Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Tip Off Preview: Choz Ready To Rumble

NYC Gauchos Are Banner Hunting

The 14U field is loaded but the Gauchos feel like they been in the heat before. Last season, they were runner up for the Grand Championship, so they feel they have unfinished business. In terms of the Tip Off Classic Coach Paul Suber took out his crystal ball to help us with the prediction. “I think the Final 4 will be Team Rebels vs. Gauchos and F.A.C.E.S. vs. DC Assault. I also believe when it’s all said and done we can win it all” Suber finished.

While the Gauchos are in their EPMD “Unfinished Business” mode the rest of the field will also be hunting for that banner. Basketball Spotlight will continue to bring you the top teams that will be entering the Tip Off Classic. Stay tune because we are just getting started.

Basketball Spotlight Flashback: Briscoe Uses The Spotlight As Launching Pad

Before he was launched into national prominence Isaiah Briscoe put in work during the Tip Off Classic (Formerly The Grand Finale).He finished with All Tournament Team Honors after displaying his silky smooth moves. Several top 8th Graders will take the stage this weekend. Do any of them have the potential to take off like Isaiah? We will see Saturday!

Tip Off Preview: Riverside Are Now The Hunted

Can Riverside Add The Tip Off Classic To Their Collection Of Banners?

Riverside Hawks finished #4 in America and won the Basketball Spotlight Grand Championship. Now this season they will be the hunted. Several teams are lined to knock the champs out the box during the Tip Off Classic. Coach Lawrence Fauntleroy thinks his team is equipped with the right tools. “I like our chances this weekend especially if all the hard work in practice can translate into game time. Experience and team chemistry carry you far when the field is stacked with really good teams. Hopefully we will have the advantage in both of those categories” said Coach Fauntleroy.

Riverside Hawks enter the Tip Off Classic as one of the favorites but we know once that ball is thrown up anything can happen. Stay tune as we bring you more previews of the top teams headed to the Tip Off Classic.

Tip Off Preview: Milbank Making Noise

Milbank 13U Is Headed To The Spotlight

Milbank 13U is new on the scene but these youngsters caused a lot of havoc already. Last weekend they ran through the Hoop Group Turkey Tip Off easily. They took home the championship jumping through all the competition. Now they say they are ready for the big show meaning the Tip Off Classic.

This new NY power will have a chance to make their mark this season. The Tip Off Classic is coming and Milbank will be in the building. Their coach Rodney Clinkscales has the squad ready for combat. “We are modest. We are strong. Finally we are ready to overcome all obstacles to win the championship” said Clinkscales.

Basketball Spotlight will be looking at the spectacular 13U division and will report on all the top performers. Stay tune as we bring you more top teams coming to the Tip Off Classic.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tip Off Preview: Team Rebels Ready To Climb The Steps To Success

Team Rebels Seeks First Banner

Gaining that first Spotlight banner has been tough for several programs including Team Rebels from the Mid Atlantic Region. This bunch known for their toughness has made noise during the Spotlight events but always came up short. This season founder and director Jamal Hunt thinks they are ready to take the leap. “I feel we have a good bunch and we added some new pieces to this group. We should definitely be ready to roll” he said.

Team Rebels will get their first shot at the banner during the Tip Off Classic slated for this weekend. The 14U field is loaded with serious competition but the Chester, PA product Hunt is boasting with confidence. “This is our chance early to put a few of these teams into our rear view mirror. We plan to take full advantage of our opportunity” he finished.

Basketball Spotlight will be watching Team Rebels and the rest of the field at the Tip Off Classic. Stay tune as we bring you more top teams that will be entering the Tip Off Classic.

Team Scan Continues To Win And Confident About Tip Off Classic

Team Scan Comes Into The Tip Off Classic As One Of The Favorites

Team Scan continued it's winning ways by taking home the championship of the Hudson Catholic tournament. Now they have their sights set on the Tip Off Classic and their Director Terrence “Munch” Williams has full confidence in his bunch. “We are coming through there like the 72 Dolphins, so if you don’t know what that is please do your research” he finished. Wow! This field is tough but the former Coach Of The Year thinks his squad has the swagger to get it done. Check back as we preview other top squads coming to the Tip Off Classic.

Devonte Green, Bryce Aiken, Unique Mclean, Sterlin Hewitt, Temple Gibbs, Brandon Randolph, Dana King Jr., Kyle Elliot, Emmanuel Chukwu, Anthony Johnson

Tip Off Classic 14U Blue Division Pools and Schedule

The Basketball Spotlight Tip Classic 14U Blue Division Pools and Schedules are listed below. Please arrive early for game time.

Basketball Spotlight 14U Blue Division Tip Off Classic Schedule

Pool Q
1. Philly Triple Threat
2. MJ Heat
3. Philly Aztecs

Pool R
2. DC Assault (Blue)
3. VBC

Pool S
1. Milbank
2. Play Hard/Team MVP
3. Mass Shooting Stars

Pool T
1. Team Elite/Owns
2. Showtime All Stars
3. Boston Titans

Saturday December 3rd
2:50 PM Q1-Q2 (HGH 1)
2:50 PM S1-S2 (HGH 4)
4:00 PM R1-R2 (HGH 1)
4:00 PM T1-T2 (HGH 4)
5:10 PM Q1-Q3 (HGH 1)
5:10 PM S1-S3 (HGH 4)
6:20 PM R1-R3 (HGH 1)
6:20 PM T1-T3 (HGH 4)
7:30 PM Q2-Q3 (HGH 1)
7:30 PM S2-S3 (HGH 4)
8:40 PM R2-R3 (HGH 1)
8:40 PM T2-T3 (HGH 4)

Sunday December 4th
10:10 AM 3RD Q-3rd R (ASNJ 1)
10:10 AM 3RD S-3RD T (ASNJ 2)
12:30 PM 1ST Q-2ND R (HGH 1) POOL Q
12:30 PM 1ST R-2ND Q (HGH 2) POOL R
12:30 PM 1ST S-2ND T (HGH 3) POOL S
12:30 PM 1ST T-2ND S (HGH 4) POOL T

1930 Heck Avenue, Bldg #3
Neptune, NJ 07753

1750 Brielle Avenue
Ocean, NJ 07712

Tip Off Classic 14U Orange Division Pools and Schedule

The Basketball Spotlight Tip Classic 14U Orange Division Pools and Schedules are listed below. Please arrive early for game time.

