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Coaches Corner: Deon Chew (Trenton Hurricanes)

Deon Chew have been coaching the Trenton Hurricanes for 9 years and has been through his ups and down in the AAU world. He has traveled around the country giving his time to the youth from the Garden State on and off the floor. This years version of the Trenton Hurricanes recently won the Basketball Spotlight MDC, so we decided to talk to him about their origin and whas going on now with the Canes.

BS: When and how did the Trenton Hurricanes began?
DC: Well I inherited the program from a couple coaches after Gary Taylor started in it 1989. I actually played for the Canes as a point guard when I was young.

BS: Name some of the other players that came through the Hurricanes.
DC: Well when I was young I played on the same Hurricanes team with Danthay Jones. While coaching my center was Anthony McClain that's currently at the University of Cinncinati. They're our most famous alumnus.

BS: What's your most memorable moment as a Hurricane player or coach?

DC: Well the crazy thing is that it was a lost that I remember most. I was coaching against the Philly Ballhawks at the Slam Dunk For Autism Tournament in Philly. We played them in the finals they had Scoop Jardine, Rick Jackson and DJ Rivera. We might in the finals and gave the crowd a classic. It was standing room only and we lost by 2. I bet even those kids and people from Philly remember that game. I always think about how we could have won.

BS: What do you think about your team success this year?
DC: Well I'm happy with our team development. We played up in some events and took our lumps but it helped us out later on. To win the MDC was very special because that was a serious event and it will get us ready for the nationals.

BS: How was the MDC experience?
DC: Well it was great. There was wall to wall competition and everybody brought there game. In that tournament you really get to see the top teams in the tri state area lock horns.

BS: Deon, you coached a group of 11's this season with the Trenton Hurricanes. The group eventually left and started Team MVP. What happen in that situation?
DC: Good question, thats why I like Basketball Spotlight. Well sometimes parent participation can be a gift and a curse. There were parent that really believed in the program and helped out with rides, tutoring etc. Then some parents began thinking they could really run the show, some was best for us to part ways but I really miss those kids and i'm very happy they are doind good as a team.

BS: How has Trenton Hurricanes program change the landscape for AAU basketball in Mercer County?
DC: When we first got going there were only two teams the Hurricanes and the CJ Hornets everybody was into rec ball. Now there are plenty of teams in the area which means kids are getting better and playing better competition.

BS: Talk about coaching your son?
DC: I mean that also has it's pros and cons. I didn't want to coach my son but the lack of teams pulled me on the floor. I love being able to spend time with him and teach him the game but sometimes people might think I'm favorable towards him. In reality I'm know I'm harder on him than anyone else on the team. That's why I will do my best to let someone else coach my younger son.

BS: How do you feel about attending the AAU Nationals?
DC: I'm very anxious and excited about going. This is our first one and most people from our environment never get a chance to experience that. But please understand we are not going to Memphis to just show up happy. We are going to compete and win.

BS: Okay Deon Good Luck
DC: Peace Mike

Class 2012 Player Profile: Montana Mayfield

Name: Montana Mayfield

Height: 5'11

AAU Team: Playaz Basketball Club

Position: Point Guard

Analysis: Mayfield is a southpaw point guard that does like to score the ball. His jump shot is decent and he shoots it with confidence. He looks good setting up teammates in transition and does have take over the game potential. On the next level he probably will need to make the transition to a pass first true point guard to get the scouts attention. I like the heart he shows when the game on the line.

Final Quarter Feat. Dennis Green

Dennis has become one of the top grammar school guards in NYC. His tough play has be seen up and down the East Coast playing with New Heights Red formerly Harlem Kings. Green just recently returned from the Jr. All American Camp in Virginia and we decided to talk to him about his AAU season and much more. This is the Final Quarter.

BS: How do you feel about your play so far this summer?
DG: I think I played good this season. We played at a few good events and I feel I did more than hold my own.

BS: What part of you game do you need to improve the most?
DG: I need to work on my jump shot and a little on my handle.

BS: What school will you be attending this fall and why?

