Friday, September 30, 2011

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Damon Harge Getting Busy On The Circuit

Thursday, September 29, 2011

One On One Featuring: Jordon Riley (Durham, NC)

Jordon Riley (Durham, NC)

Jordon Riley is rated high on many websites around the country but he still brought his rep to the Super Showcase. He took the ride from Durham, NC and went right to work. We got a chance to talk to this youngster and this is what he had to say;

One On One

BS: What was your biggest moment of the season?
JR: My biggest moment was one game when I scored 37 points and 21 rebounds.

BS: What are the strong points of your game?
JR: The strongest point of my game is playing in the post.

BS: What part of your game needs the most work?
JR: I have to get better with my ball handling.

BS: What’s your dream college?
JR: Syracuse is my dream school.

BS: How does it feel being ranked high by different websites?
JR: It feels good and it’s an honor. I won’t disappoint.

BS: How was your Super Showcase experience?
JR: The Super Showcase was good and it showed me that I have a lot to work on.

BS: Give me one word that describes Basketball Spotlight?
JR: Exciting!

Battle Labeled Next NJ Hoops Phenom And Hits

Tyus Battle Reaches National Spotlight

By Jay Gomes (NJ Hoops)

As readers of NJ Hoops know we don't really cover or write about grammar school
basketball players. We usually wait until they get to high school.

There have been a few exceptions over the 17 year of NJ Hoops however. On a rare occasion we see players playing and excelling with players many years older.

The few that come to mind over the years are Derrick Caracter, Kyle Anderson and more recently Karl Towns.

Now we have to add another one to the list in 6-foot-3 8th grader Tyus Battle. We first saw him in July at the Joe Brown Tournament with the NJ Demons in the 17 & Under Division. He fit right in with his poise, skills and athleticism and one would never know he was that young.

We saw Battle three more times this weekend, once again with the Demons, but this time he was at the the Hoop Group Fall Jam Fest. He was playing in the Open Division with and against primarily high school seniors. He was one of the best players on his team throughout the tournament and helped lead the Demons to the championship round. He averaeged 9 ppg in the three contests with a high of 17.

Tyus's father Gary was a former Colonia High School star and Division 2 All American at New Haven and obviously taught the younger Battle well.

With a prospect that impressive speculation starts as to what high school and college he may like down the road. Gary told NJ Hoops that he would most likely choose from St. Anthony's, St. Joseph's Metuchen, Blair Academy or possibly even head to Florida to play for former St. Patrick's Coach Kevin Boyle.

I inquired if Tyus had a favorite college team growing up and Gary quickly responded "North Carolina. He likes the ACC." I asked what about the Big East and his repsonse signals hope for Rutgers fans. "We're Mike Rice fans." he responded.

NJ Hoops will be covering his career and development over the next five years and beyond.

NJ Hoops provides blanket coverage of NJ basketball all year long for the past 16 years and is proud to continue to be the NJ nominating source for the McDonald's All American game.

ESPN Article

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

DC Assault Off And Running

DC Assault 14's Wins 15U Crown

DC Assault 14U started the season off with similar results. The Potomac Valley mob ran through the Hoop Group Fall Jam Fest 15U Division. They have a loaded crew and seem to be one of the early favorites to win the Tip Off Classic.

DC Assault 14U Road To Win Hoop Group Fall Jam Fest 15U Gold Championship:

Pool Play
DCA 45 NJ Roadrunners 15U 36
DCA 66 Wayne PAL Wolfpack 15U 19

DCA 64 Keystone Blazers 15U 26

DCA 54 Connecticut Elite 15U 36

Riverside Hawks Tryouts Saturday

The Riverside Hawks are looking for a "Few Good Men."The #4 team in the country will open its doors as they host open 12U tryouts. Coach Lawrence has his battery recharged and ready to return to the Lab!! If you have what it takes then be there this Saturday (10/1) at 8am sharp!! Riverside is located @ 91 Claremont Avenue, New York NY 10027.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Basketball Spotlight Alum: Garner Shines At Under Armor Event

Basketball Spotlight Alum Shep Garner attended the Under Armor Grind Session in Chicago, Illinois and according to ESPN.COM was one of the top performers in the building. Garner who finished #2 in our regional rankings already has 3 offers and should have more coming soon. Click below to see the article.

