Wednesday, March 26, 2008

In The Spotlight: Darious Robinson

Name: Darious Robinson

AAU Team: Educated Athletes

Position: Shooting Guard

Class: 2013

Breakdown: Robinson provided EA is their scoring punch that usually gets them through big games. The stocky off guard can drain a jumper or bust his way to the hole. Robinson went on a scoring binge at last season’s MDC Championship against the JS Fliers when he put the squad on his back and carried them to the crown. Darious will be counted on to help his team win their AAU Regional Crown and a host of other big tournaments.

In The Spotlight: Dhamere Bradley

Name: Dhamere Bradley

AAU Team: Delaware Hawks

Position: Combo Guard

Class: 2013

Breakdown: Bradley plays both guard positions for his fathers squad. This weekend he contributed well on the scoring end. He finished off transition plays and dump offs with tough buckets in traffic. Bradley’s presence made things a little easier for the Hawks as they made it to the finals of the Filly Sol Dream Classic. Check out Bradley and his squad at the Basketball Spotlight MDC.

In The Spotlight: Nate King

Name: Nate King

AAU Team: Trenton Hurricanes

Position: Shooting Guard

Class: 2012

Breakdown: King has been getting it done for the Canes in the scoring column for a couple of years. The lefty started shooting primarily from the perimeter now has added the dribble drive to his game. The Canes have a serious schedule this season and King’s 20 pts a games will be heavily needed.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Diary Of A Baller: Kyle Anderson Entry #8

Wassup, if you didn't know this is Kyle Anderson back again to let the public know how the week of a Ballar went. In my last entry I promised that I'd let you known how we did in the tournament in Philadelphia this weekend. It was our first tournament,(the Playaz-White). Well, we did what we do. We won the Chip earlier today. We beat some pretty good teams en route to the Chip. In pool play we beat Hunting Park of Philadelphia. In the semi's we ran past the Central Jersey Hawks, who had upset Team Kobe's 15U. We wasn't having any upset in our game. Finally in the Chip, we beat the Hurricanes from Indiana. They were good, but they had just played their semi final and had to catch a flight back to Indiana, so they played us right away. Bad move! We came out firing 3's from all over the place. Myles Davis from the right side, Myles Mack from the top, Davis again from deep in the corner. Just when they thought "the rain" had stopped, Charles Oliver came off the bench to hit two more. I couldn't let them have this kind of fun by themselves, so I knocked down a couple. At one time during this first half "rain storm" I heard their coach say to his assistant, "what are we gonna do they all can shoot". This tournament wasn't much of a scoring tournament for me, well except for the Championship when I knocked down three 3's and had 15 points. I played a lot of the 3 and 4 and I rebounded really well through out the tourney. Right now I am playing a lot off the ball and I don't mind, I just want to win.

Earlier in the week I had some games in the mens league. I played well in both of the games and most importantly we got the W. Wednesday consisted of nothing, it was A rainy day :-(. Thursday I had Playaz 15s practice. We also practice with the 17yr old team. I left practice early for the Chip in the Mens League. We played against A Paterson team who had Sadeer Mitchell and Deshawn Williams of Syracuse. Lassie (as he's known in Paterson) led Syracuse in scoring in 2002. We took the Chip by 2 pts. I didn't play that well but its all about the W.

Friday I had A day off from school and chilled out with my main man Myles Davis. The next morning, we woke up early for the ride down to Philly. Saturday we went 3-0 and same thing for Sunday. Like I told you before, CHIPS AHOY!!!!!!! Expect to always see our Playaz team on Sunday evenings. Next week were in the Spring Fling playin' 16u. I don't know 'bout playin' on Sunday in that one. Wait scratch that I'm A WINNER! Don't matter who we play. I'll let you know how we do next week, SEE YA LATER

Young Prince of NJ

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Introducing: Malik Ellison

I know some critics say sometimes it’s not good to proclaim a player as being very good at a young age but I’m here to say that Malik Ellison is good. I saw Ellison this past Saturday at Filly Sol Dream Classic playing for the Harvest Knights. The son of Louisville Legend and former NBA baller Pervis “Never Nervous” Ellison has a unique package. His demeanor on the floor shows that he has been around basketball since birth. His basketball IQ is etremely high and his skill set is beyond his years. The point guard handles strong with both hands, sees the floor well, can knock down the jumper while possessing both quickness and size. His sqaud locked horns with Long Island Lightning and he did whatever he wanted on the floor while making it look easy. Be on the look out for Malik and remember where you heard it first.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Diary Of A Baller: Kyle Anderson Entry #7