Basketball Spotlight 14U Orange Division Tip Off Classic Schedule

Pool M
1. St. Michaels
2. KSK
3. DC Assault (Gold)

Pool N
1. New Heights
2. Team Rebels
3. Playaz

Pool O
1. Team Scan
2. CT Elite
3. Gauchos

Pool P
1. F.A.C.E.S.
2. ETU Warriors
3. New Renaissance

Saturday December 3rd
2:50 PM O1-O2 (HGH 2)
2:50 PM M1-M2 (HGH 3)
4:00 PM P1-P2 (HGH 2)
4:00 PM N1-N2 (HGH 3)
5:10 PM 01-03 (HGH 2)
5:10 PM M1-M3 (HGH 3)
6:20 PM P1-P3 (HGH 2)
6:20 PM N1-N3 (HGH 3)
7:30 PM 02-03 (HGH 2)
7:30 PM M2-M3 (HGH 3)
8:40 PM P2-P3 (HGH 2)
8:40 PM N2-N3 (HGH 3)

Sunday December 4th
11:20 AM 1ST O-2ND P (HGH 1) POOL O
11:20 AM 1ST P-2ND O (HGH 2) POOL P
11:20 AM 1ST M-2ND N (HGH 3) POOL M
11:20 AM 1ST N-2ND M (HGH 4) POOL N
1:40 PM 3RD M-3RD N (HGH 1)
1:40 PM 3RD O-3RD P (HGH 4)

1930 Heck Avenue, Bldg #3
Neptune, NJ 07753

Monday, November 28, 2011

Tip Off Classic 13U Blue Division Pools and Schedule

The Basketball Spotlight Tip Classic 13U Blue Division Pools and Schedules are listed below. Please arrive early for game time.

Basketball Spotlight 13U Blue Division Tip Off Classic Schedule

Pool K
1. KSK
2. St. Michaels
3. New Renaissance Basketball Club
4. JSL Hoops

Pool L
1. New Heights
3. Albany Dream Team
4. East Coast Elite

Saturday (December 3, 2011)
10:10 AM K1-K2 (ASNJ 1)
10:10 AM K3-K4 (ASNJ 2)
11:20 AM L1-L2 (ASNJ 1)
11:20 AM L3-L4 (ASNJ 2)
12:30 PM K1-K3 (ASNJ 1)
12:30 PM K2-K4 (ASNJ 2)
1:40 PM L1-L3 (ASNJ 1)
1:40 PM L2-L4 (ASNJ 2)

Sunday (December 4, 2011)
11:20 AM K1-K4 (ASNJ 1)
11:20 AM K2-K3 (ASNJ 2)
12:30 PM L1-L4 (ASNJ 1)
12:30 PM L2-L3 (ASNJ 2)

1930 Heck Avenue, Bldg #3
Neptune, NJ 07753

1750 Brielle Avenue
Ocean, NJ 07712

Tip Off Classic 13U Orange Division Pools and Schedule

The Basketball Spotlight Tip Classic 13U Orange Division Pools and Schedules are listed below. Please arrive early for game time.

Basketball Spotlight 13U Orange Division Tip Off Classic Schedule

Pool I
1. Team IZOD
3. Team Final
4. Juice All Stars

Pool J
1. CBC
2. Swish City (NC)
3. Milbank
4. Team Rebels

Saturday (December 3, 2011)
10:10 AM I1-I2 (HGH 3)
10:10 AM I3-I4 (HGH 1)
10:10 AM J1-J2 (HGH 2)
10:10 AM J3-J4 (HGH 4)
12:30 PM I1-I3 (HGH 2)
12:30 PM I2-I4 (HGH 1)
12:30 PM J1-J3 (HGH 3)
12:30 PM J2-J4 (HGH 4)

Sunday (December 4, 2011)
10:10 AM I1-14 (HGH 2)
10:10 AM I2-I3 (HGH 1)
10:10 AM J1-J4 (HGH 3)
10:10 AM J2-J3 (HGH 4)
2:50 PM 1ST I-2ND J (HGH 3)
2:50 PM 1ST J-2ND I (HGH 2)

1930 Heck Avenue, Bldg #3
Neptune, NJ 07753

Tip Off Classic 12U Orange Pools and Schedule

The Basketball Spotlight Tip Classic 12U Orange Division Pools and Schedules are listed below. Please arrive early for game time.

Basketball Spotlight 12U Orange Division Tip Off Classic Schedule

Pool C
1. Team IZOD
2. KSK
3. Force One

Pool D
1. New Renaissance Basketball
2. Team Final
3. DC Assault

Pool E
1. Riverside Hawks
3. NC Running Rebels

Pool F
1. Playtime
2. East Coast Elite
3. Wee All Stars

Saturday (December 3, 2011)
9:00 AM C1-C2 (HGH 1)
9:00 AM D1-D2 (HGH 2)
9:00 AM E1-E2 (HGH 3)
9:00 AM F1-F2 (HGH 4)
11:20 AM C1-C3 (HGH 1)
11:20 AM D1-D3 (HGH 2)
11:20 AM E1-E3 (HGH 3)
11:20 AM F1-F3 (HGH 4)
1:40 PM C2-C3 (HGH 1)
1:40 PM D2-D3 (HGH 2)
1:40 PM E2-E3 (HGH 3)
1:40 PM F2-F3 (HGH 4)

Sunday (December 4, 2011)
9:00 AM 3RD C-3RD D (ASNJ 1)
9:00 AM 3RD E-3RD F (ASNJ 2)
9:00 AM 1ST C-2ND D (HGH 1) POOL C
9:00 AM 1ST D-2ND C (HGH 2) POOL D
9:00 AM 1ST E-2ND F (HGH 3) POOL E
9:00 AM 1ST F-2ND E (HGH 4) POOL F

1930 Heck Avenue, Bldg #3
Neptune, NJ 07753

1750 Brielle Avenue
Ocean, NJ 07712

Tip Off Classic 12U Blue Division Pools and Schedule

The Basketball Spotlight Tip Classic 12U Blue Division Pools and Schedules are listed below. Please arrive early for game time.