DG: St. Raymond's, I believe St. Ray's is a good fit for me in terms of playing and for my education.

BS: Well your teammate and good friend Thaddeus Hall will be playing for rival Rice. How will it feel to go against him?
DG: I mean off the court it won't be a problem but on the floor I think it will be a good battle and I very confident we will win every time.

BS: What do you think about the Basketball Spotlight MDC?
DG: It was a great tournament. I like the gyms, the compeition and that we won it all. I also like the exposure that it brought us.

BS: How was your Jr. All American Camp experience?

DG: It was great. There was some serious competition and I think I played well. I really enjoyed that experience.

BS: Who is the best player you have faced so far this season?
DG: I would have to say Myles Davis. He can shoot, he's strong and has a good IQ. He just knows how to play.

BS: If you could have dinner with one person in the world who wuld it be and why? DG: It would be Kobe Bryant! I love is game and he's my idle. I would love to seat down and have dinner with him.

Ball Game!

In The Spotlight: Dakier Johnson

Name: Dakier Johnson

AAU Team: NYC Gauchos

Position: Forward

Class: 2014

Breakdown: Johnson stands 6'4 and knows how to use his size. He gets on the blocks and tries to get position. He's a little uncoordinated right now but not enough to effect his game on this level. Dakier looks like he will continue to grow a few more inches and his game should follow. He dominated at times during the Playaz Blow Up and I believe he will be very prosperous in the future.

In The Spotlight: Reggie Cameron

Name: Reggie Cameron

AAU Team: Playaz Basketball Club

Position: Small Forward

Class: 2013

Breakdown: Cameron at times is a silky smooth wing player with scoring touch from the outside and some ability to get to the hole. Once he gets hot has he will put up buckets in a hurry. Reggie's size will also be very noticable by scouts and analysis for years to come. For the future he will have to continue to increase his foot speed. Right now he reminds me of a young Scotty Thurman (Ask your dad about him Reg).

Class 2012 Player Profile: Dion Rogers

Name: Dion Rogers

Height: 5'11

AAU Team: MSU Skyliners

Position: Combo Guard

Analysis: Rogers game has grown this season with MSU. I remember him as a talented youngster playing with the MSC All Stars and in the beginning of the season I could tell he was trying to get comfortable playing a new team and against better comp. Now it seems he has settled into his role. Rogers is a scoring guard that can get hot at any moment. He does need to take his time on some of his moves but once he gets it all together he might be rather dangerous.

Final Quarter Feat. Thaddeus Hall

Thaddeus Hall has stepped on the scene this year with the Harlem Kings and made an instant impact with his play. The Harlem squad now resides with New Heights and we caught up with Thaddeus to ask him a couple of questions about his summer, school choice and the New Heights move. This is the Final Quarter!

BS: What do you think about your play so far this AAU season?

TH: I think I played good. I helped our team in so many different ways and helped us win some big tournaments.

BS: What improvements do you need in your game?
TH: I think I need to improve on defense. Moving my feet, rebounding and blocking shots.

BS: Who's the best player you faced this year?
TH: Labrent Walker, everybody wanted to see us play because we both were lefties and they knew we would go at each other. He has some game.

BS: How is the move to New Heights coming along?
TH: I think is was a great move for the players in our program. They teach us about so many things besides basketball. They have this after school program called ART where they tutor us and work with us on oter things. They care about us on and off the floor.

BS: What did you think about the Basketball Spotlight MDC?

TH: I liked it a lot. It was some serious competition and I love the exposure. I thought we were going to lose because we were down 15-0 in the finals but we fought back and got the win. It was a great event..

BS: How was the your experience at the Jr. All American Camp?
TH: It was great experience I got chance to play against some of the top players in the country and see were I stood against the best. I think I performed well and I also know what I need to work on. It was a great experience.

BS: What school will you be attending in the fall and why?

TH: I will be attending RICE High School. I'm going there because it was always a dream of mine, its close to home and I heard Coach Hicks is one of the best getting his players ready for college.

