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J.E.M. All Star Classic Highlights

Another Basketball Spotlight season has come to an end. We would like to thank everyone that supported us throughout the season and look forward to the 2010-2011 campaign. We felt it was only fitting to go out with highlights from the J.E.M. All Star Classic. It was a great event and I know she was very happy and proud.

God Bless Everyone,
Mike Melton
Basketball Spotlight

Jonelle Elaine Melton Memorial Award Winner

Dennis Mayes (Linden Ballers)

Jonelle Elaine Melton Memorial Award Winner (Dennis Mayes)

Dennis Mayes has spent the last 14 years dedicating his life to AAU basketball and developing the minds of young men. Mayes currently coaches the Linden Ballers and has been named the Director of NJ Boys AAU Basketball. It’s people like Dennis that gives AAU basketball a good name and a bright future. Congrats Dennis and continue to do God’s work serving the youth.

“Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it”.
(Proverbs 22:6 ESV)

Basketball Spotlight 14U Awards Winners

Juice All Stars Ran Away With Team Of The Year

The Basketball Spotlight season has come to an end. We celebrated our conclusion at the J.E.M. All Star Classic with our awards ceremony. Here’s a look at the 14U Award Winners.

Basketball Spotlight 14U Award Winners

14U Team Of The Year

Juice All Stars: Juice All Stars won the Grand Finale, Clash For The Cup, Metropolitan Regional Crown and finished #5 in the country. This squad only took home 3 losses the entire season. They have to go down as one of the dominant grammar school teams in regional history.

14U Player Of The Year

Isaiah Whitehead (Juice All Stars): Isaiah came into the season with a lot of pressure and expectations. He answered the bell and excelled in all the top events in the land. Whitehead has a great upside and should reach good heights as long as he stays focused.

14U Coach Of The Year

Terrence “Munch” Williams (Team Scan): In two short years Williams has made Team Scan a regionally power. His disciplined coaching style has developed several players and propelled his team to several big wins. They were the only team in the region to defeat the mighty Juice All Stars.

14U Sportsmanship Award

Mike Silverthorn (Juice All Stars): Mike sacrificed his game to join this loaded club. The Blair bound forward picked his spots and delivered when asked. Traveling with Juice brought Mike face to face with better competition but he still managed to get the job done. He made the All Tournament squad at the Grand Finale and Clash For The Cup.

14U Best Defender

Shavar Newkirk (Team Scan): Opposing point guards hate to see Newkirk on the other side of the ball. He moves his feet very well while using his long arms to block shots and play the passing lanes. He also could be considered as one of the top play makers in the region.

14U Best Playmaker

Nazier Chew (Team Nelson): Chew had to pick up the scoring load for TN this season and he delivered. His play led them to the MDC crown and deep finishes in several tournaments. Now he’s on his way to Trenton Catholic and will try to help them win back to back TOC crowns.

14U Best Shooter

Chance Ellis (Juice All Stars): If you leave Ellis open you can wrote down 3 points in the book. He’s deadly especially from the corner and loves breaking the hearts of opponents with a trey in crunch time. He’s one of the best pressure shooters in the country.

14U Best Prospect

Jared Wilson Frame (CBC): This was a tough one but I love Wilson Frame’s size, athleticism and ability to create his own shot. This kid has all the tools and wears a size 16 shoe which means he has more growing to do. College coaches need to take early notice of Jared.

14U Best Leader

Shepard Garner (Youth Interlock): If I was starting a team I would go with Garner first. He plays the game with much passion and never takes plays off. I also love the way he communicates with teammates while also leading by example. I see a bright future for this kid.

14U Most Improved

Mahir Johnson (Team Nelson): Johnson was one of the offensive weapons for TN. He showed off his mid range game and even added some swagger to his arsenal. He received All Tournament honors at several Basketball Spotlight events and was an important piece of the TN puzzle.

14U Best Scorer

Kahari Beaufort (Boston Spartans): This kid is capable of going for 40 points each time he touches the floor. His size and ball handling allows him to get a clean look any time he wants. That is a technique that all natural scorers possess.