Shep Garner Article

The Video That Launched The Spotlight!

This video brings back so many memories. It's definitely one of my favorites of all time. It might be time to do a part 2 this season.

Showtime All Stars Headed For The Spotlight

Coach Black And His Troops Are Ready To Hit The Road

The 14U Showtime All Stars are ready to hit the road up again with their new 14U team lead by 6'3 PF Tremain "Big Baby" Lawrence & 5'0 PG Dominique "Shorty Do Whop" Murphy. Coach Black feels as if this upcoming 14U team is as good as his old 14U Class 2015 team that had Jaylin Price, DiAntre James & Ronshad Allen-Shabazz. Lawrence & Murphy have paid their dues in this program, and have always played up on the Class Of 2015 team. Now they are playing in their Class 2016 group and they are ready for the big stage known as Basketball Spotlight. We will see if the boys from Raleigh, NC are ready Dec.3rd-4th, 2011 @ Basketball Spotlight Tip Off Classic.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Greg Tejada Returns

In a few short years Greg Tejada turned New Heights (Class 2016 Squad) into a “Big Apple” powerhouse. His squads won several Metropolitan AAU Crowns and also other championships around the country. After an appearance at the AAU Nationals last summer he just vanished. Now Greg has returned with his new called name The Rens. We caught with Greg to get the 411 on this project.

BS: Where did you go?
GT: I moved to Miramar, Florida right outside of Miami in Broward County.

BS: How did you get involved in this new project?
GT: Well this Project is much bigger than travel basketball. New Renaissance Basketball Association (NRBA) or “New Rens” is named after the Legendary Harlem Renaissance one of the greatest historic basketball teams of all time. Filmmaker Dan Klores who you might know from “Black Magic” and “Winning Time - The Reggie Miller vs. The Knicks” movie was the visionary. Billy Counsel will poster our JHS and elementary program along with Hector Almodovar, and Steve Harris. The organization will be nationwide and there will be 2 H.S. teams out in Florida coached by Lance Tejada who has 2 NYC public school championships at Wings, and coaching experience on the collegiate level.

BS: What are your goals for the project?
GT: Our goal is to have the first American public high school for basketball/sports in NYC, so I will definitely keep you in tune with that progress. We had a coaches meeting earlier this week and it was astounding who was in the room. I’m really looking forward to what we will achieve as an organization.

BS: How does it feel to be back on the Spotlight scene?
GT: Great, I look forward to supporting the spotlight like I always have. When you were with your last organization (Metro Hoops), I always knew you were on to something, and I like to thank you for your services providing good competitive basketball in the NY/NJ area.

BS: Who are some of the top players that will be joining this new club?
GT: The familiar faces from my program in the past along with a few new editions. There are a few kids finishing up commitments with other program and might come over. If so I will handle it in a professional manner. Check for information on our website

BS: Any programs in particular you would like to play?
GT: The best at any and all age levels.

BS: Can you give us an update on Rakym?
GT: He is in the lab and will be at your first tip-off event.

Diary Of A Baller: Tyus "Kid Mamba" Battle (Edison, NJ) Entry #4

What’s up basketball world? It has been a long but very good week filled with some fun and exciting things.

On Monday my dad and I spent a few hours with the guys from Saint Joe’s Metuchen doing ball handling and skill work. We also shot 200 jumpers in that 2 hours and played a little full court. There were a few Big East schools in the gym but I cannot say I remember who they were.

Tuesday my dad, Khalif and I ran a basketball clinic at the Scotch Plains, NJ Jewish Community Center (JCC). Battlebasketball is my dad’s training organization, where he specializes in clinics and private sessions, focusing on skill training. Now we are teaching a clinic at the JCC once per week on Tuesdays. The clinics are for kids 1st through 8th grade. We did 2 hours with the kids and I must say it was tough at first but in the end it was a lot of fun. It made me think back to when we first began doing clinics when I was about 8 years old. Lucky for me my dad had me work with a group of kids that were 6th and 7th graders, which made it much easier because they were more mature. The clinic went well and we had a lot of good feedback from the parents.