Basketball Spotlight 12U Blue Division Tip Off Classic Schedule

Pool G
1. Natural Ballers
2. CBC
3. Swish Magic
4. NWK

Pool H
2. Bayshore Bulldogs
3. PWC
4. NJ Shore Shots

Saturday (December 3, 2011)
10:10 AM H1-H2 (GC 1)
10:10 AM H3-H4 (GC 2)
11:20 AM G1-G2 (GC 1)
11:20 AM G3-G4 (GC 2)
12:30 PM H1-H3 (GC 1)
12:30 PM H2-H4 (GC 2)
1:40 PM G1-G3 (GC 1)
1:40 PM G2-G4 (GC 2)

Sunday (December 4, 2011)
9:00 AM H1-H4 (GC 1)
9:00 AM H2-H3 (GC 2)
10:10 AM G1-G4 (GC 1)
10:10 AM G2-G3 (GC 2)

900 Lakewood Road
Lakewood, New Jersey 08701

1930 Heck Avenue, Bldg #3
Neptune, NJ 07753

Tip Off Classic 11U Pools and Schedule

The Basketball Spotlight Tip Classic 11U Pools and Schedules are listed below. Please arrive early for game time.

Basketball Spotlight 11U Tip Off Classic

Pool A
1. CJ Hawks
2. St. Michaels
4. New Renaissance Basketball

Pool B
1. Playtime Panthers
2. Severn Elite
3. T One Ballers
4. New Heights

Saturday (December 3, 2011)
2:50 PM A1-A2 (GC 1)
2:50 PM A3-A4 (GC 2)
4:00 PM B1-B2 (GC 1)
4:00 PM B3-B4 (G2 2)
5:10 PM A1-A3 (GC 1)
5:10 PM A2-A4 (GC 2)
6:20 PM B1-B3 (GC 1)
6:20 PM B2-B4 (GC 2)

Sunday (December 4, 2011)
11:20 AM A1-A4 (GC 1)
11:20 AM A2-A3 (GC 2)
12:30 PM B1-B4 (GC 1)
12:30 PM B2-B3 (GC 2)

900 Lakewood Road
Lakewood, New Jersey 08701

1930 Heck Avenue, Bldg #3
Neptune, NJ 07753

Maultsby Making A Name For Himself

Marque Maultsby (Raleigh, NC)

Marque Maultsby is one of the top 6th Graders in North Carolina. Last summer he brought his talent to the Baby Baller Super Showcase and stood out. He finished as one the top performers for his grade level. His Running Rebels Coach Aaron Clyburn is very fond of Marque’s game. “He’s a slasher and most effective getting to the basket but his greatest asset might be his tenacity and heart. He plays the game with no fear” said Clyburn.

Clyburn was also quick to point out that his young star still is a work in progress. “Marque still needs to work on some things such as ball handling and using his off- hand since he’s aspiring to be a point guard. I believe if he continues to work he has unlimited potential” Clyburn finished.

Basketball Spotlight will be checking for Maultsby and his NC Running Rebels teammates as they try to tackle the heavy field of the Tip Off Classic. Can they handle the heat? We will see Saturday!

Diary Of A Baller: Tyus "Kid Mamba" Battle (Edison, NJ) Entry #13

Jamir Harris and Tyus Battle (Both 9 Years Old)

Monday my dad dropped me off at the gym after school to workout. I didn’t really feel like working out at first because I was tired and needed to get some rest, but after taking a few shots I started to wake up. It was a good workout overall. I got a lot done in only an hour. In that time I was able to lift, work on my pull up, make moves to the basket, and work on my ball handling.

After school I had a lot of homework so I wasn’t able to go to the gym. When it was around 10 and I was getting ready to go to bed my dad surprised me by telling me to put some sweat pants on because we are going jogging. The part that surprised me was that he wanted to go jogging, which he hasn’t done in a year so I thought he wasn’t going to keep up. We only ran about 3 or 4 miles but I was surprised that my dad kept up throughout the jog.

Wednesday I went to workout at Gill Saint Bernard, which is a Prep school in North Jersey. Their basketball team is one of the best in the country. The school is one of the biggest and nicest high schools I have ever seen. At the practice we did a little skill work in the beginning and then played games for the rest of the practice. I was surprised that the Coach practically let his teammates run the workout, which teaches them to work hard all the time - even when no one is watching. While we were playing the games these kids would not miss a jump shot even with a hand in their face. After that workout I realized how much harder I have to work on my jump shot.

Thursday was Thanksgiving and I didn’t have any school so instead of going to the gym, my mom picked me up to go eat at my grandmother’s AKA Nana Battle’s house around 3. I had a good time especially because I haven’t seen my aunt, cousin, and uncle in a while. After the meal at my grandmother’s house I went to go eat at my mom’s house. I mostly ate smoked turkey and backed macaroni, which has always been my favorite. I was disappointed that my mom didn’t make collard greens, because it is my favorite vegetable. For the rest of the night I played Modern Warfare 3 while my mom and brother were watching a movie.

Over the weekend I had a tournament in Pottstown, PA. Our first 2 games the teams were not even in the game with us. We beat the first team by about 40 points and we beat the second team by about 28, but unfortunately Buddah (our 14 year old 6’ 5” Forward) got a concussion during the game and couldn’t finish the tournament. Even though we won the 2 games by a lot, our coaches told us that we need to cut down on turnovers and pick up our defense. I know the coaches are right but I also know that this will come with practice and our team has not had much practice. My dad and coach Vaughn put us in the tournament to see how well we would do against our own age group and to uncover what we have to work on.

