Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Final Quarter Feat. Dennis Green

Dennis has become one of the top grammar school guards in NYC. His tough play has be seen up and down the East Coast playing with New Heights Red formerly Harlem Kings. Green just recently returned from the Jr. All American Camp in Virginia and we decided to talk to him about his AAU season and much more. This is the Final Quarter.

BS: How do you feel about your play so far this summer?
DG: I think I played good this season. We played at a few good events and I feel I did more than hold my own.

BS: What part of you game do you need to improve the most?
DG: I need to work on my jump shot and a little on my handle.

BS: What school will you be attending this fall and why?

DG: St. Raymond's, I believe St. Ray's is a good fit for me in terms of playing and for my education.

BS: Well your teammate and good friend Thaddeus Hall will be playing for rival Rice. How will it feel to go against him?
DG: I mean off the court it won't be a problem but on the floor I think it will be a good battle and I very confident we will win every time.

BS: What do you think about the Basketball Spotlight MDC?
DG: It was a great tournament. I like the gyms, the compeition and that we won it all. I also like the exposure that it brought us.

BS: How was your Jr. All American Camp experience?

DG: It was great. There was some serious competition and I think I played well. I really enjoyed that experience.

BS: Who is the best player you have faced so far this season?
DG: I would have to say Myles Davis. He can shoot, he's strong and has a good IQ. He just knows how to play.

BS: If you could have dinner with one person in the world who wuld it be and why? DG: It would be Kobe Bryant! I love is game and he's my idle. I would love to seat down and have dinner with him.

Ball Game!