BS: Who is the best 2012 Prospect in NY?
TH: I think I'm the best because I'm a matchup problem. I'm too big for most guards and I'm too quick for most forwards to stay in front of. I'm hard too guard!

Ball Game!

Class 2012 Player Profile: Ron Paden

Name: Ron Paden

Height: 6'2

AAU Team: CJ Hornets

Position: Shooting Guard

Analysis:Paden has grown a few inches over the years and also added some confidence to his game. He still has the money jumper that he displayed early on but now has added a driving segment to his game. Ron's size gives him the chance to get his shot off over defenders, finish in traffic and help on the glass. He will need to improve his foot speed on both ends of the floor before entering high school.

Class 2012 Player Profile: Dallas Anglin

Name: Dallas Anglin

Height: 6'0

AAU Team: Playaz Basketball Club

Position: Shooting Guard

Anglin is a wing player in every word. He scores in the open floor including above the rim or slashing to the cup in the half court set. He has athleticism that helps him gets it done against opponents. Improvements in his game will come in the areas of ball handling in the half court setting and more consistency on his outside shot. It's said he will be attending St. Peters Prep next fall.

Baby Ballerz: Miles Powell

Name: Miles Powell

AAU Team: CJ Future Starz

Position: Point Guard

Class: 5th Grade

Breakdown: I got a chance to see Powell during the NJ State in two age divisions. The point guard has a scoring mentality and knows how to get where he wants with the rock. He does have the tendency to get happy taking jumpers but when they are dropping there’s nothing to complain. He should be a name to know soon in the Mercer County area.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Basketball Spotlight Poll Results: Tyus Battle Wins MDC Poll!

The fans have spoken and Tyus Battle of Team Battle was voted as the top performer at the MDC. The candidates were all selected as Mr. Memorial Day of their age groups and earned their awards on the floor. All of the contestants should be honored because winning Mr. Memorial Day is a serious accomplishment.

Tyus Batlle won the voters poll receiving 51% of the votes and a total of 429. Malik Ellison put up a good fight in the beginning finishing second with 264 votes. Again we would like to congratulate all the contestants for their achievement at this event.

Coming In August: Basketball Spotlight ALL AAU Teams

Coming in August Basketball Spotlight will be releasing our first All AAU Teams and Awards.

Each Age Group Will Include An:

1st Team All AAU
2nd Team All AAU
3rd Team All AAU
Player Of The Year
Coach Of The Year
Top 10 Team Ranking

Diary Of A Baller: Kyle Anderson Entry #21

Wassup everyone this is Kyle Anderson as you can see with my weekly diary entry. I'm getting this diary A little late to you guys, but I'll make sure I cover everything. This week was A great week. I'll explain how later on but for now let me get started.

Monday, I had A game in the mens league at 9 o'clock. I played OK not my best game but I helped deliver a win so I guess I played alright. Tuesday, my Just June League in Paterson game got cancelled so I just worked out with Kent Culuco on my game. For you BALLERS here's a tip, go to Kent's camp this summer. Here is the website to find out the dates, he will get your game RIGHT! I really enjoy his workouts a lot! Wednesday, I had A Just June game against Eastside High School. The defending Group 4 section 1 State Champions. We won by A GWB by Jayon James with A couple seconds left. I only had 2 points and A couple assist, which I'm fine with as long as we won. The next night was A night my parents have been waiting for, my graduation! Finally, all these years in the same school finally off to another one. Graduation was a bit nerve racking at first but its suppose to be A fun night so I made the most of it. After graduation I went to A party with my friends and had A good time, for the last time, of my 8th grade year. It was sad but at least I had fun. Friday night I went to the movies with my friends.