Wednesday, I had practice with my Demons team to prepare for the Hoop Group Fall Jam. We reviewed our plays, did some skill and played some 3 on 3 games. Coach stopped the 3 on 3 games several time to review help defense and communication. My dad showed up about 30 minutes before practice ended and got on me for not going hard on every play. Afterwards we stopped at Wendy’s hit the dollar menu and went home.

On Thursday my dad, step-mom, Khalif and I went to the gym to workout. My dad and I had a few shooting competitions where you had to make 10 elbow jump shots as fast as you could while rebounding your own ball. I hate to admit I lost the first round because my dad only missed one shot and finished with a time of 55 seconds. I shot horrible and finished with a time of 1minute and 21 seconds.

Friday was cool because it was my 14th birthday. For my birthday, part of my family and I went to eat at the Cheesecake Factory in the Menlo Park Mall in my town of Edison. I received a GameStop gift card and some cash from my dad and step-mom. Afterwards, we went to the gym at the Club at Woodbridge and did skill work for an hour. My Dad trained a 7th grader from East Brunswick while I worked out with my Team Final teammate Jason Grahm, who also lives in Edison.

Entering the weekend and finally it was game time. At 1230 Saturday we played a team called Youth Interlock. I am proud to say I was able to get my first 17U win. We played great as a team and I played well also; scoring 25 points 9 rebounds and 4 assists. Game 2 was against a very physical team from New York State and we pulled out another win. I scored the ball well and had a lot of assist but I thought I could have tried a few more things. On Sunday we played the Rarington Valley Roundballers and they were very tough. They played a trapping defense that gave me a little trouble but we pulled out the win, after I got a steal and threw it to Justin Sears (Plainfield High) who laid it in with 3 seconds remaining. Another win for the Demons. Now we are in the semis against another tough team and won by three. My team and I were starting to get used to the pace of the game and we were playing very well on both ends of the floor. Now we are in our first championship game of the year and we are playing the Maryland Spartans, which was a very athletic team and they played very hard. It was a very close game throughout, but unfortunately they started to make a run with 2 minutes remaining and we never recovered. We ended up losing by 10.

I would like to say good job to my teammates and coach for playing so hard and hanging in with some good teams. This is Tyus battle signing out. Peace!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Baby Baller Profile: Tyler Brelsford (Ellicott City, MD)

Tyler Brelsford (Ellicott City, MD)

Tyler Brelsford is a 5th Grader but plays the point like a seasoned veteran. He established a national name by performing on the AAU circuit and at several camps. He then brought his game to the Baby Baller Super Showcase and impressed. We got a chance to get to know some things about the Potomac Valley youngster.

Tyler Brelsford Favorites

Favorite School Subject: Math

Favorite College: Duke

Favorite Sneaker: Nike Hyperfuse

Favorite Rapper: T.I.

Favorite Current NBA Player: Lebron James

Favorite All-time NBA Player: Michael Jordan

Favorite Website: Basketball Spotlight

Favorite TV Show: Sportscenter

Biggest Influence: My parents

Career Goal: To make it to the NBA

Super Showcase Profile: Azzur Taylor (Newark, NJ)

Name: Azzur Taylor

Hometown: Newark, NJ

Position: Guard

Class: 2016

Showcase Report: Taylor usually plays as a defensive specialist but at the Super Showcase he got a chance to explore his offensive side. He can score the ball but will eventually become a point guard on the high school level. This year he should work on his decision making and ability to run an offense.

Super Showcase Profile: Marcus McClary (Linden, NJ)

Name: Marcus McClary

Hometown: Linden, NJ

Position: Forward

Class: 2016

Showcase Report: Marcus was a post player but has now decided add some perimeter skills. His ball handling has improved and he has good mid range touch. I like his frame and he should become a decent prospect especially if he continues to work on his guard skills. Keep an eye on this southpaw.

