Monday, August 2, 2010

Diary Of A Baller: Jalen "Young One" Henriquez (New Jersey) Final Entry

Hello Basketball World,

It has been a long year in which you have given me a chance to let you get a first hand look into my world, my ups, and some of my downs, both on and off the court. I want to 1st start out with thanking God, as with him every thing is possible. Then I want to thank Mike Melton for choosing me as the Diary Of A Baller representing New Jersey. Also all his hard work that he puts into giving us a platform to be seen and recognized. Maybe he’s not the 1st, but truly a friend to all "future phenoms", so again I thank you!

Next my parents for all their hard work. First my dad for supporting me 24/7 and giving me advice on becoming a future division one athlete. I look to him for a lot because he was a D1 athlete himself and even though I don’t always agree he knows what he talking about. Secondly, my step mom for taking me to practice and being there when my dad and I don’t always see eye to eye. Finally, my mom for love and support and my brother and sister for traveling state to state with me, and in and out of gyms all the time.

Now for my coaches; Coach Ozzie for being like a second father and has always believed in me and played me up since I was 7 years old. He has been my coach for 7 years, and not just honing my skills as a player but raising a humble level headed athlete, also for believing in me. Sometimes I doubted myself for being to small or always being the youngest, thank you. Coach Barry for the work he puts in with us and always being there for our team. Coach Munch Team Scan for the time he put in with me developing my skills and showing me the NYC love. Coach Mack for making me feel at home since day one. Coach Barnes for picking up where Coach Ozzie left off, and believing in me even though I’m an incoming freshman and giving me the opportunity to show him that I want to earn a varsity spot as a freshman throughout the summer. Also to all the great HS coaches that showed some interest in me since 7th grade and a lot more in the 8th. I thank you all for taking the time to show me your schools and your programs.

A special thanks to Mrs. Forehand for personally writing my parents and I a hand written letter about St. Anthony’s. It’s been a long 8th grade year but the school that best suits me as a student and a player will be Paramus Catholic. So as you can see in the picture I am a Paladin. I think I can develop as a player there under coach Barnes and do great things in the future. I feel very comfortable there with coaching staff, Mack and Roc, and the players Justin, Manny, Tommy, Von and the rest of the team. So thank you, for reading and following these parts of my life! Hopefully I will see you guys soon at the Spotlight All Star Game August 28th.

The most splendid future will always depend upon the necessary to release the past.
Young One Out…