the four Summer Slam spots are still up for grabs. Team Scan can get the top seed with an impressive showing but F.A.C.E.S. can jump them by winning it all. The most interesting aspect is that a poor or no showing by Team Final might knock them out of contention. The point system has allowed teams such as Team Rebels, The City, Philly Aztecs and even Expressions a chance to leave with the Grand Champion trophy.

AC Showcase 14U All Tournament Team
Donovan Mitchell (The City)
Mike Williams (The City)
Wolfgang Novogratz (The City)
Kevin Riley (The City)
Eric Parchall (The City)
Chris Baldwin (Expressions)
Juwan Gooding (Expressions)
Aaron McClain (Expressions)
Tyree Weston (Expressions)
Vaughn Covington (Team Rebels)
Vaughn Jenkins (Team Rebels)
John Rodriquez (Team Rebels)
Ray Lawry (Team Rebels)
Isaiah Briscoe (Team Scan)
Bryce Aiken (Team Scan)
Chris Atkinson (Team Scan)
Bobby Martin Jr. (Team Scan)
Mikey Dixon (Positive Force)
Derrick Jones (Positive Force)
Levi Holmes (NJ Pirates)
Brandon Gilder (NJ Pirates)
Zachery Torres (NJ Pirates)
Mekhi Bryant (SJ Blitz)
Eli Cain (SJ Blitz)
Juwan Dolbrice (Linden Ballers)
Joshua Carter (Linden Ballers)
Eric Williams (Linden Ballers)
Marcel Pettaway (BABC)

Game Over Classic Coming In June

New York City Classic June 17 – 19, 2011

Age Groups: 9 &Under, 10 &Under, 11&Under,12 &Under,13 &Under,14 & Under, 15&Under,16&Under and 17& Under.

AAU Rules Apply. Entry Fee - $450.00 per Team. Money Orders and Bank Checks accepted (no Personal Checks). Payment made payable to GO Sports, Inc. Discount for Multiple Teams.

REGISTRATION DEADLINE: Monday, June 6, 2011 For more information, please contact: Dana Dingle – 646-773-4878 or Shandue McNeill – 516-924-9921 or

Sunday, March 27, 2011

In The Spotlight: DJ Mitchell (Severn Elite)

Name: DJ Mitchell

AAU Team: Severn Elite

Position: Guard

Class: 2017

Breakdown: Mitchell let his scoring do the talking by posting 25 points against Team Final and 22 markers vs. 6th Man Warriors. The big guard has some special tools and doesn’t waste time putting it in the bucket. He was one of the high scorers in this age group.

Under The Radar: Nick Smith (NPBC)

Name: Nick Smith


Position: Guard

Class: 2017

Breakdown: Smith has a true ratchet and showed is range during the AGame Super Shootout. He set up deep in the corner and let it loose once he received the rock. His shooting help make his team make a good run during this event.

Under The Radar: Lashawn Elliot (Team Final)

Name: Lashawn Elliot

AAU Team: Team Final

Position: Forward

Class: 2017

Breakdown: Elliot is in his early stages of basketball but plays the game with a high motor. He stars in baseball and football but has taken a liking to the hardwood sport. At the AGame Super Shootout Elliot showed some promise rebounding and making other hustle plays for his squad. We will keep an eye on how he develops.

Friday, March 25, 2011

All Eyes On The Baby Ballers

Due to the limited space at the Atlantic City Showcase we decided to give the 9U 10U and 11U teams their own platform. Basketball Spotlight is proud to present the Baby Baller Bonanza tournament. This event is strictly for 9U, 10U and 11U squads that are ready to get it on. Yes, there will be coverage for the Baby Ballers.

Click Here To Register

Event: Baby Baller Bonanza
Date: April 16th and 17th
Ages: 9U thru 11U
Place: Lakewood, NJ
Cost: $325 (Per Team)

Teams Interested Contact Mike Melton at (609)-532-5122 or Deadline is April 8th

Inside The AC Showcase 13U: Team Felton Represents The South

Team Felton Took The Trophy I95 South

Team Felton Shines In Spotlight!