Baby Baller Profile: Jalen Gaffney (Columbus, NJ)

Jalen Gaffney (Columbus, NJ)

Jalen Gaffney showed up at the Baby Baller Super Showcase on a mission. He seemed to have a different swagger than earlier in the season and attacked the basketball relentlessly. We got a chance to get to know Jalen a little and here are his favorites.

Jalen Favorites

Favorite School Subject: Math

Favorite College: UNC

Favorite Sneaker: KD's

Favorite Rapper: Tyler the Creator

Favorite Current NBA Player: Kevin Durant

Favorite All-time NBA Player: Michael Jordan

Favorite Website:

Favorite TV Show: That 70's Show

Biggest Influence: My Mom and Dad

Career Goal: Become and NBA Player

Saturday, September 24, 2011

"Kid Mamba" Impressive At Hoop Group Fall Jam Fest

Tyus "Kid Mamba" Battle

Tyus “Kid Mamba” Battle took the court for a 17U/Open Division game at the Hoop Group Fall Jam Fest and dazzled the crowd with flair and poise. The 8th Grader sliced the defense while showing his crisp moves and superb outside touch. Battle tallied 25 points, 9 rebounds and 4 assist while leading the NJ Demons to a one point victory over Youth Interlock. Stay tune as we bring you more on Battle and the Hoop Group Fall Jam Fest.

Kyle Anderson Video (Very Interesting)

Kyle Anderson is on his way to UCLA and the video talks about his abilities and recruitment process. I think this is a very good video for youngsters to watch because it gives great insight to the world of a big time basketball player.

Friday, September 23, 2011

One On One Feat: Zachery Cooks (Atlanta, GA)

They say point guards are born for the position so on March 4, 1999 one came to life in Atlanta, Georgia. Zachery Cooks has shown he’s a natural at running a team and making things happen. Basketball Spotlight reached out to the Peach State point guard and here’s what he had to say;

BS: How was your season with the Atlanta Knicks?
ZC: It was great! We played in numerous tournaments and made a name for ourselves.

BS: What player do you pattern your game after and why?
ZC: I pattern my game after Kemba Walker, because he’s a playmaker. He’s not that big of a guard, just like me, but he uses his advantages like his speed, court vision, and scoring ability to make plays.

BS: What was your biggest moment of the season?
ZC: The biggest moment of the AAU season was the game against a great team out of California, Cali Style. The game was packed! It was big for me because all eyes were on me when I had the ball. I think I played well. I was mad that we lost by 7 in overtime though. It was a great game!

BS: You traveled from Atlanta, Georgia to the Basketball Spotlight Super Showcase. How was that experience?
ZC:It was a great experience. Lots of competition, great coaches, and most importantly, I had fun!

BS: What was going through your mind when the plane landed?
ZC:I was kind of nervous, because I didn’t know what to expect. I talked to my dad before we got off the plane and he told me “just go out and play.”

BS: What is your dream college?
ZC:My dream college is Duke University.

BS:What are your goals for the next basketball season?
ZC: My goal is to win a National Championship!

BS: What do you love the most about being a point guard?
ZC: What I love about being a point guard is being a leader; putting my teammates in the right position, making plays for my team, and just having the trust of my coach when the ball is in my hands.

BS: If you could use one word to describe Basketball Spotlight what would it be?
ZC: Awesome!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Baby Baller Profile: Jaheim Tanksley (Edison, NJ)

Jahiem Tanksley put on a show in several Basketball Spotlight events. The pint size point guard dazzled crowds with his point guard attributes and scoring ability. We had a chance to holler at this Baby Baller and he clued us in;

Favorite School Subject: Math

Favorite College: Duke University

Favorite Sneaker: Nike

Favorite Rapper: Jay Z

Favorite Current NBA Player: Derrick Rose

Favorite All-time NBA Player: Allen Iverson

Favorite Website: Basketball Spotlight

Favorite TV Show: ESPN Sports Center

Biggest Influence: My Dad

Career Goal: NBA

Battle Basketball Clinics Return

Improve your game at the JCC of Central New Jersey located in Scotch Plains! The JCC will be holding several BATTLEbasketball Clinics this coming fall. Clinics will be held in the JCC’s full-sized, air-conditioned Eisenberg Gymnasium. Clinics are as follows