Wassup basketball world, its Kyle Anderson here to fill you in on how my week went. Let me get started. Monday started off Spring AAU for me. That evening I had practice with the Playaz 15u. Our team looks really good this year in both the guard spot and in the post. Guards including Myles Mack, Myles Davis, Charles Oliver, and Jhamir White. Seems like A guard oriented team, but not so fast, in the post we have Jordan Allen (6'6, Bayshore L.I), Desmond Hubert (6'9, New Egypt), Tyler Calvin (6'5,Snyder), Jarrod Davis (6'4, Lakewood) and Demetrius Smith (6'0 240lbs and the little brother of NBA star J.R. Smith) sounds like A pretty good front court. Look for us to be playing on Sundays for every tournament were in. That's kind of a motto with the Playaz, "we play on Sundays" meaning we will be there for the Chips, LOL. After practice I had to rush over to Fairlawn the next town over from Paterson and play a game with my brothers in the mens league. Unfornately, the game was cancelled. So my brother challenged me to a 1 on 1. I am the king of the house so I played him, AND LOST! So I no longer have that title. Then I played 2 on 2 with my brother, but against my cousin Ahmad, and called it a night.

Tuesday I went up to the park which is up the block and worked on my game. After I got a short-hour workout, I played some half court games, which was TOO EASY! LOL. Wednesday was another Playaz practice at Kennedy High School. We practiced with our other 15u team that we are having. At the end of practice we scrimmaged. Thursday was A day of preparation. I went running, trying to get in shape and get my legs stronger for next year. The next day was A cool day in school and after school I went and watched my school talent show. Pretty boring, but better than being in the house. Got home late and ended the night watching Love and Basketball.

Finally the weekend, Saturday was such A long day. Saturday morning I had another Playaz practice at 10 o'clock in the morning. Again we practiced with the other 15U team and scrimmaged them. Then when my team left I stayed and practice with the 16U team to work on my game. That team is loaded. Fuquan Edwin, Jayon James, Shaq Thomas(who is pretty good), Cameron Ayers (from Philly) and a couple of Union County players, Ashawn and Ishia Epps. Oh yea, Big T.J from P.C., it's pretty scary being under the boards with him. I did more than hold my own. My size gives me advantage even at that age level. That practice ended at 1:45 and I was exhausted. A workout from 10 o'clock to 1:45 calls for A nap. And that's what I did when I got home. That night I went to my brother's girlfriend's son's birthday party and cooled out there. After that I called it A night.

Today (Sunday) I went to the 'Garden' to watch Lance Stephenson play against Boys and Girls for the PSAL Championship. The game wasn't even close. I think Lance is the best player in high school basketball, EVEN AS A JUNIOR! My dad doesn't agree. After that game I went home and went out to the park, I hate going days without shooting A basketball. I just got back from the park and that wraps up my week. Next week, first AAU tourney (Team Kobe tourney in Philly). Really excited for that. Next week i'll tell you guys if we won or not. There will be some pretty tough teams but like I said earlier, we play on Sundays! Peace Out!


Basketball Spotlight Memorial Day Classic

Sunday, March 16, 2008

F.A.C.E.S Show Me Invitational Top Performers

Tyus Battle Helped His Team Reach The Final Four

Isiah Brown Forward (F.A.C.E.S)- Brown is a workhorse down low and will rebound the basketball. He’s the go to man when they need a bucket.

Rob Cole Jr. Guard (F.A.C.E.S)- The point guard handles the rock but will launch high arching treys from 3 point land. It’s scary that he’s only 8 years old.

Austin Goodluck Forward (F.A.C.E.S)- Goodluck has the body of a post player but will cross you over like a guard. When things get tough he will return to the blocks.

Omari Dill-Pettiford Guard (F.A.C.E.S)- I like this kids package. He can get to the basket off the dribble and has enough strength to absorb contact. I think he’s going to be a player real soon.

Tyus Battle Guard (Battle Basketball)- Tyus has a lot of bounce and nifty moves in his game. He will have nice size at the guard spot in the future and will be name on the scene for some time.

