Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Basketball Spotlight 14U Awards Finalist

Juice All Stars Had An Impressive Season

On August 28th Basketball Spotlight and AGame Apparel will be hosting the J.E.M. All Star Classic. At halftime of this event Basketball Spotlight will be presenting awards for the age groups 11U Thru 14U. Basketball Spotlight would like to congratulate the 14U Award Finalist from this past season. Winners of each category will be announced at the J.E.M. All Star Classic.

14U Team Of The Year Finalist
1. Team Scan
2. Juice All Stars
3. Future Players
4. Team Nelson
5. Team NJ ABC
6. Youth Interlock

14U Player Of The Year Finalist
1. Shavar Newkirk (Team Scan)
2. Isaiah Whitehead (Juice All Stars)
3. Sheppard Garner (Youth Interlock)
4. Leroy Butts (Future Players)
5. Nazier Chew (Team Nelson)
6. Jared Wilson Frame (CBC)

14U Coach Of The Year Finalist
1. Jermain Brown (Juice All Stars)
2. Terrence Williams (Team Scan)
3. Sheppard Garner Sr. (Youth Interlock)
4. Khaliq Lewis El (Team NJ ABC)
5. Malik Walker (Team Nelson)

There will also be a Sportsmanship Award given to one 14U player. Come out on August 28th to support the J.E.M. All Star Classic and the Awards Ceremony. This will be an excellent closing to another great AAU season.

13U Finalist

12U Finalist

11U Finalist