Basketball Spotlight 13U Awards Winners

Lamar "Freshie" Kimble Was The 13U Player Of The Year

The Basketball Spotlight season has come to an end. We celebrated our conclusion at the J.E.M. All Star Classic with our awards ceremony. Here’s a look at the 13U Award Winners.

Basketball Spotlight 13U Award Winners

13U Player Of The Year

Lamar Kimble (Team Final): This season Kimble came out with a chip on his shoulders. It could have been that fact that the ranking gurus didn’t give his game enough respect. So he decided to take it out on the region. He was dominant in just about every tournament while leading his team several titles and to a #6 ranking in the country.

13U Team Of The Year

Team Final: TF won the Grand Finale, Mid Atlantic Regionals and placed #6 in America. They probably would have won a few more events if they didn’t play in the 14U division. This was a rough bunch to handle. We will be checking for them on the circuit next year.

13U Coach Of The Year

Antoinette Bennett (Philly Aztecs): Bennett built her boys from the ground up and they began to prosper last season. I watched them at several events and they were always in the hunt for the title. They hit pay dirt at the AAU Nationals in Memphis where they made a Final Four run. They will definitely be a force this upcoming season.

13U Sportsmanship Award

Otis Livingston (NJ Got Game): Livingston plays every game like it’s his last. Regardless of the score this youngster ran the show and went hard on both ends of the floor. His play paid off as he made the All Tournament Team at several events.

13U Best Defender

Trevaughn Wilkerson (Team Final): Wilkerson was a human road block for most teams inside. His presence in the paint alone changed the outcome of several games. He made the All Tournament Team at several Basketball Spotlight events and was a Player of The Year Finalist.

13U Best Playmaker

Mike Williams (The City): Williams was responsible for a lot of The City’s offense. The quick lead guard spent most of the season knocking down pull ups and finishing at the tin. His squad was always in the thick of things and he was the lead catalyst.

13U Best Shooter

Justin Salem (KSK): Salem won MVP at the Clash For The Cup with KYDA because of his ability to drain the jumper. He has excellent form and will knock it down from anywhere in the gym. Later in the season he took his stroke back to KSK.

13U Best Prospect

Horace Spencer (Philly Aztecs): Standing close to 6’8 Spencer runs the floor fluidly and has great athleticism. He’s still in project form but with a lot of work he could become a national stud on the high school level. Remember this name and where you heard it first.

13U Best Newcomer

Chris Atkinson (KYDA): Atkinson took the Clash For The Cup by storm with his dribble drives and play making ability. Few guards possess the quickness and ball handling of Atkinson. I look forward to watching him next season.

13U Most Improved

Devin Liggeons (Philly Aztecs): Liggeons came into his own this season. The small forward had the confidence flowing and put up good numbers at all the major events. He finished his season with strong showings at the AAU Nationals and Basketball Spotlight Super Showcase.

13U Best Scorer

Juwan Gooding (Albany Dream Team): Gooding knows how to score the pill regardless of the competition. The southpaw attacks defenses like a flurry and will deliver a knockout blow with a long trey. Many coaches tried several defensive schemes but couldn’t slow down Juwan.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Basketball Spotlight Super Showcase Highlights: Nets vs. Celtics

High School Sports Media Television was on hand for the Basketball Spotlight Super Showcase. HSSMTV has the #1 amateur basketball video highlight library in the country. Check out some of their highlights from the Super Showcase. This game featured Nets vs. Celtics. Stay tuned because we have loads of footage to come.

Basketball Spotlight 12U Awards Winners

Team Battle Repeats As Team Of The Year

The Basketball Spotlight season has come to an end. We celebrated our conclusion at the J.E.M. All Star Classic with our awards ceremony. Here’s a look at the 12U Award Winners.

Basketball Spotlight 12U Award Winners

Team Of The Year

Team Battle: TB won the AC Showcase, Memorial Day Classic and other top tournaments before finishing #5 in the country. They faced several obstacles along the way including player movement but held up through the adversity.

