Friday, June 29, 2012

Basketball Spotlight Alum Michael Kidd-Gilchrist #2 Pick In NBA Draft

Kidd-Gilchrist Lottery Pick  

Basketball Spotlight Alum Michael Kidd-Gilchrist was selected #2 in the NBA Draft by the Charlotte Bobcats. Kidd-Gilchrist starred in the Clash For The Cup and in the MDC with the RBK All Stars. Basketball Spotlight would like to congratulate Kidd-Gilchrist and his family on this enormous accomplishment. Remember who saw him first, Basketball Spotlight baby. Check out his highlights from Basketball Spotlight events.


Basketball Spotlight Alum Dion Waiters Reaches NBA As #4 Selection

Dion Waiters Goes #4  

Basketball Spotlight Alum Dion Waiters reached the ultimate level by being selected by the Cleveland Cavaliers with the 4th pick in the 2012 NBA Draft. Waiters scored a then record 35 points at the MDC as a 7th Grader for the Philly Ball Hawks before tearing down the Grand Finale the next summer with the Playaz. Waiters also played in the Clash For the Cup when it was an all star event. Congrats to Dion and his family for this huge accomplishment. Check out his highlights from Basketball Spotlight events.


Grand Finale Player Profile: Mustapha Heron (Gauchos)

Name: Mustapha Heron 

AAU Team: Gauchos 

 Position: Shooting Guard 

Age Group: 14U 

Analysis: When Heron is on the court the intensity rises. He’s a walking double/double while using his chiseled frame to dominant the competition. Right now he’s a dangerous wing player with top notch explosiveness. If he continues to grow as projected he might go down as one of the top players to ever come out of Connecticut.

Grand Finale Player Profile: Patrick Andree (Playaz)

Name: Patrick Andree

AAU Team: Playaz

Position: Shooting Guard

Age Group: 14U

Analysis: This kid combines a good handle with size and a wet jumper. His basketball IQ is off the charts and he already understands how to flare off his point guard’s penetration. He can use the pick and pop or screen and roll. Once his confidence and strength catches up with his game look out.

AGame Super Shootout 13U Championship Recap: Jersey City Boys Club Victorious

JCBC Gets It Done

Jersey City Boys Club used their hard play to defeat We R 1 to win the AGame Super Shootout 13U Championship. Congrats to JCBC for winning the championship. Good luck the rest of the season.

AGame Super Shootout 12U Championship Recap: ECE-NJABC Gains New Garments

ECE-NJABC Snatches AGame Crown

ECE-NJABC shocked the field by defeating New Rens to win the AGame Super Shootout 12U Championship. Congrats for ECE-NJABC for taking home the title. Good luck the rest of the season.

AGame Super Shootout 10U Championship Recap: Choz Grab Title

Gauchos Win Crown

The NYC Gauchos used a balanced attack to defeat RIP City and win the AGame Super Shootout 10U Championship. Congrats to the Gauchos for winning the championship and new uniforms. Good luck the rest of the season.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Grand Finale Player Profile: Jaecee Martin (CBC)

Name: Jaecee Martin


Position: Point Guard

Age Group: 13U

Analysis: “Mayweather” helped his squad reach the finals by knocking out Team IZOD. In the finals his emotions got the best of him in the first half which caused his coach to discipline him. In the second stanza he came out in a fiery but the Team Final lead was too much to overcome. He’s still the leading candidate for Player Of The Year.

Grand Finale Player Profile: Quade Green (Team Final)

Name: Quade Green

AAU Team: Team Final

Position: Combo Guard

Age Group: 13U

Analysis: Team Final balanced squad has allowed Green to display his play making ability. During the Grand Finale he showed improved point guard skills in terms of setting up teammates. We encourage him to continue to progress in this area.

NY Times Reports: Middle School Basketball Is New Recruiting Battleground!

The NY Times recently wrote this article how middle school basketball has reached a new level. It’s an interesting read and features several known teams and players.

Click Here For The Article

Potomac Valley Select Wins AGame Super Shootout

PV Wins Crown

PV Select 11U took home the AGame Supershootout crown by playing shutdown defense and sharing the wealth on offense. They came to play and seemed to be on a mission by beating the top three teams in the Northeast on Sunday. In the quarterfinals they took down Playtime Panthers, they beat Team Nelson in the semifinals, and then silenced ECE-NJABC in the chip. Their all-star roster of players and coaches seemed to mesh as they received solid contributions from the entire roster. 