Kindergarten Clinic (Course #24547) • Participants must be in Kindergarten • Sundays 2:00 - 3:00 P • 5 weeks: October 2, 16, 23, 30, and November 6, Member: $90, Community Participant: $115

Grades 1 - 4 Clinic (Course #24574-01) • Tuesdays 6:00 - 7:00 P • 5 weeks: September 20, 27, October 4, 11, and 18 • Member: $90, Community Participant: $115

Grades 5 - 6 Clinic (Course #24574-02) • Tuesdays 7:00 - 8:00 P • 5 weeks: September 20, 27, October 4, 11, and 18 • Member: $90, Community Participant: $115

Grades 7 - 8 Clinic (Course #24574-03) • Tuesdays 8:00 - 9:00 P • 5 weeks: September 20, 27, October 4, 11, and 18 • Member: $90, Community Participant: $115

Copy and Paste (link is as follows: here for registration form. Questions? Contact Gary Schaefer, JCC Director of Sports Leagues, at 908-889-8800 x281 or

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Jonelle E. Melton Memorial Award Winner: Brian Goss (T Town Ballers)

Brian Goss of T Town Ballers took home the Jonelle E. Melton Memorial Award for his hard work and dedication for working with the inner city youth of Trenton, NJ. Goss put together a plan to get his squad on the map and executed it to the fullest. They participated in several Spotlight events while also traveling up and down the East Coast for the best competition. Congrats to Brian Goss and continue your work with the youngsters.

Word On The Street: We Run And Coach Wee Make Moves

A lot of things are going on around the AAU world right now. So we decided to hit a couple of our sources and bring you another “Word On The Street”. Remember most of this information is from reliable sources including those directly involved.

We Run Heads To Sports U

After winning the NJ State Crown and becoming one of the most popular teams in the country We Run has decided to go under the Team IZOD/Sports U umbrella. This is very interesting because they were rumored to be heading back to Playtime but Team IZOD jumped in and snatched up the vibrant group. They will represent Sports U on the 12U level.

Covington Returns To Team Final

After spending one year with Team Rebels, the top tier point guard Vaughn Covington has decided to return to Team Final. Covington will have a load of talent at his disposal including Tyus Battle, Sa’eed Nelson and Terquin Mott to name a few. This Team Final and Team Rebels player swapping seems to never end.

Coach Wee Leaves Gauchos

After putting in years of work and developing many top players Coach Wee has decided to leave the Gauchos organization. The energetic personality on the sidelines has earned success at the Spotlight events and during the Metropolitan AAU Regionals. Rumors have several clubs reaching out for his services but for now he guiding Wee All Stars.

Stay Tune For Our Next Episode Of “Word On The Street”.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Original Diary Of A Baller Headed To UCLA

Kyle Anderson Will Be A Bruin

The Original Diary Of A Baller and Basketball Spotlight Alum Kyle Anderson has decided to attend UCLA. Anderson had a remarkable grammar school career while leading his team to two AAU National titles. After finishing #1 in our player rankings Kyle went on to captivate the nation with his unique combination of size and skill level. Last season he was a major part of St. Anthony High School winning the USA Today mythical national championship. We would like to congratulate Kyle and his family on his college choice.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Basketball Spotlight Introduces The Tip Off Classic (Formerly Grand Finale)

The Basketball Spotlight Tip Off Classic formerly the Grand Finale will take place December 3rd and 4th. This event will be Basketball Spotlight’s first leg to the Grand Finale formerly Summer Slam. This event has already garnered attention from some of the top teams in the country. Don’t miss your chance to start your season against the top competition while gaining the best exposure. Space is limited for this event. Check out action from last year's event.

Click Here For Single Team Registration

Click Here For Multi-Team Discount Registration

Diary Of A Baller: Tyus "Kid Mamba" Battle (Edison, NJ) Entry#3

What’s up basketball world, I’m back to tell you how my week went. On Monday after school my father, Coach Rich Leary and I took an hour and thirty minute drive up to Blair Academy in Blairstown, NJ to check out the school and workout with a few of the kids from the high school team. I have to say the campus is huge. It has dorms; lounges for the students hang out plus study and an enormous game room.