The next day the semi final game was much closer. We only won by 5. The team we played was very poised, played good defense, and executed plays well. We played a team named the YAACES (from Toronto, Canada) in the championship. Even though we lost by 7, we still played hard and kept it close the whole game. No excuses, but I feel that if we had Buddah and had more practices we would have definitely put ourselves in a better position to win the game. We also missed about 15 foul shots, which could have changed the outcome of the game. I didn’t think I played very well in the final game of the tournament although I had 23 points. I missed a few shots I would usually make on the perimeter. I could have worked harder on the boards, and run the floor harder. I am so mad I missed foul shots. My dad got on me a lot about my body language. He said it stunk and he also said a few things I cannot put in print. LOL! He also said I got caught up in missing shots instead of doing all the other things to help the team. He was right so I apologized a few hours later.

Next week I should have a better ending, although I did learn a lot about myself and my team, but I hate to lose. Tomorrow is back to school for a few tests. Also a lot of time will be spent on the foul line this week. This is Tyus Battle signing off.


Sunday, November 27, 2011

Hoop Group Turkey Tip Off: 14U Top Performers

Tyus "Kid Mamba" Battle (Team Final)

The Hoop Group Turkey Tip Off was held in Pottstown, PA and Basketball Spotlight was in the building. We took an interest in the 14U division and here are our top performers

Hoop Group Turkey Tip Off Top Performers

Tyus Battle Guard (Team Final)- “Kid Mamba” is just a different breed. The lanky guard gave the crowd some holiday dinner dessert while unleashing his total arsenal. His ball handling, scoring and rebounding were known weapons but his court vision is beginning to stand out more. He pumped assist from all around the floor even putting some mustard on a couple of passes. In terms of scoring he gave the defense the business from all three levels (3 point land, midrange area and at the rim). His game is so fluid and just on another level from many of his peers. Not only is he the best guard in America period but right now he might be the most skilled 8th Grader I’ve even seen and I’ve seen a lot.

Vaughn Covington Guard (Team Final)- Every team needs a coach on the floor and Covington might be the man for the job. An improved jump shot has opened his game up. You can see the confidence once he catches the rock and goes into his shooting motion. But I really need to talk about how he runs the team and gets others involved. Vaughn has no problem throwing the extra pass especially in transition. He seems to see the game a few plays ahead. Introducing Vaughn “The Brain” Covington.

Terquin Mott Forward (Team Final)- Before leaving the second game with an injury Mott was a dominant force in the paint. A strong lower body allows him to jump out the gym whenever he wants. He displays some ball handling skills but it’s still a work in progress.

DeAndre Hunter Forward (Philly Aztecs)- Hunter is an intriguing prospect for the Aztecs. When active the young lanky wing uses his length to impact the game. His handle is developing and his outside shot is decent. His best days of basketball will be down the road and he has a scary upside.

Stevie Jordan Guard (Philly Aztecs)- Jordan has a more confident game. Known as a spot up shooter he now has added a handle and floater to his arsenal. He excelled in transition. Watch out for him this year because we definitely will be looking.

Mikey Dixon Guard (Philly Aztecs)- Dixon is a true veteran on this level. Now he seems to be more of a pass first type of guard which will be good for his high school. He exploded through the lane while slicing defenders with his handle.

Dante Rockmore Guard (ESYC)- The little lefty had inspired play against Team Final. He applied some defensive pressure and grabbed a few steals. He’s a peaky guard with a lot of heart.

Deondre Tillett Guard (ESYC)- Tillet played in the backcourt with Rockmore and also knows how to pressure the rock. He teams with Rockmore with form a very strong backcourt.

Mustafa Lawrence Guard (Showtime)- Though his team lost both games Lawrence showed well on the floor. He drove into the chest of the post players before converting tough baskets. He’s a very tough point guard.

Tremaine Lawrence Forward (Showtime)- Lawrence is a tremendous athlete which helps him get rebounds and put backs. He needs work on his ball handling and outside shooting because he will be a guard size in the future.

Friday, November 25, 2011

In The Spotlight: Brendan Barry (Fair Haven)

Name: Brendan Barry

Middle School: Fair Haven

Position: Point Guard

Class: 2016

Breakdown: Barry was a ball handling wizard during the consolation game of the St. Anthony Tournament. He controlled the tempo of the game and made his teammates better while also dropping some buckets. His play even brought smiles to the face of legendary coach Bob Hurley Sr.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

One On One Feat: Markquis Nowell: (Harlem), NY)

The Baby Baller Super Showcase was designed to give young ballers a stage to shine. Markquis Nowell took full advantage and used it as his personal playground. We got a chance to talk to this youngster from uptown and here’s his One On One.

One On One

BS: How did it feel winning the Basketball Spotlight Most Outstanding Player?
MN: To win the title of Most Outstanding Player of the year I was really happy. I was very proud of myself because this was my first year of playing on the AAU circuit, and to win a title like that you have no other choice but to be proud.

BS: How was the Baby Baller Showcase experience?
MN: The Baby Baller Showcase experience was fun. I got the chance to go against some of the top people in my class and I performed very well. I got the exposure I need, learned a few things, and also had fun. I hope there’s more in my future.

BS: What was your greatest Basketball Spotlight moment thus far?
MN: The greatest spotlight moment thus far was the rematch of Riverside Hawks vs NY Gauchos. The Gauchos won the first match towards the beginning of things and Riverside came back strong to beat us at the end of it all, even though I lead all scorers both games the second game I couldn't win it for us.

BS: How and why did you end up playing for Team IZOD?
MN: I got the chance to play with Team Izod by just wanting to be on a winning team. I felt like the team I was on wasn't winning enough so I had to join a team where winning was the goal. The coach and Jalen Brooks was another big part to my decision. I like their styles and I just wanted to be a part of that. I feel like the coach could make me a better player and prepare me for high school ball and playing alongside Jalen should be fun because in practice we push each other to make each other better therefore on the court we should be unstoppable.

