Thursday, March 3, 2011

Diary Of A Baller: Otis "The General" Livingston (NJ Got Game) Entry #19

What’s up everyone?

It’s “The General” again with another entry.

This week we didn’t have school because of winter break. To start off the week I was under the weather so I just stayed in bed and just rested. After I was over the sickness, my knee was killing me, to a point where I didn’t want to walk around the house. My mom told me to ice and that really helped me. I had to get my knee ready for practice with got game.

Thursday was our practice. My knee was still bothering me so I was limping around most of the time, but you have to keep playing regardless. We did some boxing out drills and worked on the shell defense for the majority of practice. Shell is just a defense were your always on the ball, in help and/or denying the pass. I like this defense because I can pressure the ball knowing that there is help behind me. Coach Pete said that this whole year we have to be smarter because if some of us aren’t already in high school, we will be going next year and he is preparing us.

On Saturday we had another practice. Basically the whole practice we ran this new play. It’s a motion type offense and it has a lot of options. It’s easy to run, but it’s difficult to defend. We also worked on getting open and snapping the pass every time because athletic teams can get into the lane and steal or tip the ball away. After that I just headed home, rested up a bit, and went to the St. Pats’ vs. Linden game. It was a good game. I think St. Pats rushed their shots a little and didn’t get to the rack enough, which is their bread and butter. I give Linden a lot of credit though; they played hard after getting into a hole. I think they let the game get away from them by taking bad shots, and just making bad decisions in general.

To end my week I had a light shooting workout with my dad. We worked on getting the ball higher on the release because I was watching Kobe Bryant barely getting the ball over defenders and that’s what I need to do. After he went to work I just hung out with my brother. I whooped him in chess a couples times. LOL. That’s it for my week tune in next time for another entry.

The General is out!