Monday, August 30, 2010

Basketball Spotlight 12U Awards Winners

Team Battle Repeats As Team Of The Year

The Basketball Spotlight season has come to an end. We celebrated our conclusion at the J.E.M. All Star Classic with our awards ceremony. Here’s a look at the 12U Award Winners.

Basketball Spotlight 12U Award Winners

Team Of The Year

Team Battle: TB won the AC Showcase, Memorial Day Classic and other top tournaments before finishing #5 in the country. They faced several obstacles along the way including player movement but held up through the adversity.

12U Player Of The Year

Rakym Felder (New Heights): The Bed-Stuy Bully pretty much dominated the Spotlight circuit while leading his squad to the Clash For The Cup and the Metropolitan AAU crown. During the AAU Nationals he gave the nation a taste of his scoring prowess.

12U Coach Of The Year

Ryan Gorham (DC Assault): Gorham coached his squad to another Potomac Valley crown and #9 ranking in the country. While most teams contain nationally ranked players Ryan’s squad gets it done with guts and technique. They find a way to win.

12U Sportsmanship Award

Jamir Harris (Team Battle): Harris came into his own this season with some great showing. He starred during the state tournament and took home Mr. Memorial Day Honors. He plays the game with so much passion and energy that you have to love his game.

12U Top Playmaker

Alani Moore (DC Assault): Few can argue with “Showtime” winning this award. He showed the country (At the AAU Nationals) and the region (At the Super Showcase) his work. This kid gets it done many different ways. That’s why he’s a true playmaker.

12U Top Prospect

Tyus Battle (Team Battle): Standing nearly 6’1 Battle exudes the potential of a serious basketball prospect. He exploded at the AAU Nationals leading his team in scoring and nearly to a second Final Four. Right now he’s still a colt but has a good chance to become a thoroughbred.

12U Best Defender

Ceasar Adim (MABC): Adim was an intimidating force inside and altered many games during the season. He caused many coaches to change their strategies and players to change their shots in mid air. He also doesn’t mind snatching double digit rebounds.

12U Best Shooter

Thomas Jackson (CT Elite): Jackson earned the name "Automatic" with his deadly outside range. He showed well at every Spotlight event and others throughout the region. His range is when he walks into the gym.

12U Best Passer

Nyrhique Smith (NJ Got Game)- This kid's court vision is that of a high school player. Certain players are born with passing instincts so strong that they can’t control it if they tried. Smith is one of those players. If someone is open he has to deliver the rock.

12U Most Improved

Terrell Turner (New Heights): I’ve written it time and time how this kid has improved his body and game. His improvements were evident during the Spotlight events especially the Super Showcase.