Team Felton took the 9 hour ride to Atlantic City with a championship in mind and went home with a job well done. The NC squad ran through some tough competition on their way to the crown. They had several players that showed the Northeast US that they can get busy. Hopefully we haven’t seen the last of this group.

Force One Proves Point

After running through the Blue Division of the Grand Finale Force One wanted a spot in the Orange Division for the AC Showcase. The Maryland squad took full advantage of their opportunity by making it to the finals after defeating area squads Team Final, Team Rebels and F.A.C.E.S.. Great Job Force One and keep up the good work. Also get well soon Keith Simms.

AC Showcase 13U All Tournament Team

Harry Giles (Team Felton)
Mike Buckland (Team Felton)
Jayce Wolfe (Team Felton)
Joe Hampton (Force One)
Kyle Depollar (Force One)
Jeff Dowtin (Force One)
AJ Banks (Force One)
Vaughn Covington (Team Rebels)
Jabri McCall (Team Rebels)
Khalir Johnson (Team Rebels)
Trevon Duval (Team Rebels)
Ray Montilous (F.A.C.E.S.)
Christian Ford (F.A.C.E.S.)
Shyquann Gibbs (F.A.C.E.S.)
Unique Mclean (Team Scan)
Cameron Winston (Team Scan)
Leondre Washington (Team Scan)
Jeff Hayden (Team Scan)
Joshua Sharkey (PTT)
Jamil Elliot (PTT)
Dyaire Holt (Albany Dream Team)
Tremont Waters (CT Elite)
Brandon Hurst (CT Elite)
Ceasar Adim (MABC)
Jamal Allen (MABC)
Jaekwon Carlyle (Philly Peacmakers)

Inside The AC Showcase 12U: A New #1

Team IZOD Left AC With The #1 Spot

Team IZOD Emerges #1

Team IZOD defeated CBC in the finals of the AC Showcase to move into the #1 spot in our regional rankings. But many teams in this field still have a chance to become Grand Champion July 31 at Summer Slam. The top four teams according to our point system will be invited to this free tournament.

12U Parity

The 12U Division has some great parity this season. I had the chance to personally witness some great basketball this past weekend in this age group. There were some great battles including DC Assault vs. Maryland Panthers, Team Nelson vs. 6th Warriors and the 12U Finals among others.

AC Showcase 12U All Tournament Team
Nate Pierre Louis (Team IZOD)
Aaron Clarke (Team IZOD)
Rooner Jospeh (Team IZOD)
Louis King (Team IZOD)
David Kachleries (Team IZOD)
Jaecee Martin (CBC)
Ismail Charles (CBC)
Chaylyn Martin (CBC)
Prentiss Hubb (DC Assault)
Marquise Watson (DC Assault)
Myles Lewis (DC Assault)
Andre Rafus (DC Assault)
Raine McKeithon (Maryland Panthers)
Andre Boykin (Maryland Panthers)
Donovan Toatley (Maryland Panthers)
Endel Sanchez (CT Elite)
Azar Swain (CT Elite)
Saeed Nelson (Team Final)
John Paul Sanders (Team Final)
Kyson Rawls (Team Nelson)
Iyaire Hinson (Team Nelson)

Cameron Norman (6th Man)
DJ Mitchell (Severn Elite)

Inside The AC Showcase 11U: Party Crashers

Maryland Spartans Took Home The Prize

Party Crashers

The AC Showcase Final Four teams were squads not ranked in the top 5 of our pools. The Long Island Lightning, T Town Ballers, Delaware Royalty and Maryland Spartans came down to America’s Playground with more than gambling on their minds. The unexpected always occurs in Atlantic City.

Who’s #1 in the region?

