Saturday, March 5, 2011

AGame Super Shootout Top Performers Day 1

Darius Gillon (Team Final)

The AGame Super Shootout took place this weekend at Hill School in Pottstown, PA and Basketball Spotlight was in the building. The 13U Division was loaded with talent and here’s a look at the Day 1 Top Performers.

13U Top Performers Day 1

Darius Gillon Forward (Team Final)- Gillon played an inspired game against MABC. He pushed the rock and made some good decisions. Inside he used his quickness to snatch rebounds (12) and score some buckets (17 points). When he’s playing like this TF is very difficult to defeat.

Jamir Harris Guard (Team Final)- Harris also had some good moments. He’s strong as a bull and finishes well with either hand. I like his body control and how he maneuvers around shot blockers. Harris also displays more confidence handling the rock and making decisions as a lead guard. He was the high scorer for TF with 19 markers.

Darius Roundtree Forward (Team Final)- The other Darius was a menace on the glass but also has shown some improved ball handling. He attacked from the wing and had confidence in the face up jumper. He definitely plays with a lot of energy.

Keith Washington Guard (Team Final)- Washington is a scoring guard inside a point guard's frame. This kid is a true finisher with a mid range pull up similar to Vinnie Johnson. Since he heats up quickly we will give him the same nickname as Johnson. Introducing Keith “The Microwave” Washington.

Sayon Charles Forward (Gauchos)- Charles had a great showing today. He hit the jumper from the free throw area and even showed some range behind the arc. Right now he’s very comfortable in his new role and exudes the confidence on the floor. He should develop into a legit wing.

Nyrhique Smith Guard (Gauchos)- “La Smoove” allowed the game to come to him and delivered some nice passes in the process. The crafty guard has a lot of tricks in his bag and will bring them out when necessary. His reverse layup against Philly Triple Threat brought some cheers from the crowd.

Mustafa Heron Forward (Gauchos)- After battling foul trouble in the first game Heron got things going in the second contest against KBR. He was tenacious on the glass and took advantage of them not having any shot blockers.

Ceasar Adim Forward (MABC)- “Hail” Ceasar was gave TF all they could handle in their meeting. He’s no longer the biggest player on the floor but now he handles the rock like a guard and powers his way to the tin. Finally, he was a true warrior on the glass. It was fun watching him battle with Darius Gillon.

Joshua Sharkey Guard (PTT)- Sharkey wasn’t fantastic but he did put pressure on the Gauchos with his dribble drives. He split the defense and caused some foul trouble. This kid has a serious handle.

Lamar Stevens Guard (PTT)- Something tells me that this kid could be something special. I like his size and some of the skills he showed. He does need to be a little more aggressive but that will probably come in time.