Friday, September 23, 2011

One On One Feat: Zachery Cooks (Atlanta, GA)

They say point guards are born for the position so on March 4, 1999 one came to life in Atlanta, Georgia. Zachery Cooks has shown he’s a natural at running a team and making things happen. Basketball Spotlight reached out to the Peach State point guard and here’s what he had to say;

BS: How was your season with the Atlanta Knicks?
ZC: It was great! We played in numerous tournaments and made a name for ourselves.

BS: What player do you pattern your game after and why?
ZC: I pattern my game after Kemba Walker, because he’s a playmaker. He’s not that big of a guard, just like me, but he uses his advantages like his speed, court vision, and scoring ability to make plays.

BS: What was your biggest moment of the season?
ZC: The biggest moment of the AAU season was the game against a great team out of California, Cali Style. The game was packed! It was big for me because all eyes were on me when I had the ball. I think I played well. I was mad that we lost by 7 in overtime though. It was a great game!

BS: You traveled from Atlanta, Georgia to the Basketball Spotlight Super Showcase. How was that experience?
ZC:It was a great experience. Lots of competition, great coaches, and most importantly, I had fun!

BS: What was going through your mind when the plane landed?
ZC:I was kind of nervous, because I didn’t know what to expect. I talked to my dad before we got off the plane and he told me “just go out and play.”

BS: What is your dream college?
ZC:My dream college is Duke University.

BS:What are your goals for the next basketball season?
ZC: My goal is to win a National Championship!

BS: What do you love the most about being a point guard?
ZC: What I love about being a point guard is being a leader; putting my teammates in the right position, making plays for my team, and just having the trust of my coach when the ball is in my hands.

BS: If you could use one word to describe Basketball Spotlight what would it be?
ZC: Awesome!