Chima Ekekeughor Forward (Battle Basketball)- Chima was a force in the paint on both ends of the floor. He catches the ball, gathers himself and muscles his way to the hoop.

Jamir Harris (Battle Basketball)- Harris is an athlete that will eventually develop his basketball game. He looked real good finishing off plays right now.

Tom Pegel Guard (West Milford)- Pegel likes to shoot long jumpers or one handed southpaw floaters. He has some grit to his game.

Ryan Lentz Forward (West Milford)- Lentz has some size and scored by hitting the mid range shot from each side of the hoop. He looks like he has a lot room to grow in height.

Noah Basket Guard (West Milford)- The hardnosed guard plays aggressive defense and isn’t afraid to take the big shot. In transition knows how to get to the basket and use his body to score or draw fouls.

Pat Sheenan Guard (JSL Hoops)- Sheenan really impressed me with his play and aggressiveness on offense. He got pass the defense with shake and bake moves and hit a few jumpers.

Nyrique Smith Guard (JSL Hoops)- Smith got anywhere he wanted on the floor with dribble drives and handling the pill with both hands. He size on the perimeter causes match up problems.

F.A.C.E.S Show Me Invitational Recap: Gauchos Win Crown

Gauchos Win It All

Jaquan McKennon led all scorers with 17 points as the Gauchos defeated Bayshore Bulldogs 49-35 to win the Show Me Invitational Championship. Jack Laffy scored 8 points for Bayshore in the loss.

Show Me Invitational Championship Top Performers

Kai Mitchell Forward (Gauchos)- The big fella got MVP by controlling the game with his rebounding, scoring inside, short jumpers and free throws.

Jaquan McKennon Guard (Gauchos)- McKennon is a flashy guard that likes to use a crossover and up fake to get loose from defenders. He launches shots from the cheap seats.

Boz Bernstein Guard (Gauchos)- Aaron has good court vision and showed it in the finals when he hit teammates for buckets and scored himself on the break.

Ricky McGill Guard (Gauchos)- McGill repeatedly beat defenders down the floor for uncontested lay ups. I think he will be a good one in a few years.

Kelvin Riley Forward (Gauchos)- I like the way Riley runs the floor and finish off plays. He plays with enormous energy at times.

Jack Laffy Forward (Bayshore)- Laffy was an inside force for the Bulldogs. He has soft touch and can score in bunches.

Nick Lub Guard (Bayshore)- Nick was a speedster down the floor in the semifinals and finals. He beat defenders to the cup and either scored or got fouled.

Jack Byrne Forward (Bayshore)- Byrne has some size but he can handle the rock like a guard. You also can’t leave him open because he will make you pay.

Luke O’shaunghnissy Guard (Bayshore)- Luke hit some big foul shots and a couple open jumpers to help Bayshore win the crown. In the semifinal he lived at the free throw line and made them count.

Basketball Spotlight Memorial Day Classic

Thursday, March 13, 2008

SJ Blitz Hosting District Championships

The South Jersey 'Boro" Blitz will be hosting the 13u Boys Middle Atlantic Distirct Championship in Willingboro, New Jersey, May 9 -11, 2008. Come compete to qulaify for the Nationals. You can visit the Mid Atlantic Boys website at or visit the South Jersey 'Boro Blitz new website at

Basketball Spotlight: This Weekend On Tap

Basketball Spotlight will be on the road again this weekend checking out the talent. Here’s a list of the events we will be attending.

•F.A.C.E.S Show Me Invitational @ Perth Amboy HS

•F.A.C.E.S Show Me Invitational @ Perth Amboy HS
• Tournament Of Champions @ Drew University

• Trenton Makes Classic @Boys and Girls Club

Baby Ballerz: Tywon Bressler

Name: Tywon Breesler

AAU Team: Milwaukee Ice

Position: Point Guard

Class: 2015 (5th Grade)

Breakdown: Bressler is a point guard with a wet jumper. His best weapon right now is his killer crossover. Bressler knows how to use his shoulders and power to set up defenders before crossing them. Then when the defender is off balance he steps back and drains a jumper or drives past them rather easy. Check out his work on this video. Breesler Video

Basketball Spotlight Memorial Day Classic

Monday, March 10, 2008

Introducing: Ethan Telfair

Many people including myself wondered what happen to Sebastian Telfair’s little brother after the ending of “Through The Fire”. The end of the movie showed Ethan Telfair training for basketball at six in the morning. Well Telfair has surfaced and I saw him doing work this Saturday in Queens, NY at the All City Youth Classic.