The race for the #1 11U Squad has become very interesting. The Gauchos have been inactive, We Run has won everything except a Spotlight event and Riverside seems to sneaking in through the back door. As we sit down next week to do our rankings expect a lot of movement and some new teams emerging. Hey, we love this time of year because you never know what might happen.

11U AC Showcase All Tournament Team
Preston Bacon (Maryland Spartans)
Dejuan Ellis (Maryland Spartans)
Malcolm Spencer (Maryland Spartans)
Cam Obitti (Long Island Lightning)
Tyson Walker (Long Island Lightning)
Marcus Hammond (Long Island Lightning)
Terrence Trice (Long Island Lightning)
Jonas Cooper (Long Island Lightning)
Jalen Brooks (We Run)
Shelton Applewhite (We Run)
Kiyon Johnson (Delaware Royalty)
Jamal Whittlesey (Delaware Royalty)
Jacob Hunt (Delaware Royalty)
Nasir Dowling (T Town Ballers)
Quashawn Lane (T Town Ballers)

AC Showcase 14U Top Performers (Eccles Report)

Donovan Mitchell Had Some Impressive Moments In Atlantic City

The AC Showcase 14U Division featured someof the top studs in the region. Basketball Spotlight's new scout Mr. Eccles took in the action and produced this report.

Top Performers

Donovan Mitchell Guard (The City)- Donovan is impossible to keep out of the lane at times. He is very strong and a very good athlete. His quickness, strength, size and allow him to get where ever he wants on the court, whenever he wants. Donavan is very good in transition and is a big finisher.

Chris Baldwin Forward (Expression)- Baldwin has a long and athletic body. He runs the floor extremely well also showed that he can finish above the rim. Baldwin is a good shot blocker. He is mobile and does a great job patrolling the lane. He posted up well and provides the passer with an excellent target. Baldwin can hit open mid range jumper and showed good touch around the basket.

Aaron McClain Forward (Expression)- Long athletic power forward with solid bounce and instincts. He runs the court pretty well for his size. Attacks the glass very well and can finish in the paint and has the ability to knock down the perimeter shot.

Tyree Weston Guard (Expression)-Tyree is very active and aggressive, but seldom plays out of control or makes a bad decision. Weston has the ability to forces his defender to play close by knocking down a jumper or two. He takes advantage of opportunities and loves to attack the basket and finish through contact. He is a tough defender who loves the challenge of shutting down his opponent; he often draws the other teams best perimeter player.

Juwan Gooding Guard (Expression)- Gooding is a scoring machine who can put points on the board in a hurry. This lefty is potent in the open court where he attacks the rim with a vengeance. He has a knack for scoring in tight spaces.

Akeem King Guard (Philly Triple Threat) -Akeem has a strong frame with nice length that can take contact while driving in the paint area and he's a good athlete. The strength of his game is shooting. He has a very smooth release and his shot is especially deadly when it’s a catch and shoot situation.

Juwan Dolbrice Guard (Linden Baller)- Dolbrice utilizes his chiseled physique to get into the lanes of the defense for the finish. He is a power guard who uses his strength to ward off opponents to get in the paint. Once in the lane he can deliver passes that are incredible. His jump shot is ok and he can finish over bigs due to his length and power. In addition, he has a tremendous feel for the game and can seemingly drop passes in the tightest of situations.

Joshua Carter Guard (Linden Ballers)- Carter is a playmaking guard who combines a three-point shot with the quickness to get anywhere he wants on the court. His point guard skills in terms of running the team are high. Defensively, his quickness allows him to apply a good amount of pressure on the ball.

Eric Williams Guard (Linden Ballers) - Williams is a strong combo guard that is at his best in the open floor. In transition he displayed a great burst of speed to separate from defenders and in the half court he can finish in with either hand. Williams seems to favor the left side of the floor along the baseline although he can score going both ways. He is a good drive, draw and kick passer.

Eric Parchall Forward (The City)- Eric is a long and lanky wing. His length and athletic ability allow him to be effective in playing the passing lanes on defense. Eric’s athletic ability and skill sets him apart from most of the players his age.