Congratulations to the players and coaches and keep working hard. Roster: Tyler Brelsford, Ryan Swigart, Carsten Kogelnik, Mekhi Long, Tyrese Jenkins, Justice Ellison, Jahmir Young, Terrance Williams, Hunter Dickinson and Cole Matthiesen

Coaches Marty Heffner and  Steve Heffner

In The Spotlight: Pat Conner (CB Spiders)

Name: Pat Conner

AAU Team: CB Spiders

Position: Forward

Class: 2018

Analysis: Pat Connor is making the transition from Center to combo forward and doing an outstanding job. He faces up offensively and uses his strength to attack the tin. He is still learning to trust his 15 ft jump shot, but made a good percentage. Defensively he defended 6'2 SC big man, Stephon Wynn, then rode cross town to go at 6'3 Dew Tuazama, "The Mane of Steel" won both games- enough said!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Diary Of A Baller: Tyus "Kid Mamba" Battle (Edison, NJ) Entry #43

What’s up basketball world? I’m back with entry 43. Tuesday my dad woke me up earlier than usual to go to the gym and get a few shots up. We focused on just getting as many shots up as we could in an hour. To finish the workout off my dad and I played shot for shot. I have been noticing an improvement in my shot and it will keep on improving as I put more work into it. After my workout, I lifted weights for an hour. I tried to really concentrate and focus my time on my back and shoulders. Next, we rushed over to my sister’s recital at her school. We thought the recital began at 7 but it started at 6 therefore we missed the entire show. My step mom was okay with it because she told us the wrong time but we were all disappointed. 

Wednesday, I really didn’t do much because of the heat and my dad had to go to NYC. So my little brother and I just stayed inside and watched T.V and a few movies. We didn’t even bother to try and play the video game because of the amount of heat that comes out of the PS3. 

Thursday was even hotter. I was supposed to have a practice with St. Joes but it was cancelled because the air conditioner broke in the gym so instead I went to the gym by myself later that night when it cooled down. I worked on basic things, like moves to the basket, old ball handling drills, and old shooting drills. Sometimes it’s just best to go back to your basics, I am always amazed how much you move away from the stuff you worked on when you are a young kid. 

Friday my dad and I went to the gym early in the morning to lift before I went to hang out with my friends Madison, Lauren, Mary, Josh and Marcus. While with them I stayed outside most of the time either in the pool or throwing a football. When it started raining later that day we went inside and just watched a few movies until our parents came to pick us up. 

Saturday my dad trained a boy named Riley at 12 p.m. for about an hour and a half. He is still learning the basics like finishing with his left hand and staying low on his dribble. If he works consistently he can be pretty good because he picks drills up pretty fast. When we finished at 2 p.m. my brother and I got dressed to go to my friend Nicole’s graduation party. Both, my brother and I had a lot of fun. We swam, played basketball, and talked the whole time. 

Sunday was my little brother’s birthday and I didn’t get a chance to go to the gym. So my dad dropped the two of us off at the mall so we can spend time together. My little brother also invited a couple friends to go with him. I decided to use the time at the mall to buy him a pair of chill sneakers that he liked. After we all left the mall, he and his friends went to the carnival. He said he had a lot of fun and enjoyed all of his presents. My dad and step mom went all out for him. 

Next week will be my first summer league game with Saint Joseph’s so I will be sure to tell you all how it goes. 

This is Tyus Battle signing out 


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Grand Finale Player Profile: Nazreon Reid (KSK)

Name: Nazreon Reid 

AAU Team: King Street Kings 

Position: Forward 

Age Group: 12U 

Analysis: “Big Talented” toyed with the opposition, besides being an intimidating force on offense Reid and continued to improve on the offensive end. During the Grand Finale he made it look like men vs. boys when the opposition tried to slow him down. He will finish as one of the top prospects in this class when it’s all said and done.

Grand Finale Player Profile: Atiba Taylor (KSK)

Name: Atiba Taylor 

AAU Team: King Street Kings 

Position: Point Guard 

Age Group: 12U 

Analysis: From the beginning of the season Taylor has established himself as one of the top play makers in the country. During the Grand Finale he made sure their high powered scorers received the rock in the right place. The most impressive aspect of Taylor’s game is that he has subdued his scoring prowess to make others better, this is rare for a player of this age and talent level.

