Monday, June 4, 2012

Basketball Spotlight Grand Finale Teams Announced

The Basketball Spotlight Grand Finale Final Four is set. The top four teams from each age group will head to Life Center Academy in Burlington, NJ on Saturday June 16th. That day the Grand Champion from each age group will be crowned. Below are the teams and their seeds for the final four. The #1 seed will play the #4 seed in one semifinal while the #2 seed and the #3 seed will match up in the other. There’s a $50 registration for teams entering this event. (When teams are tied for point total, the team that has advanced the furthest in Orange Division play will get the higher seed.)

14U Final Four 
1. NYC Gauchos (10 Points) 
2. Team Scan (9 Points) 
3. St. Michaels (9 Points) 
4. Playaz (9 Points) 

13U Final Four 
1. CBC (14 Points) 
2. Team Final (14 Points) 
3. Milbank (13 Points) 
4. Team IZOD (10 Points) 

12U Final Four 
1. Team IZOD (18 Points) 
2. KSK (16 Points) 
3. Playtime (13 Points) 
4. ECE (10 Points) 

11U Final Four 
1. ECE-NJABC (18 Points) 
2. Playtime (15 Points) 
3. Team Nelson (14 Points) 
4. New Rens (7 Points) 

Stay Tune As We Bring You Previews From This Upcoming Event.