Saturday, September 10, 2011

Basketball Spotlight 14U Award Winners

Expressions Won It All

The 14U Division of Basketball Spotlight was thick and had some electrifying moments. Basketball Spotlight will like to say farewell to these youngsters and wish them the best during high school. We would like to honor some of the top coaches and players for their successful seasons.

2011 Basketball Spotlight 14U Award Winners

Team Of The Year: Expressions

I put a challenge out to “The X” up in Massachusetts and they answered the bell. After finishing runner up at the AC Showcase and MDC they brought everything together when they won Summer Slam. They took the Grand Champion trophy back to Bean Town.

Player Of The Year: Isaiah Briscoe (Playaz, Team Scan)
Briscoe was the talk of the circuit this year. “Boogie” started the season on fire with Team Scan and never let up. Briscoe also led the Playaz to several titles including the Nike Easter Classic. Like I said before he had one of the most dominant seasons in Basketball Spotlight short history. The Player Of The Year gift bag was presented by Next Blue Chip Basketball.

Coach Of The Year: Ozwald Cross (Team Scan)
For the second straight season a TS coach took home this honor. Cross led his boys to a MIT crown; MDC Gold Ball and Top 10 finish nationally. They came within seconds of winning Summer Slam. His team first attitude poured out into his players and contributed to much of their success.

Most Outstanding Player: Chris Baldwin (Expressions)
Baldwin’s led Expressions to several championships especially in the New England area. During the Spotlight events he used versatility to cause a lot of problems for opponents. He made the All Tournament Team at the AC Showcase, MDC and led them to the Summer Slam Grand Championship.

Best Playmaker: “Marvelous” Marcus Floyd (Philly Aztecs)
Floyd made it his business to get busy every time he entered a Spotlight event. Defenders had a hard time slowing him down and he loved every moment of it. He made the All Tournament Team at the Grand Finale and Clash For The Cup while representing Delaware to the fullest.

Most Dominant Force: Tyler Dorsey (Cali Styles)
Dorsey dominated the competition at the Clash For The Cup. He came in with a national rep and showed the East Coast ballers that West Coast players have toughness. He hammered the glass, showed some athleticism and scored at will. He really showed he was worth his ranking.

Best Prospect: Karl Towns (NJ ABC)
Towns proved that he was on a different level at the J.E.M. All Star Classic. He dominates the game in so many different ways. He shoots the ball from anywhere, sees the floor like a point guard and plays big in the post. Right now he stands 6’9 and seems to have few more inches to grow.

Best Rebounder: Austrian Robinson (Team Scan)
Robinson was responsible for getting Scan’s running game going. He ripped down rebounds and kicked the rock out quickly. On many occasions he was matched up against bigger opponents but still found a way to snatch caroms.

Most Improved: Sam Foreman (Team Final)
Foreman’s game exploded this season. He play picked up as he got comfortable with his new squad. By the end of the season he became one of Team Finals top performers. He put the finishing touch on his season with a great performance at the J.E.M. All Star Classic.

Newcomer of the Year: Traci Carter (Philly Aztecs)
I heard a lot of talk about Carter during the preseason and he definitely brought some flair to the Aztecs. The scoring guard plays with a burst of energy and supreme athleticism. He looks his best when playing in a fast paced offense or in transition.

Best Shooter: Malachi Richardson (Team Final)
He’s nicknamed the “Shoota” for a reason. Richardson stroked his way to several All Tournament Teams and other honors. He played big on the 15U level and has one of the best ratchet’s we’ve seen in a long time.

Best Defender: Chris Atkinson (Team Scan)
No pocket is safe with Atkinson around. He pressed ball handlers for 94 feet and played the passing lanes like Deion Sanders. Coach Cross believes in defense first and Chris was his anchor.

Best Passer: Marcus Lovett (Cali Styles)
Marcus used the Clash For The Cup to feed his fellow studs with nice dimes. He made things look easy in transition or in the half court set. The behind the back pass seems to be is forte.

Best Kept Secret: Vaughn Jenkins (Team Rebels)
Jenkins has the prototype two-guard frame and finishes above the rim frequently. If he develops his ball handling and in between game he could become a budding high school prospect.