Grand Finale Player Profile: Kenny Edelin (ECE)

Name: Kenny Edelin 

AAU Team: ECE 

Position: Forward 

Age Group: 12U 

Analysis: Edelin is what basketball people describe as a “Glue Guy”. He does whatever the coach needs him to do whether it is playing the post or attacking from the wing. He’s a tremendous slasher and his play helped ECE make it to the finals of the Grand Finale.

Unique McLean Flies Into J.E.M. All Star Classic

Unique McLean Makes The Cut  

Unique McLean of Team Scan has been selected to participate in the 3rd Annual J.E.M. All Star Classic. McLean made the All Tournament Team for the Tip Off Classic and Clash For The Cup while also helping Team Scan win the Grand Finale title. Unique was happy with his selection, “Being able to play in a event such as this all star game shows me that all the hard work and winning has paid off. I look forward to playing against some of the top players in the country” he said. 

Stay tuned as Basketball Spotlight brings you more players that have been selected to play in this exclusive event. The 3rd Annual J.E.M. All Star Classic will take place August 18th in Trenton, NJ. 


In The Spotlight: Tyler Brelsford (DC Assault)

Name: Tyler Brelsford 

AAU Team: DC Assault 

Position: Point Guard 

Event: DC Assault Classic 

Class: 2019 

Analysis: This floor general had it working during this event. He always seems to make the right play. During the Team Nelson game which seemed like a heavyweight fight he made play after play down the stretch finishing with 14 points, 5 rebounds, 4 assists and 2 steals to lead Assault to a 68-63 victory. He averaged 8 points and 6 assists per game for the weekend leading his team to the Final 4.

Grand Finale Player Profile: Fahmir Ali (ECE)

Name: Fahmir Ali 

AAU Team: ECE 

Position: Combo Guard 

Age Group: 12U 

Analysis: Ali is a long range shooter with the ability to put up buckets in a hurry. Ali also has a quick release which makes him the perfect complement to any post game. Once he gets his conditioning in order he will be knocking down those deep balls in the closing moments.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Grand Finale Player Profile: Jaheim Tanksley (Playtime)

Name: Jaheim Tanksley 

AAU Team: Playtime 

Position: Point Guard 

Age Group: 11U 

Analysis: Tanksley is a crowd pleaser. He dazzles spectators with his handle and court vision. He also knows how to pump in points when needed. He came into this season with a heavy rep and didn’t disappoint. I got a feeling that his name will appear on this site for years to come.

Grand Finale Player Profile: Ahsan Huland EL

Name: Ahsan Huland EL 

AAU Team: Playtime 

Position: Forward 

Age Group: 11U 

Analysis: The lefty used his feathery touch to lead his team in scoring in their semifinals loss to Team Nelson. He has a nose for the ball and improved post moves. He made an impact this year during the Spotlight events and we can’t wait to see him next season.

Grand Finale Player Profile: Jelanie Carter (Playtime Panthers)

Name: Jelani Carter 

AAU Team: Playtime 

 Position: Shooting Guard 

Age Group: 11U 

Analysis: Carter found his outside stroke during their semifinal loss to Team Nelson. The sniper nailed 4 treys with confidence and should carry this momentum to the AAU Nationals. This kid can really shoot the rock.

Diary Of A Baller: Tyus "Kid Mamba" Battle (Edison, NJ) Entry #42

What’s up basketball world? It has been a long but very good week. As I told you last week, I finally graduated from 8th grade and I must say it feels really good to be able to sleep a little later and stay up a little bit longer. As you know basketball never stops for me therefore I’ve been working extra hard at getting better each day. A lot of my time has been spent lately in the gym trying to get my body bigger and stronger. The bigger part coming slowly but the stronger part is happening every day.

Monday, I woke about 10 AM had a bowl of cereal and chilled out watching television before I worked out at 2PM with my dad and brother, at the Club in Woodbridge. We focused a lot on my pull-up jumper for the first part of the workout, then for the next hour my dad had us really working on our left hand. My dad is on me a lot about using my left hand more. He said I have such a great left had I should be using it more to finish. So we worked on the floater, hook and the jump shot with the left hand. Afterwards dad and lifted weights for next 45 minutes while my brother watched us.

