Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Diary Of A Baller: Kyle Anderson Entry #20

Wassup everyone, Happy Fathers Day to all fathers and I hope every father had the best time of their life yesterday. Um this week was not A good one. The weekdays were OK, but the weekend was terrible so it made for a terrible week. Monday and Tuesday of last week I told you already what went on because I was late on getting you the diary. So I'll start with Wednesday.

Wednesday I had another game in the Just June Paterson league with PC (Paterson Catholic). Tuesday I had just come off the best game I played so far and on Wednesday I cannot say the same. We played Depaul Catholic and all I had was 2 TOs and A couple of boards. VERY DISAPPOINTING! The next day I'd hoped to bounce back in the game against Hackensack. I played A little better. You know, couple assist and A bucket, 1 TO. But next week I'll be back.

The next day I had A game in Rumble in the Bronx against Westchester Hawks. We dubbed (win by 20) them even though they were missing A few players but we gotta' do what we gotta' do. So we started off The Rumble well. The next day was Saturday and we had A game against a good New Heights Red team early in the morning. We were down 1 at the half but by the end of the game it was another dub. Later that night we played A new team called Upstate Elite. Whoever that is. However, we were in for a tough game. Despite being up a lot at the half, right after the 2nd half started the roof started leaking. We just went on A run being up by 6. We had A 2hr delay which really killed us. So A couple hours later we had to switch courts and play. Next thing you know we're down 5 with 20 seconds left, SMH! We, the Playaz Basketball Club lost in pool play, SMH. I'm still super mad about that. That was only the second time since the 7th grade that we lost in pool play. The other time was down in Bob Gibbons last year when we played 15's as 14's, we went 2-1 in our pool and lost the tie breaker to Team Breakdown of Fla., and Team Melo. So no Sunday for us. But for me there was.

Early Sunday morning I got A call from my dad who got a call from Coach Jerome of the 17U asking if I could come play with the 17s against the Gauchos 17s for the playoffs. I thought it was just another game in the warm-up line and watching from the bench. But early in the game foul trouble affected one of our guards, and in I came. The Gauchos have Doron Lamb, Durant Scott, and Tevin Baskin. I held my own, had A couple assist and boards, no points and 1 TO. That's not great but its not bad either when you realize how many major D1 players were on the floor. Let's see, Lamb, Scott, Baskins, Danny Jennings (a beast), Dom Cheeks, Brian Oliver, David Laury, and a couple of others. I went out there with confidence and only got the ball taken once. That was funny because I heard Coach Dwayne of the Gauchos tell Russell Smith 'He's an 8th grader' the next time down he waited for me to spin and he wrapped around and took the ball. Next time I have to get the ball threw quicker. So I got no chip in the Rumble but there's more years to come for that. So that wraps up my weekend. Um next week is the HSBC with PC. I'll tell how that goes next weekend.

Happy Fathers Day to all. Later everyone