Sunday, March 6, 2011

AGame Super Shootout Top Performers Day 1 (Baby Ballers)

Luther Muhammad (We Run)

The AGame Super Shootout took place this weekend at Hill School in Pottstown, PA and Basketball Spotlight was in the building. The 11U Division had a fierce battle between Delaware Royalty and We Run. Royalty won in overtime.

11U Top Performers Day 1 (Baby Ballers)

Luther Muhammad Forward (We Run)- His team lost in overtime but Luther is something to watch. He plays inside on defense but on offense the long forward can go coast to coast like a guard. He changes directions well and can score whenever he wants. You will be hearing a lot about this kid for years to come.

Justin Rodriquez Guard (We Run)- Rodriquez has a wet jump shot but also can hurt you with his sneaky handle. He played with good poise against the pressure defense. We will be keeping an eye out for this kid.

Jacob Hunt Guard (Delaware Royalty)- Hunt is a very unselfish floor general with good speed and court vision. He loves the drive and kick game while using a low dribble to get into the lane.

Kiyon Johnson Forward (Delaware Royalty)- Johnson has good size for his position. He can score from the outside or in the paint. He has the chance to become the go to guy for this team.

Jamal Whittlesey Forward (Delaware Royalty)- The big fella does a good job of clogging up the lane and controlling the glass. As he gets older he will need to become a little more athletic because the competition will become quicker and longer.