Tuesday, I could not wait to get to the gym but before I did that I had to clean the house with my brother. I hate to admit it but my brother did much more of the cleaning than me. All I mostly did was clean the basement which was a bit messy for sure. Dad came home after 5 and then we went straight to Saint Joes, Metuchen to get a team workout in. We started the workout by doing a few full-court drills and then we did some shooting and then we chose up teams. I played with the varsity which was cool and there were a few older kids or men who used to go to SJ but now they’re in college + they had Q also known as Quinton Decosey. Games were competitive and I played pretty well over all but feel I can do better as I get more comfortable.

Wednesday, I went to register at St. Joes and I also got a chance to pick my classes. For the world languages I really wanted to take French but it turned out that space was all full so I took Latin instead, which will be a whole new thing for me because I barely know how to say anything in Latin. For my electives I chose Algebra Workshop as my first, because math is not my strength like English is and I also chose Physical Education second. The other classes I chose were the usual subjects: Math, English, Science, Social Studies, and Religion. After the registration my dad and I went to the gym again to lift and got a little shooting workout in afterwards..

Friday I woke up at 7:30 to go to the gym. We first worked on moves to the basket which I really need to work on because I don’t think my handle has been as sharp as it was before. Then I got up shots and I finished up with ball handling. When I finished my workout I lifted for the last hour. After I left the gym I had to get home and get dressed to go to the mall with Matius, Nkechi, and Gabby who were a few kids that were in my graduating class. Usually walking around the mall isn’t my thing but, it wasn’t that bad since I was with a few friends.

Saturday my dad brought my little brother and I to the store to find some swimming trunks and a few shirts because I had a pool party at 4 at my friend Madison’s house. But before we went there we had a quick workout about 1 hour shooting, dribbling and lifting, I felt good because I earned my out and felt better about spending 4 hours at a party. When we were finally done we got ready and my dad dropped us off. I didn’t really swim a lot but, instead sat down and talked. The only reason I even got in the pool is because the girls were saying that it was warmer in the pool than outside of it, which was surprisingly true. I never knew swimming can be so tiring because as soon as I got picked up I was knocked out when I closed my eyes.

This is Tyus Battle signing off Peace!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Grand Finale Player Profile: Anthony Hoggard (ECE-NJABC)

Name: Anthony Hoggard


Position: Point Guard

Age Group: 11U

Analysis: AJ’s conversion to point suited his game well because he has pass first instincts. He sees the floor like a high school sophomore and demands the best out of his teammates. His ball handling and strength will help him handle the pressure defenses they will face at the Nationals.

Grand Finale Player Profile: Jagger Zrada (ECE-NJABC)

Name: Jagger Zrada


Position: Shooting Guard

Age Group: 11U

Analysis: The sharp shooter caught fire during the semifinals against Team Rebels by banging home 20 points. His outside shot helps ECE-NJABC stretches the defense. He will need to have his hot hand when they arrive in Cocoa Beach in July.

Grand Finale Player Profile: Jalen Gaffney (ECE-NJABC)

Name: Jalen Gaffney


Position: Combo Guard

Age Group: 11U

Analysis: His team came up short of winning the Grand Championship but Gaffney didn’t hurt his chances of taking home POY honors. His basketball IQ is on high level and his scoring ability was on display during the finals. He definitely was one of the top players in the region this year.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Grand Finale Profile: Kasim Toliver (Team Nelson)

Name: Kasim Toliver

AAU Team: Team Nelson

Position: Point Guard

Age Group: 11U

Analysis: Toliver is the true floor general for this championship team. He has grown as a player and leader. He dictates the tempo and makes sure everyone gets involved. Team Nelson will need him to step up when they head to Cocoa Beach for the AAU Nationals.

Grand Finale Profile: Chris Allen (Team Nelson)

Name: Chris Allen

AAU Team: Team Nelson

Position: Combo Guard

Age Group: 11U

Analysis: Allen is a nice combo guard that can bury the open jumper when left unguarded. He shows tremendous poise and the ability to set up teammates and score himself to help his squad win. He has been a vital part of this squad for the past few years.