I have to admit I was very curious to see what this young dude had in store. I mean many star players had little brothers that didn't usually possess similar skills as the older sibling but this was not the case in young Ethan. He started the game by penetrating to the cup for consecutive left hand finishes while also getting fouled. Then the youngster AKA Fed Ex showed why he got that nickname. Telfair unleashed his superb passing ability the even surprised me as I looked on. The kid just has the knack of finding open teammates whether they are running with, in front or trailing him. Before the game was through Ethan also showed me he could hit the outside shot by dropping home a couple of deep shots including trey balls.

He walked out the gym with the game MVP and a new name. In my book he’s no longer Sebastian’s little brother on the floor he’s now Ethan

Basketball Spotlight Memorial Day Classic

Diary Of A Baller: Kyle Anderson Entry #6

Wassup, Its Kyle Anderson back again. Last week consisted of a lot of basketball. Let me get started on explaining what I did. The week started off tough, well not for me, but for my future high school Paterson Catholic,( PC 4 LIFE). They played St.Anthony's the number one team in the country which has at least 7 future division 1 players. Of the St Anthony players, Jio Fontan,(Fordham) is my favorite one because he turned down Big East offers because he thought it would be better to play in the Atlantic 10. I think if all the other guards on St. Ants can play Big East so can he. Also since I was 7yrs old playing with the Playaz Jio has taken care of me, probably even before I could shoot 3 pointers. I used to get picked on a lot but if Jio or Tamir Jackson were there they would always look out for me. Other division 1 players on that team are Mike Rosario (Rutgers), Travon Woodall(Pittsburg), Tashawn Taylor (Marquette) and Dominic Cheeks (undecided). Unfortunately we lost, but Paterson Catholic played tough and we only lost by 11. That's pretty good compared to other teams.

Tuesday was a day of preparation for playing next year on the high school level. I hit the punching bag and ran. My goal is to start PG next year for Paterson Catholic. The next day I rode up to Rutgers with Chris Gaston (St Benedicts) to watch St. Ants vs St. Pats. I watched the game with my main man Myles Davis (St Benedicts), my backcourt partner for both AAU teams. St. Ants won and it was a great game. Both teams played well. Thursday and Friday were my days off and I spent Friday night at my house with my best friend David and my team mates Myles Davis and Charles Oliver. We watched American Gangster.

Saturday, Myles, Charles and I had to wake up early for A Playaz workout at Seton Hall at 10am in the morning. That began A long day for me. After the workout my mom drove me to my first game of the day in Queens which was an all star game. NY vs Philly. On my team were some of the top players in NY, Lebrent Walker, Nkerium Okoro, Omar Calhoun, Deshawn Suber and Daniel Dingle. As I walked in the gym they announced "Kyle Anderson AkA 'Slow Motion' is in the building". In the game they announced me as the number 1 PG in the country. I may never be the best player ever on the court, but most important of all I'm A winner! We can check a lot of resumes on my age level, and I bet that not a lot of kids can say they have A National Championship and Las Vegas Main Event Championship. So being a winner is most important to me. I had to leave at halftime of the All Star game because I had a game in Jersey, in the 8 Is Enough League. We played the Gauchos in the semi-final and I think I played well. I had 15 pts but most importantly we got the W. The Chip was against New Heights. This was the game of the season. We were down at the half, but we came out with the W and I was awarded MVP. I've been in that league for 3 yrs and finally got A Chip. Last year we lost in the CHIP to New Heights by two at the buzzer. I went home sore and I ended the night watching UNC Vs. Duke.

Today I ended my week by going to my brother Duanne's engagement party. I had an excellent time and relaxed the whole day. Now I know Sunday starts the week but I'm starting it with Monday,LOL! Now I have Aatough week ahead with AAU starting and our first tournament next Saturday. So next week I'll fill you guys in. Til next week. LATER!!!!!!!!
> Yung..K-A

Sunday, March 9, 2008

All City Youth Classic Recap: (NYC VS Philly)- 8th Grade Game

Richard "Eggy" Hoskins and Labrent Walker

In the third and final game of the day Maurice Watson made a running floater as time expired to give the Philly All Stars a 109-107 win over the NYC All Stars in the 8th Grade Game. Richard Hoskins finished with a game high 26 points while Labrent Walker tallied 23 markers for NYC in the loss.

