Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Inside The MDC 14U: Experiement Pays Off

New Rens/KSK  

Will Combo Teams Be The New Way To Go? 
New Rens and King Street Kings used the MDC to combine their teams and chase the Gold Ball. I must say they played with good chemistry for their first time out. I wonder how this would impact them in terms of AAU National participation and will other teams attempt this experiment. Finally, I wonder if they will keep the two names or come up with something cleaver that involves both. 

MDC 14U All Tournament Team 
Adam Perry (New Rens/KSK) Mr. Memorial Day- Orange Division 
Anthony Munson (New Heights) Mr. Memorial Day- Blue Division 
Matthew Bullock (New Rens/KSK) 
Justin Foreman (New Rens/KSK) 
Idris Joyner (F.A.C.E.S.) 
Jagan Mosley (F.A.C.E.S.) 
Clive Allen (F.A.C.E.S.) 
Christian Ford (F.A.C.E.S.) 
NyRhique Smith (Playaz) 
Donovan Love (Playaz) 
Patrick Andree (Playaz) 
Amanie Craddock (Gauchos) 
Ray Salnave (Gauchos) 
Mark Martin (Gauchos) 
Darius Inzar (Gauchos) 
Nakaye Sanders (New Heights) 
Sa’eed Nelson (NJ Shore Shots) 
Khalief Crawford (St. Michaels) 
Marcus McClary (St. Michaels) 
Nick Simeon (Brooklyn Badgers) 
Tyler Jones (CJ Future Stars) 
Anthony Gibbs (New Heights)