Grand Finale Profile: Mikeal Jones (Team Nelson)

Name: Mikeal Jones

AAU Team: Team Nelson

Position: Forward

Age Group: 11U

Analysis: Jones had a great Grand Finale, he’s really beginning to put moves together while using his length to score. On defense he blocks or alters shots on a regular basis and also bangs the glass hard. Team Nelson seems to have a budding prospect in Jones for years to come.

Grand Finale 14U Championship Recap: Team Scan Wins It All!

Team Scan Conquers The Banner

Temple Gibbs scored 25 points and Sterling Hewitt added 16 markers as Team Scan defeated Playaz Basketball Club 71-62 to win the Grand Finale 14U Championship. Donovan Love scored 17 for the Playaz in the loss.

MVP: Temple Gibbs (Team Scan)
Gibbs finished the season the same way he started at the Tip Off Classic by dominating the competition. TJ had everything flowing including an improved outside jumper. When he wasn’t knocking down perimeter shots he was driving into the teeth of the defense. He definitely brought his A game.

Grand Finale 13U Championship Recap: Team Final =Grand Champions

Team Final Shines

Nick Alikosos scored 16 points and D'Andre Vilmer added 12 markers as Team Final defeated CBC 64-53 to win the Grand Finale 13U Championship. Shyheim Hicks scored 18 points for CBC in the loss.


MVP: Nick Alikosos (Team Final)
Nick’s versatility was too much for CBC to handle. He finished inside and showed the ability to put the rock on the floor. He was a matchup nightmare and has good touch around the basket. He’s play definitely put Team Final over the top.

Grand Finale 12U Championship Recap: KSK Cruises To Crown

KSK Wins Title

Luther Muhammad scored 23 points and Nazereon Reid added 18 points as King Street Kings defeated East Coast Elite 60-41 to win the Grand Finale 12U Championship. Chris Cropper had a good game for ECE.

MVP: Luther Muhammad (King Street Kings)
Muhammad capped off a great season by destroying the competition at the Grand Finale. His game has improved in terms of knocking down deep 3 pointers and breaking down defenders off the bounce. He has been the most dominant player on the 12U level this year.

Grand Finale 11U Championship Recap: Team Nelson Takes 11U Banner!

Team Nelson Wins Grand Championship  

Mikeal Jones scored 14 points and Mark Bradshaw added 12 points as Team Nelson defeated ECE-NJABC 48-43 to win the Basketball Spotlight Grand Finale title. Jalen Gaffney scored 18 points for ECE-NJABC in the loss. Congrats to both teams for a classic game. 


MVP: Mark Bradshaw (Team Nelson) 
The lefty carried Team Nelson through the semifinals with 14 points and kept the momentum going in the finals. This kid has been on a scoring spree the past few tournaments and it has helped Team Nelson go on a winning streak.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Grand Finale 14U Preview: It's Now Or Never!

The Grand Finale is finally here and the teams are ready to chase the banner. Here’s a preview for each age group. We wish all the teams’ good luck and see you Saturday. 

Grand Finale 14U Preview 

Gauchos: The Choz have been on a little hot streak lately. They played TS tough the last time they faced them so they should have confidence if they meet in the finals. But first they must get by a stubborn Playaz Club in the semifinals. 

 Team Scan: Some of players in this group were part of the TS squad that let the Grand Championship slip out their hands last year. Now they will be looking to seal the deal. They have played each team several times and this might be the time that their winning streak might come to a halt. We shall see in a few hours. 

St. Michaels: St. Michaels finds themselves in the Grand Finale after a roller coaster season. Their chance of winning the banner depends on which St. Michaels team shows up. If they come in focused and clicking they might crash the party like Expressions did last year. 

Playaz: PBC haven’t tasted the victory circle at any Spotlight events so it would be something big for them to win it all. They will need to play two big time games of basketball to make this happen.

Grand Finale 13U Preview: Once Again It's On!

The Grand Finale is finally here and the teams are ready to chase the banner. Here’s a preview for each age group. We wish all the teams’ good luck and see you Saturday. 

Grand Finale 13U Preview 

CBC: The “Money Team” has taken the region by storm now they only have to be good for one more Saturday to that banner hanging in the Hartford Boys and Girls Club. The title slipped away from them last year now they will try and seize the moment. Coach Hatchett has his team hungry, “When the season started our goal was to bring national recognition to our organization. Last weekend at the MIT we didn’t represent CBC in the manner we are used to. All the potential matchups are familiar foes but we are coming with a new attitude, so we are not the same team they are used to playing.” 

