Friday, June 15, 2012

Grand Finale 14U Preview: It's Now Or Never!

The Grand Finale is finally here and the teams are ready to chase the banner. Here’s a preview for each age group. We wish all the teams’ good luck and see you Saturday. 

Grand Finale 14U Preview 

Gauchos: The Choz have been on a little hot streak lately. They played TS tough the last time they faced them so they should have confidence if they meet in the finals. But first they must get by a stubborn Playaz Club in the semifinals. 

 Team Scan: Some of players in this group were part of the TS squad that let the Grand Championship slip out their hands last year. Now they will be looking to seal the deal. They have played each team several times and this might be the time that their winning streak might come to a halt. We shall see in a few hours. 

St. Michaels: St. Michaels finds themselves in the Grand Finale after a roller coaster season. Their chance of winning the banner depends on which St. Michaels team shows up. If they come in focused and clicking they might crash the party like Expressions did last year. 

Playaz: PBC haven’t tasted the victory circle at any Spotlight events so it would be something big for them to win it all. They will need to play two big time games of basketball to make this happen.