12U Player Of The Year

Rakym Felder (New Heights): The Bed-Stuy Bully pretty much dominated the Spotlight circuit while leading his squad to the Clash For The Cup and the Metropolitan AAU crown. During the AAU Nationals he gave the nation a taste of his scoring prowess.

12U Coach Of The Year

Ryan Gorham (DC Assault): Gorham coached his squad to another Potomac Valley crown and #9 ranking in the country. While most teams contain nationally ranked players Ryan’s squad gets it done with guts and technique. They find a way to win.

12U Sportsmanship Award

Jamir Harris (Team Battle): Harris came into his own this season with some great showing. He starred during the state tournament and took home Mr. Memorial Day Honors. He plays the game with so much passion and energy that you have to love his game.

12U Top Playmaker

Alani Moore (DC Assault): Few can argue with “Showtime” winning this award. He showed the country (At the AAU Nationals) and the region (At the Super Showcase) his work. This kid gets it done many different ways. That’s why he’s a true playmaker.

12U Top Prospect

Tyus Battle (Team Battle): Standing nearly 6’1 Battle exudes the potential of a serious basketball prospect. He exploded at the AAU Nationals leading his team in scoring and nearly to a second Final Four. Right now he’s still a colt but has a good chance to become a thoroughbred.

12U Best Defender

Ceasar Adim (MABC): Adim was an intimidating force inside and altered many games during the season. He caused many coaches to change their strategies and players to change their shots in mid air. He also doesn’t mind snatching double digit rebounds.

12U Best Shooter

Thomas Jackson (CT Elite): Jackson earned the name "Automatic" with his deadly outside range. He showed well at every Spotlight event and others throughout the region. His range is when he walks into the gym.

12U Best Passer

Nyrhique Smith (NJ Got Game)- This kid's court vision is that of a high school player. Certain players are born with passing instincts so strong that they can’t control it if they tried. Smith is one of those players. If someone is open he has to deliver the rock.

12U Most Improved

Terrell Turner (New Heights): I’ve written it time and time how this kid has improved his body and game. His improvements were evident during the Spotlight events especially the Super Showcase.

Basketball Spotlight 11U Awards Winners

Team Battle 11U Took Home Team Of The Year Honors

The Basketball Spotlight season has come to an end. We celebrated our conclusion at the J.E.M. All Star Classic with our awards ceremony. Here’s a look at the 11U Award Winners.

Basketball Spotlight 11U Award Winners

Team Of The Year

Team Battle: TB won the Grand Finale, Clash For The Cup, NJ State Title and finished #12 in the country. It was an amazing run for this first year group and congrats to their coaches and players.

11U Player Of The Year

Nate Pierre Louis (Team Battle): Nate was a scoring machine for the entire year. He put up serious numbers at all the top tournaments and should continue this success next year. Expect to hear this name a lot on this website.

11U Coach Of The Year

Reggie Hatchett (CBC): Hatchett led his team to several titles and had them ready to go each time out. They blazed their way through the New England area and clipped a few opponents along the East Coast.

11U Sportsmanship Award

Chris Jones (CT Elite): Jones played two age divisions and competed at a high level. He made the All Tournament each time he played in Spotlight events while playing with the poise of a true veteran.

11U Top Playmaker

Saeed Nelson (F.A.C.E.S.): Nelson was a true force for the Newark based squad all year. He led this group to several champions including the AC Showcase and a runner up for the NJ State Crown.

11U Top Prospect

Andre Boykins (Maryland Panthers)- He made his debut at the MDC and led his team to the Gold Ball. Right now he’s the talk of the Potomac Valley for this age group. Hopefully we will get a chance to see more of this youngster.

11U Best Defender

Jaecee Martin (CBC)- Martin is a ball hawk that loves ripping ball handlers and starting the fast break. He moves his feet well and has extremely quick hands. He’s so good offensively that his defense gets overshadowed.