Team Final: TF has been on a hot streak lately now here’s their chance to win all the marbles. They have a balanced attack and Coach Hildago feels they are ready, “We will win because we are peaking at the right time. Our team chemistry has come together. We actually play for each other” he said. 

Milbank: “The Bank” is the Dark Horse in this event. But don’t sleep on this group they always find a way to stick around long enough. Now they just have to go on a two game winning streak. The Milbank skipper showed some confidence, “The players have been working extremely hard and are ready to unleash a balanced attack on both ends of the court. The Flyers are battled tested and will come to win the banner” he said. 

 Team IZOD: They say the heart of a champion is huge well we win see on Saturday, as TI will try to defend their Grand Championship. Let’s see if the Big Red Machine has one more run. Coach Pierre-Louis responded like a season vet, “We feel we have a great chance to win this tournament because of our preparation and attention to detail.”

Reggie Gardner Grabs J.E.M. All Star Classic Invite

Reggie Gardner (Lardo, MD)

Reggie Gardner of Bowie, Maryland has been selected to play in the 3rd Annual J.E.M. All Star Classic. Gardner is one of the top ranked shooting guards in the country and helped DC Assault win numerous championships this year. He was named to the Basketball Spotlight All Tournament Team for the Tip Off Classic and Clash For The Cup. Gardner feels great about playing in this exclusive event, “BBall Spotlight has covered me and my team since we were 10U and I am happy to participate in this event that will not only give honor to Mrs. Melton, but also gives the opportunity to compete against the many talented players I have gotten to know over the years. Thank you again BBall Spotlight for the many great years!” 

The 3rd Annual J.E.M. All Star Classic will take place Saturday, August 18th in Trenton, NJ. Stay tune as Basketball Spotlight brings you more players that have been selected for this exclusive  event.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Grand Finale 12U Preview: No Where To Hide!

The Grand Finale is finally here and the teams are ready to chase the banner. Here’s a preview for each age group and our predictions. We wish all the teams’ good luck and see you Saturday. 

 Grand Finale 12U Preview  

Team IZOD: The “Fly Guys” haven’t tasted the winners circle in a while now everything is on the line. They were the talk of the time for most of the season now it’s time to show they are worthy of all the accolades. Coach Carter only had two words, “Fly Guys”.  

KSK: The hottest team at the Grand Finale might have something to say about the “Fly Guys” taking the banner. If size matters than these boys have a chance to definitely run the table. Coach Fran was very modest about their appearance, “We are pleased about playing in the Grand Finale. If we play solid defense and play team ball, we will have an opportunity to win it all” he said.  

Playtime Panthers: PP is the only team in the Grand Finale with a banner, now how great would this story be for them to actually take home the Grand Finale banner. Don’t count out the Green and Black. Coach Zegary thinks their time is now, “Talk is cheap, now its game time. This is what Playtime Panthers prepared for all year long, to win it all!” 


 ECE: ECE would love to take the banner back to Delaware. They are coming off of a good MIT showing so that might keep the momentum going into the Grand Finale. Coach Turner likes their odds, “From the outset of the season our goal was to make it to the Grand Finale. Now that we are here only winning it all will be suffice. We will win the Grand Finale because we are against all odds and no one expects us to” he finished.

Grand Finale 11U Preview: Anything Is Possible!

The Grand Finale is finally here and the teams are ready to chase the banner. Here’s a preview for each age group and our predictions. We wish all the teams’ good luck and see you Saturday. 

Grand Finale 11U Preview 

 ECE-NJABC: ECE enters the Grand Finale with the most points. They have several titles under their belt and the swagger to leave Life Center with the banner. The field will be chasing but they have grown accustomed to that type of attention.  

Team Nelson: TN might be the thorn in ECE’s side; they have battled several times with both teams taking victories. This could be the potential championship match-up. Let the fireworks begin.  

Playtime Panthers: PP has the fire power to win the whole thing. They just have to be clicking on all cylinders. We will see the Green and Black in the flesh on Saturday. They should be ready.  

New Rens: This squad just won the MIT Siler Division crown and is capable of crashing the party in Burlington. Anything can happen in a single game elimination situation. This age group should be a dandy because everyone has a chance to win it.