The workout went well but I could have definitely played better, not that I played poorly but I should have taken a few more shots and been more vocal in the games. I’m happy I went though and it is a great place to go to school. Thanks to Coach Joe Montegna for having me down, it was cool!

Tuesday, I had tons of homework to finish and I had a few quizzes to prepare for so I had to buckle down and hit the books. That happens from time to time so I have to work on the game in my head instead of actually going to the court to workout.

Wednesday was a great day. I did great on my quizzes, both A’s and then I helped my dad run a college workout at Saint Joe’s, Metuchen, New Jersey. If you guys did not know, Saint Joe’s is where both Andrew Bynum of the Lakers and Jason Williams, All-American from Duke went to school. I lead the ball handling drills with my dad’s instruction. Not sure if you know but my father is great at basketball training, he knows a ton of drills. As a matter of fact he was a D2 All-American in basketball scoring almost 2,000 points at the University of New Haven. I learned everything about the game from my father. I was born with his same love for the game, but I am just taller with more skill, LOL! After the workout I had team practice with the Demon’s, preparing for our tournament coming up on the September 24th.

Thursday, my step-mom picked me up from school as usual and I hung out at home with my brother Khalif and my sister GiGi. I watched the comedy show Scare Tactics on Chiller and fell asleep for a few hours, which I do just about every day before my dad comes home and wakes me. I wanted to go to the gym and workout for a few hours but my dad was too tired from work. So instead I did ball handling drills in my basement.

Friday, we had our first Team Final 14U workout it was good to get together with some of the new kids on the team… Looks like we could possibly have the talent this year to make another championship run but too early to tell. We have to put the work in.

Tyus Battle

Thursday, September 15, 2011

365Ballin Presents: J.E.M. ALL STAR CLASSIC HIGHLIGHTS (Regional Showdown)


The J.E.M. All Star Regional Game was amazing with some of the top stars of tomorrow. This game came down to the wire with the North All Stars pulling out the win. Ballin365 was in the building and put together a sick mixtape. Check out the highlights and we can’t wait until next year.

Adrian Moore Shines In Dunk Contest

The high flying 2016 prospect Adrian Moore recently participated in the Jr. All American dunk contest and stole the show. This kid has unbelievable leaping ability for his age and should turn into an interesting prospect down the road. Look for him to have a nice spot in our national rankings.

Team Scan Classic Coming Soon

Event: Team Scan Basketball Classic

Date: November 5th and 6th

Ages: 14U (8th Grade)

Cost: $350.00 Per Team

Location: Mullaly Recreation Center (Bronx, NY)

Contact: Jamal Womack at 347-233-5169 or
Dave Gates at 347-788-9579 or

Baby Baller Profile: Trevon Alderman

Trevon Alderman was a huge surprise at the Baby Baller Super Showcase. The high scoring guard finished as one of the performers in this event. We had a chance to get to know this youngster and here’s his Baby Baller Profile.

Trevon’s Favorites

Favorite School Subject: Math

Favorite College: UConn

Favorite Rapper: Lil Wayne

Favorite Current NBA Player: Lebron James

Favorite Alltime NBA Player: Michael Jordan

Favorite Website:


Favorite TV Show: Tyler Perry's House of Payne

Biggest Influence: My Dad

Career Goal: Police Officer

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Ballin365 Presents: J.E.M. All Star Classic Highlights: (NJ North vs. South Challenge)

The J.E.M. All Star Classic added the NJ North/South Challenge and it was truly a dandy. The South squad pulled out a 68-67 victory over the North All Stars. Ballin365 was once again in the building and produced another mixtape. They now have the basketball scene on smash in terms of producing highlights.