Kevin Riley Forward (The City)- Kevin has a great frame and is an explosive player. He is a highly competitive player who can affect the game in a lot of ways. Whether it's rebounding in traffic, running the offense, or attacking the rim, he is a problem. Defensively, he has very good lateral quickness and he can block shots in transition.

Michael Williams Guard (The City)- Michael is a strong ball handler and is a tough match-up in transition with a knack to slide between defenders while driving to the basket. He has good length that enables him to be effective around the basket and on the boards.

Marcel Pettway Forward (BABC)- Pettway has massive size and strength for his age. He has good hands and can score in the lane. He also finishes off drop off passes created by the dribble penetration of his guards. Pettway can get to the rim along the baseline and finish with either hand in traffic. He’s an excellent rebounder on both ends as well. Pettway moves well for his size and can control the lane on both ends of the floor.

Terrence Mann Guard (BABC)-Mann has nice size and length. He is a great finisher and has good body control. Mann doesn’t wasted time getting to the basket. He is very agile and quick and so he can cover a lot of ground defensively in full court.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

AC Showcase 13U Top Performers

Jabri McCall (Team Rebels)

The 13U Division had some new faces and teams emerge in Atlantic City. When the smoke cleared we had a champion from North Carolina and some great memories. Check out some of top performers from this age group.

AC Showcase Top Performers 13U

Jabri McCall Guard (Team Rebels)- McCall loves AC. Last year he put on a show playing with Flash Basketball but this time around he did even better. During their showdown against Team Final McCall had defenders on skates as he Euro-stepped to the tin. This kid finishes strong with either hand and knows how to maneuver his shot around shot blockers.

Khalir Johnson Forward (Team Rebels)- The big fella has arrived. Johnson was too big in the post for TF to deal with. He got deep post position but really tormented them on the offensive glass. Once he grabs the rock and powers back up there’s nothing you can do on this level.

Vaughn Covington Guard (Team Rebels)- The quarterback of this vibrant bunch led this group into the final four. His attacking style stands out while you can’t deny his willingness to get teammates involved. He brought the crowd to its feet when he attempted a dunk over a Team Felton defender.

Trevon Duval Guard (Team Rebels)- The youngster playing up seemed to blend in with the competition. He was another dribble driving guard that gave TF problems. He has played under the bright lights for years so he’s accustomed to this type of stage.

Tremont Waters Guard (CT Elite)- Waters faced box and one defenses and was still able to wow the crowd with some slick dribbling and long shots. This kid is very dangerous as soon as he passes half court. One of the signs of a special player is the ability to get a clean look and create space. Tremont can do both.

Brandon Hurst Forward (CT Elite)- Waters commanded so much attention that Hurst was able to do his thing. The slashing wing player led the team in scoring during the tournament including a 18 point performance in a loss to Team Felton.

Raymond Montilous Forward (F.A.C.E.S.)- Ray’s rugged style got him to the charity stripe a lot. He has learned to get his shot off against bigger defenders and does it well. His quickness helps him produce heavily on this level.

Ceasar Adim Forward (MABC)- His team had a tough weekend but Adim posted his usual numbers. Defenses are doubling down on Adim while sagging off the guards. Now he has to go get the pill and attack from the perimeter including launching a few jumpers.

Jamal Allen Guard (MABC)- Allen helped out his sidekick the best he could. He posted some big numbers and finished with a 15 point a game average. The lefty is a prototype wing guard that scores with the best of them.

Dyaire Holt Guard (Albany Dream Team)- The aggressive guard still managed to score at will. He finished with 24 points a game average. He doesn’t care about who lines up in front of him he just goes in. He’s just a big time scorer.

Jaekwon Carlyle Guard (Peacemakers)- Clarlyle represented Philly by lightning up the competition from 3 point range. He nailed 4 treys against Team Scan and hit Cen. Penn Ballers up for 21 points.