Standout Performers

Maurice Watson Guard (Philly)- Another event another good showing for Watson. Before Watson made the game winner he gave the NY defense fits by penetrating through small gaps and either finishing with short jumpers or dropping dimes. When the game was on the line he showed big time poise knocking down the key shot.

Richard Hoskins Guard (Philly)- This was my first time watching Hoskins, I think they call him Eggy. I hope I spelled it right because after his performance yesterday he deserves the best. This kid specializes in scoring on runners and being relentless on defense. He scored in bunches and at the end of the game stole 3 consecutive in bounds passes while converting them for buckets.

Andre Horne Guard (Philly)- Some felt Horne should have won MVP because the way he charged his way to the hoop and displayed his improved jump shot. Horne is very tough and shows it on both ends of the floor. He’s slowly making a transition to the perimeter.

Amile Jefferson Forward (Philly)- Jefferson wasn’t spectacular on the offensive end but he served his purpose and did a good defensive job on Kyle Anderson. Amile’s length allowed him to still have a good presence on the game in terms of making things happen and doing the intangibles such as rebounding, passing and playing defense.

Jalen McCleere Forward (Philly)- The big guy got things done inside when Philly needed it most. He posted up deep and sealed defenders so he could get easy access to the cup. He was a force at times inside.

Kerwin Okoro Guard (NYC)- I haven’t seen Okoro in years but I was very impressed with his game. He has tremendous size thus far and has the versatility to be a big time guard. His jump shot looks fluid and he gave the crowd a first-hand look at his wicked crossover. He has a chance to be the top NYC prospect in this class.

Kyle Anderson Guard (NYC)- Anderson has a big impact on the game once he enters the gym. When the tallest player on the floor is playing the point guard spot you know he has special talents. Kyle wasn’t spectacular in the scoring column but made things happen some good passing and rebounding.

Labrent Walker Guard (NYC)- Walker was very impressive in the open floor and driving to the basket. He’s very explosive once he enters the lane and even threw one done on a solo fast break. Walker looks very good going to the hoop but will need to show an outside shot to keep the defense honest.

Daniel Dingle Forward (NYC)- Dingle is very long and plays with energy on both ends. During this contest he attacked the cup off the bounce and from passes but appeared to be rushing his shot a little. I see a lot of potential in this kid real shortly.

Basketball Spotlight Memorial Day Classic

All City Youth Classic Recap: (NYC vs. Philly)- 7th Grade Game

Carlton Wright, Shandue McNeil and Ethan Telfair

The second game of the All City Youth Classic pitted the 7th Graders from NYC against the 7th Graders from Philly. Philly guard Carlton Wright scored 21 points but it wasn’t enough as NYC won the 7th Grade Game 81-75 at the All City Youth Classic. Isiah Lewis led the Empire State squad with 16 points in the win.

Standout Performers

Ethan Telfair Guard (NYC)- The youngster brother of NBA Sebatian Telfair was awarded MVP and before you think it was a publicity stunt this youngster put on a show with the rock. He’s super quick with the rock in either direction and has court vision that is not common on the grammar school level. He hit teammates from sweet passes from every angle. Then when the defense wanted to lay off he knocked down the floater, pull up or trey ball.

Dave Henry Forward (NYC)- Henry is very atheltic and knows how to use it. He doesn’t waste his time trying to be a wing player but instead he goes down on the blocks to get it done. Offensively he has good hands and knows how to finish off plays. Defensively he’s a tenacious shoot blocker with the wingspan and leaping ability to only get better.

Jameik Rivera Guard (NYC)- Playing in the backcourt with Telfair could imtimidate some players but Rivera made a name for himself with this writer. This quick guard broke down defenders and gave us a taste of his mid range scoring ability. On defense he gets up under ball handlers while causing numerous turnovers.

Isiah Lewis Guard (NYC)- Lewis knows how to get buckets. He has a equipped handle with the knack of scoring in mind. He got most of his buckets in transition or scoring in traffic.