The weekend came and I had A tourney with the Long Island Lightning 8th grade team. Early in the morning we played the Bronx Warriors. Blowout by 28. The next game was MSU Skyliners. We won that game with A comfortable lead. That was my last game with the Lightning for the day. Then I went over to Dean Street in Brooklyn for the Conrad Macrae league. I played well but they said I must get one more good game in order to get A nickname,LOL. Next was A 2 hour ride from BK to Rutgers University for 2 games with Paterson Catholic. The first game we beat A team from Maryland where I didn't play well on offense but played well on defense. We won that game. Next game was at 9 against Sasshquanni from Pa. and we had our work cut out for us. We came out 6-2 but before we knew it, it was A 30 point game. We fought hard and came back to cut the lead to 4 but they knocked down free throws to win the game and we didn't take care of buisness. But there's more games to count. I got home late that night and took it down -_- .

The next day I had A Game Over Classic semifinal game with the Lightning against the Westchester Hawks, which was A close game because we didn't go hard and that was our mistake. But we came out on top. The championship game was against DC Assult, who is top in the country for the class of 2012, and who also has Kris Jenkins who is one of the top players in the country this was my chance to see where I'm at in the 2012 class. To see if I live up to my name. I guess you can say I held my own with 20 points A 'W' and the MVP, LOL. So the week ended great, so did everything else and Lightning is still on top. Next week is the Rutgers Elite Skills Camp they have invited a lot of the top players that they are recruiting and I guess that includes me. I'll be back next week. Later everyone.


Monday, June 23, 2008

Game Over Classic 13U Recap: Playaz Knock Off NY Panthers

Joshua Marquez scored 22 points and Reggie Cameron had a big game offensively as the Playaz Basketball Club defeated the NY Panthers 78-71 to win the Game Over Classic 13and Under Crown. Mariga Grant led the Panthers with 23 points in the loss.

Top Performers

Joshua Marquez Guard (Playaz)- Marquez earned the MVP honors by bringing it on both ends of the floor. He looked more like a guard in this one. He slashed to the basket, scored on put backs and played impressive defense. He’s relentless and grind out style was too much for the Panthers to hold off.

Reggie Cameron Forward (Playaz)- The smooth forward got it clicking offensively again. He started out a little slow as did his teammates but once he found his range he was good to go. The lanky 3 knocked down the mid range jumper and even had some conversions near the basket. He does need to use his size to help out on the boards on both ends of the floor. The Playaz lack of size could use it.

Matthew Johnson Guard (Playaz)- Johnson defensive intensity really helped his squad after their slow start. He pressured the Panthers point guard into numerous turnovers throughout the game. Offensively he got into the lane at will and had his floater game working. He’s one of the top point guards in this class.

Issac Williams Guard (Playaz)- Williams gave the Playaz a back up spark off the bench. He came in and applied pressure the rock causing disruption in many areas. He gave the squad the lift they needed.

Mariga Clarke Forward (NY Panthers)- Clarke had a super game on both ends of the floor. He started his offensive play from the high post and used his wingspan to stretch for buckets. He finishes with both hands rather easy but will need to develop his ball handling a little more as he gets older in age. On defense he had double digit blocked shots and rebounds while intimidating the opposition in the lane. He has a chance to be a big time prospect.

Maynard Grant Forward (NY Panthers)- Grant was the primary post player for the Panthers. He lived on the blocks in terms of getting put backs and eating the glass for boards. Before he reaches the next level he will have to handle the pill because of his size.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Game Over Classic 10U Recap: Riverside Hawks Fly to Crown

Shamorie Pond poured in a game high 27 points and LeAndre Washington added 19 markers to lead the Riverside Hawks to a 72-47 win over the Gauchos to win the Game Over Classic 10 and Under Championship. Brandon Randolph tallied points for the Gauchos in the loss.

Top Performers

Shamorie Pond Guard (Riverside Hawks)- The slick lefty has a feel for the game that can’t be taught. He’s a superb ball handler on this level and a scoring machine. Pond knows that the backboard is his friend and uses it as such. In transition he was able to make many shots with unique kisses off the glass. Even when the Gauchos tried to press he had the court presence and skill level to breeze through the defense. He had a big time day.

LeAndre Washington Guard (Riverside Hawks)- The point guard was relentless at putting pressure on the defense with his ball handling. He likes to drive into the teeth of the defense, cuff the rock and extend for a layup. He’s a crafty playmaker that knows his way around the floor while setting up teammates in the process. Washington’s game experience is evident; imagine watching a 10 year old guard hooking a defender on his drives like a true vet.

