Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Team Felton Headed To AC Showcase

Raymond Felton's Sponsored Squad "Team Felton" Will Be In The AC Showcase

The Atlantic City tournament has grown since its inception. This year Team Felton from South Carolina has decided to join us in America's Playground. This team is loaded with talent.

Harry Giles one of the top 7th Graders in the country will making his Spotlight debut with his Team Felton squad at the Atlantic City Showcase. Giles exploded on the scene last season after the DC Assault Classic. He went on the have impressive showings at the AAU Nationals and several other tournaments.

Giles is not the only stud with this crew. Mike Buckland is one of the top point guards in the country and would have done a great job at the Nationals but he was sidelined with an injury. I know he is anxious to show his talent.

Finally, you can’t forget about Jalek Hamilton. He proved to be great teammate while playing out of position during Buckland’s injury. Now he can go back to scoring the rock and playing aggressive defense.