Super Showcase Highlights Feat. Reggie Gardner

Reggie Gardner (Lardo, MD)

Reggie Gardner made is Super Showcase debut and showed off some of his skills. He has a chance to be one of the top players in the region. Check out his highlights and don’t miss a chance to be part of the action next summer.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Diary Of A Baller: Tyus "Kid Mamba" Battle (Edison, NJ) Entry#2

What’s up basketball world? Once again this is Tyus Battle. I started school after a long and fun summer. School is going very well, as I expected it would. My teachers are cool and interesting, and that no doubt will make the next 173 days of school a little easier. All this week we did tons of testing, we focused a lot of time on math and some on other subjects like Religion, English and Social Studies.

I was surprised to see that Idris Joyner (F.A.C.E.S) who recently won Player of the Year, is in my class. I did not really know him well before but he seems really cool. We played one-on-one in gym class, and I have to say he is a pretty skilled. I was especially impressed with his jump shot, which was solid from deep. He will be very good if he keeps up the hard work, which I believe he will. As for the one-on-one between us it was really great, partly because Idris talks a lot of smack and to me that is pretty funny. It should be pretty cool having such a talented kid like Idris in my class this year. I am sure we will be playing plenty of one-on-one!

Friday after school I went to the gym with my dad. We worked on my jumper by getting up shots from short range, mid range, and from the arc, which added up to 500 makes. Then we worked on moves to the basket and moves to a pull up jumper.

On Saturday I had team practice with the NJ Demons at 3:30. We didn’t go over any plays but we did work on a lot of individual moves getting to the rim. I learned a lot of moves that I hadn't done before, which I will definitely use in games. I’m feeling very confident about our upcoming tournament. I think my teammates and I are improving in a lot of areas, especially our skills. Right after practice my dad and I went to the gym to get up 500 makes and worked on my ball handling, and then we did about 30 minutes of weight lifting at The Club At Woodbridge. My dad then dropped my brother and I off at my mom's house to spend the rest of the weekend with her.

On Sunday we went to my friend Darius’ house to see his little brother Brandt, who recently had surgery because he got hit in the head with a pipe while riding his bike. Thank God he is OK. We hung out with him, watched TV and the rest of the time we spent shooting around outside on his basketball hoop.

I have to sign off now, because I have school tomorrow. Before I go I want to mention and acknowledge anyone who lost someone September 11th 2001.

Until next time. PEACE

Super Showcase Higlights Feat: Kobe Gantz

Last summer Kobe Gantz played good at the Super Showcase but you could see he had to get accustomed to the atmosphere this time around he was ready. Gantz used an array of moves to get where he wanted on the floor. Check out his highlights and make sure you are in the building next summer.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Super Showcase Highlights Feat. Tyus "Kid Mamba" Battle

Tyus Battle (Edison, NJ)

Tyus “Kid Mamba” Battle returned to the Super Showcase with something to prove. An injury and other factors limited his play on the 13U circuit. During the Super Showcase he gave the spectators a taste of why he’s one of the top prospects in the country. Check out his highlights from this event and remember where you saw it first.

Super Showcase Highlights Feat: NyRhique "La Smoove" Smith

NyRhique Smith (Asbury Park, NJ)

NyRhique “La Smoove” Smith was awarded Playmaker Of The Year but before that he did damage at the Super Showcase. He has an all around game and had it on full display. He dished the rock, shot the jumper and finished at the tin. Check out his highlights and remember we are #1 in terms of exposure. Stay tune because we are just getting started.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Basketball Spotlight 14U Award Winners

Expressions Won It All

The 14U Division of Basketball Spotlight was thick and had some electrifying moments. Basketball Spotlight will like to say farewell to these youngsters and wish them the best during high school. We would like to honor some of the top coaches and players for their successful seasons.

2011 Basketball Spotlight 14U Award Winners

Team Of The Year: Expressions

I put a challenge out to “The X” up in Massachusetts and they answered the bell. After finishing runner up at the AC Showcase and MDC they brought everything together when they won Summer Slam. They took the Grand Champion trophy back to Bean Town.

Player Of The Year: Isaiah Briscoe (Playaz, Team Scan)
Briscoe was the talk of the circuit this year. “Boogie” started the season on fire with Team Scan and never let up. Briscoe also led the Playaz to several titles including the Nike Easter Classic. Like I said before he had one of the most dominant seasons in Basketball Spotlight short history. The Player Of The Year gift bag was presented by Next Blue Chip Basketball.