BS: What basketball player do you pattern your game after the most?
MN: The basketball player I get my style from the most is probably Deron Williams that's my favorite point guard that's why I wear the number 8. But I don't only stop there and try to copy him I look for pieces in everyone's game to help mine. I watch a lot of Kemba Walker videos, a lot of Kyrie Irving videos because those are the people I look up to the most when it comes to the game of basketball.

BS: How do you feel playing in the backcourt with Jalen Brooks the reigning Player Of The Year?
MN: I feel real good about me and Jalen Brooks playing in the back court this year. I feel like if you got the player of the year, and the most outstanding player of the year in the back court you can't be stopped. That's how I feel about us; we are going to be very hard to stop. You trap him you got me, you trap me there goes Jalen. It's kind of like a Dwayne Wade, Lebron situation you can say.

BS: What are your goals for the season?
MN: My goals for this season are to win big in the National Tournament. I fell short of my goal last year at the Gauchos and I don't want to fall short this year. With this team I feel like we could go real far if we work hard for it. I also want high schools to start looking at me to come to their schools when it's time. A personal goal is I want to get better as a player and build my game up. Try to add something to my game every year so it could be harder to guard me.

BS: Give me one word to describe Basketball Spotlight.
MN: One word to describe basketball spotlight is Unique.

Team Rebels Try Outs

Team Running Rebels

Mid Atlantic Region

AAU Basketball Tryouts!!!

TEAM RUNNING REBELS 12U & 13U Boys basketball teams will be hosting tryouts.
DATE: Sunday, November 20, 2011

For ages: 12U/6th Grade Boys & 13U/ 7th Grade Boys

Time: 1 pm – 3 pm

Location: Edgemoor Community Center
500 Duncan Road
Wilmington, DE 19809

Registration Fee: $10

Feel Free to contact us with any questions at: (856) 631-8473

For more information, email us at:,

DC Assault 11U Baby Ballers Reach The Crown

DC Assault 11U Baby Ballers Win Crown

DC Assault defeated Team Takeover (Brown) in the championship 51-48. DC Assault shot lights out by hitting 8 three pointers as a team. Justin Lykes led the way with 14 points. Ishmael Leggett added 10 points. Tyler Brelsford added 8 points and 5 assists. Jay Heath had 7 points and 7 rebounds and Terrance Williams had 6 points and 5 boards.

Tyler Brelsford
Dave Dalton
Jabari Davis
Jay Heath
Tyrese Jenkins
Ishmael Leggett
Mekhi Long
Justin Lykes
Mike Sumner
Terrance Williams

Bruce Shingler: Head Coach
Norman Morrow: Assistant Coach
James Lewis: Assistant Coach
Andrew Brelsford: Team Manager

Basketball Spotlight Tip Off Classic Is Closed!

The Basketball Spotlight Tip Off Classic is totally sold out. Basketball Spotlight would like to thank everyone that showed interest in this event. Below is the list of teams that will be participating in this event. The schedule will be coming soon.

Basketball Spotlight Tip Off Classic Teams

1. DC Assault (Gold)
2. Team Rebels
3. Gauchos
4. Team Scan
5. New Renaissance Basketball Club
6. CT Elite
7. Playaz
8. ETU Warriors
9. St. Michaels
10. New Heights NYC
11. F.A.C.E.S.
12. KSK
13. Mass Shooting Stars
14. Philly Triple Threat
15. DC Assault (Blue)
16. VBC
17. Milbank
18. MJ Heat
19. JC Boys Club
20. Showtime All Stars
21. Boston Titans
22. Team Elite/Owens
23. Play Hard/Team MVP
24. Connecticut Select

13U Teams
1. Team IZOD
2. CBC
3. Team Final
4. Team Rebels
6. Swish City Magic
7. Milbank
8. Juice All Stars
9. Albany Dream Team
10. Jersey City Boys Club
11. St. Michaels
12. East Coast Elite
13. New Renaissance
14. KSK
15. JSL Hoops
16. New Heights

12U Teams
1. Riverside Hawks
2. East Coast Elite
3. New Renaissance Basketball Club
4. Team Final
5. NC Running Rebels
6. Playtime
7. Team IZOD
8. DC Assault (Perry)
9. KSK
10. Force One
11. Team Rebels
12. CBC
13. Swish City Magic
14. NJ Shore Shots
15. PWC

17. Natural Ballers
18. JCBC
19. NWK
20. Wee All Stars

11U Division
1. CJ Hawks
2. Playtime Panthers
3. Severn Elite
4. T One Ballers
6. St. Michaels
7. New Renaissance Basketball Club
8. New Heights

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Basketball Spotlight Exclusive: CBC Creates The "Money Team"

Reggie Hatchett (CBC)

CBC's 6th grade team enjoyed great success last AAU season. But when the team took that long trip to Hampton, VA for the Division 1 National Championships, it was evident to Coach Reggie Hatchett that there were holes in his team. He went about plugging up those holes...Introducing..."The MONEY TEAM"

BS:When did you realize that your team needed to add pieces?
RH:Well, as a coach, you always see your team's deficiencies better than their strengths. So I always knew that we didn't have much depth on a National level. And what I mean by that is: we were strong enough to dominate our area (CT, Mass, RI, etc) for years to come, but we were lacking the kind of depth it takes to be a contender for a National Championship. I've always been the type of person who wanted to do everything on the largest scale possible. So I would have never been content with dominating our region, but losing to the national powerhouse organizations.

BS: Was there a moment when it "clicked"?
RH:We were playing at the AAU 6th Grade Division 1 National Championships in Hampton, VA. We had just won our pool in convincing fashion. Then we had to play against AI9 Elite from Chicago and West Coast Select from California. Obviously these teams are from much larger areas than Hartford, CT, but our starters were obviously better than both of these teams. We held early double digit leads against both of these teams. But once we had to go to our bench, the leads evaporated, the momentum shifted to the other team and we eventually lost to both teams by small amounts. I felt that we could have easily won both of those games if we just strengthened our team by beefing up our bench.