Jason Cam Forward (Riverside Hawks)- Cam is a slashing scorer and will hit the glass for the Hawks. He scored by finishing off breaks and getting put backs off misses. I think he will be a tall guard in the future.

George Pena Guard (Gauchos)- Pena caught our eye with his spunky play and quick dribbling skills. The lefty didn’t let the score stop him for competing on a high level. He penetrated the gaps and either dished to teammates or attacked the rim. The small PG has good court vision and flair with his game. I enjoyed watching his rock.

Brandon Randolph Guard (Gauchos)- Randolph led the Choz in scoring as the off guard got into the rhythm but hitting shots from the perimeter and in transition. He likes to play with a fast pace and score buckets in bunches.

Romello Rashard Forward (Gauchos)- Rashard is a stocky forward that would have had more impact if the game was more half court oriented. I like some of the things he did on the floor and I look forward to checking him out in the future.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Class 2012: Top 20 All American Game Recap

Goodman Repped Philly To The Fullest!

The Top 20 All American Game featured some of the top players in the country. Basketball Spotlight was in the building and we felt very privileged to actually see this much grammar talent on one floor. Here’s a breakdown of who we saw and what they did.

Class 2012 Top Performers

Savon Goodman 6’4 Forward (Philadelphia, PA)-Goodman capped off a great camp showing with an impressive All American Game. In this setting he really looks like a fluid forward but still has the rebounding knack that makes him special. He could handle the pill and has good form on his jumper even though it didn’t fall like he wanted. He was very impressive.

Winston Sheppard 6’6 Forward (Houston, TX)-Sheppard stole the show in the game when he went baseline and stretched out for a thunderous dunk. The spectators went crazy and he joined in the fun. This kid is a top notch prospect and will be an immediate impact to any high school team. I also need to add that his mother stands about 6’4 and was a former star at the University of Texas. I know, that’s scary!

Justin Anderson 6’5 Forward (Spotsylvania, VA)- Anderson came in highly ranked in this class. The wing forward has to be one of the most athletic players in this venue. Inside he’s a shot blocker and huge rebounder. Right now he’s more of an athletic power forward than a fluid small forward. The quicker he develops his perimeter skills the quicker he will become a 3.

Omar Calhoun 6’2 Guard (Brooklyn, NY)- Calhoun caught fire from the perimeter knocking down some deep shots. I like his swagger and his mindset once he has the rock in his hands. He knows how to get past the defense and wiggle to the cup. He’s has big time scoring potential on the high school level. Reminds me of a young Paul Pierce.

D’Vaunte Smith-Rivera 6’2 Guard (Indianapolis, IN)- Rivera has one of the best crossover dribbles in the camp. Once he gets past the guards the interior defense better brace themselves for this steamrolling ball handler. He initiates body contact which allows him to score over taller shot blockers.

Andre Horne 6’2 Guard (Philadelphia, PA)- Horne showed some offensive prowess in this contest. He connected on a few jumpers even in transition which was impressive. He definitely can get to the bucket from the gap points but I would like to see work on adding a little arch to his jump shot before he enters high school.

Javon Felix 5’10 Guard (New Orleans, LA)- This was by far the best point guard in the building. His stocky frame, low center of gravity and low dribbling skills make it virtually impossible to stripe him of the rock. Once he got you on his hip expect a play to be made by him either pulling up or causing friction in the lane.

Class 2012: Top 40 All American Game Recap

Dennis Green Did His Thing In The Top 40 Game

The Rising 9th Grade All American has so many players that it was broken into 2 parts. There was a Top 40 Game and a Top 20 Game. The Top 40 Game took place and here’s a breakdown of what we saw.

Top Performers

Dennis Green 6’2 Guard (New York, NY)- Green played his best game of the camp during the Top 40 All American Game. The combo guard used this stage to show off his skills. He got to the basket both in the half court set and on the break. He was in the flow early and kept his hot play going throughout. He definitely showed his camp invite was worthy.

