Thursday, March 24, 2011

AC Showcase 12U Top Performers Part 1

Prentiss Hubb (DC Assault)

The 12U Division was over flowing with talent. In our breakdown of top performers we will be giving you two parts. Here’s Part 1 of the top 6th Grade performers in Atlantic City.

12U Top Performers Part 1

Prentiss Hubb Guard (DC Assault)- After watching the Fab Five documentary it’s hard not to look at Hubb as a miniature Jalen Rose. The lefty plays with the poise of a true veteran and lit up the opposition from the perimeter. His high arching jumpers splashed through the net. He also has the size to see over the defense and make the correct pass. He finished with a team high 20 points in their semifinal loss to Team IZOD. This youngster has big time potential.

Marquise Watson Guard (DC Assault)- Watson is another special player on the horizon. The NYC product has an array of dribble moves and the ability to score the pill. He danced around the defense and finished most plays off with some flair. He has to be regarded as one of the top 6th grade guards in the region. He’s very exciting to watch.

Myles Lewis Guard (DC Assault)- I like they way Lewis fills the lane in transition and slashes to the cup in the half court set. He has a strong build so he’s able to score against tough defenders. His play will be vital if DC Assault wants to make a strong run at the AAU National Championship.

Andre Rafus Forward (DC Assault)- Potential is a word that describes this kid. He’s still developing right now but he showed flashes of what’s coming down the line. I like his athleticism and eagerness to be involved on both ends. We will definitely be keeping an eye on him.

Cameron Norman Guard (6th Man Warriors)- It’s always important to have a quality floor general and Norman fits the bill. They had a tough pool but he held his composure and directed traffic like a true general. He definitely will be one of the players invited to the Super Showcase in August.

Raine McKeithon Guard (Maryland Panthers)- Let it rain is his theme. McKeithon put his squad on his back in their quarterfinal loss to DC Assault. He scored at will off dribble drives and finished with 27 points. Raine is a real scoring machine at times.

Andre Boykin Forward (Maryland Panthers)- It wasn’t a huge scoring weekend for Boykin instead he pounded the glass and played good defense. Right now it’s important for him to develop some perimeter skills because he’s not towering over the opposition like last season. His future still seems bright.

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