11U Best Shooter

Stanley Davis (Team Nelson)- This kid definitely has a ratchet. He will burn you from deep and well as the mid range area. He showed he could score in any atmosphere especially the Super Showcase.

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J.E.M. All Star Classic Top Performers: South Team

The J.E.M. All Star Classic featured some of the top players in the region. Here’s a look at the top performers from the South Team.

South Team Top Performers

Shepard Garner Guard (Chester, PA)- Garner played with that aggression that makes him a household name. He led all scorers with 24 points as he attacked the North defense with dribbles drives. His moves are powerful and he played with good poise and under control. His outside shot wasn’t falling but his form has certainly improved over the years.

Isaiah Washington Guard (Williamsport, PA)- Washington has some good tools and I think his game will blossom in the future. He showed some athleticism and flashes of smart play including a breakaway dunk. A real key in his development is for him to travel and play against this type of talent more often.

Nazier Chew Guard (Trenton, NJ)- Chew gave the crowd a few exciting moves including a crossover that made a North defender vanish. I like the court vision he showed in transition. He also showed he could get to the cup when he wanted but he needs to utilize the pull up jumper. This will keep the defense honest and keep him from picking himself up off the floor.

Kyle Coleman Guard (Wilmington, DE)- Coleman blitzed through the defense and finish off plays. He was very active from the baseline and attacking the wings. He didn’t let the lopsided score discourage him from competing and being aggressive.

Shaquan Worthy Guard (Trenton, NJ)- Worthy's speed and ball handling was on full display. He killed defenders with double crossovers and step back moves. Once he got into the lane he made it his business to dish the rock to teammates. He also will sneak a trey ball in on you if you leave him open.

Terrell Sturdivant Forward (Chester, PA)- Terrell altered shots and scored in a couple of put backs. After watching him play closely I see that he needs some work on his post moves and face up game.

J.E.M. All Star Classic Top Performers: North Team

The North Team Was Loaded With Talent

The J.E.M. All Star Classic featured some of the top players in the region. Here’s a look at the top performers from the North Team.

North Team Top Performers

Isaiah Whitehead Forward (Brooklyn, NY)- Whitehead showed his star power on several occasions. His length and athleticism are two of his best assets which also help him stretch out for buckets. In the second half he went on a little scoring spree that helped the North Team pull away for good.

Shavar Newkirk Guard (Harlem, NY)- Newkirk played like the top point guard in the region especially in the first half. His quick first step and explosion in the lane made him an instant factor. I’ve seen him transform his game and body to get ready for the high school level. He should be ready to run the varsity show for Rice by his sophomore year.

Mike Silverthorn Forward (Hackettstown)- Mike shot lights out for the most part. He hit the trey ball in transition and in the half court set. He has the size and the stroke to become a legit college prospect one day. Blair Academy will be receiving an excellent player.

Naim Thomas Guard (Poughkeepsie, NY)- Thomas was red hot in the first half. He bullied his way to the tin, scored on runners and even drained a couple of treys. The hard nose combo guard showed he belonged on this floor with the rest of this top talent.

Kevin Seymour Guard (Bronx, NY)- Seymour’s slashing style blended in well with his unselfish teammates. He cut down the lane and finished off plays with smooth lay ups. I like the energy he played with on both ends of the floor.

Anthony Williams Guard (Brooklyn, NY)- Williams pushed the rock with good speed and was able to penetrate at will. He got in trouble at times when forcing a few shots in traffic. He’s a little taller and more athletic than I remember.

Chance Ellis Forward (Queens, NY)- A slimmer Ellis was moving around the floor quicker and had a few nice looks on the perimeter. It was a joy coaching this kid because I got a chance to see him as a good teammate and competitor.

Jake Dadika Guard (Milltown, NJ)- Jake had his moments on the offensive end with some good passes and knocking down a couple of outside shots. Once he got accustomed to the speed of the game his production improved.

Khadeem Carrington (Brooklyn, NY)- Carrington is a good finisher. The southpaw is a quick leaper and fills the lane well in transition. His ball handling is adequate but I would like to see him attempt a few more outside shots.