Rodney Purvis 6’2 Guard (Raleigh, NC)- I think Purvis played good enough during the camp to get into the Top 20 Game. The smooth wing guard can stroke it but looks his when he’s slashing or attacking off the bounce. If he continues to progress you are looking at a serious prospect.

Dallas Anglin 6’0 Guard (Montclair, NJ)- Anglin repped Jersey well in the Top 40 Game. He scored from the wing position on some outside shots and athletic finishes at the cup. I wanted to get his picture for this article but I couldn’t catch up to him.

Jaylen Beckham 6’0 Guard (Lexington, KY)- Beckham gets to the basket quickly and knows how to score. His athleticism can be through the roof at times. This kid can get buckets.

Tariq Jett 5'10 Guard (Brownmills, NJ)- Jett plays with alot of spunk and uses his athleticism to get by on this level. He can handle the ball a little but needs to be a little more aggressive in terms of demanding the rock.

Aaron Simpson 6’1 Guard (Chicago, IL)- Simpson is a nice creator when handling the pill. If you lay off him he also will shoot your eyes out from the outside. He also had a nice showing in this event.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Class 2013: All American Game Recap

Jubril Adekoya Was Very Dominant This Weekend!

The Rising 8th Grade All American Game had some names you might recognize and a few that will be new to the site. They didn’t have the dazzling names like some of the other divisions but the talents they possess were very apparent.

Class 2013 top Performers

Jubri Adekoya 6’3 Forward (Tinsley Park, IL)- Jubril was our pick in as the top performer in this division. The versatile forward has an Antwan Jamison type game and doesn’t shy away from the competition. He has a unique playing style and an array of moves that leave defenders puzzled. Sometimes when he scored he makes it look very easy.

Tarique Thompson 6’3 Forward (Columbia, SC)- Thompson continued his stellar play with some tough finishes inside. The lefty can give it to you blue collar style or with some flair. He knows how to score the ball and rebound while playing bigger than his size.

Tyree Robinson 6’3 Forward (San Diego, CA)- Robinson showed his perimeter game and his smooth stroke. He has the build of a big time athlete and can create his own shot which is important on all levels of basketball. His stock should skyrocket well into his scholastic career.

Charles Glover 5’10 Guard (Bowie, MD)- This was my first look at Glover and I was impressed the way he looked pulling up from the perimeter. He had good height on his shot and had excellent form on his release.

Bryson Scott 5’11 Guard (Fort Wayne, IN)- It was a joy watching Scott all weekend. He plays the game with great intensity and has some special skills to go with it. Combo guard is his position right now but his final spot won’t be determined until he peaks in height.

Class 2013 Top 5 Performers

Jubril Adedkaya 6'3 Forward (Tinsley Park, IL)
Brian Bridgewater 6'5 Forward (New Orleans, LA)
Tarique Thompson 6'3 Forward (Columbia, SC)
Bryson Scott 5'11 Guard (Fort Wayne, IN)
Tyree Robinson 6'3 Forward (San Diego, CA)

Class 2014: All American Game Recap

Parker Cartwright Was The Top Perfomer In Class of 2014!

The Class 2014 All American Game had some of the top talent in the camp. A few of the players appeared earlier in our reports while others made their name in this event.

Top Performers

Parker Cartwright 5’7 Guard (Van Nuys, CA)- Cartwright showed why he was the top performer in this age group. The lanky guard continued his assault on the camp by driving and scoring at will on the defense. He displayed the total package and has the apparent size to be a force in the coming years. He was certainly our choice as the top player in the Class of 2014.

Alonzo Trier 5’5 Guard (Federal Way, WA)- Trier has some explosive offensive skills that standout whenever he’s on the floor. In the All American Game he made some crisp moves that caught the attention of spectators while showing his worth as a top ranked guard. Alonzo loves the stage and wants the rock in hands at all times.

Jerron Love 5’4 Guard (New York, NY)- Love made his presence felt in the game with some swift drives, on point passes and a deep pull up jumper. Yeah he gets a lot of attention from his play by hey that’s the New York way. He represented well down in Virginia.