BS: How did you go about making it happen?
RH: Well through our travels, I have accumulated several enemies. But I've also gained the respect and admiration of a lot of opposing players and coaches. We (CBC) had been dominating the CT basketball scene since I first started coaching three years ago. But what I noticed was that Connecticut had too many AAU teams! There was too much division of talent for us to make any significant noise on a National level. Every program had one or two "recruitable athletes" and no one wanted to let their stud play with another program. So from day one, my goal has always been to create an environment where all of the top talent would feel welcomed, and feel like they had something to gain by becoming a part of something bigger than them. So as I started to think about the things our team lacked, I also would think of names of players I knew that could fill that void. I realized that the key positions we needed help at, our rival program (CT Elite) had just what we needed. It made sense to the players, parents and coaches that we put our differences aside in order to make this "dream team" a reality.

BS:In what areas have you improved the most?
RH:Last year our team would suffer when Jaecee (Martin) or Ismail (Charles) got in foul trouble. Because we did not have a formidable back up PG or Center. So the acquisition of Azar Swain (PG) and DeAndre Leslie (C) gives us the opportunity to keep Jaecee and Ismail out of foul trouble, and it gives them fresher legs at the end of games. Also, Chaylyn (Martin) had to responsibility of being our slasher and wing scorer, but if he was off, there was no formidable substitute. Now Shyhiem Hicks and Keonte Lucas give us additional scoring from the wing. Kareem Harvin also gives us more toughness inside. So now we have a few options to offset what other teams like to do against us.

BS:What are your goals for this season?
RH:Well last year we had a great season. We won 9 of the 13 tournaments we participated in (including winning 4 of 5 tournaments in which we played up an age group). We also won our pool and won two playoff round games at Nationals. And I have my top 6 players returning from that team. So with the additions we have in place, I expect each one of those stats to improve this season. And hopefully we will finally get one of those elusive Basketball Spotlight crowns! But seriously, I just want to represent CT on a National level. Last year while we were at Nationals in Hampton, there were a handful of teams that everyone knew would be around all week...I want to be in that same conversation.

BS: Why the name "Money Team"?
RH: Jaecee's nickname "Mayweather" spreaded like wildfire and he was so instrumental in bringing in the other pieces we decided to go with the "Money Team".

BS:Any last words you want to say before we end?
RH:I think that we have set an example for other AAU programs around the region. We (coaches) have an obligation to the young men we serve to set a positive example. We shape their image of what manhood and leadership is suppose to be. So we have to put our egos aside and make decision that benefit our kids above our own agenda. And lastly...WATCH OUT FOR THE MONEY TEAM!!!

"THE MOBB" Keeps Rolling!

DC Assault Continues To Dominate The Field

DC Assault one of the most powerful teams in the country added another trophy to their shelf by winning the Joe Wooten Fall Classic. DCA has won several championships this fall and will be gearing up for their big challenge at the Basketball Spotlight Tip Off Classic. Congrats to their coaches and players for their success.

Pool Play
DCA 73 Classics 28
DCA 65 ETU 37
DCA 66 Lee District 17

DCA 68 ETU 44

Jamar Watson
Jamir Moultrie
Mickey Bell
Anthony Cowan
Blake Francis
Sam Green
Ako Adams
Sean Strittmatter
Reggie Gardner
Alani Moore
Joe Hampton

Coach: Zach Suber
Asst. Coach: Aaron Ratliff

Monday, November 21, 2011

Player Of The Week: NyRhique "La Smoove" Smith (Asbury Park, NJ)

Smith Gets The Nod As Player Of The Week

NyRhique "La Smoove" Smith continued his great play by erupting for 39 points at Funsport to lead the LD Rebels to a 64-52 victory Long Island Lightning. This was a career high for Smith and his 2nd time winning Basketball Spotlight Player Of The Week. Smith felt he was in rhythm the entire game, "It was like I was in my own zone. I felt good and like I was the best player on the floor" finished Smith.

Diary Of A Baller: Tyus "Kid Mamba" Battle (Edison, NJ) Entry #12

Tyus Battle, James Donaldson and Gary Battle

What’s up basketball world, it has been a great week, but a very tiring week.

On Monday I had my semi-finals game at the Union Catholic tournament with my school team. In my opinion we played well. We executed plays, played good defense, and we also communicated on both ends of the floor. After the game a few of my teammates became very nervous when they heard that we were going to play Good Sheppard in the championship. I knew a few of the kids on the team such as Nathaniel from Team Izod, Temple from Team Scan and also Bryce from Team Scan. So I knew that we had a very tough game in front of us.

Tuesday was the championship game against Good Sheppard. They started the game knocking down 3 consecutive threes and my teammates were turning the ball over a lot. We looked intimidated by their speed and skill level. My team and I had a horrible first half only scoring 9 points to their 29. I had a lot of trouble scoring in the first half as well because of their double and triple teams which resulted in me only having 2 points. I was frustrated on how we were all playing and we had to wake up for the second half. In the locker room during half time coach pulled Idris and I over and told us that we had to score the ball. We played much better in the second half scoring over 36 points. I had 25+ points in the second half myself. My teammates also began to look more confident. Unfortunately we still lost the game by about 25. Even though we lost, I think it was a large step in the right direction on how we will play later in the season.

Thursday I woke up at 5am to workout before school. I had lot of trouble getting up because I was up all night the night before finishing an essay. At the gym we lifted and worked on moves to the basket. After school I had to study for my science test that was on Friday. My dad picked me up from our house at around 8 to go workout with Bryce Stanahope from ImPossible AKA Micah Lancaster training. We did some great ball handling drills with a heavy ball to get my handle faster and a lot of other drills that were challenging.