AC Showcase 12U Top Performers Part 2

Iyair Hinson-Purnell (Team Nelson)

The 12U Division was over flowing with talent. In our breakdown of top performers we will be giving you two parts. Here’s Part 2 of the top 6th Grade performers in Atlantic City.

12U Top Performers Part 2

Iyair Hinson-Purnell Forward (Team Nelson)- Hinson was a man amongst boys against 6th Man Warriors. He dominated on the boards and converted put backs galore. His 29 points propelled his crew into the quarterfinals. The athletic forward definitely brought his game.

Sa’eed Nelson Guard (Team Final)- Nelson posted good numbers playing in two different age groups. “Flash” finds a way to squeeze between defenders and avoid shot blockers all in the same motion. Nelson makes his presence felt no matter the competition level.

Chris Coalman Forward (Juice All Stars)- Coalman returned to the Juice All Stars and made an immediate impact. He patrolled the paint while averaging double figures in rebounds and points. He’s the last line of defense for the pressing Juice All Stars.

John Paul Sanders Guard (Team Final)- Sanders found his flow in AC. The wing guard averaged double digits while using his quickness to get around the defense. He’s beginning to catch the stride he had last year.

Endel Sanchez Guard (CT Elite)- The sharpshooter went down firing against Juice All Stars in the quarterfinals. Endel drained 5 treys including a few from very long distance. If you let him set his feet it’s usually money in the bank.

Azar Swain Guard (CT Elite)- The former Mr. Memorial Day also put up some serious numbers in the high scoring against Juice All Stars. The combo guard explodes past defenders and has top notch scoring prowess.

Kyson Rawks Guard (Team Nelson)- Rawls has returned well from his injury. He showed some flashes of being a top notch point guard but also was able to get a few buckets. Many have him tapped as the next great point guard coming from the Chester/Delaware area and they might be right.

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AC Showcase 12U Top Performers Part 1

Prentiss Hubb (DC Assault)

The 12U Division was over flowing with talent. In our breakdown of top performers we will be giving you two parts. Here’s Part 1 of the top 6th Grade performers in Atlantic City.

12U Top Performers Part 1

Prentiss Hubb Guard (DC Assault)- After watching the Fab Five documentary it’s hard not to look at Hubb as a miniature Jalen Rose. The lefty plays with the poise of a true veteran and lit up the opposition from the perimeter. His high arching jumpers splashed through the net. He also has the size to see over the defense and make the correct pass. He finished with a team high 20 points in their semifinal loss to Team IZOD. This youngster has big time potential.

Marquise Watson Guard (DC Assault)- Watson is another special player on the horizon. The NYC product has an array of dribble moves and the ability to score the pill. He danced around the defense and finished most plays off with some flair. He has to be regarded as one of the top 6th grade guards in the region. He’s very exciting to watch.

Myles Lewis Guard (DC Assault)- I like they way Lewis fills the lane in transition and slashes to the cup in the half court set. He has a strong build so he’s able to score against tough defenders. His play will be vital if DC Assault wants to make a strong run at the AAU National Championship.

Andre Rafus Forward (DC Assault)- Potential is a word that describes this kid. He’s still developing right now but he showed flashes of what’s coming down the line. I like his athleticism and eagerness to be involved on both ends. We will definitely be keeping an eye on him.

Cameron Norman Guard (6th Man Warriors)- It’s always important to have a quality floor general and Norman fits the bill. They had a tough pool but he held his composure and directed traffic like a true general. He definitely will be one of the players invited to the Super Showcase in August.

Raine McKeithon Guard (Maryland Panthers)- Let it rain is his theme. McKeithon put his squad on his back in their quarterfinal loss to DC Assault. He scored at will off dribble drives and finished with 27 points. Raine is a real scoring machine at times.

Andre Boykin Forward (Maryland Panthers)- It wasn’t a huge scoring weekend for Boykin instead he pounded the glass and played good defense. Right now it’s important for him to develop some perimeter skills because he’s not towering over the opposition like last season. His future still seems bright.

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