James Blackmon 5’9 Guard (Fort Wayne, IN)- The compact scoring machine does whatever he wants in terms of putting the ball in the hole. He gets to the bucket when he wants and can hit the very deep trey. Expect to see him make the transition to point guard in the coming years.

Will Brewster 5’6 Guard (Birmingham, AL)- Brewster showed more of his perimeter skills in this one. He really has a nice stroke from the outside and his unselfish passing makes things easier for his teammates.

Marsalis Hamilton 5’9 Forward (Team Florida)- They power forward has some quick moves especially on the blocks and in transition. They say he’s only 5’9 but I think you could at 2 inches to that. I like his soft hands and footwork on this level.

Tarin Smith 5’1 Guard (Ocean, NJ)- Smith is an elite play maker that handles the pill and gets a kick out getting his teammates involved. He’s strong with either hand but prefers to create opportunities with his left. Tarin is a true floor leader

Rashad Vaughn 5’10 Guard (Plymouth, MN)- The State of Minnesota has a good one in Vaughn. The big guard looks very poised and big time when he pulls up for his jumper. He handles the rock with confidence and his size makes him an instant impact on this level

Class 2014 Top 5 Performers

1. Parker Cartwright 5'7 Guard (Van Nuys, CA)
2. Victor Craig 6'4 Forward (New Orleans, LA)
3. Alonzo Trier 5'5 Guard (Federal Way, WA)
4. James Blackmon 5'7 Guard (Fort Wayne, IN)
5. Dylan Portwood 6'1 Forward (Georgetown. KY)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Diary Of A Baller: Kyle Anderson Entry #20

Wassup everyone, Happy Fathers Day to all fathers and I hope every father had the best time of their life yesterday. Um this week was not A good one. The weekdays were OK, but the weekend was terrible so it made for a terrible week. Monday and Tuesday of last week I told you already what went on because I was late on getting you the diary. So I'll start with Wednesday.

Wednesday I had another game in the Just June Paterson league with PC (Paterson Catholic). Tuesday I had just come off the best game I played so far and on Wednesday I cannot say the same. We played Depaul Catholic and all I had was 2 TOs and A couple of boards. VERY DISAPPOINTING! The next day I'd hoped to bounce back in the game against Hackensack. I played A little better. You know, couple assist and A bucket, 1 TO. But next week I'll be back.

The next day I had A game in Rumble in the Bronx against Westchester Hawks. We dubbed (win by 20) them even though they were missing A few players but we gotta' do what we gotta' do. So we started off The Rumble well. The next day was Saturday and we had A game against a good New Heights Red team early in the morning. We were down 1 at the half but by the end of the game it was another dub. Later that night we played A new team called Upstate Elite. Whoever that is. However, we were in for a tough game. Despite being up a lot at the half, right after the 2nd half started the roof started leaking. We just went on A run being up by 6. We had A 2hr delay which really killed us. So A couple hours later we had to switch courts and play. Next thing you know we're down 5 with 20 seconds left, SMH! We, the Playaz Basketball Club lost in pool play, SMH. I'm still super mad about that. That was only the second time since the 7th grade that we lost in pool play. The other time was down in Bob Gibbons last year when we played 15's as 14's, we went 2-1 in our pool and lost the tie breaker to Team Breakdown of Fla., and Team Melo. So no Sunday for us. But for me there was.

Early Sunday morning I got A call from my dad who got a call from Coach Jerome of the 17U asking if I could come play with the 17s against the Gauchos 17s for the playoffs. I thought it was just another game in the warm-up line and watching from the bench. But early in the game foul trouble affected one of our guards, and in I came. The Gauchos have Doron Lamb, Durant Scott, and Tevin Baskin. I held my own, had A couple assist and boards, no points and 1 TO. That's not great but its not bad either when you realize how many major D1 players were on the floor. Let's see, Lamb, Scott, Baskins, Danny Jennings (a beast), Dom Cheeks, Brian Oliver, David Laury, and a couple of others. I went out there with confidence and only got the ball taken once. That was funny because I heard Coach Dwayne of the Gauchos tell Russell Smith 'He's an 8th grader' the next time down he waited for me to spin and he wrapped around and took the ball. Next time I have to get the ball threw quicker. So I got no chip in the Rumble but there's more years to come for that. So that wraps up my weekend. Um next week is the HSBC with PC. I'll tell how that goes next weekend.