Coach Of The Year: Ozwald Cross (Team Scan)
For the second straight season a TS coach took home this honor. Cross led his boys to a MIT crown; MDC Gold Ball and Top 10 finish nationally. They came within seconds of winning Summer Slam. His team first attitude poured out into his players and contributed to much of their success.

Most Outstanding Player: Chris Baldwin (Expressions)
Baldwin’s led Expressions to several championships especially in the New England area. During the Spotlight events he used versatility to cause a lot of problems for opponents. He made the All Tournament Team at the AC Showcase, MDC and led them to the Summer Slam Grand Championship.

Best Playmaker: “Marvelous” Marcus Floyd (Philly Aztecs)
Floyd made it his business to get busy every time he entered a Spotlight event. Defenders had a hard time slowing him down and he loved every moment of it. He made the All Tournament Team at the Grand Finale and Clash For The Cup while representing Delaware to the fullest.

Most Dominant Force: Tyler Dorsey (Cali Styles)
Dorsey dominated the competition at the Clash For The Cup. He came in with a national rep and showed the East Coast ballers that West Coast players have toughness. He hammered the glass, showed some athleticism and scored at will. He really showed he was worth his ranking.

Best Prospect: Karl Towns (NJ ABC)
Towns proved that he was on a different level at the J.E.M. All Star Classic. He dominates the game in so many different ways. He shoots the ball from anywhere, sees the floor like a point guard and plays big in the post. Right now he stands 6’9 and seems to have few more inches to grow.

Best Rebounder: Austrian Robinson (Team Scan)
Robinson was responsible for getting Scan’s running game going. He ripped down rebounds and kicked the rock out quickly. On many occasions he was matched up against bigger opponents but still found a way to snatch caroms.

Most Improved: Sam Foreman (Team Final)
Foreman’s game exploded this season. He play picked up as he got comfortable with his new squad. By the end of the season he became one of Team Finals top performers. He put the finishing touch on his season with a great performance at the J.E.M. All Star Classic.

Newcomer of the Year: Traci Carter (Philly Aztecs)
I heard a lot of talk about Carter during the preseason and he definitely brought some flair to the Aztecs. The scoring guard plays with a burst of energy and supreme athleticism. He looks his best when playing in a fast paced offense or in transition.

Best Shooter: Malachi Richardson (Team Final)
He’s nicknamed the “Shoota” for a reason. Richardson stroked his way to several All Tournament Teams and other honors. He played big on the 15U level and has one of the best ratchet’s we’ve seen in a long time.

Best Defender: Chris Atkinson (Team Scan)
No pocket is safe with Atkinson around. He pressed ball handlers for 94 feet and played the passing lanes like Deion Sanders. Coach Cross believes in defense first and Chris was his anchor.

Best Passer: Marcus Lovett (Cali Styles)
Marcus used the Clash For The Cup to feed his fellow studs with nice dimes. He made things look easy in transition or in the half court set. The behind the back pass seems to be is forte.

Best Kept Secret: Vaughn Jenkins (Team Rebels)
Jenkins has the prototype two-guard frame and finishes above the rim frequently. If he develops his ball handling and in between game he could become a budding high school prospect.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Super Showcase Highlights Feat: Jaecee "Mayweather" Martin

Jaecee “Mayweather” Martin finished his season off in spectacular fashion by dominating the Super Showcase. His ball handling, passing, quickness and defensive prowess stood out in Burlington, NJ. Check out his highlights and don’t forget the Super Showcase produces maximum exposure. Stay tuned because we have more to come.

Super Showcase Highlights Feat: Nate "The Great" Pierre Louis

Nate “The Great” Pierre Louis went on a scoring spree at the Super Showcase. During the day he had it clicking from the perimeter and with strong drives. Check out his highlights from this big time event. Basketball Spotlight Super Showcase, why go anywhere else. Stay tune because we have more fire coming from the Super Showcase.