Thursday, March 24, 2011

Diary Of A Baller: Malachi "Shoota" Richardson (Trenton, NJ) Entry #22

What's Up Everybody!

Did you miss me?'s been a minute, but it's the "Shoota"; I've been really busy with my books and basketball. As you should know I did my honor roll thing, and I got my paper (money). When I showed my grandparents my report card, my grandmother told me, we are not paying you for making honor roll, because that's what you are suppose to do, we're giving you this money to encourage you to keep working hard in school. My parents always say the same thing, "I'm suppose to make honor roll." Making honor roll has always been my personal goal, and I know it makes my family proud.

This is the first school year I don't have to take the Terra Nova test, it's a state test and we usually spend about two months of the school year prepping for it. Instead of taking the terra nova test, we have to do a 10 page report, at first I thought my teacher was joking, than she started handing out instructions. Everybody in my class was thinking the same thing, you can't be serious. I've done reports before but never 10 pages; 3 pages was a stretch for me. I decided to do mine on the oil spill in the gulf, since I've been gathering a lot of information I don't think 10 pages will be that bad. This is the last semester, I'm not gonna start slacking off now, come June I can't wait for it to be over so I can start my new journey (High School).

As far as basketball goes, my school team; what a long season September to March 13th. I'm not even sure how many games we had. I'm not used to that many games while still going to school, the last two weeks was brutal. We had two days off, only because my coach canceled practice. We lost in the district championship game, we went up 10-0 to start the game, then with 30 seconds left in the quarter I picked up my second foul. They went on a 24-0 run before my coach put me back in, I made 2 baskets and they got 3 and 1's in a row, game over, season over.

Now the aau season officially starts. Team Final, we've been working out with the high school guys, and I love it. I like matching up against them, it gives me a chance to figure out how to get my shot off, because most of them are long and strong, and I get a chance to work on my mid range game too. At the end of our practices we always play them, the games are really, really physical; they do a lot of holding, grabbing, pushing, and talking. Nobody wants to lose, I love playing in competitive games like that. Working out with them has definitely helped our team get better.

Before when I used to workout with the high school guys I always left the gym thinking I gotta get a lot stronger, but now I know I'm stronger but not where I need to be, I'm just gonna keep working hard to get there.

Check me out next week.......

PS Shoutout to the girls basketball team at TCA....#1 team in New