Happy Fathers Day to all. Later everyone

Class 2015: All American Game Recap

Dozier Stole The Show In The All American Game

The rising 6th Graders played the first of 5 All American Games. This was good for this group because this was the first time they got a chance to rock against their own grade level. The entire weekend they played against rising 7th Graders.

Top Performers

Perry Dozier 5’4 Guard (Columbia, SC)- I know you have seen Dozier up here a lot this weekend but the kid played that good and in the All American Game there was no exception. Instead of Perry racking up points like he could have he decided to show his full game by rebounding, scoring and dropping some sweet no look passes. I wish I could have seen Dozier and Malik Ellison go at it. I plan to make it happen at the MDC next year.

Wolfgang Novogratz 5’1 Guard (New York, NY)- Wolfgang looked very happy to be competing on his level. The guard has a lot of swagger and showed it by passing and hitting some big shots. He handles the pill with true confidence and told me he used his Tiger Wood’s smile for the picture in this article.

Herbie Ellis 4’11 Guard (Trenton, NJ)- Ellis went to work in the All American Game. He’s known for his speed with the rock and this was surely evident I this contest. He zipped past defenders for easy lay ups especially in transition. He showed why his invite was deserved.

Tywon Bressler 4’10 Guard (Milwaukee, WI)- Bressler got busy on the defensive end of the floor. He moved his feet well and caused a few turnovers. It was good to see him in his own element because he spent most of the weekend playing on a team dominated with older guards.

Mikey Dixon 4’11 Guard (New Castle, DE)- Dixon is a pint size guard that gets busy on the floor. He split defenders very quickly while darting up the court to make plays. He impressed us in the event also.

Jr. All American Camp: Championship Game Recap

James Blackmon Play Huge In The Championship

Sunday was the day of Championship and All American Games. Basketball Spotlight was in the building for these games. The 3 Championship games went on at the same time therefore we decided to cover the 2014-2015 game.

Spotlight Players

James Blackmon 5’6 Guard (Fort Wayne, IN)- Blackmon checked in the went right to work. He drained multiple treys and made some big time moves in the mid range area. He has the knack of driving and fading away on his pull up jumper to avoid shot blockers. Once he gets hot he usually scores in bunches.

Dylan Portwood 6’0 Forward (Georgetown, KY)- Portwood was destroying the competition early on in the final. He scored every way imaginable. He knocked down the deep jumper, converted on the blocks, hit the face up jumper and even finished with the left hand. He was virtually unstoppable for the most part.

Anton Beard 5’9 Guard (North Little Rock, AR)- The big guard Beard turned in a complete performance. The smooth lefty is the size of most forwards on this level and uses this to his advantage. Once he gets into the lane he specializes in the pull up jumper or high tear drop floater.

Jordan Dembley 5’2 Guard (Minneapolis, MN)- Jordan rebounds well for a guard and was willing to take some big shots for his stacked squad. He likes to shot high arching treys but really made his presence felt hitting the glass.

Craig Victor 6’4 Forward (New Orleans, LA)- Victor was just too big once again in this game. He scores so easy it looks like someone is just rewinding a tape. What is unique is that he has a nice skill set and foot work at this young age.

Mikey Dixon 4’11 Guard (New Castle, DE)- Little Mikey made some quick moves in the championship. The youngster does take a few chances but you can’t challenge his heart and effectiveness at times on the floor.

Quentin Snyder 5’6 Guard (Louisville, KY)- The Chris Paul type guard put on a passing display in the finals. His teammates looked very confident running in transition with Snyder. The point guard delivered passes on the dime and even adds some flair at times.