Friday I had school practice. My coach talked to us about our tournament and how we played in the championship game. This practice coach really tried to get some of my teammates in better shape by running a lot of sprints and suicides. We also worked on taking charges, which we do not do as well s we should.

Saturday we ran a four-hour clinic at Iselin Middle School. We worked with kids in kindergarten through 8th grade. I was surprised how well the younger kids listened and did some of the drills. After the clinic my former teammate and friend Jeremy Gaskins came over my house to hang out after my dad took us all out to eat.

Next week, I will make sure to tell you how my week went. This is Tyus Battle signing out.


Saturday, November 19, 2011

Baby Baller Super Showcase Profile: Alex Morton

Name: Alex Morton

Hometown: Howell, NJ

Position: Shooting Guard

Class: 2019

Showcase Report: Few young players can shoot the rock like this marksman. Morton was able to score from the perimeter and in transition. He’s a very confident wing guard and we look forward to watching him this season with the NJ Shore Shots. I got a feeling his name will be on this site alot this year.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Mid Atlantic 13U Preview: Is Team Final Ready To Shine?

Team Final Is Not Longer A Secret!

The Mid Atlantic 13U Division has brought a breath of fresh air to this region. Some serious young ballers are ready to get it in. Here’s a breakdown of the top teams and players who will be getting it in this season.

Mid Atlantic 13U Preview

Team To Beat: Team Final
TF steadily improved during last year even having a good showing at the 12U Nationals. Now they have loaded up with some serious talent. No longer are they the underdog now they play the role as the hunted. They will get things started early at Tip Off Classic.

Dark Horse: Team Rebels
This newly formed crew has brought in some of the top talent in the region. They already possess one of the top guards in Trevon Duval but now he has some help. They are known as a blue collar organization and will need to keep this attitude to win it all.

MA Preseason Player Of The Year: Eric “Easy” Ayala (Team Nelson): If Ayala’s dominance at the Super Showcase was any indication then the opposition will have some to worry about. Eric did whatever he wanted against the top competition in the region. We look for him to lead TN back near the top.

MA Preseason 1st Team
Eric Ayala (Team Nelson)
Trevon Duval (Team Rebels)
JP Sanders (Team Final)
Iyair Purnell (Team Rebels)
Quade Green (Team Final)

MA 2nd Team
Ahrod Carter (Team Final)
Keith Deloatch (Team Final)
Kyson Rawls (Team Nelson)
Quadir Burgess (Team Final)
D’Andre Velmar (Team Rebels)

MA 3rd Team
Elijah Dockery (Team Rebels)
Lucas Hudson (Team Final)
Malik Velmar (Team Rebels)
Sam Iorio (LVBS)
Isaiah Brockington (Philly Aztecs)
Dondre Pittman (RIP City)

Nike Pre Draft Camp Returning To NJ

You think you have what it takes to make it in big time basketball? Put your skills to the test at the Nike Pre Draft Camp. The premise of the camp is that it presents an opportunity for kids to experience workouts and skills training that before now, were only eligible to athletes at the higher levels of basketball. The Nike Pre Draft Camp will be returning to New Jersey on Saturday January 21st, 2012. Basketball Spotlight will be in the building for this event. Last year’s camp brought out some of the top players in the region.

Event: Nike Pre Draft Camp
Date: January 21st, 2012 (9:00 AM -5:00 PM)
Place: Life Center Academy
2045 Columbus Rd, Burlington, NJ

Click Here To Register

Special Guest Include:
John Stovall (Nike Talent Field Rep, ESPNU Recruiting Coordinator)
Mike Morrison (Former NBA Player and Nike Skills Academy Trainer)
Mike Melton (Basketball Spotlight)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

NY/NJ 13U Preview: 13U Division Seeing Red!

The Big Red Machine Still Rolling!

Since both states are very thin for this age group we decided to group NY/NJ together for our 13U Preview. Here are some of the top teams and players to look for in the NY/NJ area this season. Note (Some Players Might Switch Teams After This Preview).

NY/NJ 13U Preview

Team To Beat: Team IZOD
The Big Red Machine left with the Basketball Spotlight Grand Championship last season and will be looking for another one. This poised group has been together for a few years now and this experience helps them defeat many of the top teams they face. Can the BRM reign for 3 years in a row?

Dark horse: Juice All Stars
Juice All Stars finished #7 in the country but fell short of taking on the Basketball Spotlight crown. Now they are back hungry and in the hunt for that elusive banner. The road will be thick and bumpy but the Brooklyn boys should be ready.

NY/NJ Preseason Player Of The Year: Nate “The Great” Pierre Louis (Team IZOD)- Nate is capable of being the first player to win the Basketball Spotlight POY 3 years in a row. The scoring machine is known for adding features to his game during the off season so we will see what he has in store for us this year.

NY/NJ Preseason 1st Team
Nate Pierre Louis (Team IZOD)
Chris Coleman (Juice All Stars)
Joseph Rooner (Team IZOD)
Aaron Clarke (Team IZOD)
Tyler Bourne (Juice All Stars)

NY/NJ 2nd Team
David Kachleries (Team IZOD)
Paul Persons (Milbank)
Mike Coleman (Juice All Stars)
Lydell Geffard (Playtime)
Jaiyer Jinwright (Playaz)

Boubacar Kamissokko (Playtime)

NY/NJ 3rd Team
Keyshawn Ellis (Milbank)
Tyrese Whitaker (Milbank)
Chase Lewis (Team IZOD)
Matt Kachleries (Team IZOD)
Mike Bowry (Juice All Stars)

Jahki Clarke (Playtime)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

New England 13U Preview: CBC Is Fully Loaded!

CBC Has Reloaded From Top To Bottom

The New England area has produced some top notch players over the last few years. Now we will take a look at the 13U division of top players and teams that are expected to take the floor this season. Note (Some players may switch teams after this preview.)

New England 13U Preview

Team To Beat: CBC
The Bad Boys came within a basket of winning the Basketball Spotlight overall championship in July. Now they should be in the hunt for several crowns. They have assembled one of the best teams ever to come from the area.