Shaquille Davis Guard (NYC)- Davis started slow then showed why he’s regarded as the top guard in this NYC class. The smooth ball handler demostrated good body control inside the lane while scoring with excellent touch off the glass. Coney Island seems to have another good one in Davis.

Jordan Washington Forward (NYC)- Washington was a dominant force on the glass and an intimidating shot blocker. He got himself in a little trouble when he was trying to handle the rock on the perimeter too much. When he stuck to what he does best he looked decent.

Shafeek Taylor Guard (Philly)- Taylor doesn’t impress you with flair or style but his substance on offense can’t go without mentioning. He has a good first step that he used to pass defenders before converting many lay ups and tough shots. Many of his shots came of off balance finishes with hands in his face.

Carlton Wright Guard (Philly)- Wright was Taylor’s side kick a showed tremendous scoring ability. He primarly dribbles to the right but knows how to pull up in the middle of bounces. His jump shot looks good when the ball leaves and he isn’t afraid of getting some contact in the paint.

Basketball Spotlight Memorial Day Classic

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Introducing: Brandon Austin

Brandon Austin is a 6th Grader from Philadelphia, PA standing 6’0 tall with a frail frame. I got two chances to see Austin in action once at the Maryland Invitational and then again at Adidas Phenom East. While playing with Team Kobe at the MIT Austin displayed the full package in his game. He handled the ball on the perimeter and was a pure mismatch for defenders including the mighty Gauchos. When Austin got into the lane he used his long body to extend all the way to the basket on numerous occasions. This kid has some scary potential and you can check out Austin along with his teammates as Team Kobe has confirmed their presence at the Basketball Spotlight MDC.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Diary Of A Baller: Kyle Anderson Entry #5

Hey readers of my diary! Kyle Anderson back to tell you how my week went. Well, since Sunday does start the week,let me start there. I just came back from my game in the Men's league with my older brothers and cousin. I had 19 points in a victory. I shot the ball very well and I do want to thank Kent Culuco for his helping me on my shooting. Also, I want to thank my father for knocking on my door at 8:45 Saturday morning to take me over to workout at St. Peters College, LOL, even though I didn't want to wake up. I think those workouts are an excellent example of long term gratification. I don't shoot the ball well instantly, but it eventually all comes together, like tonight. As I'm writing, I just realized how unproductive this week has been, only being in the gym 3 days out of the 7 day week. Enough about my basketball life.

Monday I went to the North Bergen High School to watch and support my town high school. I always show support to one of my best friends Mike Mentor who's A freshman but plays and starts Varsity. I enjoy going to those games because the people in the town know I'm not going to attend their high school, but still treat me very well. I'm sure they will support me and my career once I go to P.C. next year. I say that because as the game was going on I heard a man scream, "We want Kyle", LOL.

Tuesday was a day of relaxation, AKA what my mom calls, "Being A Kid". I went to my school gym and watched my Lincoln School teammates and friends play recreation games, just to show support.

Wednesday was back to my normal basketball activities after school I finished my homework and went over to A Playaz workout, just to stay on top of my game. The next two days consisted of not much of anything, Friday night I stayed home and enjoyed sitting on the couch with my dog, watching "He Got Game", (my favorite movie), and eating Chinese food!!!!! The night couldn't get any better, LOL.

Saturday, back to my normal basketball world. I had an early workout and a game in Paterson. My team (the PLAYAZ) won our first playoff game in the 8 Is Enough League and next week we play the Gauchos of New York in the semi-finals. In the other semi-final you have the MSU Skyliners playing the New Heights Warriors. This is a great match up with Omar Calhon going against Jhamar Lane. The games are at JFK High School in Paterson, New Jersey beginning at 6:30 pm.. Make sure you guys make it there.

Sunday was back to "Being A Kid". I spent the day playing football with my friends until it was game time. So, that was my week. Make sure you guys tune in read next weeks blog. It'll be posted the same time next week. See Ya' later Readers.=).


2012 Player Profile: Mikey Campo

Name: Mikey Campo

AAU Team: Team NJ Select

Position: Combo Guard

Height: 5’9

Evaluation: Campo is a compact sized guard that plays with tremendous grit and guts. I saw him this past weekend at Rebounds and he stroked the ball well from deep in his team’s loss to KBR Basketball. When Mikey sets his feet he can bury a trey very quickly. In transition he knows how to use his body to shield defenders and draw contact.