Dark horse: MABC
The Bengals have rebounded with some serious talent. A few players have reclassified into the Class of 2017 so they should be ready to go. Over taking CBC will be a tough task but the Bengals are ready to bite.

NE Preseason Player Of The Year: Jaecee “Mayweather” Martin (CBC)- Many people felt Martin had a case for the overall POY last season so the competition needs to beware of his fiery. He possesses one of the meanest handles I’ve seen and when he’s on his game he’s the best point guard in America.

NE Preseason 1st Team
Jaecee Martin (CBC)
Ismail Charles (CBC)
Chaylyn Martin (CBC)
Syheim Hicks (CBC)
DeAndre Leslie (CBC)

NE 2nd Team
Azar Swain (CBC)
CJ Seaforth (East Coast Elite)
Raheem Solomon (CBC)
Geo Baker (MABC)
Jared Simmons (CBC)

NE 3rd Team
Keonte Lucas (CBC)
TJ Roundtree (East Coast Elite)
Jalen Stafford (East Coast Elite)
Tyler Douglass (East Coast Elite)
Caden Bumas (MABC)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Basketball Spotlight Announces Baby Baller MLK Classic

Basketball Spotlight is proud to present the Baby Baller MLK Classic in Atlantic City, NJ. This event will bring together the top baby baller squads in the region for a showdown in America’s Playground. We created this event to give these young ballers a chance to shine under the bright lights. Register Online below.

All games will be played at
Atlantic City High School
1400 N. Albany Ave. (Atlantic City, NJ)

Event: Baby Baller MLK Classic
Date: Jan. 14th and 15th
Place: Atlantic City, NJ
Ages: 10U, 11U and 12U
Deadline: January 2nd 2012

Click Here To Register

Monday, November 14, 2011

St. Michaels Gets It Done

St. Michaels Wins St. Anthony Crown

Marcus McClary scored 28 points and Patrick Stryala added 22 points as St. Michaels defeated Good Sheppard Grammar School 70-60 to win the St. Anthony White Rose Tournament Championship. Temple Gibbs scored 22 and Nate Pierre Louis finished with 21 points for Good Sheppard in the loss.

Marcus McClary Forward (St. Michaels)- McClary did his damage when attacking the rim from the foul line area and the baseline. He over powered the smaller GS defenders with high percentage shots. When he wasn’t scoring he was hitting the glass on both ends of the floor. Marcus was just too powerful to contain last night.

Other Standout Performers

Patrick Stryala Forward (St. Michaels)- Patrick was McClary’s partner in crime on the boards and scoring. The lumbering forward used a smooth touch and clever post smooth to score very easily. He played the high/low game well with McClary and should be a decent prospect down the line.

Temple Gibbs Guard (Good Sheppard)- Gibbs confidence is through the roof right now. His enhanced size and improved explosiveness was on full display last night. St. Michaels has no answer to him charging the lane and finishing at the cup. He also played the center spot on defense and even with being outsized he still managed to snatch several rebounds off the boards. We expect a high huge year from this kid.

Nate Pierre Louis Guard (Good Sheppard)- After getting only one touch the first quarter Pierre Louis caught fire and ended with 21 points. He was able to knockdown a couple of long treys but was determined to attack the basket. He does need to utilize his floater a little more especially when playing against older defenders.

Diary Of A Baller: Tyus "Kid Mamba" Battle (Edison, NJ) Entry #11

What’s up basketball world, I am back to tell you all how my week went.

Monday was a really crazy day for me with schoolwork and things I am required to do around the house. My step-mom and dad have my brother and I working a lot around the house since my step-mom started her new job in NY. Both she and my dad are working hard at their jobs, a little bit of help from us will hopefully make life a little easier for everyone.

Tuesday was another crazy day with lots of homework. I missed another day working on my basketball skills but my dad and I did 300 push-ups and 100 pull-ups to make ourselves feel a little better about missing 2 days in a row.

On Wednesday school was really cool and I must say it went really fast. There are only a few days until the marking period is over at the new Holy Savior Academy. The school is really doing a good job of preparing all of us 8th graders for high school next year. Practice was at 7pm but I did not attend because I had a commitment with Nana and my dad wanted us to also go to the workouts at Hoops America. We did skill-work the entire 1 hour 30 minutes and it felt good to work on my ball handling and shooting with no interruptions.

Thursday was a long day because school was really tough, as we had a few quizzes and tests. I did pretty well for sure but preparation the night before made it tough to get up in the morning. You see my dad has been on me a bit the last few days because he feels my workouts need to be more focused. He also feels I have not been in the gym working on skills enough. No doubt he wants me to get my homework done and study for quizzes and test but we both understand how important it is to be in the gym to improve your game. So like he said he would, he walked in my bedroom at 4:45 am and woke me to train. Needless to say, I was not surprised because my dad is little crazy and what he says he does. We got to the gym at 5:00 am. The doors were still locked to 5:30 so dad decided we would both go for a mile run around Woodbridge Mall. When we got back to the gym we worked really hard on my pull up and dribble moves to the rim. I was happy once the workout started that I was at the gym. It was not the first time my dad and I worked so early in the morning before school. We will be doing the early bird workout 2 days a week going forward. Later that day I worked out with Cobi Silverstein at 7 or 8 pm. We did a lot of the Micah Lancaster drills. I like the Micah drills. Cobi did very well for his first time.

Friday we had another practice at school, this time I was able to go and it was great. I believe we are ready for our first tournament at Holy Savior Academy.

Saturday-game time and I am bouncing off the walls with excitement. We played ok and won by about 20 points. It was a close game at first but we were ahead by 30+ at some point. Idris played good and played pretty well myself. My little brother hurt his knee during the game but he is all right.

Sunday we had another game and it was a blowout, too. Idris did not come because he had another commitment. I did work the boards but could have done some other things better. I was proud of my team, especially of the kids who do not have much experience in games. Until next time basketball world, this is Tyus Battle signing off.